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Kelly: So tell me, Hyojung, at what time do you wake up when you are in Korea?

Hyojung: I usually wake up at 6:30 to watch TV before going to school, because classes start at 8:30. First of all I revise what we learnt the previous class.

Fernando: What time do you finish school?

Hyojung: We stay at school until 3:00. We finish the activities with another revision of the contents of the day.

Fernando: When do you have time to play, listen to music or relax?

Hyoung: Well, fortunately, my sister and I can play after doing the homework.

Fernando: What will you do next year?

Hyojung: If we return to Korea I’ll attend high school, but first I need to pass a very difficult test.

The test is very competitive and any mistakes you make can affect your possibilities at university, so you have to work very hard.

Can you imagine? If you get an 80 or 90%, near the maximum, your classmates will ask what problem you had…

Kelly: Is it the same in Chile?

Fernando: Are you kidding? To begin with…

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