Inserting a You Tube Video in PowerPoint Step 1 Search for the video you desire

Step 2 Once you have found the video click on the code below the Embed heading

Step 2B Once it is highlighted click Edit and Copy.


Step 3 Open Microsoft Word and Clicked Edit and Paste

Step 3B We need to highlight just the address starting with http: until “> (As Shown above) This address is different to the address in the Explorer Address bar. Step 3C Click Edit and Copy Step 4 Open your PowerPoint and add a New Slide.

Step 5 Click View, Toolbars and Control to add the Control Toolbar.


Step 6 Drag it to the left and place it on the side.

Step 7 Click on the

More Controls Icon.


Step 8 Select Shockwave Flash Object

Step 9 Draw a box (This will contain your video)

Step 10 Right Click on the box and click on Properties


Step 11 Click on the box next to Movie

Step 12 Paste the address in the Move URL Box.

Finished, you can test your movie by running a slide show.