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Happily Cain's followers, like most conspirators, bungled badly and let the
truth come down to us through their elaborate barrier of lies. The
overwhelming proof that the Babylonians knew of God's existence and
willfully disguised that fact is in our possession. Although, as we have seen,
the mythological writings constantly allude to the personages mentioned in
the first chapters of Genesis, no allusion is made in them to the Creator, the
knowledge of Whom has come down to us through the Hebrew race.
According to the Babylonian priests, several gods took part in the creation of
the world, and the gods Anu, Ea and Bel at first, and in later times Shamas,
Ishtar and Sin ruled the heavens, earth, sea and "the affairs of men." No
room is left in the Babylonian pantheon for a Supreme Being. Three or four
tablets have been found, however, smothered as it were among thousands of
polytheistic inscriptions, which clearly show that the knowledge of God
existed in Babylonia before the year 2200 B.C., when there is said to have
been a "literary revival" during which older writings and traditions were
reproduced. These monotheistic writings may, therefore, have existed in
Sargon's time, and may have owed their origin to him. In spite of the fact that
many generations of priests have handled these inscriptions, their style is
clear and lucid in comparison with all the mythological writings; and this is
another proof that the archaic character of the latter was affected. These

inscriptions telling about One Supreme Being, the rebellious angels and the
Fall of Adam, and which are known to be among the oldest Babylonian
writings, prove the soundness

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