The Angel and A Soul

He was hiding behind a stone wall. She glanced at him and knew immediately who he was. Seeing just a half of the face she tried to remember it in detail. Long white hair, pale complexion, serious look, thin lips and some white ancient clothing. He was handsome, not to say older than she had expected. “Forty?”, - she asked herself. − Much older. The voice in her head was deep and smooth. It gave her a feeling of home and security, of love and care. − I thought you were a bit to say... − Haveless? It should have sounded like a joke, but he stayed serious. − Well, a bit rough, I would say. But it doesn't matter that much. Silence. Right. She knew he wasn't a talkative type. But questions must be asked since they met...finally. − Ask. It's only natural he read her mind. − When... − No. He seemed even aggressive now. − You cannot ask this. You know that. I will not answer When and Where questions. Of course she knew he wouldn't. Never. Other way there was no point in trying further. − Okay. Then tell me, what must I do? − Live. − You know what I mean. What must I do to get to the place where I need to be. − You will get to that place anyway. − So, I can sit and do nothing and will be there with him? He looked away.

− I only said that you will be in the place you need to be eventually. I didn't say anything more than that. She wanted to go away. She was tired of hearing she would never get him. She wanted to be where he is – where her love is and her heart. But they kept on telling her she would never get there. Never in the eternity. And now her only hope... − I didn't say that either. − You don't say anything. What shall I do with your haze. I cannot know the answer like that. He looked deep in her eyes and she felt she would wake up. − The answer is clear. Ask not me, but yourself and you will hear the answer. Darkness covered his face and an ugly bloody creature appeared for a second. The dream vanished.

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