q-1-Name the person who coined the term "Management by Wandering Around (Walking About)", and popularly known

as MBWA? Ans tom peters

q.2 -Who coined the term "Generation X"? ans david copeland q.3- Who postulated the concept of "Learning Organisation"? ans peter senge q.4- The father of Motivational Research once said, "Product image have been a key aspect of consumer behaviour studies". Identify the person? Ans Dr Richard Dicther q.5 Cocooning" and "Cashing out" are the terms coined by which management writer and futurist? Ans faith popcorn q.6 - Who pioneered the concept ESI, Emotional Surplus Identity, in the area of Management of Corporate Branding? Ans shombit sen gupta

q.7 -Robert Kaplan and David Norton developed the concept which links company's current actions to its long term goals. Name the concept?

ans balanced scorecard q.8 - Which management term is derived from the Greek word which means "Art of
the General"?

ans strategy q.9 - In management jargon what is known as "Semiotics"?
Study of symbols and signs and their impact on consumer behavior

q.10 Which management term originated from the book "Small is Beautiful" authored by Michael Shumacher? Ans small and beautiful

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