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ELKIN EVANGELISTIC TEAM 5 sel eae eA ae a HEBREWS 12:3 la ere Re Production Coordinator: Rebekah Snyder eee ee De Ee ee De re eee ee Gatkin Evangelistic Ministries aaa eo Morrison, CO 80465 EMP te Sr ese The journey to Heaven can seem long and difficult. Temptations Cae a ee Cea LOR eee LO eco LT ee BLOC (Le CeR eR RC ce AL OCCA RR ea RT eR COAL OTT cca Consider Hebrews 12. Consider that Christ experienced the contrary motion of sinners agaist Himseff; Consider that Christ Pera ee Oe eee ec eM eae eae eet eee CON ea aOR AC CoC eM re eT erm ene ea Rene aoe Lee nA Ree Re OR Tere ee Coa Re ca ec ae While running our race, Cod has given Chrésty andl wonderfial We on Ae aR ee Oe ay OAL LAMA RCL CAA LL KC Are MILE RR eee ec VAR TO en OL ee eee Fran ORAL a ca ae CT LL Lek SLR ke RCL Will Galkin