“Traditions around the World “ I. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) II. True or False La Tirana is celebrated in the south of Chile ____ St.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th ____ People in love send e-mails to their lovers ____ The day of the dead is celebrated in Bolivia ____ The day of the dead is a sad day ____ Questions

1. - What is the text about? a) It’s about a family and what they do every year for Christmas b) It’s about different traditions around the world c) It’s about the day of the dead and St. Valentine’s Day. 2.- Choose another title for the text a) “La Tirana, the best festivity in the world.” b) “People love traditions” c) “The World and its Traditions” 3.- What does the expression “all over the world” mean? ___________________________________________ III. Complete the sentence

1) In the north of Chile, people celebrate _________________. 2) Three important traditions are _________________, __________________ and _______________. 3) On ______________ (date), people of English speaking countries celebrate ______________ Day. 4) The day of the dead, which is celebrated in Mexico, begins on _____________ and ends on _________________. 5) Mexican people make _________________,________________ and _____________ to celebrate the day of the dead.



All over the world: Costume: Country: In love: Card: Sweetheart: Dead: Skull: Coffin:

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