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Quarter 2 newsletter for Malcolm Shabazz High School, Madison
Quarter 2 newsletter for Malcolm Shabazz High School, Madison

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Published by: Malcolm Shabazz City-High on Dec 08, 2010
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Malcolm Shabazz City High School

The Quarterly Report
“40 Years of Innovative Education”
1601 N. Sherman Avenue  Madison, Wisconsin 53704  (608) 204-2440

2nd Quarter, 2010-11
Greetings from the Principal: Turkey Day is coming to Shabazz on Wednesday, November 24. Every year, Malcolm Shabazz City High School opens its doors to the greater Shabazz community to celebrate its past and to recognize and promote our commitment to providing an authentic and relevant education in a safe, harassment free learning environment. Turkey Day begins with the Great Shabazz Talent Show at 10:00 AM in the Sherman gym. The talent show features performances by our students and staff. After the Talent Show a variety of activities occur as we bide our time waiting for the Feast at 1:30 PM in the Sherman cafeteria. We invite Shabazz alumni, family of current students, and special guests to attend. Talent shows at Shabazz are amazing events. They are not amazing because of the talent, although we have very talented students and staff at Shabazz. They are amazing because they embody and exhibit many of the values that we cultivate at Shabazz. At Shabazz, we value creativity. We value student voice and student expression. As a learning community, we value risk taking that fosters learning and growth. At our talent shows, our students and staff stand before the Shabazz community, sharing their voices, their talents, and their words with the world. Our performers take risks to perform for the benefit of all, expressing their individuality in the process. The talent is great and the willingness of our students to take the risks of performing is incredible, yet the most amazing characteristic of our talent shows is the visible support provided by the community. Risk taking at the level that is required for learning does not occur without social support. The audience made up of Shabazz graduates and current students provide that social support, as our staff and students sing their songs and dance their dances, they do so knowing that a community stands behind them and supports them.

Our talent shows occur only twice a year, but I believe they reflect what is at the heart of daily life at Shabazz and at the heart of learning. They reflect what I see when I visit the classrooms at Shabazz: communication, self-expression, creativity, taking risks that lead to growth and learning, high levels of acceptance, high expectations for growth and change. These values are at the heart of learning, they are at the heart of Shabazz, and they are evident in our talent shows. Hope to see you there.



Thu & Fri, Nov. 25 & 26 Mon – Fri, Dec. 20 – 31 Monday, January 3 Monday, January 10 Thursday, January 13 Monday, January 17 Thu & Fri, Jan. 20 & 21 Monday, January 24

SCHOOL CLOSED – Thanksgiving Holiday SCHOOL CLOSED – Winter Break SCHOOL REOPENS EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development 3rd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students:
● 8:45 Srs ● 9:30 Jrs ● 9:55 Soph ● 10:15 Frosh ● 10:45 Classes Begin

SCHOOL CLOSED – Martin Luther King Jr. Day SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 2nd Quarter NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation

It’s not always easy to decide if your child is sick enough to stay home or well enough to be in school. Students will not earn credit in a class if they have too many absences. If you question whether your child should attend, you may call the Health Office at 204-2109. If your teen must miss school, please call the attendance line at 204-2441. The absence will still count toward total “permissible” absences, but by excusing it you avoid truancy and help teachers know what’s up with your child. It is important to remind students that their six “permissible” absences are intended as “sick days” to be used for illness.


Whether you love or hate shopping, it may have the side benefit of contributing to Shabazz. When you shop at Office Depot, simply tell the cashier that you would like your purchase to support Shabazz High School. They will donate 5% of all qualifying purchases to Shabazz for instore credits.

This time of year many of us bake and cook, from a hot bowl of soup to holiday meals. Think of us as you cook! Don’t throw away those “Labels for Education” and Campbell’s Soup Labels. Although we are small and labels accumulate slowly, they still bring worthwhile items to our school. There is a collection bin in the office. Every little bit helps!

We don’t want to encourage you to charge things, but if you do, please consider using your Target REDcard Visa. Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard purchases. If you have a Target REDcard, visit www.target.com to enroll in Take Charge of Education®. Select Shabazz as your school of choice. They will send us a check for 1% of all your Target store purchases and .5% of all other purchases. Sign up today!

Thank you to all who have donated additional money for field trips. Field trips provide fantastic opportunities for learning. However, they are very expensive. In addition to the typical expenses of transportation or admission fees, we have to pay for any substitutes required while teachers are out of the building with students. Substitute teachers cost us about $200 per day. Please consider a tax deductible donation to our Field Trip Fund. Any contribution you make would significantly help our program and our students. Donations may be made out to Shabazz City High School (with “Field Trip Fund” written in the memo line of your check). Thank you for your ongoing support!

Do you have stacks of books you’ve already read? Instead of gathering dust, they could be a tax deduction. The Shabazz Readers’ Workshop is always looking for new reading material for Shabazz students. If you are interested in making a book donation or contribution to our school’s reading initiatives, please contact Denise Aulik (204-2469) at daulik@madison.k12.wi.us. Thanks for your support!


The END is Near


The halls are humming and decked out for Turkey Day, Wednesday, November 24, our annual celebration for students, staff, and alumni. We welcome parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings, and other housemates to share the day. Students arrive as usual at 8:45 a.m. with their food contribution for the meal. Each class is assigned a different item; feel free to call the office if you are wondering what your child is supposed to be bringing! The first event of the day is "The Great Shabazz Talent Show" in the Sherman Gym at 10 a.m. Visitors sign in at a table in front of the gym, and can begin seating for the show at 9:45. Shabazz students will come down with their class about 9:50. After the Talent Show, there are activities around the building such as movies, basketball, face painting, and this year, guest speakers in Gene’s room. Feel free to wander around the school and drop in on any activity which interests you. At 1:30 p.m., "The Feast" begins in the Sherman Cafeteria. Students and staff contribute most of the food. A donation of a dessert or money is appreciated, but definitely not required! If you bring a homemade dessert, please write down the ingredients on a recipe card to set next to it. This helps our vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies. After the feast, school is dismissed for the long holiday weekend. We hope you enjoy the day!

We obviously love to feed people at Shabazz. In addition to our annual Turkey Day Feast, nearly every Friday we serve a Community Lunch. The students of the "Shabazz Experience" class, guided by Gene Delcourt, plan, purchase, prepare, and serve the meals in the Shabazz Cafeteria. Students and staff enjoy a good meal and good company. We would love to have you join us! Lunch is served from 11:30 to 12:25. There is no charge for the meal, but a donation for groceries is always welcome. If you would like to attend a Community Lunch, please call the office at 204-2440 on Friday morning to let us know you are coming. That way you can find out if we are hosting a lunch that week and what we are serving! When you arrive at the school, check in at the office before heading to the Cafeteria for a great meal!


If you do not have a computer and would like one, you may be able to take one home on Turkey Day. And, the computers are free! Just talk to teacher Tina Murray or an ECAP student. ECAP stands for Equity in Computer Access Program, a class where students learn what is inside computers and how to repair them. The students will have computers ready to go and available on Turkey Day. These computers are designed for students to be able to do word processing and save documents, either to their email (if you have internet) or to a flash drive or CD or floppy drive. That way they can get the work from home to school to print out. The computers are Dell 270's with a CRT monitor (sorry, no flatscreens), keyboard and mouse, and will have UBUNTU 10 on them. The computers are internet ready, but you will need a provider before you can get online. No tech support is offered by the class afterwards, so please take the time to teach yourself how to use it. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the space or time to offer lessons or troubleshooting services for these machines. More information can be found at: http://oldweb.madison.k12.wi.us/shabazz/tech/ecap/ecapabout1.htm .

All parents, guardians, and significant adults in our students’ lives are invited to come to our monthly parent meetings. Parent meetings are a great way to network with other Shabazz families and to get involved with the school. Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Shabazz LMC. The meetings are informal, but informational, and treats are served! The schedule for
the rest of the year is:  December 2  January 6  February 3  March 3  April 7  May 5

Watch for Breaking News

On our Anniversary Celebration

Malcolm Shabazz City High School is nearly 40 years old. Considering those who started it “didn’t trust anyone over 30,” that’s pretty good! We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary this January. Planning is underway for an evening event for current and former staff and students, their families, and other Shabazz friends. The celebration will take place at CUNA Mutual at Mineral Point Road in Madison. Please stay-tuned for more information to come! If you would like to help in the planning, please call Donna at 204-2440.


Dear Families of MMSD Students, When the weather is bad, the Madison Metropolitan School District follows a set of guidelines for deciding if school will be open or closed. With the winter season here, I'd like to review these guidelines with you. The district must make a decision that is the best for 24,000 students. This decision may not fit with your individual circumstances. Therefore, we encourage and strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your child(ren). You are always the best judge of your child's health and safety. The process for deciding when schools are open or closed due to snow and/or ice District staff members review the weather conditions beginning early in the morning. They talk with weather forecasters, the City Streets Department, Madison Police and Dane County Sheriff's Departments, and school district staff to see if all buildings are accessible for students and staff. We also consult with bus companies to see if buses will be able to travel safely to and from school. This is the primary factor in making our decision. We make the decision whether to close schools by 6:30 a.m. or earlier, and then communicate this decision to all local news outlets. How you can find out if schools are closed On days when the weather is bad, listen to any local radio or television station for information about school closing. You can also check our web site (http://www.mmsd.org) or MMSD-TV (Cable Channel 96 or 97.) When schools are closed because of extreme cold Our policy is to close Madison schools if the National Weather Service issues a wind chill WARNING for Dane County for the time just before the school day begins. Schools will not necessarily be closed if there is a wind chill ADVISORY for the county. (Thresholds from National Weather Service). When schools are closed, all activities there are canceled When Madison schools are closed for the day, it also means that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are canceled. This includes all MSCR programs and all after school programs.


Why schools are not dismissed early on days when the weather is bad In many of our families, adults work outside the home and they have no child care arrangements available before the end of the school day. However, if your schedule allows and if you feel your child(ren) will be safer at home, you can pick your child(ren) up before the end of the school day. If you do, go to the school office and request that your child(ren) be dismissed to you. We try to keep schools open When schools close, many families have issues with child care. As a result, we try to keep schools open if it's safe to do so. However, as we stated at the top of this letter, parents can always make the decision to keep their child(ren) at home in bad weather. Why school starts are not delayed on days when the weather is bad but will improve during the day In many of our families, adults working outside the home are not able to adjust their work schedules or find child care to accommodate a later start. If your family transports your child(ren) to school, we appreciate the extra effort it takes on severe weather days and acknowledge that the students' arrival might be somewhat delayed. When schools are closed for other reasons If you have a question about whether schools or a particular school will be closed for reasons other than severe weather, please listen to local radio or television stations, go to our website or watch MMSD-TV. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation For every family that is happy school is in session on days when the weather is bad, there is another family that feels schools should be closed. In over 40 years in education, I find that the decision to open or close schools during inclement weather brings out some of the strongest community reactions — no matter which way we go. We appreciate your understanding of the difficulties in making this decision, and your support in helping your child get to school safely on winter days. Sincerely,

Daniel A. Nerad, Superintendent of Schools


The Madison School District is hosting a presentation by Dr. Jean Peterson, Professor at Purdue University, along with a question and answer session for parents of gifted students. Dr. Peterson is director of school-counselor preparation at Purdue an affiliated faculty member with the Gifted Education Resource Institute there, and author of over 80 publications. Among the topics covered will be the burdens of being a high ability student and parent of this student, underachievement, and bullying and the gifted. All parents are welcome. Mark your calendars. When: Thursday, December 16, 6:30 PM Where: McDaniels Auditorium, Doyle Administration Building

Seniors do not need to have professional portraits taken for the Yearbook. We take some very good pictures here at school. However if you plan to get Senior Portraits taken, you have until April 1 to submit them for the Shabazz Yearbook. We will happily accept them sooner. The picture needs to be a “hard copy” not digital. Mail a hard copy to Colleen Kellogg here at Shabazz, or send the photo to school with your teen. Please don’t rely on your photographer to submit pictures to Shabazz. After the time and money spent to get Senior Portraits taken, we would hate to have it left out of the Yearbook. This year we will be selling Yearbooks through the first week of the 4th Quarter which is April 6th. They cost $15.00 and can be ordered in the Shabazz Office.

Here are the remaining test dates and registration deadlines for taking the ACT this school year. Juniors generally take the ACT in April. Test Date Registration Deadline Late Fee Required December 11, 2010 November 5, 2010 11/6 – 11/19 February 12, 2011 January 7, 2011 1/8 – 1/21 April 9, 2011 March 4, 2011 3/5 – 3/18 June 11, 2011 May 6, 2011 5/7 – 5/20 Cost: $33 for ACT (No Writing), $48 for ACT Plus Writing. It is typically suggested that students take the ACT Plus Writing test, as more and more colleges are requiring the writing portion of the test. Fee waivers are available to those on Free or Reduced Lunch.

Register online at www.actstudent.org. The Shabazz student code is 501-159. 8

1601 N. Sherman Avenue  Madison, Wisconsin 53704  (608) 204-2440 Safe Arrival 204-2441  Fax 204-0503  Health Office 201-2109 http://shabazzweb.madison.k12.wi.us/ Name
Soderbloom, Aric Chance, Donna Curtis, Susan Gutzmer, Jackie Honer, Steve Kaye, Susan Kirch, Connie Meier, Emily Moss, Anna Robinson, Tauri Simansky, Anita Wess, Donna Aulik, Denise Banks, Robert Bennett, Lori Brennan, Caroline Delcourt, Gene Fee, Peter Jones, Katie Kellogg, Colleen Kim, Kathleen Muraski, Monica Murray, Tina Szpak, Joe Vasquez, Martha Young, Steve

Principal Secretary Nurse Attendance Psychologist Social Worker Kitchen Manager Guidance Intern Librarian MSCR Guidance Custodian English Science Resource Resource Social Studies Math/Science Social Studies English Spanish English Computers Phy Ed/Health Art Math

204-2443 204-2440 204-2109 204-2441 204-2462 204-2470 204-2117 204-2450 204-2453 204-2445 204-2450 204-2119

asoderbloom@madison.k12.wi.us dchance@madison.k12.wi.us scurtis@madison.k12.wi.us jgutzmer@madison.k12.wi.us shoner@madison.k12.wi.us skaye@madison.k12.wi.us ckirch@madison.k12.wi.us eameier@wisc.edu amoss@madison.k12.wi.us lrobinson@madison.k12.wi.us asimansky@madison.k12.wi.us dwess@madison.k12.wi.us daulik@madison.k12.wi.us rbanks@madison.k12.wi.us lbennett@madison.k12.wi.us cbrennan@madison.k12.wi.us gdelcourt@madison.k12.wi.us pfee@madison.k12.wi.us kdjones@madison.k12.wi.us ckellogg@madison.k12.wi.us kkim@madison.k12.wi.us mmuraski@madison.k12.wi.us tmurray@madison.k12.wi.us jcszpak@madison.k12.wi.us mvasquez@madison.k12.wi.us scyoung@madison.k12.wi.us

Administration and Support Staff

204-2469 204-2465 204-2451 204-2454 204-2460 204-2467 204-2464 204-2458 204-2461 204-2466 204-2468 204-2455 204-2459 204-2467


2010-11 Shabazz Calendar
November 22 November 23 November 24 November 24 Nov. 25 & 26 December 2 December 14 Dec. 20 – 31 January 3 January 6 January 10 January 13 Spirit Week: Dress Like Your Favorite Childhood Character! Spirit Week: Fancy, Classy, Dress-Up Day Spirit Week: Blast from the Past (Dress Like Your Favorite Era) Turkey Day @ 10 AM – 2:30 PM Great Shabazz Talent Show @ 10 AM in Sherman Gym The Feast @ 1:15 PM in Sherman Cafeteria SCHOOL CLOSED – Thanksgiving Holiday Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 2nd Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home SCHOOL CLOSED – Winter Break SCHOOL REOPENS Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development 3rd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students  8:45 AM for Seniors  9:30 AM for Juniors  9:55 AM for Sophomores  10:15 AM for Freshmen  10:45 Classes Begin Parent Portal Grades View Closed SCHOOL CLOSED – Martin Luther King Jr. Day SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 2nd Quarter NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation Day 3rd Quarter Begins 2nd Quarter Report Cards Mailed Home Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 3rd Quarter Newsletter Mailed Home and Posted on Website NO SCHOOL for Students – Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 10:30AM - 6:30 PM SCHOOL CLOSED – SWEIO Convention 3rd Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home

January 14–25 January 17 January 20 & 21 January 24 January 25 January 28 February 3 February 9 February 24 February 25 February 25


March 3 March 14 March 17

March 18–29 March 28 March 29 March 30 April 7 April 8 April 8 April 14 April 18-22 April 25 April 28 May 2 – 6 May 3 May 5 May 7 May 19 May 30 June 3–17 June 8 June 9 June 17 June 20

Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC EARLY RELEASE @ 11:35 AM for Staff Development 3rd Qtr. SCHEDULING DAY for Returning Students  8:45 AM for Seniors  9:30 AM for Juniors  9:55 AM for Sophomores  10:15 AM for Freshman  10:45 Classes Begin Parent Portal Grade View Closed SCHOOL CLOSED – End of 3rd Quarter NO SCHOOL for Returning Students – New Student Orientation Day 4th Quarter Begins Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC NO SCHOOL for Students – Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM 3rd Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home (for parents who didn’t come to conferences) th Quarter Newsletter Mailed Home and Posted on Website 4 SCHOOL CLOSED – Spring Break SCHOOL REOPENS (NOTE: This is a Monday!) Take Your Child to Work Day Teacher Appreciation Week National Teacher Day Parent Meeting @ 6:30 PM in LMC 4th Quarter Progress Reports Mailed Home Malcolm’s Birthday SCHOOL CLOSED – Memorial Day Parent Portal Grade View Closed End of 4th Quarter SCHOOL CLOSED – Graduation Ceremony @ 6:00 PM 4th Quarter Report Cards Mailed Home First Day of Summer School

Financial Aid Workshop
There will be a Financial Aid Workshop for any interested parents at the January Parent Meeting – 6:30 PM in the LMC on January 6. All parents and students are welcome, but we particularly urge seniors to attend.


Malcolm Shabazz City High School 1601 North Sherman Avenue Madison, WI 53704

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