Activities with IT

-Case on struggle against outsourcing of Dongsan hospital restaurant for the patients
Human Rights Solidarity Struggling against Poverty and Discrimination

History of struggle
GyuMyung University Dongsan Hospital  Located in Daegu, established in early 1900  To maximise its profits, the hospital restaurant has been outsourced since June 2007  Since June 1 2010, Pulmuwon ECMD -> Unitos  Application of minimum wage, and dismissal of the workers who protested against the minimum wage  Low quality of food for the patients, employment as informal worker  Civil groups and the dismissed workers protesting for last 7 months

It use for the struggle ± Online cafe
Sharing information and communications among the activists and the victims Headquarter for Withdrawal of outsourcing and achievement of regular employment (

Documentation and achieve of struggle

Communication / Discussion on strategies - Joint struggle, democratic struggle

Daily communication to maximize relay protest and mass rally

Usage of Multiple Sending Service of Message
Prompt and rapid communication and mobilization Ex)

Ex. Sending SMS

Struggle Community Notice board
- Encouraging Citizends interest andparticipation which can create social pressure upon the hospital

Online petition

Readers' feedback for online petition

Face book!/profile.php?id=100000896876651

Sharing the struggle with my friends at various levels through face book

Web posters, web magazines distributed to the activists and the membership


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