Leonhard Euler

April 15, 1707- September 18, 1783
Euler was born into the family of a pastor at the reformed church. At age seven, he started to attend private school, but after school hours, he would be taught mathematics by a private tutor. By age 13, his brilliant mind enabled him to excel quickly school and he started to attend lectures at a local university. Three years later, he had received his masters degree. During his professional life, he studied the theory and production of the human voice, the theory of sound and music, the mechanics of vision, work on telescopic and microscopic perception, and the planets and the sun. Although he studied many branches of science, Euler was best known for his geometric theorm.

I. we will remember Leonhard Euler for all the contributions to mathematics and science. but an eye disease in 1771 lead to an almost total loss of vision. while experimenting on light diffraction he almost blinded himself. R.P.In 1738. To this day. .

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