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HITV Viewing Center Channel Management Proposal

HITV Viewing Center Channel Management Proposal

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Published by Bolaji Jubril

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Published by: Bolaji Jubril on Dec 08, 2010
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Viewing Center Scout and Channel Management Proposal

Presented by Tripod Concepts 19,Bassie Ogamba Street, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere,Lagos. Tel:+2348035051066,+23417360607 Bolaji.jubril@tripodconcepts.com,info@tripodconcepts.com

March 2009

Since incorporation in February 2006,HITV Limited has provided a platform for entertainment ,lifestyle,music,news and sport that are rich in quality and local programs.Hitv has grown to become a leading brand and in just 3 yrs,it had done perhaps what so many organizations are still pondering on how to achieve,your entrepreneurial spirit is worthy of emulation. The entrepreneurial spirit of many Nigerians has therefore been appraised as so many people use HITV as a platform for viewing centers,which has boosted many families financial power and also acted as a source of revenue generation for (viewing center owners) individuals all over Nigeria.

‡ Some commercial users better known as viewing centers use HITV as a platform for making thousands of naira day in day out. ‡ There is a speculated fee for commercial users. ‡ These viewing centers pay 4,000(four thousand naira), a monthly subscription fee for home users. ‡ There are thousands of viewing centers all over the nation and HITV as an organization cannot leave its core business of content provision to track and monitor viewing centers.

HITV looses millions of naira monthly and almost a billion annually because of inaccurate charging.

In a time when the world is in economic recess,businesses are crashing and some running at lose.Businesses should make optimal use of its resources to maximize profit.This is a major way of sustaining a business at this time.

Tripod Concepts

The Task
‡ How to get addresses,phone numbers,card numbers of all viewing centers that uses HITV. ‡ Collate data for future reference and use

Why scouting and data keeping are essential
‡ Viewing center scouting and data keeping will guarantee that HITV charges accurately.This concept guarantees a revenue increase of over 1,000,000,000 (one billion naira annually) Customers database will ensure customer management If Hitv has been keeping accurate data of customers addresses,card no and names,problems such as payment of customers on other card no will not occur For those that cant afford to pay 4,000 monthly they should be the first to be told about the new 1,900 package.since they have been on the platform before.

‡ ‡



Situation analysis and pricing
Commercial fee Implication Pricing Timing Implication: Having thought about the implication the commercial fee will be on the viewing center we have the believe that HITV will retain the E.P.L S 80% right and as long as this right is retained viewing centers have no options but to stick to HITV especially now that the right to view the E.C.L has been won. The commercial fee HITV is offering will definitely be cheaper than that of your biggest competitor DSTV,their proposed speculated fee is 13,000. Even as they say you cant pay football anywhere else in the world and feel fulfilled if u haven't played in the EPL.30 million Nigerians are glued to the E.P.L weekly.

Although the commercial fee for the commercial users solely depend on on your management,we will like to give you guidelines on pricing.

Price: The assigned numerical monetary value of a good,service or asset Pricing:The manual or automated process of applying prices to purchase sales

Relevant pricing questions.
How much do we charge for our viewing centers? (how much are people willing to pay) Competitor based pricing:what price is similar competitor offering for the same service. Cost Plus pricing: What is the cost of production + percentage = selling price.

Pricing Objectives.
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Maximize long-term profit Increase sales volume(quantity) Increase sales value (Naira) Obtain a target return of investment (ROI) Stabilize market or market price Company growth Maintain price leadership Get competitive advantage Having consider these factors we would suggest a fee ranging from 6,000 to 7,000 this fee will ensure that all objectives are met and customers willing to pay.

We suggest that the commercial fee should be introduced at the start of a new season August 2009.By then viewing center owners have already been alerted through mail or letters.

Merchandizing Trends
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Frame boards for viewing centers Neon wall signage Large pvc stickers. HITV Branded chairs for viewing centers

Motivation for channel continual patronage
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Stability of services Customer relationship Business Empowerment Recognition and celebration Emerging Product offerings/Trial One on One contact Neighborhood accessibility

Partner Empowerment/Growth Strategy
The growth of the program is designed to develop ,grow and empower each customer using the following: ‡ ‡ Training and seminar (Group or Manual)for viewing centers. Offering advisory services e.g: 1.How to scan for channels in case of reception problems 2.Other technical training services. 3.special invitation to customer forum/dinner events. Dedicate special customer care numbers for viewing centers Timely and effective complaints handling

‡ ‡

Patronage incentives and promotions
‡ Merchandising materials ‡ Personalized branded materials e.g Tshirts,Face caps and other HITV souvenirs ‡ End of the year party for viewing centers ‡ Award for the best viewing center of the year.

Strategy for customers retention
‡ Meet and exceed expectations Exceeding expectations need not be costly. volunteer to collect and replace a faulty product from a Customer rather than issuing a credit note and waiting for the normal call cycle to schedule a call on the customer offer better, lower cost solutions to the customer, even though that might reduce margin provide information about the customer¶s served market. ‡ Find ways to add value There are three common forms of value-adding programme: loyalty schemes, customer clubs and sales promotions. Loyalty schemes Loyalty schemes reward customers for their patronage. The more a customer spends, the higher the reward. It is suggested that successful schemes deliver five types of value to participants: cash value: how much is the reward worth in cash compared with what is spent to obtain it? redemption value: how wide a range of rewards is offered? aspiration value: how much does the customer want the reward? relevance value: how achievable are the rewards? convenience value: how easy is it to collect the credits and redeem them for the reward?

Strategy for customer retention
Channel Customer clubs Customer clubs are organizations established by companies to deliver a range of benefits to members. The initial costs of establishing a club can be quite high, but thereafter most clubs are expected to cover their operating expenses and, preferably, return a profit. Research suggests that customer clubs are successful at promoting customer retention. To become a member and obtain benefits, clubs require customers to register. With these personal details, the company is able to begin interaction with customers, learn more about them, and develop Offers and services for them. Channel Sales promotions Whereas loyalty schemes and clubs tend to have a long life, sales promotions offer only temporary enhancements to customer value. Sales promotions can also be used for customer acquisition. Retention-oriented sales promotions encourage the customer to repeat purchase. Bonding The next customer retention strategy is bonding. Our research identified many different forms of bond between customers and service provider.

Strategy for customers retention
Social bonds Social bonds are found in positive interpersonal relationships between people on both sides of the customer±supplier dyad. Positive interpersonal relationship are characterized by high levels of trust and commitment. As the number of episodes linking customer and service provider grow, there is greater opportunity for social bonds to develop. Suppliers should understand that if they act opportunistically or fail to align themselves to customer preferences, trust and confidence will be eroded. Structural bonds Structural bonds are established when companies and customers commit resources to the relationship. In general, these resources yield mutual benefits for the participants. For example, a joint customer±supplier quality team can work on improving quality compliance, benefiting both . Build commitment The final strategy for building customer retention is to create customer commitment. Various studies have indicated that customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure customer longevity

Get Hi in your neighborhood promotional concept
This concept is to promote HITV while giving the public an avenue to watch programs(movies,football matches e.t.c) on movable mobile HITV vehicles,these vehicles could be stationed at different strategic areas in Lagos showing to viewers.It could be in love garden or shitta in surulere today and be in v/island tomorrow. This concept is also CSR(cooperate social responsibility) from HITV

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