How The Grinch Stole Christmas Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan
Using How The Grinch Stole Christmas as a Stimulus for Literacy Work
Use this text at the end of the Autumn Term, prior to Christmas.

1. At Text Level (NLS Year 2, Term 1, Objective 3)
Read the story to the children. After reading, sit the children in a circle and ask them to retell the story around the circle. o Encourage the use of formal story elements in the retelling, eg, "The next day…." o

2. At Sentence Level (NLS Year 2, Term 1, Objective 3)
o Draw attention to the repetitive use of "then" in the book, eg: o “Then the Whos, young and old, would sit down to a feast.” o “Then he got an idea!…..” o “Then he loaded some bags…..” o “Then the Grinch said ‘Giddap!’….” o “Then he slid down the chimney…” Make a list of appropriate connectives which could be substituted for "Then". Retell the story again using other connectives in the retelling, eg, "After a while…", "Next".


3. At Text Level (NLS Year 2, Term 1, Objective 5)
Discuss reasons for events in the story. Ask pairs of children to compose a question about the story for another pair, eg: o Why didn't the Grinch like Christmas? o Why did the Who’s celebrate Christmas, despite having no food or presents? o Why did the Grinch change his mind? o Ask children to write their question on a white board. Read the questions, highlighting the use of question marks. Pairs then discuss their question and bring reasons for events in the story back to the group. o o

4. At Text and Sentence Level (NLS Year 2, Term 1, Objective Text 4 & Sentence 6)
Discuss 5 important points in the story with the class. Make sure the points cover the most important aspects of the plot, eg: o Everyone in Whoville liked Christmas except the Grinch o The Grinch wanted to stop Christmas from coming o The Grinch dressed up as Santa, slid down the chimneys and took everything o But even without presents or food, Christmas came just the same o The Grinch realises Christmas is more than just food and presents and joins in the celebrations Use a simple writing frame to help children organise the story plot, eg, using boxes, arrows, lines etc. o

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