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Nama Siswa : Hari/Tanggal :
Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Waktu :
Kelas :X Jumlah soal : 40 butir soal pilihan ganda
1. Jawaban dikerjakan pada lembar soal
2. Sebelum mengerjakan soal-soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu pada lembar jawaban: nomor peserta ujian,
nama lengkap, dan asal sekolah SMP/MTs!
3. Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat/benar dan berilah tanda kolom pilihan jawaban yang disediakan!
4. Berilah tanda pada satu pilihan jawaban saja untuk satu soal! Bila tanda X lebih dari satu untuk satu
soal, maka jawaban dianggap salah.
5. Jika terjadi kesalahan memilih jawaban, maka coretlah tanda dengan dua garis lurus mendatar pada
jawaban yang dianggap salah (contoh : X ), kemudian berilah tanda pada jawaban yang dianggap
6. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika, atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
7. Berdo’alah sebelum mengerjakan
8. Periksalah pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian!

1. Soraya : Hello, Adam. Who is Giant-O?

How are you doing? a. a boy c. the writer’s friend
Adam : Fine, thanks. b. my friend d. a teacher
How are you?
Soraya : I’m very well. Thank you. 6. Which statement that is true based on the
The underlined sentence is the expressing text?
of… a. When he was child she fell from a tree
a. greetings c. leave taking and broke her head.
b. invitation d. sympathy b. The teacher was angry with the boy
because he hit her.
2. Endang : Have you had your lunch? c. She was living outside Sydney when
Ananda : Yes, I have. she was a child.
I’d better be going, or I’ll be d. She didn’t feel sorry for hitting him
late at my school. over the head using her bag.
Good bye, Endang.
Endang : Good bye, Ananda. See you What we remember is the meaning of….
tomorrow. a. memory c. child
From the dialogue above, we know that b. remember d. history
Endang is using …expression.
a. greetings c. leave taking Childhood means…
b. invitation d. sympathy a. young people
b. the time when you were a child
3. The trip to Bali has been …due to bad c. you were young
weather. d. what happened in the last time
a. cancel c. cancelled
b. cancels d. canceling 9. Part of town or city not near the center is
4. You can’t see the manager …he is not a. urban c. metro
here today. b. village d. suburb
The conjunction that is suit to the
sentence is… 10. Teacher : Do you bring your dictionaries
a. therefore c. though with you today?
b. and d. because Wulan : I’m sorry, Sir. ……………
The appropriate expression to fill the
I think my first memories began when I blank is ….
started school at about five years old. I lived a. Remember that?
in suburb of Sidney. I had a happy childhood. b. I’ve completely forgotten.
I remember playing in a big garden. I fell c. It’s coming back to me now.
from a big tree and broke my hand. I d. I’ll always remember.
remember I had a naughty friend named
Giant-O, because he was fat. He liked hitting 11. Mother : Hey..hey..are you going to school?
and pulling my head. It was so pathetic. Wati : Yes, Mom. I overslept.
One day I hit him over the head with my I’m in a hurry.
bag. His parents were very angry with me. Mother : ……….
But I didn’t feel sorry at all at the time. Wati : Oh, my goodness.
Nevertheless, since then Giant-O has become I thought it’s a school day!
my good friend. It was such an unforgettable The utterance that mother should say
childhood. is….
a. Don’t you remember that it’s Sunday
b. Let me think. Yes, I remember. 21. Nova : When did she go?
c. Remember that? Irna : She…an hour ago.
d. I’m afraid I forget. What is the appropriate word to fill the
I was driving along the coast road when a. go b. went c. gone d.
the car suddenly lurched to one side. goes
You know what happened? At first I
thought a tire had gone flat but then I saw 22. Mount Blanc – is – Geneva – near – lake
telegraph poles collapsing like matchsticks. -?
It’s terrible, isn’t it? The good arrangement of the words
Next, guess what! The rocks came above is…
tumbling across the road and I had to get out a. Mount Blanc is near Lake Geneva?
of the car. b. Lake Mount Blanc is near Geneva?
When I got back to town, well as I said, c. Lake Geneva is near Mount Blanc?
there wasn’t much left. d. Is Lake Geneva near Mount Blanc?
My God, that was a nightmare.
23. Dr. Indra – is – Japanese – Chinese – or - ?
12. The orientation is in paragrapgh…. The good arrangement of the words
a. one b. two c. three d. four above is…
a. Dr. Indra is Japanese or Chinese?
13. The text is a…… b. Is Japanese Dr. Indra or Chinese?
a. narrative c. procedure c. Is Dr. Indra Japanese or Chinese?
b. recount d. descriptive d. Is Japanese or Chinese Dr. Indra?

14. The structure of the text is…. Once upon a time there lived a very
a. orientation – complication – resolution famous king, named the King of Crete. He
b. orientation – events – reorientation had a monster which was half bull and half
c. goal – materials – steps man.
d. introduction – identification – He ordered Daedalus, a craftsman from
description Athens, to build a wax in order to house the
monster. When Daedalus finished his work,
15. Another example of a recount is …. he wanted to leave Crete. But the King would
a. diary c. news not let him go.
b. application letter d. myth Daedalus escape through the air by using
wings fixed to his body with wax. He also
David Duchovny cleverly played the role made wings for his son, Icarus and made him
of Mulder in the “X Files” film. Duchovny was fly behind himself.
born on 7 August 1960 in New York City. After But the son was so glad and excited that
successfully studying English Literature at he soon went too high. As he flew nearer to
university, Duchovny became interested in the sun, it got warmer and warmer until at
acting. He gained parts in several movies last the wax melted and his body fell down
including “Beethoven”. Don’t Tell Mom the into the sea near Troy.
Babysitter’s Dead, and “Chaplin” before the X The sea is now called the Icarian Sea.
24. The text above is a kind of …
16. What kind of recount is the text? a. recount c. descriptive
a. procedural recount c. review b. narrative d. procedure
b. biographical recount d. historical
25. The generic structure of the text is …
17. How old was David Duchovny now? a. orientation – arguments – conclusion
a. forty c. forty nine b. introduction – events – conclusion
b. forty five d. ninety c. orientation – events – reorientation
d. orientation – complication – resolution
18. What was the character that Duchovny
played in The X Files? 26. Paragraph one is called as …
a. Beethoven c. Mulder a. orientation c. complication
b. Chaplin d. Babysitter b. events d. resolution

19. What is the purpose of the text? 27. Who was Daedalus?
a. to entertain the readers with stories. a. He was a king of Crete.
b. to tell the readers what happened. b. He was a craftsman from Athens.
c. to describe something specifically. c. He was the monster of the King.
d. to help us do task or make something. d. He was the son of Icarus.

20. Andy : What …she eat? 28. How did Daedalus escape from the king?
Sarah : She ate noodles. a. Going to Athens.
What is the correct word to fill the blank? b. Flying to the sun.
a. do b. does c. did d. c. Flying through the air.
was d. Killing the monster.
29. Who was Icarus? He was ….. 35. Why do the British think that everyone
a. the King of Crete understands their customs?
b. the son of Daedalus a. because British is ruled by a Queen.
c. The craftsman from Athens b. because people understands their
d. half bull and half man monster customs.
c. because there are guidebooks on
Mother : Do you want me to tell you a international etiquette.
story about “Theseus and the d. because their language is widespread
Minatour”, understood.
Daughter : Really? Oh, please do, Mom. 36. The text above is talking about….
I can’t wait to hear the story. a. Cultural awareness
b. British customs
30. What is the mother going to do? c. International meeting
a. telling a story c. going to bed d. American people
b. reading a book d. hearing the
story 37. Paula : “Good afternoon, Mr. Indian!”
Mr. Indian: “Paula! I’m so glad you could
31. What does the daughter say to show her come!”
attention? Paula : “I’m very sorry to hear about
a. Really? c. Oh, please do, Mom. Tommy’s death.
b. I can’t wait d. to hear the story. It must be pretty hard on
32. Evil fox : Look, Pinocchio, can you From the dialogue above, we know that
come on Monday morning? Paula is showing…
Pinocchio : Sorry, I’d love to, but …. a. attention c. greeting
Pinocchio should say … b. leave taking d. sympathy
a. sure
b. all right 38. An ancient traditional story about gods,
c. I’d be glad to go magic, and heroes is called…
d. I’ll be very busy on Monday afternoon a. diary c. myth
b. biography d. fable
Imagine you have arranged a meeting at
four o’clock. What time should you expect 39. bill said don’t wait up for me I’ll be home
your foreign business colleagues to arrive? If late
they are Germans, they will be bang on time. What is the correct punctuation of this
If they are Americans, they’ll probably 15 sentence?
minutes earlier. If they are British, they’ll be a. Bill, “said don’t wait up for me I’ll be
15 minutes late, and you should allow up to home late.”
an hour for the Italians! b. Bill said, “Don’t wait up for me I’ll be
When the European Community began to home late.”
increase in size, several guidebooks c. “Bill said don’t! Wait up for me. I’ll be
appeared giving advice on international home late.”
etiquette. At first many people thought this d. Bill said, “Don’t wait up for me! I’ll be
was a joke, especially the British, who home late.”
seemed to assume that the widespread
understanding of their language meant a 40. “She has no feeling at all.”
corresponding understanding of English What did she say?
customs. a. She says that she has no feeling at
33. What nationality is the most punctual? b. She said that she had no feeling at
a. Americans c. Germans all.
b. British d. Italians c. She says that she had no feeling at
34. What nationality is the most least? d. She says that she has had no feeling
a. Americans c. Germans at all.
b. British d. Italians