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environment: enjoy life, respect the pLanet Part design consortium, part modern craftsman, Environment Furniture creates timeless contemporary collections for the home that respect the planet. With its use of sustainably harvested wood and reuse of otherwise discarded materials-naturally patinaed Brazilian peroba Rosa wood, salvaged maritime shipping beams, and vintage military shelter halves-Environment's allure remains not only in its firmly entrenched environmental commitment, but also in its aesthetic: an understated elegance and rugged sophistication. It's the belief that true design is where beauty meets responsibility that translates into Environment's simple philosophy: enjoy, share and preserve.

origin - wood


Peroba wood comes from a massive tree that is becoming increasingLy scarce outside of parks and preserves and is now very rare in parts of its originaL range, Brazil.

Having a Long straight trunk Lends itseLf to producing good Lumber boards therefore it was heaviLy used in buiLding construction throughout southern BraziL and in the state of Sao PauLo. Environment Furniture was the first furniture company to establish a recLaimed peroba exporting operation in 2003·

One hundred percent of the peroba we use is recLaimed from homes, industriaL buiLdings, barns and other structures that are abandoned or scheduLed to be torn down.


the process - wood

Nature imparts the naturaL aged patina on the boards from fifty or more year's exposure to the elements, which we carefully select and preserve to be showcased in the furniture. Each board is unique in grain, aging and texture.

Weathered by decades of exposure to the elements, over time peroba develops an intense, muLti-hued patina.

The peroba is hand cleaned without the use of any toxic chemicaLs and periodically a highLy diLuted mixture of caustic soda and water is used to remove paint.



Santos Bed

Wheel Dining Table with Beam Bench

Beam Mirror

By staying focused on the Longevity of the materiaLs, not the whims of passing trends, our pieces infuse any space with rugged, yet contemporary craftsmanship.

Curve Dresser



Santomer Dining Table with Paulista Benches

The color and texture varies wildly, from cool slate gray and dark espressos to warm rosy tones. The natural variations inspired a collection that infuses old and new, with a fresh, progressive edge.

From basic plank inlays to patchwork and mosaic effects, Environment uses the wood's natural character to create a collection that's minimal, rustic, and, of course, environmentally responsible.

Edge Bed

Parati Bed with Parati Side Tables



Rebar Dining Table with 360 Stools

Eclipse Coffee Table

Butcher Worker Table with Knighsbridge Bench

Since 2009 we have been deveLoping new designs with a very interesting recLaimed wood called Dunnage. These beams of very dense wood are used in maritime shipping to secure Loose cargo Loads. The seLection incLudes dozens of exotic hardwood species with an incredibLe variety of coLor and grain pattern. These woods were originaLLy seLected for their extreme hardness and ability to withstand the punishing conditions inherent in gLobaL industriaL shipping. These hardwood beams, much of which uLtimateLy end up in LandfilLs, are now used in some of our designs such as the Rebar dining tabLe or the Knightsbridge bench.

origin - textiles


Can the past be transformed? We believe it can. Our Latest search for innovative materiaLs Led us to the discovery of a fabric that has been used for over a century, one that most of us have never encountered: vintage military canvas.

Since the CiviL War, soLdiers have taken temporary sheLter under two-man pup tents made from SheLter HaLves, a durabLe cotton canvas.

We discovered in SheLter HaLves an unexpected muse for design that couLd showcase how styLe and sustainability come together. Virtually indestructibLe, these tents have been softened by time and usage to make a great uphoLstery material.

A namesake coffee house known as the SheLter HaLf, was established in 1968 as a pLace where soLdiers couLd gather and taLk freeLy without military repression -- becoming a center of publication of underground papers promoting politicaL change. The SheLter HaLf has participated at the intersection of war and the hope for peace.

the process - textiles

After reclaiming the shelter halves from warehouses, each tent is power washed and dyed using organic inks to transform them from their original olive color to beautiful shades of charcoal, black, rust, gray, natural, indigo and smoke.



Clockwise from above:

Studio Sectional Sofa in Charcoal Reclaimed Army Tent with a Santomer Coffee Table Tower Dice Cushions

Pacific Armchair and Ottoman in Charcoal Reclaimed Army Tent Safia Sofa in Reclaimed Army Tent

topanga collection

topanga collection: shelving show-off SheLving doesn't have to hide in the corner. With honeycomb construction and cantiLevered design, the moduLar Topanga Collection makes a boLd and sustainabLe statement-inside and out. Interior honeycomb paneling is made LargeLy of recycLed, postconsumer paper puLp that keeps it Lightweight, gLues are water-based and nontoxic, and materiaLs follow the most stringent emissions reguLations to maintain heaLthy indoor air quality. And four finish options Let it take on a Life of its own: recycLed content Kraft paper, upcycLed newspaper, one-of-a-kind CoLLector's Edition artist paintings, and create-your-own-masterpiece. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and Launched during the MiLan Furniture Fair 2010, the Topanga CoLLection is the next generation in sheLving. AvaiLabLe now in showroom or at environmentfurniture.com.



special finishes: topanga collection goes under cover

RecycLed, reused, or gaLLery-esque, the Topanga Collection coverings range from subtLe to stand-out.

The Topanga Collection is a range of shelving that is made of light honeycomb cardboard covered with either kraft paper or recycled newspaper.





honeycomb master make artist design it
cardboard kraftsman headlines intervention yourself
Kraft Paper finish Upcycled Newspaper Collector's Edition DIY finish is the
is made of recycled finish gives old finishes are exclusive, ultimate one-of-a-
content. newsprint a second life. hand-painted designs kind covering: the
by international artists one you (or the kids)
design yourself. sizes

::J ART LIGHT SHELVES L L.42-7/8"xW.14-1/2·xH.8o-S/8" L.lo9xW.37XH.20S em

ART LIGHT SHELVES M L.23-1/4 ·xW.14-1/2XH.8o-S/8" L.S9xW.37XH.20S em

ART LIGHT SHELVES S L.n-s/8"xW.141/2 "xH.8o-S/8" L.29xW.37XH.20S em

collector'S editions

artist interventions: exclusive edge

Give your sheLving gaLLery-meets-street styLe. The Topanga CoLLector's Edition finishes have been hand-painted by internationaL artists-iLLustrators, sculptors, painters and art vandaLists-during onsite installations at this year's design fairs in MiLan, los AngeLes and New York. From pasteLs to neon and fonts to goriLLa graffiti, these excLusive editions have an individuality that steaLs the Living room show.

current coLLector's edition finishes:


MILAN Fabio Weik Senso

Fabrizio Festa aka Sea Creative


Fuse Green, Saviour Sanquiche and BLusterone Tommaso Lipari

Corrado Abate

SeLect pieces are avaiLabLe now in showroom and Environment continues to invite top artists to create additionaL finishes. Find out about the Latest creations via our newsLetter at environmentfurniture.com/ cuLture.

new designs

the walter chair

Designed by Marc Berthier over 30 years ago, the Walter Chair is an oversized, sustainable foldable chair that offers the ultimate comfort that you will never want to relinquish.

The foldable frame is made from FSC-certifled beechwood and is covered with a removable charcoal recycled Army tent canvas or 100% recycled fiber white canvas. A reclaimed teak frame will also be available in Spring 2011.

it takes a village

it takes a village

Led by Jean-Marie Massaud, the brand's creative director, Environment collaborates with a host of top designers to create its signature pieces and coLLections. This brings range not onLy to the designs, but aLso to the approach to sustainability. From foLdabLe furniture, to an emphasis on Lightness, to reinventing modern recLaimed materiaLs in traditionaL craft styLes, each designer contributes to the brand's distinct take on connected diversity. Environment aLso sells pieces by various Haitian artisans through BrandAid Project, incLuding works specifically commissioned for Environment, with 100 percent of the proceeds going back to the organization.

team works:

Marc Berthier - the WaLter Chair

ALdo Cibic - the Pacifica Collection

ALessandro La Spada - the WheeL Dining TabLe, the Diego Dining TabLe and the Vincent Bed

Heather Heron - the lifestyLe Collection

Haitian Artisans - art pieces and home decor handicrafts


it takes a village

JEAN-MARIE MASSAUD Creative Director and Designer

Designer and founder of Studio Massaud, Jean-Marie Massaud's career is shaped by a quest for synthesis, reduction and lightness. Massaud has worked in design fields ranging from furniture to industrial product and equipment, to architecture and brand development. He collaborates with various brands such as B&B Italia, Axor Hansgrohe, Dedon, Poltrona Frau, Glas Italia and Arper. Beyond his creative talent and unparalleled design aesthetic, Environment CEO, Davide Berruto tapped Massaud based on a shared vision of sustainability as an investment in better life surroundings, merging social responsibility and awareness with elegant functionality and easy-living. "Sustainability is an investment in quality, competence and timelessness for better life surroundings," Massaud noted, "I am thrilled to be working with a brand that has built its name on just such a philosophy."


Marc Berthier is Designer and Architect Associate with eliumstudio. He was granted many awards throughout his prolific career such as "Le grand prix National de la Cr~ation Industrielle", the "Compasso d'Oro" in Italy and the « New York Accent Design» in the USA. His creations appear in the collections of the National Museum of Modern art, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Fond National d'Art Comtemporain in France and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Teaching design remains one of his side activities. He is the designer of the Walter Chair for Environment.

"Design is a cultural, artistic, scientific, technical and economic interaction".


Aldo Cibic was born in 1955 in Schio, Italy. The influential designer started his career as a founding designer of the Memphis group with Ettore Sottsass. In 1989 he founded his own company 'cibic and partners' working in Italy and abroad. Cibic is well known for his projects in architecture, interior and industrial design. The language of his design communicates harmonious ideas and an innate balance of proportion. His focus on the emotive origin of objects rather than the pure functionality makes them profound yet simplistic. He now teaches in Milan and London and has designs featured by Bisazza, Mazzega, Artemide and Environment to name a few.


Alessandro La Spada was born in 1967 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. In 1990 he graduated from the Interior Design Institute in Milan where he now lectures. After receiving a diploma in interior design, La Spada collaborated with the Sawaya E. Moroni Studio, helping to develop the company's prototypes and design interiors. In 1995 he created Falt Design Studio, specializing in formal research and underlining the semantic value of objects. Leaving Falt Design to dedicate himself to the smallscale production of lamps and furnishings, La Spada created the crafts laboratory "Numerodue." A designer with the manner of a craftsman, La Spada has spent the past four years concentrating on furniture and upholstery designs, while working as the artistic director of his showroom in Milan.

lifestyle collection

understated luxury meets responsibility the lifestyle line marks the first collaboration between Environment and noted accessories designer, Heather Heron, and is the first lifestyle line to be housed under the Environment label. Known for her chic, modern and sustainable pieces, Heather Heron's designs bridge luxury and responsibility making her an ideal partner for this exciting venture. "We are excited to have found a design partner and friend who shares the Environment values, aesthetic and passion for found materials," said Davide Berruto, CEO Environment Furniture.

Above: Stinton Scarves Left: Death Volley Blanket


lifestyle collection

CLockwise from top Left: Big Sur Weekender Bag, Surfrider Shopper, Rican Surf Bag, Trestles Tote

"My inspiration is rooted in creating beauty from limited resources. I feeL that this has come fuLL circLe to being a very modern way of life and what inspires my designs," says Heron.

For the first coLLections, vintage U.S. military, organically tanned Leather, surpLus Japanese denim, Japanese antique textiLes and Heron's signature fabric organic hemp textiLes were hand seLected and buiLt by artisans in California. Using recLaimed fabrics is a technique Environment has been empLoying for some time - even using some of these same materiaLs for uphoLstery for their sofas and chairs.

Environment by Heather Heron incLudes organic throws, hand knotted beach bLankets, traveL bags, accessories for men and woman, organic hand dyed scarves, and surf bags from recLaimed vintage military.

These pieces exude an understated Luxury that ceLebrates craftsmanship and the art and history of these textiles.


beauty, inside and out

It's the belief that true design is where beauty meets responsibility that translates into Environment's simple philosophy: enjoy, share and preserve. Environment contributes to protection of the planet-and to our homes.


No chemical treatments are used on any upholstery.

Only water-based, nontoxic glues and finishes are used in all pieces.

Any engineered lumber used in our products meets or exceed current regulations. Reclaimed wood is heat versus

chemically treated.

See our eco-certlficatlons here: environmentfurniture.com/company/sustainable

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