Topic: Recruitment & Selection for the best Case: Google

Traits/ Attributes commonly shared by Googlers: 
Brilliant Team Oriented Self -Driven Super hardworking Goal oriented

Traits Google wants from its employees: 
Graduates with great grades from best universities Super bright Love to work Have fun Handle Stress Have Diverse Interests Team oriented Flexible Maintain decent work-life balance

Negatives: Stringent Recruitment Standards Rising Tide of Early retirees

Tackle the problems through: Relaxing Recruitment standards Getting diverse group of employees

Questions: 1. What do you think of the idea of Google correlating personal traits from the employees answers on the survey to their performance, and then using that as the basis for screening job candidates? In other words, Is It or Is it not a good idea and please explain your answer

Yes it is a good idea. Google requires certain common traits like employees have to be from the best universities, super bright, hard-working, team oriented, diverse interests, flexible and maintain a work-life balance. If those traits are used for short listing during the initial screening process then the time taken to select the right candidates can be reduced.

Comments by Nath:

The idea of Google correlating personal traits from the existing employees is not a bad idea. However, it will help to some extent only and this process will not fully justify for initial screening process.

Go to the best universities/ campus recruitments b.Googles Hiring Mantra is rather than search for one particular skill set. can handle stress and who also have outside interests and flexibility. 3. have fun. Based on what you know about Google and what you read in this book. most reliable search engine on the web and in order to accomplish this. The benefits that Google pays obviously represent an enormous expense. 2. For attracting the right kind of talent and retaining them. how would you go about recruiting and selecting them? a. Referrals (incentive plans for existing employees) Nath : I agree . Job candidates has to pass through various tests / interviews conducted over phone / at Job site. Google rewards their employee's hard work with an extremely relaxed workplace that encourages creativity. love to work. Using or correlating personal traits from the employees¶ answers may give very basic information in initial screening process and can not be 100% yard stick for screening process. It is this sort of culture that creates individuals that have the desire and the motivation to stay with a company. the company needs to provide a package of services and financial benefits that helps its employees maintain an acceptable work-life balance. Google understands that their employee's have active lives outside of the workplace and they encourage their employees to bring those parts of their lives into the Google employee community. If you want to hire the brightest people around. Also. they hire µSmart¶ workers having different skills set. for instance they need to attract people who are super bright. the company needs to provide a company needs to provide a package of services and financial benefits that helps its employees maintain an acceptable work-life balance. Google strives to have the fastest. For attracting the right kind of talent and retaining them. Google hire process inclusive of determining the person have the skill set and experience potential to do the Job from background standpoint in addition to academics and credentials. working at Google requires a special set of traits. how would you defend all these benefits if you are making a presentation to the security analysts who were analyzing Google s performance? Google is a 24-hour operation and the engineers and others frequently pull all-nighters to complete their projects. Poach from competitors c. Google has to hire employees that are the best in their technological field.

5) The World¶s First Recruiting Culture Google has accomplished something that no other corporation has ever accomplished. 3) More money up front Approximately 1. It is extremely motivating to show up each day to the office knowing that their work will be seen by millions of people. 4) Giving a taste of the culture Everyone at the company seems to really enjoy what they do. and explain your answer. In less than a handful of years.´ There is no concrete definition of what 20% work means. but generally for professional jobs it means that the employee works the equivalent of one-day-a-week on their own researching individually selected projects that the company funds and supports. they have developed what can only be categorized as a ³recruiting machine. when the company's high-profile initial stock offering made them instant millionaires. and people sincerely believe that they can make a difference.4. Google wants (among other traits) people who are super bright.000 Google employees were benefitted in 2004. and who work hard. a collaborative environment--to keep these as continue to grow and spread them and filtrate them into their new offices around the world. a. To support its growth and expansion strategy. 2) Human resource Practices: A flat organization. often round the clock and who are flexible and maintain a decent work-life balance. Google has the policy to hire employees who have passed with great grades from elite universities (super bright trait ensured) Nath comments: 1) Google Has Changed Work Itself with ³20% Time´ The key element of changing the work so that the work itself becomes a critical attraction and retention force and driver of innovation and motivation is what Google calls ³20% work.´ . List five specific HR policies or practices that you think Google has implemented or should implement to support its strategy. a lack of hierarchy.

Highly skilled and trained personnel from Google culture to be posted at abroad to establish the core values and culture right from the scratch. 6. Encourage communication. 2. and a sense of importance. Cultural differences d. Given the sorts of values and culture Google cherishes. Reduce the stress of starting a new job by pairing new employees with a more senior or experienced team member that can help coach them through the first few weeks on the job. 4.5. giving welcome kit to new employee etc. International taxation issues c. Differences for not being able to provide same kind of benefits Nath comments: In addition to the above. What sorts of factors do you think Google will have to take into consideration as it tries transferring its culture and reward systems and ways of doing business to its operations abroad? a. International Laws b. by inviting new employees to have coffee or lunch with the senior management. Orient all new employees consistently through the use of an orientation checklist. . 3. employee handbook and orientation program to indulge in to Google cutlure Communicate pride in the company by introducing new employee by sending email. briefly describe four specific activities you suggest they pursue during new employee orientation 1.

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