absurd abundance accelerate have access to accessible acclaim accommodate accommodatin g accompany accord accumulate accustom acquaintance acronym

acute adapt addictive additive adept adjoining/adjac ent adjust adobe abode adopt adornment advent adverse advocate anesthetic affect affected affectation affiliate afflict affluent aggravating aggregate agitation akin to alchemy alder sloth algae alien all but all inclusive allocate alloy ally

alternate altitude latitude aluminium ambiance amenable amiable amplify ancestor annihilate annual anomaly anonymous antibiotics antiquate apart from appeal appealing apprentice approach aptly aquatic arch archaeology archipelago architect arduous arena arid armature aromatic array arthritis arthrosis artificial artisan as a rule as a rough thumb as far as as such ascend ascribe to aspriring assemble assert associate assorted assume assure assurance

astounding astute at inerval at one session at the cutting age of atomization attach attain attire attribute auditorium auger automated/aut omatic available aviation avocational aware awkward backdrop ballet balmy barb barge bark barn bare barrier barter basement be characterized by be taken aback be up to beak beam bequest besiege bestow bias bitterness bizarre blanket blast blazing bleak blend bless block

blossom blues bluff blunt boslter boom boon boost bored boundary bow breach breeze brilliant briny briskly brittle bronze bubble buckle buggy bulk bundle burdensome burgeon burrow bust bustle by a of by far cab cabinet cactus(pl.) caliberation campaign cannibalism canopy canyon capability capacity carapace carbonhydric cardiac cargo carnival carnivore carve cast casting category

cater cathedral cavern cavity cease celestial cell cello census ceremony chafe chamber chaos charcoal charter chateau check chill chimpanzee chisel cavalry chop choppy cord circulator circulation desk circumscribe cite civilian civility claim clam clamer clan classification clay cliff cling to clockwise clumsy cluster code of law codify coexist cohabit cohesion coincide collaborate collective collide collossus combustible comet commision committed commodity comonsense communal commuter compact companion comparable compatible compel compensation competing competitive compile complacence complement complex complicated comply with component compose of composition compound compress comprise conceal concede conceive conception concerted concise concrete condense conder conductivity cona confederate configurate confine to confirm conflict confront congenial congestion congregate conifer conjecture consecutive consequence consequently conservation considerably considerate consortium constantly constitution constrain constrict construction consume contemporary contend content contest continental continuum contract contradict contribution controversial convention converge converse convex convey convict conviction coordinated copy coral cord corona corps corral correspondingl y corridor corset cosmic costume council counterbalance counterpart course cowhand crack craft crash crater crawl creature credit crew crisscross criteria critical crooked crowbar crucial crude crumple crunch crush crust crustacean crystal cubic culminate cumbrous curator curriculum custodian cuticle cylinder dash daunting dawn dazzling debate debris declaration decline decorate defecate deference deficiency deform defe degradaton dehydrate deliberate delicate delta demobilize demolish dense depict deplete deposit .

depredation depreciation depression derive desalination descend designate desirable desirous desperate despoil destruction detect deter deteriorate determinant devastate device devoid devour devout diagonal diameter dictate diction differentiate diffuse digest digress dilute deminish dinosaur discard discern discharge discipline discourage discourse discreet disintegrate dispense disperse disposal disposed disproportionat e dispute disputant disrepute disseminate dissipated dissolve distent distinct distinctive distort distract distribute diver diverge diverse diversify diversion documentation dodge dogma dolphin domain domestic dominant domination dormant dorsal drag animal drain dramatic drawback drill drought ductile dump durable dwarf eccentric eclipse ecoligical economize edentate edible edifice eject elaborate elaborately electron elegance elevation elicit eligible eliminate elite elixir elliptical elusive embed embellish emboss embryology emerge emigrate emission employ enact encounter engrave enormous entangle enterprise entity entrepreneur enzyme epidermis epoch equilibrium equivalence erect erosion eruption eternal ethically ethnic evaporate eventful evergreen evident eviscerate evoke evolution exalt excavate exceed excel exception excess esclude exclusive execution excutive exempt exert exhale exhibition exobitance expand expedition expenditure expertise explicite exploit exponential express expressive extend extensive exterior external extinct extract fabic facility facilitation faction factor faculty fade famine fanatic fascinate fascinating fashionable fatal fatigue faucet fauna feasible feat feed on fencing fend fertile fertilize festival feverish fibre fiction fidelity fieldresearch file fir flare flake flea fleating .

flexible float flock fluctuation folklore follow suit folly forage forbidden forbidding foremost foresee foreshadow forge formalize formation formidable formulate fort fortify fortuitous fossilize foster fracture fragile fragment fray freight frennetic frenzy frigid fringe from a far frustrate frustration fume function fungi fungus furnish fuse galaxy gallery galvanize gap gassy generation generous genetic genial genre genuine get in the way of giant girder glacier glamorous gland glassware glimpse global go against agree to do sth. go broke gorgeous gormand granite graphic grasshopper gravitation grave gravity graze grumble gulf gush gymnastics gyration habitat hail hallmark halt hamper handcraft hands-on harden hardware harness harshness haste hatch haul haunt haven hazardous heed heel helium hem hemisphere herald herculean herd heritage heterogeneous hibernation hierachy highlight hinge hinterland hold a lot of stake hollow horizon horizontal hostile house huddle hurl hydrogen hypersensitive hypothesis iceberg icical icon identical identifiable ideology idiom ignite illuminate illusion illustrate imaginary imbible imitation immense immobilize immune impact impair impart impediment imperative impermeable impersonal impersonate impetuous implement implication implicit import impose imposing impressive imprint imprisonment improvise in accord with in common in scales in terms of inaccessible inactivate inadequate inappropriate incapacitate incessant incident inclination incongruence incongruent incorporate incredible indent indented indicate indispensable individualism inducible induction industrializatio n inevitable inextricable intricate infection inferiority infest inflation inflict influx ingenious ingenuous ingredient inhabit inherit inhibit innumerable insanity .

insight insistence inspection inspiration inspire instantaneous instinct institute institution institutionalize instructive instructor instrumentalist insulin insulting insurmountable intact integral integrate intelligible intense intensive intent interact interconnect interdependent interference interior interlock internal interpersonal interpretation interrupt interstellar interval intervention intimacy intoxication intricate intriguing intrinsic intrude invade inventory invertebrate ion irresistible irreverence irreversible irrevocable irrigate isolated jealousy jellyfish jest with jolt journalism junction jury judgement juxtaposition keen kennel kernel kerosene kinetic laborious labyrinth lament landmass landscape landslide larva laser latitude lava lavatory lave layer layment learn by rote lease ledge legacy legume lengthen lettuce liable of light bulb linestone linger litter livelihood livingquarters locomote locomotive log long-range missile loom lore lumber luminosity luminary lure lyric magnesium magnet magnify magnitude maize majestic majority makeup malleability malleable mammal mammoth manoeuvre mania manifest manifestation manipulate mansion manual margin marine maritime markedly marrow mask masonry massive masterpiece mate meagre measures machanic mechanism media melodrama memorial mercantile merchandise metobolism meteorite/mete or meteorology meticulous metropolitan micro-organism microscope migrate milestone millenarian mime mimetic mingle miniature minimize minuscule minute miraculous mobility mock moderate modify moisture molecule molten monochromatic monopolise monument morale morphology mostdistinctive motif motivation mortar multifacetive multiple multistory multitude mundane municipal muscular myriad mysterious nacotic narrater native to neat needy neoclassical neon nerve cord neural neutron neuter .

niche nickle nonconformist nontraditional nostalgia nostrum not as yet not so beautiful much a alurly notch note notorious noxious nuclei object to obscure obsess obstacle occurrence off (great) scale off shore offspring olfactory on set onslaught opaque optic optimal/optimu m orchid ore organically organism orientation originality ornamental ornamentation ounce outbreak outlet output oval overlap overload oversee overtax overwhelm overwhelming ox pack packed painstaking paleontologist pane panel pants paralysis paralyze paramount paraphrase parasite particle pasture patent pathogeny patrol patron patronage pebble peculiaruty pedant penchant penetrate penetrating peninsula perceive perch percolate percussion percuss peripheral periphery perishable permeate perpetuate perplexing persist perspective pertinent pest petal pigment pillow pine pit pivotal plank plaster plate platitude pliable plight plumbing plumber poisonous polarize pollen pollutant popular portable portent portion positive possess postal postdate posthumous potential pottery poverty prairie precarious precede precipitate precipitation precursor predator predatory predecessor predominance predominate preeminent prefabricate prehistory preponderance ponderous prerequisite presence presentation preservation preside over prestige pretension prevail prey primal primarily primate prime primitive priority privilege probe proceed process proceeds proclaim proclivity prod/spur prodigious prodigy produce proficiency profile prohibitive proliferation prolific prominent promising promote pronounced proper property proponent proportion proprietorship propulsion prospect prosper prospertity protectionist protein prototype protrude provincialism provocative prudent pry open publicize punch puncture purification pyramid quaint qualification quarry quench quest quiescent quilt .

radar radiation radical radius raft ragtime rally rampant rancher range range from sth. rarefy ration rattlesnake raven readjust realm rear rebellion receptacle receptor recipe recipient recognise reconstruct recreation rectangle recycle redirect reed refine refined reflection refraction refreshing refreshment refrigerate regenerate regime regimentation regulate regulatory rehabilitate reign reinterpret reject release remainder remanence render renounce rent reorient replace replenish representation reproduce reptile repute resemble reservior residue respective restoration restrict retail retain retool retreat retrieve reveal reverend reverse revise revitalization revival rhetoric rhythm ridge rift rigidity riot ripen rite/ritual rival roam robus rod roost roust rotate rubble rudimentary rupture rural rustproof sack sacred saddle sample sanctimonious sanction sanctuary sanitation satire saturate scale scarce scare scatter scavenger scenery scenic scent scheme score scramble scratch screen screw scruple scuba sculpture sea cucumber seabed seaport sea-ear secrete sect sectional sector secular securely sediment seedling segment seismal self-sufficient semimolten sensibility sensitive sensimental sequence sequential serene serrate/serrate d set aside setting sewer shatter shear shed sheer shelter shepherd shield shifting ship shipwright short-range shriek shrink shrub shutter shuttle signify silicon silversmith simultaneous scepticism/ske pticism skull slab slice slide slope sloth slowbreeding smother smuggle snap snappish snippet snowflake snug social distinction solder solemn solidarity solidify solitary solo soluble solution soothe sophisticate sophistication sort soybean . to sth.

spacecraft spacious span span over sparing spark sparse spawn specialize species specification specimen spectalcular spectator speculate sphere spinal spiral split spoil sponge spontaneous spotlight spray sprout spur squash squeeze squirt stabilize stagecoach staggering stagnant staircase stalk stand the way of staple starch starfish starvation starve stash stationary status steep steer stellar stem sterile sticky stiffen stimulus sting stitch stockcar stoneman stout strained strand stratum stretch stride strike striking string stringent strip strive stroke stylize subduce subject to submerge submit subsequent subside subsidize subsist substantial substantive substitute subterranean subtile subtract successive succinct sufficient summit sumptuous superficial superior supernature supplement suppress supreme surface surging surpass sustain sustained sustenance swamp swarm sweep symbiotic symmetrical sympathetic synthetic syrup tableland take into account tariff tavern tectonics tedium telegraph temple temporal tenant tendency tenement tentacle terminal terminology terrace terrain terrane terrestrial terrene testify to textile texture thigh thread threedimensional thrive thunder storm tilt timber time consuming timid tissue to and fro tolerance topographical topology tornado torpedo torque torrent toxic trace track trail trample tranquility transcend transcendent transfer transform transition translucent transparent transmit transmitter transplant trap tread treason tremendous trench trend tribal trickle trigger tropical tub tube tumble tundra tunnel turbulence turbulent turnpike turquoise twine twist tipify tyrannical ultrasonic unadorned unbridgeable uncharted undergo underlying undertake undoubted unexplored .

unfertilized unimaginable uninhabited unpalatable unprecedented unpredictable unpromising unravel unregistered unsubstantiate d untouched upgrade upland urban urbanism urbanite urbanization usher utilitarian utilization Utopian utterly vacancy vanish variable variance varnish vault vegetation veil veining velocity venerable vent venture verse version vertebrate vertical vessel viable vigilance violence viral viscosity vivid void volatile volcanic voracious vulnerable waist walnut ward off warehouse warily wary to water waxy weary weather weird weld well-being well-organized whim whimsical whittle wholesale wholesome willow witness wrap wrack wreck wreckage yawn yarn yield yolk/yelk zealous .

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