Reasons why the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan

The Soviet Union wanted a pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan. They saw an opportunity to do this in December 1979. The Soviet Union told America that they had been invited into Afghanistan by the Afghan Government to help protect it. The USSR also said that they would leave as soon as they were asked to. The Mujahedeen were Islamic Fundamentalists. The Soviet Union saw them as a threat to Communism, both around the world and in the Soviet Union. The invasion gave the Soviet Union a chance to get closer to the Persian Gulf- where they could get control over world oil supply.

What happened during the invasion?

How America reacted to the invasion…

On 27th December 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, removed and executed the President. The Soviets put a new Afghan President in power, Kamal. He was only kept in power by the Soviet Military support, not the wishes of the Afghan people.

President Carter took a tough line over Afghanistan. His most important actions were:

Delaying the Salt 2 treaty, Cancelled shipments of grain to SU, Give support to Mujahedeen, Boycotted the 1990 Olympics, Promises military aid to countries surrounding Afghanistan. Earlier in 1979, a procommunist government had been set up in Iran and kidnapped some US hostages. President Carter had to show the world that they would stand up to Communism.

The Mujahedeen was a pro-Muslim organisation which opposed to the Soviet rule. Many Afghan soldiers deserted to join the Mujahedeen.

The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan ended the period of detente between the Superpowers.

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