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SAAC Registrar

SAAC Registrar

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Published by: Raffi Holzer on Dec 08, 2010
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Micah Stein

Suggested Improvements to the Registrar

Dear Dr. Lowengrub, Many students have noticed the wonderful change that the Registrar has undergone over the past two years, both in physical appearance, and in quality of service. We thank you and the rest of the administration for these marked improvements. However, there are a number of items on which we feel the Registrar could still improve. Over-tally Sytem The current Yeshiva University course registration system adheres to a tiered hierarchy, granting earlier registration access to students with more credits. This system can only extend so far, though. Once a course has reached capacity, students who are still interested in enrolling have two options: attempting to overtally or chronically checking the myYU website to see if a spot has opened up. While the overtally process effectively manages those students with a compelling reason to enroll in a course, no such mechanism exists for the latter group, merely interested students who simply hope and wait. We propose the creation of a formal, first-come-first-served waitlist that allows interested students to receive priority access when a spot opens up in a previously full class, rather than simply opening the spot for any student to take. In practice, the student at the top of the waitlist would be informed of the opening and given a window to register. If he declines or fails to respond, the open spot is offered to student #2, and so on. Once the waitlist is empty, spots are made available to all students. This system would exist independently from the overtally system, which could continue to enroll students in full courses for special considerations. Dynamic Online Requirement Checklist The complex and demanding undergraduate requirements at YU often prove confusing for students. At best, this taxes the academic advising department with student questions; at worst, it leaves less-responsible students unable to graduate. An online checklist that updates students on their progress toward graduation would keep students aware and help them effectively manage course registration.

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