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Happenings Semester 2 2010

Happenings Semester 2 2010

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Published by Howard Carter

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Published by: Howard Carter on Dec 09, 2010
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Semester 2 2010

This Issue :

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Welcome Chaplaincy team expands Facebook Jesus Week StudentSoul Student Groups Graduation Thanksgiving mass City Mission food bank Christmas appeal Chaplains conference Pastoral matters

Peace to you all. Tena koutou katoa, Kia orana, Talofa lava, Fakalofalahiatu, Malo e lelei, Namaste, Greetings! As the Christmas season is upon us, I am reminded once again of its enduring message of hope and love born anew in our midst. 2010 has been most satisfying and tragic. Faced with constant changes and challenges, the Chapel community has continued a ministry of witness and pastoral care to the whole university community. All around, our world and planet continue to be plagued by endless violence, homelessness, deprivation and devastation. For us in this beautiful place, the Christchurch earthquake and the Pike River Mine tragedy brought these realities home. They happened to us. All these have impacted on us personally, communally and spiritually. And yet, in the midst of deep grief and sadness there are signs of enduring hope and undiminished trust. Thanks be to God. May the blessings of this Christmas season be truly yours and those you love. Rev Uesifili Unasa Maclaurin Chaplain
Chaplains Rev Uesifili Unasa and Rev Howard Carter posse with Chriss Hong a regular at the chapel. After finishing his studies in the first semester this year Chriss is off to live in Canada. But not before getting a picture with the chaplains.

Chaplaincy team expands

This semester Colin Zhao has Joined the chaplaincy team at Maclaurin Chapel. Colin is a ISMNZ (International Student Ministries New Zealand) chaplain and is working with the chapel in a part time volunteer basis. Colin has been part of the chaplaincy team at MIT (Manukau Institute of Technology) for the past two years and will be moving between the two places. His own journey gives him a deep understanding of International students which will be the focus of his ministry. Colin has been very involved with ‘Operation Friendship’ as part of his chaplaincy work, asking local churches to help with the hosting of international students for social activities and meals in Kiwi homes.


Maclaurin Chapel joined world of social networking and this semester established a facebook page. The page is used to provide scripture readings, prayers, thoughts and reflections for staff and students as well as being a forum for letting people know what is happening at the chapel and for feedback as well as giving people an opportunity to see photos of chapel events.

Semester 2 2010

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Jesus Week

The chapel helped coordinate student groups in the annual Jesus Week. Held again this year in the third week of the second semester. The week is an opportunity for the various Christian groups from around the university to get together and invite people to reflect on who Jesus is and His relevance for people’s lives today. This year people were invited to ‘share in the conversation’ and a series of debates, dialogues and seminars were run. There was a debate between atheists and Christians and a dialogue between Muslim and Christian students. Ben Carswell from TSCF (Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship) , was invited to share insights into ‘Where is God in A Messed Up World and Theologian Matt Flannigan and Philosopher Ray Bradley debated the topic ‘Is God the Source of Morality?’ Christian musicians played a concert in the quad during the week and a BBQ and Hot Milo give away were appreciated by students in the depth of winter.


StudentSoul is a student focused church that meets at Maclaurin Chapel on Wednesday nights. Its pastor and part of the chaplaincy team Rev Howard Carter jokingly says that they have become fourth day Adventists meeting as they do for ‘Worship On Wednesday’ . The group celebrated its one year anniversary in August. It’s congregation reflects the multi cultural nature of Auckland University with people of Chinese, Korean, Maori, Egyptian, German and Pakeha New Zealand amongst its small but committed core group. In September it was pleased to host Rev Dr Mark Keown, who lectures in New Testament at Laidlaw College. Dr Keown shared about his new book ‘What is God doing on Planet Earth?’ which is an a overview of the Christian gospel designed for new Christians and those interested in the faith.

Student Groups at the Chapel
StudentLife is a Christian group that focuses on helping Christian students grow in their faith and share it with fellow students. They use the chapel for their small group activity . Their Action Groups meet at the chapel for Bible study, prayer and training . Every week they run a program on a Friday at lunch times, exploring the impact of the gospel on life issues related to students. At the beginning of each semester they invite students to explore the Christian faith. Each year StudentLife hold a graduation service to celebrate the contribution made by their student leaders (see images below). Two outstanding students- Jeremy Cooper and Laura Chia received the Man and Woman of Distinction Awards.

Semester 2 2010

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Graduation Day Thanksgiving Service

Over forty graduates took the opportunity to start their graduation day by attending the thanksgiving service at Maclaurin Chapel . The Chaplain, Rev. Uesifili Unasa lead the service. Fr. Peter Fitzsimons, who lecturers at the Law School and is the Chaplain at the Glenrowan Study Centre, addressed the service. He reflected on Jesus’ parable of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31) to remind the graduands of the gospel understanding of success. The service was followed by a breakfast in the Chapel hall before Graduands headed down to Old Government House for the Graduation March, many family members used the Chapel hill to watch the march past.

End of Year Thanksgiving Mass

On the last day of semester, the University’s Catholic community gathered at Maclaurin chapel for an end of year thanksgiving mass. The event was arranged by the Catholic Chaplains at Newman Hall and mass was lead by Fr. Tony Dunn (interim chaplain) and Fr. Peter Fitzsimons, who lectures at the law school. The event was well attended by both students and staff and the service was followed by afternoon tea in the chapel hall.

City Mission Food Bank

The Maclaurin Chapel is privileged again to be involved with the Christmas appeal for the City Mission Food Bank. Brendan Mosley, Director of Campus Life, last year initiated involvement in this appeal amongst the Student Services Staff. This year we have been able to see it expand to many other areas, departments and faculties in the University. You can donate food and money throughout December, either at the Chapel (18 Princes Street) or at various collection points round the University City Campus. A detailed list of these collection points is available from the chapel (chapelsec@auckland.ac.nz) or from our facebook page.

Semester 2 2010

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Chaplains Conference

Colin Zhao is a volunteer chaplain working with international students at Auckland University and MIT. In October he attended the Aotearoa, NZ Tertiary Chaplains’ Association Annual Conference on behalf of the Maclaurin Chapel.

Colin reports. “The Conference theme is “Chaplain as Prophet, Priest and ?”. It started with a short retreat, then Anglican Bishop Victoria Matthews and Rev. Alistair McKenzie gave a great illustration about “Chaplain as Prophet and Priest”. When we came to “Chaplain as?” section, each chaplain presented a symbol and explained his/her own ministry, and we could see a beautiful variety of chaplaincy. This conference also provided a wonderful opportunity to meet our dear colleagues again, who were from different areas in NZ and from different Christian denominations. It was a beautiful pattern of the unity of the Body of Christ. And we are doing the same thing – serving God and serving people in campuses. May God’s love flow through us…”

Pastoral Matters

The Maclaurin Chapel was open for a day of quite reflection for university staff in memory of the 29 men killed in the Pike River Mining Disaster. Staff members were invited to sign a condolence book that will be sent to the families, rescue workers and the west coast community.

There have been no weddings during the second semester of 2010 but December and January are going to be a busy time at the chapel with a series of weddings.

Farewells and Funerals
Michael Stuart McRae Greig Peter Clifton Dance (Computer Science) Dr Eva Ruth Seelye

Rev Uesifili Unasa Chaplain Phone: 373 7599 ext 87732 Email: u.unasa@Auckland.ac.nz

Rev Howard Carter Chaplain/StudentSoul Phone: 373 7599 ext 87732 Cell Phone: 027 750 8602 Email: howardkris.carter@xtra.co.nz

Lynette McHale Chapel Secretary Phone: 373 7599 ext 87731 Email: lynette.mchale@Auckland.ac.nz chapelsec@Auckland.ac.nz

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