Hello Friends, Can anybody answer these questions .

These questions I have faced in the Interviews, which I could not answer. Solaris administrator questions: 1. How to take a remote server down for maintenance, then shutdown and again restart the server remotely? Brief in command line. ? 2. How to remove and replace a failed disk in VXVM? 3. What is the default interlace value in VXVM? 4. If I configured a volume in VXVM how and where the Public and private regions are stored? 5. How do you get remote console on your screen? 6. Why there are so many Shells? Any differences? If yes, what are they? C-SHELL,KSHELL,BASH shell,Z-Shell? 7. If root file system is corrupted what will u do? 1) If u are trying to unmount the file but u are getting message that file system is busy how can u unmount this file system? 2) Fields in VMstat, Prstat, IOStat, Netstat? 3) How to check speed, Mode, Link, status of network Interface Card? 4) What is Milestone in Solaris 10? 5) How to know the current Milestone you are using? Write the commands? 6) Where do you find system Logs? 7) How to check and analyze the logs in /var/adm/messages? 8) What is Subnet and its advantages? 9) How can u see the largest file in the system? 10) If #df –k hangs how can u resolve this problem?

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