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Brochure FibeAir 640P

Brochure FibeAir 640P

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Published by: Teuku Yahdi Maiyasya on Dec 09, 2010
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High-Capacity Wireless PDH/Ethernet Solutions

64 E1/T1 wireless transmission Full throughput Fast Ethernet Upgradeable capacities Fully redundant architecture Flexible network design End-to-end network management

Enabling cellular operators to build their future networks today
To provide TDM capabilities, next generation IP or both combined, cellular operators require a scalable and cost effective wireless transmission solution. FibeAir 640P high capacity PDH radio was designed to answer 2G and 3G deployment challenges with flexible “pay-as-you-grow” connectivity for wireless access networks. With the seamless capability of upgrading from medium to high capacity, and its built-in Fast Ethernet port, FibeAir 640P is ideal for migration from 2G to 3G cellular networks and beyond. The FibeAir 640P is a carrier class solution that operates in the 6-38 GHz frequency range. This point-to-point system uniquely incorporates multiple TDM capacities from 32 to 64 E1s and from 28 to 64 T1s together with intelligent Fast Ethernet networking. Delivering highly resilient native PDH transmission, FibeAir 640P is ideally suited for Base Station synchronization. With extremely low-latency and wire-speed native Fast Ethernet, FibeAir 640P meets emerging IP networking requirements, making it the perfect choice for cellular, fixed and broadband applications.

Using FibeAir 640P “on-the-fly” upgrade method. network operators buy capacity only as needed. Provides a versatile migration path for future IP services Clear upgrade path to higher capacities with Ceragon's FibeAir SDH and IP systems Simple re-use of system components FibeAir family unified platform Flexible network design and fewer spare parts Full redundancy Built-in Hot-Standby (HSB) protection for ALL active parts (power supply. modulation schemes and configurations using a compact 2U IDU.Typical 0. in a typical point-to-point scenario. service continuity and system synchronization. ensuring quality. traffic ports. The FibeAir 640P IDU (Indoor Unit) is optimized for mission critical protected configuration.Up to 100 Mbps full-duplex throughput with capacity upgrades using software-licensed keys.) With the fastest switch to protection Optimal spectrum-efficient modulation techniques With multi-rate multi-constellation radio Longer distances. etc. For maximum user choice flexibility. for 100 Mbps. enabling fast recovery time. with 8:4:2:1 strict weights. All use 4 levels of prioritization with user-selectable options between strict priority queuing or weighted fair queuing. Built-in QOS . Dynamic bandwidth allocation only enabled E1/T1 ports are allocated with capacity. software selectable capacities. while the remaining capacity is dynamically allocated to the Fast Ethernet port to ensure maximum Ethernet bandwidth utilization. Traffic capacity throughput and spectral efficiency are optimized with the desired channel bandwidth.1p) and DiffServ / IPv4 TOS or IPv6 TC bit values. . Your Choice for High Capacity PDH Transmission TDM Voice Transmission with a 64 E1/T1 port chassis and capacity upgrades using software keys.The ideal combination of TDM & Ethernet for cellular operators Up to 64 E1/T1 and FE connectivity Any combination of E1/T1 & Fast Ethernet capacities up to 155 Mbps Pay as you grow With simple capacity upgrades using license keys Native PDH For carrier-grade voice networks and synchronization capabilities Native Ethernet Lowest latency. The independent hot swappable Indoor Unit Modules (IDMs) are used for hot-standby hardware protection and diversity. from 45 to 100 Mbps. TDM traffic is transmitted separately. benefiting from savings on initial investments and OPEX. Fast Recovery Time to Support RSTP when combined with a switch/router that supports RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol). True native PDH Transmission with no circuit emulation and encapsulation. according to VLAN priority (802. full Layer 2 QoS support. radio. from 16 to 128 QAM. Unique Ethernet Networking Features Wire-speed Fast Ethernet . and delivers up to 155 Mbps. Highest Priority Level for BPDU Packets supports optimal operation of spanning tree protocols.2 msec. Low Latency . channel bandwidth can be selected together with a range of modulations. smaller antennas With FibeAir high power RF units Additional 3 dB for 64 E1s/T1s When using 64 QAM modulation versus 128 QAM in SDH/SONET radio links System Overview Ceragon’s FibeAir 640P enables simultaneous native TDM and native Ethernet transmission with multiple frequencies.Provides priority support allowing QOS different classes of service.

and simple and economic deployment and operation. FibeAir 640P High Capacity PDH Trunk With a variety of "SDH-like" networking and management features. securely. and to SONET/SDH asymmetrical network access. and software upgrades beginning with 28 T1s/32 E1s. Its dynamic operation ensures that available bandwidth matches the actual demand. FibeAir 640P provides the network planner with the most flexible and efficient solution for 2G and 3G deployment challenges. FibeAir 640P is a highly resilient carrier-grade radio due to its 1+1 HSB (Hot Standby) protection capability for radio and all traffic-affecting circuitry. FibeAir 640P offers split-mount and all-indoor installations. and its clear migration paths from mid-capacity PDH/Ethernet to high-capacity PDH/Ethernet. For optimized traffic flow when both Ethernet and TDM traffic are converged. In addition. from mid-capacity PDH links of 32/28 E1s/T1s to high capacity links of 48 and 64 E1/T1s. resiliently and effectively. Its dynamic mixing of TDM and packet traffic. and was designed with cellular backhauling in mind. FibeAir 640P governs the traffic using dynamic bandwidth allocation. FibeAir 640P offers a straightforward migration path. FibeAir 640P provides the cellular operator with Fast Ethernet connectivity. has led to the creation of an intermediate transmission layer in the radio access network with strict requirements. BSC/RNC Node B FibeAir 640P Cellular Backhaul Application ADM FibeAir 640P FibeAir 640P Core Network nxE1/T1 High-capacity PDH Radio Link nxE1/T1 PtP PDH Radio/ Low-capacity FibeAir 640P High Capacity Trunk Application FibeAir 640P Core Network POP nxE1/T1 Fast Ethernet Short/Long Distance High-capacity PDH Radio FibeAir 640P TDM Voice Data nxE1/T1 Fast Ethernet . The same FibeAir 640P hardware supports a Fast Ethernet port with flexible bandwidth allocation between TDM and Ethernet traffic. which carries E1/T1 traffic and bridges the capacity gap between PDH and SDH networks. Hub BTS/Node B. The protection configuration also provides an economic advantage as it significantly reduces maintenance and operation costs. and up to 64 E1s/T1s. The FibeAir 640P design allows operators to upgrade their links without costly additional investments in equipment. FibeAir 640P is the best comprehensive choice for a PDH radio. make it the best choice for cellular network building. In many networks. The typical FibeAir 640P PDH trunk application consists of a chained point-to-point wireless link. FibeAir 640P. FibeAir 640P in Cellular Networks The introduction of 3G cellular networks and the huge increase in Node-B data traffic has resulted in a high demand for transmission of data-related E1/T1s from Node-Bs and BTS (Base Transceiver Station) sites to the RNC/BSC layer. To meet operator needs for mid to high capacity PDH trunks. the need to carry this traffic. as an optimized network element was designed with the intermediate layer challenge in mind.Applications FibeAir 640P is ideal as a high capacity PDH trunk.

64 or 128 QAM modulation. CeraView integrates with different NMS (Network Management System) platforms. its friendly and powerful graphical interface. at 16. define end-to-end traffic trails. remote diagnostics. The system operates in the frequency range of 6-38 GHz Flexible bandwidth allocation of TDM and Ethernet traffic – any unused E1 or T1 contributes its bandwidth to the Ethernet port Software configurable Multi-Rate Multi-Constellation (MRMC). to provide enhanced network management. IF combining (with FibeAir 1500P RFU) Modular compact IDU (2U) with hot-swappable modules and fast & easy split-mount or all-indoor installation Auxiliary channels: Ethernet 10BaseT wayside channel. CeraView® is Ceragon’s SNMP-based EMS (Element Management System) that enables the operator to perform element configuration. download software. in order to distribute their management messages. provide statistical and inventory reports. such as Ceragon’s NMS. HP OpenView® and SNMPc. hitless space and frequency diversity. and from 28 to 64 T1s at 16.11 co/contra directional at 64 kbps. 32. PolyView can be used to update and monitor network topology status. 64 or 128 QAM modulation. The applications run on Windows 2000/2003/XP and Sun Solaris. 32. it can integrate with Northbound NMS platforms. RF and SDH performance monitoring. Key Features Multiple capacities of from 32 to 64 E1s. engineering order wire. alarm reports and more.End-to-End Network Management Ceragon provides state-of-the-art management based on SNMP. for bandwidth and system gain optimization Software capacity upgrade path (all with Fast Ethernet): 32 x E1 48 x E1 64 x E1 28 x T1 40 x T1 64 x T1 Configurations: 1+0 or built-in 1+1 Hot Standby protection for all traffic-related parts (radio. Third party management systems can take advantage of two software-selectable User Channels that provide asynchronous V.6 kbps or synchronous V.11/RS-232 at 9. to provide more comprehensive system management. two software-selectable serial user channels PolyView and CeraView screens . In addition. and configure elements in the network. PolyView™ is Ceragon's NMS that includes CeraMap™. Mux and traffic ports). Our management applications are written in Java code and enable management functions at both the element and network levels.

7 13 GHz ETSI 12.7-11. 30 24 29 -75 28.182.8-33.640.5.425 6.4 38 GHz ETSI. 29. 29.5 32 GHz ETSI 31. Single Carrier Payload Scheme: 32 X E1 + Fast Ethernet RF Channel Spacing (MHz) Tx Power (dBm) 32 QAM HP Tx Power (dBm) 32 QAM Rx Sensitivity (BER=10-6) (dBm) 32 QAM 14. 1560 1008. Automatic: for ODU. 29. 28 23 -74 23 -74 21 -74 20 -74 20 -74 20 -73 20 -73 19 -72 27.75. 50 20/20/20 -74/-70/-68 28 40 28 20/20/20 -74/-70/-68 28. 40 40 27. 252. 800 1009. FCC 21.5 11 GHz ETSI. 29. FCC 5. 50 Tx Power (dBm) 32 QAM HP Tx Power (dBm) 32 QAM Rx Sensitivity (BER=10-6) (dBm) 32 QAM 69 Mbps. up to 20 dB Up to 155 Mbps. FCC 37-38.65. 30 26 30 -80 28. 530 266 315. 29. 50 28 28. 29. 40 22 27 -75 27. 30 24/25/24 29/30/29 -75/-71/-69 28. 28 Tx Power (dBm) 16 QAM HP Tx Power (dBm) 16 QAM Rx Sensitivity (BER=10-6) (dBm) 16 QAM 20 -79 20 -79 20 -79 20 -78 20 -78 20 -77 20 -77 18 -76 69 Mbps.Technical Specifications Band Standards Operating Frequency Range 6 GHz ETSI. 29. 29.1-8. 30 40 28. whereas high power (RFU). 29. 30 26 30 -80 28. 29.5 1000. 420. 154.75. 28 25. 28 20. 15 24 29 -75 14. 29. 1200 1008. 29. Single Carrier Payload Scheme: 28 X T1 + Fast Ethernet RF Channel Spacing (MHz) 16/64 QAM Tx Power (dBm) 16/64 QAM HP Tx Power (dBm) 16/64 QAM Rx Sensitivity (BER=10-6) (dBm) 16/64 QAM 20/10 -/26 -/30 -/-77 -/-/-/-/20/10 -/21 -/28 -/-77 -/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/20/10 -/21 -/-80/20/10 20/-/-80/-/-/-/-/20/10 20/-/-78/-/-/-/20/10 19/-/-78/- All values are typical. For additional Tx/Rx schemes. Hitless/ Errorless Space & Frequency Diversity. 28 20.5. 50 19/18/18 -72/-68/-66 116 Mbps. 40 22/23/22 27/28/27 -75/-71/-69 27. 266.35 18 GHz ETSI.65.65. 29. 29. 50 20/19/19 -73/-69/-67 28 28 20/19/19 -73/-69/-67 28 28. 30.6 26 GHz ETS 24.65.65. 300.65. 16 QAM.65.925-6. 490. 260.75-13.5. 340 168 . up to 30 dB.5.65. all-indoor installations deliver additional 3 dBm Tx power. 728 1010. Single Carrier Payload Scheme: 64 X E1+Fast Ethernet (64/128 QAM) or 64 x T1 + Fast Ethernet (32/64/128 QAM) RF Channel Spacing (MHz) 32 QAM 64 QAM 128 QAM Tx Power (dBm) 32/64/128 QAM HP Tx Power (dBm) 32/64/128 QAM Rx Sensitivity (BER=10-6) (dBm) 32/64/128 QAM 28. 29. 32 QAM. 350 500 812 Frequency Stability Frequency Source RF Channel Selection System Configurations Receiver Overload (BER=10-6) Unfaded BER Tx Range (Manual/ATPC) Non-Protected (1+0). 15 24 29 -75 14. 40 28 28 -80 27.5. Single Carrier Payload Scheme: 32 X E1 or 40 X T1 + Fast Ethernet RF Channel Spacing (MHz) 28. 29. 1232. 27. FCC 27.5. 30. 40 21/20/21 -74/-71/-68 27.4. 14.7-19. 311. 29.65. 29. Stated transmit power is for split-mount installation. 245. 28 27.32 +0. 30 40 28. 196. 29.425-7. 30 24 29 -75 28.65.65. 29. 14. 14 20 -74 13. Protected (1+1). 16/64 QAM. 50 28 28.75.5-15. 520. 28 40 28 23/22/23 -74/-71/-68 27.5-29. FCC 17.5. 50 28. 15 22 27 -75 13. . 37-39. Single Carrier Payload Scheme: 48 X E1+Fast Ethernet RF Channel Spacing (MHz) 28. 38. 29.5. 14 20 -74 14 20 -73 14 20 -73 14 20 -72 14 19 -73 14 18 -72 Up to 46 Mbps.5.2-23. 29.04.65. 32 QAM. Better than -20 dBm Less than 10-13 Manual: -10 dBm to max Tx Power. 490.5. 900 1008. 30. 40 40 28.5.1 7/8 GHz ETSI 7. 119.5. 29. 28 28 20.001% Synthesizer Via NMS 430. 30. 28 27. 14 20 -74 13. 32/64/128 QAM. 1260. 30 24/25/24 29/30/29 -75/-72/-69 28.7 23 GHz ETSI. 700 Tx/Rx Spacing (MHz) 240. 40 27. 50 28. 28 25. 29. FCC 10. for HP RFU.5. 1120.25 15 GHz ETSI 14. 14.5. please contact your Ceragon representative.5. 28 40 28 23/22/23 -74/-71/-68 27.5 28 GHz ETSI.25-26. 161.

G. dual port built-in Ethernet hub Ceragon NMS functions are in accordance with ITU-T recommendations for TMN 5 inputs: TTL-level or contact closure to ground. Typical <200 μsec.828 Mechanical IDU Dimensions Rack Type IDU-ODU Connection IDU Power Consumption ODU Power Consumption HR RFU Power Consumption Indoor Temperatiure Range Outdoor Temperatiure Range Power Supply All values are typical. G. integrated with HP OpenView Ethernet 10Base-T. Mexico Tel: +52-55-5663-2914 Fax: +52-55-5663-2841 infomex@ceragon. Optional conversion module for 75 ohm unbalanced.736. USA Tel: +1-201-845-6955 Fax: +1-201-845-5665 Toll free: 1-877-FIBEAIR infous@ceragon. Height: 2U . software configurable Integral with onboard memory according to ITU-T G.828. 11/RS-232 9. Single synchronous V. G.231. IEEE802. for 100 Mbps traffic throughout 1 RJ-45 VLAN (802. Full/Half duplex < 400 μsec. 86.102-1993. Inc.11 co/contra diectional 64 kbps Network Management Type Local or Remote NMS Interface Local Configuration & Monitoring In-Band Management TMN External Alarms Performance Monitoring SNMP.com Ceragon Networks. T1. ANSI T1.4”. ITU-T G. T1. RFC 1595 (SONET MIB) PolyView.703. RS-232 (PPP. IPv6 & IPv4 framing support. ETSI ETS 300 147.F. Singapore RO Singapore Tel: +65-65-6339-3110 Fax: +65-65-6339-1310 infoasia@ceragon. Auto-negotiation.8 mm.Technical Specifications E1/T1 Port Description Interface Type Number of ports Connector Type Framing Coding Line Impedance Compatible Standards E1/T1 64 (in 4x16 port connectors) Mini D Ribbon (MDR) 68 contacts Unframed (full transparency) E1: HDB3. Israel Tel: +972-3-645-5733 Fax: +972-3-645-5499 info@ceragon.5 Mbps or 64 Kbps. per carrier Engineering Order Wire User Channels 0. Depth: 9. Ethernet 10BaseT 64 Kbps.3.com Ceragon Networks (HK) Ltd. IEEE802. 3 outputs: Form C contacts.6 kbps. Weight: 7. for 1+1: 60W For 1+0: 80W. TR-NWT-000499 Fast Ethernet Port Description Throughput Capacity Interface Type Latency Number of Ports Connector Type QoS Features Packet Queuing Packet Size Compatible Standards 0.A.V Mexico D. Tel Aviv. G.3 mm. for 64xE1/T1: 62W For 1+0: 40W.783. G.3. IEEE802. built-in Ethernet Standard ASCII terminal. 431. S.com Ceragon Networks.432. according to ITU-T G. Width: 17”.3ac. N-type connectors (male) For 32xE1/T1: 50W. 238. SLIP). serial RS-232 Uses standard embedded communications channel. for 1+1: 108W -5 C to +45 C -35 C to +55 C -48 VDC Corporate Headquarters Ceragon Networks Ltd. New Jersey.7 mm. Bellcore GR-253-core.com Ceragon Networks (UK) Limited Redditch.1p.824. Diffserv (RFC 2474) Auxiliary Channels Wayside Channel. CeraView with advanced GUI for Windows 2000/2003/XP and Sun Solaris.8 kg (17 ibs) 19” or ETSI 600 mm Coaxial cable RG-223 (100 m/300 ft). in compliance with RFC 1213.823 G.4”. ETS 300 417. de C.105.com .3u.775. T1: AMI/B8ZS 120 ohm/100 ohm balanced. ITU-T I.5-100 Mbps 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet.711 Dual asynchronous V. Belden 9914/RG-8 (300 m/ 1000 ft) or equivalent.1p) & DiffServ/IPv4 TOS or IPv6 TC bits Strict priority queuing or weighted fair queuing with 8:4:2:1 Up to 2048 bytes IEEE802. All specifications are subject to change without prior notification. UK Tel: +44-(0)-1527-591900 Fax: +44-(0)-1527-591903 infoeuro@ceragon.

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