GDHod80v –pw - datawarehouse Is it possible to call a lkp in JAVA transformation? If so, How to call? Yes Can an active JAVA transformation can be converted into passive transformation? No What is the function to create a new row in JAVA transformation?
generateRow API to generate an output row

What is the new PMCMD command introduced along with INFA 8? OPTIONS: -SV,-T,-D,ALL Access data in INFA using ODBC data source. Flat , Excel & Sybase, excel, none Where does powercenter stores the domain config? set of relational database tables managed by the Service manager and accessible to all gateway nodes in the domain What is the performance benefits for SQL transformation? Properties not shown for import user defined function? What system variables can be used within a WF To improve session performance you should put all the sessions – concurrent, sequence concurrent How does designer interpret each redefines clause? Performance details about session run are viewed using IS statistics, session log, WM, property window. WM Fails to insert a record into target due to DB error, what happen to records inserted in dynamic look up cache. INFA needs to be installed on a PC before admin task can be performed in PC. Using timer task u have option to specify – Absolute time, relative time, derived tim. IS holds 2 different values for a WF variable- start, current,end. Info that are displayed in WF log. Is mapping variable & parameter are not case sensitive, folder and session name are case sensitive. If the filter condition evaluates to NULL, the row is assumed to be (not existence, null, false, true) Which causes mapping to be invalid. INFA treats NULL values in aggregator function. Which to configure while configuring the load balancibg for a node- resource, you cannot configure,dispatch mode, service) Which view u can see a node – gnatt, task Records rejected by the filter transformation. Repeat null characters in fixed width flat file. What are available in output window of debugger.

update. WL variable. ibm db2.2.delete.3 which means Insert.Sybase ase. WF Variable. Pushdown optimization cannot be configured in – access. ibm db2 access .1. WF parameter) New look up row signifies IS update row in cache 0.reject.Parameter file contains which of the following parameter & variable – service process variable.

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