Business Strategy 1

Sukhbir Kaur

Ansoff  1965 thread among organisational activities and product markets  Commonality of approach that exists in diverse organisation  Common .

Mintzberg  1987 pattern in a stream of decisions and actions  Intended strategy  Emergent strategy A .

Peter Drucker of business  Management by Objectives  Basic assumption of managing from processes to goals  Theory .

Michael Porter  1996  Competitive  Value advantage chain  Developing and communicating the company¶s unique position. making tradeoffs. and forging fit among activities .

Basic Model of Strategic Management Four Basic Elements 6 .

Strategy Planning  Corporate strategy (Stability. Cooperative)  Functional strategy (Technological Leadership. Retrenchment)  Business strategy (Competitive. Technological Followership) 7 . Growth.

Business Decisions  Factors influencing business decision Internal Environment Business Decision External Environment .

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