Final Voiceover

Voiceover: The British education system is one of the best in the world, these days it offers a variety of vocational studies, and this is becoming more popular with more young people undertaking apprenticeships and other alternative routes. Many come here to study various degrees, it is said to be at the forefront as more students than ever before are applying to university. In the documentary we will be explaining why people go to university and alternative routes such as apprenticeships. (Pause) Voiceover: In the past 20 years tuition fees have risen significantly and are still increasing. Graduates up to now are facing an average debt of £15,000 so far when they finish university, and recent surveys are highlighting the financial burden facing new graduates. (Pause) (Pause) Voiceover: As a result apprenticeships are becoming more popular as they are no longer just being offered in traditional sectors. There are now more than 190 types of apprenticeships ranging from accountancy to textiles. (Pause) (Pause) (Pause) Voiceover: Many still think that apprenticeships are for people who are not academic, who failed at school or dropped out of university. (Pause)

Voiceover: This is particularly true because apprenticeships result in nationally recognized qualifications but without the student debt. So why are students opting to go university? (Pause) (Pause) (Pause) Voiceover: In the last 5 years tuition fees have been steadily increasing. (Pause) (Pause) (Pause) Voiceover: Due to the country s economic downfall the Government has proposed a dramatic increase to student tuitions fees where universities will now have the jurisdiction to charge up to £9000 per semester commencing in 2011. This decision sparked a mass protest attracting students from all round the country. A small minority of passionate protesters illustrated their disapproval by creating chaos in Westminster s political heartland. (Pause) (Pause) Voiceover: Due to increasing tuition fees and changes in the economy, is university losing its status? Are apprenticeships taking over and becoming more appealing as an alternative route? Tune in to part two, to find out.

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