few MUST READ BOOKS for a Management Student

Daniel Goleman : Emotional Intelligence Alvin Toffler : Third Wave Fish Tales Who moved my cheese Bill Gates : Road Ahead First break all rules : Marcus Buckingham 7 Habits of highly effective people : Stephen covey Good to great/ Built to cast : Collins One minute manger : Spencer Johnson & Kenneth Blanchand Subroto Bagchi : Go Kiss the world / The professional Tom Peters : In search of excellence/ Passion for excellence. M scott peck : The road less traveled Pick up any autobiography of a leader or books written by them – Gandhi / Akio Morito/ JRD/ APJ Abdul kalam Richard Carlson : Don’t sweat small stuff Dale Carnegie: How to win friends and influence people Pick up any book by Dalai Lama / Richard Koch : The 80/20 principle art of achieving more with less Blink/ Tipping Point : Malcolm gladwell I’m OK You’re Ok – Thomas Harris Games people play – Erick Berne( not sure on authors name,pls check) The case of the Bonsai Manager - R Goplalkrishnan. Spiritual causes of success: Deepak Chopra Good to Read:Ayn Ryand : The fountainhead Alchemist : Paulo Coelho The Secret : Rhonda Byrne Conversations with God – Neal Donald Walsh It is not only the business perspective that is important to learn but also the understanding of self that is of prime importance 

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