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Authored By:

Noble: Dr. Malachi Zodok York-El 33°/720°
Imperial Grand Potentate ofAl Mahdi Shrine Temple, Inc. International Supreme Council of Arab Shrinendom, Inc.

Dedicated to My Dearest Friend WM. Charles Tinsley 33° Who Has Returned To That Great Celestial Abode, From Which His Soul Originated Of King Solomon's Lodge No. 4 1215 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, KY.y who forced my eyes open to Freemasonry. Also to Great Master Builder: NIMROD SON OF GUSH
Genesis 10:8




7s There Eternal Life After Death?
Inscribed by the Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi 2. York El 33V7200 International Supreme Council of Arab Sbrinendom, Inc.

_Is There Eternal Life After Death?'_

Author's Note
I Have Devoted My Visit To This Planet To The Resurrection Of The Mentally Dead, Which I Affectionately Refer To As Mummies. Never Did I Know That The Evil One Had Done Such A Great Job With These People Both Mentally And Physically As To Have Them Hate Self And Kind. My Greatest Dilemma And Hindrance Has Been The Black Devil. Born Amongst You, And By You, Married To You, Socializing With You, Praying In The Same Sacred Houses Of Worship As You; But Secretly They Have A Spiritual Pact With The Devil, Which Makes It Near Impossible For Them To Totally Surrender To The True Word Of God. Their Very Nature Won't Let Them. It's In Their Seed From Genesis 3:15 And 1 Peter 5:9-10. There Is A Curse Seed Of Devils Who Are The Canaanites. However, It's Not About Race When It Comes To Evil, Because There Are Black And White Evil People. But, For The Few Chosen From The Many Called, I Sift To Find Those Beings That Wish To Become One With The Supreme, In All. Those That Wish To Know The Way, The Truth, And The Light To Our Heavenly Father Creator Of All And His Chosen Anointed One (Psalms 2:2) "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying." So I, Noble Dr. Malachi Zodok York-El 33°/720°, Grand Al Mufti, The True Potentate (1 Timothy 6:15) "Which in his times he shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;" As I Am Known Throughout The Mystical Schools, The Incarnation Of Tehuti "Thoth" Student Of The Great Turn, Known As Atum-Re, The First Point Of Resurrection From Ignorance To The Right Knowledge, The Right Wisdom And The Right Overstanding, The Amen (Revelation 3:14), I Have Blended In With Each Of The Religions Most Interesting To My People.

Supreme Grand Hierophant Amunnebu Reakh Tab
of the Ancient Egiptian Order of the World

"Walk in the Light of the sun, as if all can see you at all times. Bathe in the light of the sun as if it can, as it does, heal all things. Take each step in its warmth as if the sun is your true loving parent, and think of it as the source of all life, as we all know it is. For without the sun there would be no life, as we know it. This we all know." - Atum-Re

Protector of the Secrets, Best Kept Sacred Proverbs 11:13
"A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit

concealeth the matter."

Js There Eternal Life After Death ? I Lived As One Of Them and Practiced As One Of Them In Order To Reveal The Misconceptions Of These Doctrines That Have Plagued And Diseased The Minds Of My People. Many Take Offense To That Practice, But I'm Sorry The Truth Must Be Told, For The Very Soul Of God That Lighteth Every Man That Comes Into The World (John 1:9) Is At Risk. Amongst The Arabs Of Al Islaam In The Degree Of Muhammadism, I Was Known As As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Or Simply Imaam Isa. Being Fluent In The Many Dialects As Well As The Classical Arabic Language, Galilean And Syriac Language, I Translated Word For Word Without Biasness In Favor Of The Islaamic Religion, The Qur'an (Koran) From Syretic Arabic Into English. I Sat Beneath The Great Shuyuwkh As A Student, One Of Which Was^Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud And The Great Master Karama Shaikh Al Hasoun Of The Khalwatiyya Order Of Sufis Out Of Sudan, As A Mahdiyya Or Ansaar. As A Moorish-American Under Noble Drew Ali As M. York-EL, I Republished And Revised The Holy Koran Circle Seven. Their Connection With The N.O.I. "Nation Of Islam", Known As The Black Muslims, Encouraged Me To Do An In-depth Study Of The Teachings Of Master W.D. Fard, Allah In Person To His Final Messenger, The Honourable Elijah Muhammad. I Released Several Books Explaining In-depth, Their Doctrine, Which Led Me To Another Ex-Member Of The Nation Of Islam Called Clarence 13X, A Self-Styled Allah Who Founded The 5 Percent Nation Of Gods And Goddesses. I Collected Data And Published The Problem Book, Their Interpretation Of The English Class Lessons Of The Nation Of Islam. Amongst The Hebrew Israelites, While In The Degree Of Mosesism, I Was Known As Rabboni: Yashu'a Bar El Haady, As

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ A Hebrew, I Had My Bar Mitzwah In The Year 1958 A.D. By The Great Rabi: Matthews Of Harlem At Age 13. Through The School Of Judaism, I Translated The Torah And The Psalms From The Ancient Aramic Hebrew Into English. Amongst The Christians And Still A Christian, In The Degree Of Christism, I Am Known As Reverend: Malachi Z. York Or Dr. York, Pastor And Founder Of The Egiptian Church Of Karast "Christ" Inc. And The Holy Seed Baptist Synagogue Inc. And The Amen Institute Through The School Of Christism, I Translated And Explained The Book Of Revelation, From The Galilean Arabic And The Ancient Greek, To Reveal The False Teachings By Paul Of Another Jesus, Another Gospel (Galatians 1:6) And Another Spirit. A Whole New Religion Taught To My People And They Accepted It (2 Thessalonians 2:11). The Very Name Christian Was Not What Our Lord And Saviour Calls His Followers. The Word Christian Came From Antioch (Acts 11:26). We And The Children Of God And Isa Al Masih "Jesus the Christ" Or Yashua Ha Mashiakh Is Our Saviour; The Willing Sacrifice. In This Day And Time, I Received A New Holy Tablet (2 Peter 3:16), Our Own Scripture That Each Day, As Scientists, Astronomers, Paleontologists, And The Likes Uncover New Evidence Confirming That It Was Indeed Divinely Inspired, And Is Not Merely A Book But A Revelation, A Holy Scripture With Prophecies Of The Future Which Are Manifesting Daily. Also, I Translated The Book Of The Coming Forth By Day, Called The Egiptian Book Of The Dead, From Hieroglyphics As Amunubi Rahkaptah. I Also Released A Series Of Books Called Behind The Nine Ball And Bible Interpretations And Explanations. I Feel It Is My Duty As The True Reformer And Saviour To My People To Make That, Which Is Unclear, Clear. To Prepare Them For The Coming Of The True Messiah Of God In These Last Days And

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Times (Matthew 24:27). I Have Also Revealed The Doctrine Of Those Called The Hebrew Israelites, And The Likes With A Series Of Books Called 360 Questions To Ask And 3 Volumes Of Over 1,000 Pages Each Entitled The Degree Of Mosesism, The Degree Of Christism, And The Degree Of Muhammadism, Covering Any Question That Anyone Could Have Pertaining To Any Of The 3 Monotheistic Religions. I Have Also Traveled The Rough And Rugged Path Of Freemasonry And Have Arrived As The Imperial Grand Potentate (Internationally), Of The Ancient Arab & Oriental Order Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine New Mecca Temple No. 11 "Oasis" Macon "Desert" Georgia, Noble: Bishop T.W. Smith Jr. as well as Mecca Temple No. 1 Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shriner of North and South America Inc., Grand Jurisdiction of Georgia Noble: Harold Martin, And I.G.P. Of A.E.O. & A.N.O.M.S. Al Mahdi Shrine Temple No. 19 "Oasis" Macon "Desert" Georgia Northern & Southern Jurisdiction, head of Al Mahdi world seat Macon, Georgia,,also over the Sisters of Fatima, Shriner Ladies Haram #19, Macon, Ga., Shiloh Chapter No. 3, O.E.S.-Order of the Eastern Star and their many sub-chapters. I am also acting in the position of The Worshipful, Master Of Nuwaupian International Grand Lodge, Macon, Georgia; Also the Deputy Grand Master Pride Of Georgia Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. 33rd Scottish Rite Freemason Of Amos Grand Lodge of Macon, Ga. I, As Al Mufti Sit On The Council Of 9 The International Supreme Grand Council Of Shrine Ahli'l Bait. I Entered The Order Of The Acacia, Under The Most Worshipful Master The ILL. Charles Tinsley, 33rd Degree At King Solomon's

Is There Eternal Life After Death?'_ Lodge No. 4 Of Brooklyn, New York The Grand Enoch Lodge In Brooklyn N.Y. On Putnam And Nostrand Ave. Prince Hall Affiliated And Of The Ancient And Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry A.F. & A.M. Jurisdiction Of Georgia Called Zerubbabel Grand Chapter Royal Arch Mason, United States And Canada. I Have Written Masonic, Shriner And Eastern Star Books Such As: "The Nuwaupian Chapter Of The Order Of The Eastern Star Handbook", "General Questions For The Order Of The Eastern Star", "What The Eastern Star Symbols Mean To Me", "The Nuwaupian Masonic Quiz Book", "Hidden Symbolism Of Freemasonry", "Shriners And Freemasons Family Guide", "The Noble Koran" With My Translation And Transliteration: Also Contains Verse By Verse Bible Reference And An In-Depth Interpretation For Shriners And Christians All About Jesus The Messiah, And Much More. My Travels Took Me Throughout The Worjd From Sitting With The Mystics And The Monks Under The Tibetan Master Lama Mott Kokomau Of China, To The Grand Lodge In Cairo, Egypt, North East Africa; To Being A Member Of The Rosicrucian Order Since 1974 A.D. As Well As Astara Mystic Order Since 1975 A.D. For More Than 25 Years. As The Supreme Grand Hierophant, Of The Ancient Egiptian Order, A.E.O., Mir "Pyramid" No. 9, My Family Has Been Freemasons For Generations In Virginia's Zen Shriner Temple No. 122, Newport News, Virginia And Daughters Of Isis, Zen Court No. 98, Prince Hall Affiliated. I Stepped On To The White Lodge Freemasonry From The Black Egiptian Mystery As Tehuti "Tboth", Called Hermes Thrice Times Great, The Possessor Of The Master's Key, Keeper Of The Secret Word To Become A Haru "Horus", A Companion Of The Great Hierophant: I-MHotep, The Scribe Of The Secret Doctrine, Conferrer Of The 720

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Degrees In The Secret Number 9, And The Guardian Of The 9th Gate, Raising From The Ninth Chamber The Secret, Which Will Give You The Power To Re-Align Yourselves. I Was There, Which Is Here, When The Word "Let There Be Light" Was Uttered. I Have Stood The Test Of Time. I Have Been Questioned By Scholars And Historians Of All Religions And Denominations. I Am Capable Of Answering The Unanswered And Solving The Problems Of The World; Yet, My Personal Interest Is In Each And Every One Of You. I Am Not The Lord Jesus the Christ Nor Am IA Holy Man Or A Preacher. I Am After The Order Of The Most High. I Am A Master Teacher In The Body Of Christ. I Have Resurrected In The West, The Ancient Fraternity, A.E.O. With Healing In My Wings, The Spiritual Order Of Our Ancestors, The Egiptians, And Your True Bloodline Under The Reincarnation Of Neter: Amunnubi Raakhptah, Your A'aferti "Pharaoh" For This Day And Time "Aturn-Re". I Have Experienced All The Religions And Sacred Orders, And Now, I Bring To You, The Ancient Egiptian Order, A.E.O., The True Order Of The Egiptians Called Ipet, Isut With The University Of Educational And Spiritual Knowledge Of Ancient Tama-Re "Egipt". It Is Referred To As The White Lodge, Built In 1500 B.C. In The Old Days, That Which Gave Birth To All Others And It, In This Day And Time Has Become The Fastest Growing Movement For World Peace Of The New Millennium. You Have Found Your Way To That Which You Have Sought All Your Life. Don't Believe Me, "Check it out for Yourself." "Only Fools Duck When The Truth Is Thrown At Them." You are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, the Tribe of Judah, the Holy Seed, the Blood ofSeth to Jesus Christ.

_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Table Of Contents Ques: What Is Physical Death? 22 Ques: What Do You Mean By This? 25 Ques: Is There A Link Between Life On Earth And Life After Death? , 30 Ques: What Was The Difference Between Man And The Angelic Beings? 44 Ques: What Was The 1% That Made And Makes Man Rebellious To God? 45 Ques: Can You Tell Us About The Knowledge Adam Possessed? 46 Ques: In The Beginning, Did Adam And Eve Know About Death Before Cain Slew Abel? 48 Ques: What Do You Mean By "Agreeable" And "Disagreeable" Actions? 50 Ques: What Was Sin According To The Angelic Beings? 55 Ques: Is There Sin And Law Amongst The Angelic Beings? 71 Ques: What Are People Who Say They Can Talk To The Dead Called And Are They Real? .i. 72 Ques: What Are Some Of The Methods People Use To Deal With The Reality Of Death? 72 Ques: How Do Scientists Know About Cloning? 75 Ques: What Is Reincarnation? 75 Ques: What Is Resurrection? 76 Ques: What Does Eternal Mean? 81 Ques: What Is A Zombie? 83 Ques: There Are People Who Say They Want To Die, Does That Mean That They Ar>e Ajof Afraid Of Death? 83 Ques: Once One Dies \A Physical Death, Is That It For Their Life? 85 Ques: How Can One Become Or Be Among The Chosen Few, The 144,000? 86 Ques: How Will They Be Taken? 87 Ques: What Are Planes? 95 Ques: Do The Words "Planes" And "Heavens" Apply To The Same Thing? 95 Ques: What Are The Seven Planes? 95


Is There Eternal Life After Death ? Ques: Can The Planes Be Described? Ques. Can You Explain Each Of These Planes Or Heavens? Ques: What Is The Spiritual Plane?...

| I 97 " Qf> \ \ •

7s There Eternal Life After Death ? Introduction

Weaven™ "" ******* ^ ***** ^'^^^'P& Ques: Has "Anyone "Ever "Been Able"To"Ascend"To"The"^nMtu^ Plane Without Dying? "^ Ques: Can The Spiritual Body Be Seen? ".....". 707 Ques: What Are The "Spiritual Senses"? TJ.'.'.i " 103 Oul '• (?*%* *-!*£°% Theffuf»™ Body Have? 104



This Scro11 Is Titled

W 7 Ques: ^£^&f&S^SS&l^ » , ' Dollars °" Research F°r "Etemal" Life" Thr°Ugh UniV6rSal Forces Double That OfANor^MaJ T"***" Has An^ \ Experience, Human Beings Have Come To Know That No Matter Ques: What Are The Remaining Planes Or "Heaven's? " n6 M How Long It Takes, Animals, Plants, And Humans Physically Die. ] Ques: Is It Possible To Visualize The Lowest Sub-Planes?" ' 121 However, If You Look In The Bible, In Genesis 5:24 It States, Ques: What Are Specters? ' }23 \ And I Quote: What Is The Purpose Of These Lower Spiritual Planes'?' 126 '

Quess- ^^±35±teSBfi2K^

' Found? **v* *ich Have §pent Mmions UP°" Milllolis of

"/s There Eternal Life A^er Death?" II Is About The End Of This Physical Life And What Happens When It Occurs- For Death Is One Thing That Is Undisputed All Around The World Everyone Whether You Are Rich Or Poor, Fears Death. Everyone Is Looking For A Solution, But Has One Been


Bible Old Tesurae ti Genesis 5:24 <with Hebrew Inserts)



That Life Is A Living Hell? ',32 Ques: What Is The State Of Bayna?""J""."."'. " 135 fe ^^TheE^ans ™^ About Lfi After Death?:. 135 . yues. What Types Of Ceremonies Were Performed For The Deceased In Preparation For The Afterlife ? 136 Ques: What Is The Purpose Of The Opening "6f"The"Mouth Ceremony? yj/ Ques: What Is TheAnkh? '^^:. 138 Ques: So, Now Is There Life After Death?... 757 Ques: So What Exactly Is Life After Death? Xl?I'.'^2 .' 752 Ques:When Nibiru Comes, Who Will The 144,000 Consist Of Being That All Religions Feel They Are The Chosen Ones? 156 Ques: What Can Be Done To Restore The Body To Perfection? 159 Ques: What Is An Aura Or Haalat? ' I60 i "And Enoch JVH <Chanowk> walked J7X <halak> with God fffj^f <'elohiym>: and he was not; for God BVT*Xt <'elohiym>

^P* <la(iacn> him-

"Enoch Walked With Eloheem (Gods); And He Was Not, For Eloheem (Gods) Took Him." King James Version of the Bible ^ w^ • Enoch Also Known As Chanowk (-[1311) In Hebrew Or Idns (o^) In Arabic, Which Is The Triad Of Names "...Walked With Eloheem (Gods); And He Was Not; For Eloheem (Gods) Took

.Is There Eternal Life After Death ? Him" (Genesis 5:24) Without The Physical Death First Taking Place. Enoch's Name Means "Dedicated" And It Comes From The Hebrew Root Chanak ("pll) Meaning "To Inaugurate, To Initiate", For Enoch Was Initiated Into The Order Of Melchisedec (Malachizodoq) (Hebrew 5:6, 7:11, 17, 21, Psalms 110:4). However, There Are Other People Mentioned In The Scriptures As Being Taken Up Such As Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) And Jesus Christ (Acts 1:9, Luke 24:51, The Noble Koran 4:158). The Noble Koran 79:3 States: "And By Those Who Swiftly Float Through The Air. " This Chapter 79 Is Making Reference To The Latter Days When Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Saviour Will Come, And The Rapture Will Occur. Unbeknowingly, If You Look At The Koran From The Bible Looking Down, As The Book Before It (The Noble Koran 10:94), And Not From The Koran As The Last Scripture Which Was Revealed, Looking Up, You Will See That There Are Many Quotes In The Koran Which Are Speaking Of The Event Of The Latter Days. This Particular Chapter Is Speaking Of The "Rapture", Which Every Jew, Christian And Muslim Believed Would Come To Pass. And In This Rapture, People Will Be Caught Up, Or Taken Up In The Spirit Form, And The Bible And The Koran Uses, The Term "Taken Up", "Caught Up", "Brought Up" Or "Lifted Up", And Is Making Reference To Someone Being Taken Up With God. In IThessalonians 4:14-17 You Read "14 For If We Believe That Jesus Died And Rose Again, Even So Them Also Which Sleep In Jesus Will God Bring With Him. 15 For This We Say Unto You By The Word Of The Lord, That We Which Are Alive And Remain Unto The Coming Of The Lord Shall Not Prevent Them Which Are Asleep. 16 For The Lord Himself Shall Descend From Heaven With A Shout, With The Voice Of The Archangel, And With The Trump Of God: And The Dead In Christ Shall

7s There Eternal Life After Death? Rise First: 17 Then We Which Are Alive And Remain Shall Be Caught Up Together With Them In The Clouds, To Meet The Lord In The Air: And So Shall We Ever Be With The Lord," Then Again In 2Corinthians 12:4 You Read "How That He Was Caught Up Into Paradise, And Heard Unspeakable Words, Which It Is Not Lawful For A Man To Utter. " These Quotes Are Making It Quite Clear That Even Those Who Died, And Believed In Jesus Christ As The Lord And Saviour, Will Be Taken Up With God In The Latter Days. The Noble Koran 4:159 Makes It Clear That Every Muslim Must Believe In Jesus Christ Before They Die And It States "And Verify From The Family Of The Scripture (From Adam To Muhammad) There Is Not Anyone That Should Not Believe By Way Of Him (Jesus) Before He Dies, And The Day Of Resurrection He (Jesus) Will Be A Witness Over Them." There Are Other References In The Bible Which Tell You That People Were Taken Up Or Lifted Up To God, Such As In Isaiah 2:12 "For The Day Of The LORD Of Hosts Shall Be Upon Every One That Is Proud And Lofty, And Upon Every One That Is Lifted Up; And He Shall Be Brought Low." Habbakuk 2:4 "Behold, His Soul Which Is Lifted Up Is Not Upright In Him: But The Just Shall Live By His Faith," Acts 1:9 "And When He Had Spoken These Things, While They Beheld, He Was Taken Up; And A Cloud Received Him Out Of Their Sight, " Acts 1:2 "Until The Day In Which He Was Taken Up, After That He Through The Holy Ghost Had Given Commandments Unto The Apostles Whom He Had Chosen." You Even Find In The Book Of Psalms, A Book Of Hymns And Prayers, That David Was Taken Up In Psalms 18:16, And It Reads: "He Sent From Above, He Took Me, He Drew Me Out Of Many Waters. " Then, If You Go Back To IThessalonians 4:16, It Makes It Clear That The Lord, And It Uses The Greek Word Kurios (KUPIOQ), Which Is The Lord, Will Come Down From 11

_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Heaven Himself, Accompanied By The Archangel Raphael, Who Will Blow The Trumpet And Sound It On The Day Of Judgment, Where Everyone Will Be Judged According To Their Own Deeds And Intentions. This Is The First Resurrection, Where The Dead Shall Rise, Then It Continues In Verse 17 To Say Those Who Were Still Alive, Shall Be Caught Up With The Dead, And Will Meet The Lord, (And Again It Uses The Greek Word Kurios [KUPIOQ]) In The Air. This Is A Spiritual Event, Which Is Known As "The Rapture". So According To The Scriptures These Angelic Beings Called Eloheem "Gods" (DTl^K) Must Have Taken On Physical Forms. The God That They Are Talking About Are The "Eloheem", Who Are Also Known In Other Cultures And Religions As Allahuma In The Noble Koran, Anunnaqi In Sumerian Culture, Neter In Egiptian Culture, And Malaaikat In Islam. The Yoruba Of Nigeria, Africa, Call Them Cumins, Shushukiy, And Umarway. The Dogon Tribes Of Mali, West Africa Call Them Nommos. The American Churches Simply Call Them Angels, the Holy Ghost, Or Holy Spirits. Many Native American Tribes Call Them Thunderbirds. Now A Days, They Are Called Star People Or E.T.'s, However, They Are All The Same People. That's Right. They Are Spirit Beings That Come In The Flesh. Some Men Like Moses (Exodus 7:1) Who Was Called By The Title Eloheem (DTI^X) Came In Flesh. There Are Also Part Human And Part Spirit Beings Called Adonai (^HK), And Many Men, Like Abraham (Genesis 18:12) Who Was Called By This Title, Came In Flesh. Even Part Human And Part Spirit Beings Called Ye-Ho-Vah (HIPP) Came In Flesh (Genesis 11:5). The Koranic Allah (^') Can Even Become Plural (The Noble Koran 5:119) As Aalihaat 0*Ji). However, God The Most High, Elyown El, Whose Title No Mortal Can Hold, Can't Become Physical, But

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ The Other Beings Can Because That Is Their Job. Psalms 104:4 States, And I Quote: Bible - Old Testament, Psalms 104:4 (With Hebrew Inserts)

"Who maketh ntt?S? <'asah> his angels " [ X o <mal'ak> spirits mi <ruwach>; his ministers HIS? <sharath> a flaming 13717 <lahat> fire E?X <'esh>:" "Who Maketh His Angels Spirits; His Ministers A Flaming Fire." King James Version of the Bible These Angelic Beings Called In The Torah Of Moses Eloheem "Gods Or Judges" Walked Upon The Surface Of The Earth Called 'Erets (pS) ('Eh'-Rets) In The Bible (Genesis 1:1). The Word Earth Is Also Called Tama-Re By The Egiptians Or Tiamat And Eridu By The Sumerians. This Mortal Human Being, Who The Muhammadans Call Idris, The Hebrews Call Khanuwk And The Christians Call Enoch Walked Beside The Angelic Beings In Physical Form. Refer To The Holy Tablets, Chapter Eleven "The Secrets Of Adafa" By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/72(f. Also Refer To: Job 4:18, Psalms 8:5, 68:17, 78:25-49, Genesis 19:1-15, 32:1, 28:12, The Noble Koran 19:56-58). Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 28:12 (With Hebrew Inserts)

mm nD'G0n sran nwni mns nso abo mm D^
in D-HTI fcn»



Is There Eternal Life After Death ? "And he dreamed DTTT <chalam>, and behold a ladder D7D <cullam> set up 3S3 <natsab> on the earth j-HX <'erets>, and the top of it E7KT <ro'sh> reached U33 <naga> to heaven D^OE? <shamayim>: and behold the angels ."]N7D <mal'ak> of God DVI7X <'elohiym> ascending i"PI? <'alah> and descending "IT <yarad> on it." And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. King James Version of the Bible

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 5:21-24 (With Hebrew Inserts)

nboma-rK "ibvi TO nwi ran -pun "rn 21 it rrwi nn« nTiSKn-nK -p:n "|Snrn 22 mm Q'33 "ten na» ima vhv niKB t&^Bn mtt? D'can ran ii}n "0^*73 'n^i 23 ins n^-p iarw n^n^xn-nx ^i]n ^Snn^i 24
"And Enoch "[13PI <Chanowk> lived HTI <chayah> sixty <shishshiym> and five 2?0n <chamesh> years H3!^ <shaneh and begat ib"1 <yalad> Methuselah nb^lDO <Methuwshelach>: And Enoch "[13H <Chanowk> walked "J^H <halak> with 11K <'eth> God DTI^K <'elohiym> after inK <'achar> he begat ~\h* <yalad> n« <'eth> Methuselah n^Enna <Methuwshelach> three 117^2? i <shalowsh> hundred HKO <me'ah> years H3E? <shaneh (in pi. only),>, and begat "IT <yalad> sons )3 <ben> and daughters D3 <bath>: And all the days QV <yowm> of Enoch "J13H <Chanowk> were thrs!2V < < <shalowsh> hundred HKQ <me'ah> H3?y <shaneh (in pi. only),> sixty D^S? <shishshiym> and five K?an <chamesh> years H22? <shaneh (in pi. only),>: And Enoch "]13n <Chanowk> walked "pH <halak> with God DTI vK <'elohiym>: and he was not; for God DTl^K <'elohiym> took nph <laqach> him." "And Enoch Lived Sixty And Five Years, And Begat Methuselah: And Enoch Walked With Eloheem (Gods) After He Begat Methuselah Three Hundred Years, And Begat Sons And Daughters: And All The Days Of Enoch Were Three Hundred Sixty And Five Years: And Enoch Walked With 1 loheem (Gods): And He Was Not; For Eloheem (Gods) Took Him."

Figure 1 Enoch Son Of Jared And Silham (Genesis 4: 17)

King James Version of the Bible

/s There Eternal Life After Death?_

The Noble Koran'
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At This Point, It Must Be Made Clear That The Hebrew Word For "God" In This Quote Is The Plural Word For God Which Is Eloheem (DVtSX) (Genesis 1:1). Bible - Old Testament Genesis 1:1 (With Hebrew Inserts)

f nsn nsi vmvn nx crn^x x-o rr
"In the beginning •TEr'XI <re'shiyth> God D ' T l x <'elohiym> created K13 <bara'> HK <'eth> the heaven D^DHt? <shamayim> and <'eth> the earth K <'erets>."
In The Nine Of The < Iracious Most Merciful <;<id this Noble Koran Is translated word hi word with a cum mtniary to rn cal ta you just * hat nas metal by ttiese n arts of (Mi t« M uha m m«rf, Ihe A rablan proph et If you are a < hrMlan, theii you n«ff In read IIm frunslslion of ffic titbit Koran done by in Arab who found Cfcrist after SO yea re of being an Mamie clergy and scholar. This Arab, As Sayyid: Isst At Haadi Al >!ahdi. is ahn an expert and teacher of (he classical A ntbic language of Ihr Koran. N e b a Mrandaled tin* Tnrali Iron Hebrew »ilh cnmmciliary and the Honk Of Ret elation from Galilean and Creek itbicn h also available! Tlie ancient language of toe Koran is not spoken by the average Muslim tain, including Islamic sctoUn, and most oily speak Ihdr dialects, and there are fame Mtlies who read and recite the Koran by round only but Kiev do not understand » hat they are reading nor what it ii really saying because ihti are talitded bi nefbjiom tradition* mafcin« it neit to impossible to pel the full meaning of this scripture. Hut It * as because of hit profound understanding of the ancient Hebrew and Greek, as well as tke true language of tie Koran which en italrd him to find out thai it is Ha Al Masih "Jesus The Messiah" who is Ihe Km of god in The Koran «h D is to come after Muhammad as recorded in the lladitli and Sennit as H ell at tie Koran. It's \ erj clear if you read this translation of the Noble Koran, dial Islam is really a form of Christianity. All true C hristianj are Muslims and all true Muslims are Christians. With each beautiful!} translated verse of the Koran you also get many venes of the Bible as references to further enhance >our spiritual studies. You »ill definitely need to keep your Holy Bible nearby. The commentary of this Koran gives ran undoubtable proof that he, Jesus is the Messiah ta come lifter Muhammad as a Judge of all human in as Muslim iiadilh says, that ke .Icsus was the son of Gad and ft e son of man, full of grace »nd Iruth, Illu striou s in this world an d the world to come. You will be amued to find tkal the Koran is a scripture is really M eilension of the Holj Bible, thai our Lord Jtsus Christ is oalled and praised »ilhin Ikese pages also? Discover the (me Last Testament, the Holy Scripture wkich tree raeaniag has been kept from Christmas far all these jam. ll's English translation and transhteration with jccompanying Arabic lot for reference, is translated
for Ihe Shriner, but is a 1 reaiure fur as) one n ho » ants lo Icam Ine truth anool th e Koran an d receive

"In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The Earth." King James Version of the Bible Eloheem Is A Plural, Not A Singular, It's Gods Or Judges, Which In Egiptian Would Be Neteru, In Greek Angelos, And In Sumerian It Is Anunnaqi. So, The Bible Book QfGenesis 5:22 Is In Fact Saying That Enoch Walked In The Midst Of A Group Of Angelic Beings Or Heavenly Hosts Called Eloheem (DTlbX) (Psalms 82). The Ancient Tablets Call Them Angelic Beings, The Koran Of The Muhammadans Call Them Malaaikat (<S£ty (The Noble Koran 2:34, 7:11, 17:61, 18:50, 20:116) Or Awaliyna (tab1), "The Old Ones Or First Ones", And They Are Also Known In Greek As Angelos (AyysX,o<;) Meaning "Messengers". In The Book Of Revelation 12:7 It Talks About The Angels Fighting In The Heavens. The Noble Koran 2:34 (With Arabic Inserts)

fhe finai messenger for hur°—
Tnuiilxted By The Imperial Grand Potentate Noble: Kev. Dr. Mtlaehi Z. Vork £13J77W I TIMOTHY«:IS

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Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ <kata> the dragon 8paKQ>v <drakon>; and Kai <kai> the dragon SpaKtov <drakon> fought noXsuEO) <polemeo> and Kai <kai> his | avnoc; <autos> angels ayyeXoc; <aggelos>," "And There Was War In Heaven: Michael And His Angels Fought Against The Dragon; And The Dragon Fought And His I Angels,"

"And j <wa> when $ <idh> we said Uli <qul-naa> to the heavenly host 4&LU <lil-ma-laa-i-ka-te>, 'prostrate lij-^> <as-je-doo> for Adam ^V <le-aa-da-ma>,' so they all prostrated ijj»-j <fa-sa-jadoo> except VI <il-Ia> the rebellious one L>yM <ib-lees>, he refused ^ <a-baa> to prostrate because he was full of pride _>£j~>ij <wa is-tak-ba-ra> and j <wa> he was J& <kaa-na> of i> <min> the concealers of the truth OL^' <al kaa-fe-ree-na>." "And When We Said To The Angelic Heavenly Host, 'Prostrate For Adam,' So They All Prostrated Except The Rebellious One, He Refused To Prostrate Because He Was Full Of Pride And He Was Of The Concealers Of The Truth." Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 33°/720° Bible - New Testament, Revelation 12:7 (With Greek Inserts) eyeveio TroA-ejioc; ev TCO oupavco o uixar|A, Kai 01 ayyeXoi auiou 87roXe(ir|oav Kara TOD 5paKOvTO<; Kai o 8paKO)v £7coA,£|iTiaev Kai 01 ayys^oi aurou "And Kai <kai> -there was yivo^ai <ginomai> war TCoXe^iot; <polemos> in sv <en> heaven oupavoq <ouranos>: Michael <Michael> and Kai <kai> his autoc; <autos> angels <aggelos> fought TroXs^eco <polemeo> against 17

King James Version of the Bible However, Getting Back To The Point Of Physical Death, Not Everyone Will Physically Die, Because When The Rapture Comes, Those Who Are Living And Have Given Their Heart To God By Believing In The Coming Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ, Will Be Taken Up Physically. Ques: What Does The Word Death Mean?

I Ans: The Word Death Is First Mentioned In The Bible In Genesis 21:16. The Word Being Used There For Death In The Hebrew Language Is Maveth <Maw'-Veth> HID And Is Defined As "Death, Dying, Realm Of The Dead. " The Word Used For Death in Ashuric/Syriac Galilean (Arabic) is Muwt CI$A and means "Death". The Word For Death In The Greek Language Is Thanatos <Than'-At-Os> 9avaTO<;. And Is Defined As "Death, Deadly. "
According To The American Heritage Dictionary, The Word Death Is Defined As Follows: death (deth) n. 1 . The act of dying; termination of life. 2. The state of being dead. 3. The cause of dying: Drugs were the death of him. 4. A manner of dying: a heroine's death. 5. Often

Js There Eternal Life After Death?_ Death. A personification of the destroyer of life, usually represented as a skeleton holding a scythe. 6.a. Bloodshed; murder, b. Execution. 7. Christian Science. The product of human belief of life in matter. 8. Law. Civil death. 9. The termination or extinction of something: the death of imperialism, —idioms, at death's door. Near to death; gravely ill or injured, be the death of (someone). To distress or irritate (someone) to an intolerable degree, put to death. To execute, to death. To an intolerable degree; extremely: worried to death. [Middle English deeth, from Old English death. According To A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language (Which Is A Book Dealing With The Origin Of Words And Their Sense Of Development), By Dr. Ernest Klein On Page 193, The Word Death Is Defined As: "Death, n*- ME. Deeth, deth, fr. OE. dead, rel to OS. doth, ON. dauoi, Dan. dod, Swed, dod OFris. dath, ODU. dot, dod, Du. dood, OHG. tod, MHG. tot, tod, G. Tod, Goth, daupus, 'death', fr. Teut. *dau-, 'to die'. See die, dead. Derivatives: death-less, adj., death-less-ly, adv., death-less-ness, n., death-like, adj., death-ly, adj" So, The Word Death Basically Means "Having The Physical Appearance Of Death, No Longer Alive Or In Existence: Deceased": A Personification Of The Destroyer Of Life. Ques: Are There Various Kinds Of Deaths? Ans: Yes, There Are Various Kinds Of Deaths. There Is The Economic Death, Linguistic Death, Nominal Death, Historical Death, Unity Death, Spiritual Death, Citizen Death, Mental Death

/$ There Eternal Life After Death ? id Physical Death. A Person May Be Resurrected From All Deaths Except The Physical Death. Once A Person Is Really Physically Dead To The Extent That Their Body Gets Cold And Rigor Mortis Takes Over, Which Means That The Law Of Decomposition Has Gone Into Effect, There Is No Return To Actual Life For That Person. Ques: What Is The Law Of Decomposition? Ans: The Law Of Decomposition Is The Breakdown Or Decay Of Organic Material, And It Cannot Be Preserved. The Physical Death Of A Person Is The Unity And Completion Of All Deaths As An Individual's Personality. An Individual's Ideologies And Thoughts, If Put In Writing May Survive The Death Of The Body And Prevail, But This Is Not The Person's Physical Mind Or Mentality. It Is The Works Of His Or Her Mentality That Live On, For The Mental Faculties Die With The Rest Of The Person. There Are 2 Lives, Life On Earth And Life After Physical Death. If A Person Was A Highly Spiritual Person, Their Soul Will Pass At Once Through To The Planes, Or Even Bypass The Planes And Go Into The Heavens Or Other Galaxies, From Where Their Soul And Ether Being Originated, With The Help Of The Angelic Beings. The Angelic Beings Bless You With Old Age, Which Allows The Physical Body To Rest From The Harmful Activities That We Indulge In Everyday. Old Age Prepares Humans For Their Inevitable Judgment, So Escape Not The Responsibility Of Becoming Elderly, For It Is An Honoured Gift That Everyone Receives. You May Weep For Victims Of Murder, Accidents Or Illnesses. You Can Weep For The Pain They Felt, But Not For The Transference From This World To The Next. (Refer To Numbers 23:10, Psalms 68:20, 55:15, Genesis 21:16, Luke 1:79.) 20


_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 21:16 (With Hebrew Inserts)

_/s There Eternal Life After Death?_ To Give Light To Them That Sit In Darkness And In The Shadow Of Death, To Guide Our Feet Into The Way Of Peace." King James Version of the Bible Ques: What Is Physical Death? Ans: The Phenomenon Of Physical Death Fascinates As Well As Frightens The Human Mind. It's Suddenness, Or Long Suffering, It's Abruptness And Finality, Its Lack Of Prejudice Or Discrimination. It Strikes The Young And The Old, Man, Woman, Children, Animals, Trees, And Fish Alike. Yet, The One It Strikes Lies In A Peaceful Silence, Or A Frightful Silence! Which Is It? The Effect Is Really Upon Those Left Behind Because Of The Mystery That Surrounds Death. All You Can See Is A Limp Corpse. You Touch It, But It Does Not Move. You Wonder Can It Hear, Can It Feel, Can It Still Think? What Happened To Its Liveliness? Death's Secrecy Causes The Living To Wonder And Imagine. You Must Realize That Death Is The Door, Which Takes You From One Stage In Life To The Next Stage Of The Higher Life, And That Life Is Just Another Stage In Your Development. Refer To The Following Quotes: (Job 3:5, 10:21-22, 34:22, Psalms 107:10, Deuteronomy 30:19, 2 Samuel 22:6, Ruth 1:17, Isaiah 25:8). Psalms 89:48 Makes It Clear That All Will Die: Bible - Old Testament, Psalms 89:48 (With Hebrew Inserts)

vh "oaso rn aipon mrr w p« 10*01 iron npsr pp^i
"And she went *]T <yalak>, and sat her down 3D^ <yashab> over against "T33 <neged> him a good way off pm <rachaq>, as it were a bowshot JlffD <tachah> JT127p <qesheth>: for she said HDK <'amar>, Let me not see !"TX~1 <ra'ah> the death filO <maveth> of the child "IT <yeled>. And she sat 32?"1 <yashab> over against him, and lift up KK73 <nasa'> her voice *?lp <qowl>, and wept !"D3 <bakah>." "And She Went, And Sat Her Down Over Against Him A Good Way Off, As It Were A Bowshot: For She Said, Let Me Not See The Death Of The Child. And She Sat Over Against Him, And Lift Up Her Voice, And Wept." King James Version of the Bible Bible - New Testament, Luke 1:79 (With Greek Inserts) TOIQ sv OKOTEI KCU a»aa Gavaiou KaGrmevoic; TOU KaTEu9uvai TOUC; noSac, npicov EIQ o8ov eipnvrii; "To give light ETtupaiva) <epiphaino> to them that sit Ka9r|uai <kathemai> in ev <en> darkness OKOTO<; <:skotos> and KCU <kai> in the shadow oKia <skia> of death QavciTOc; <thanatos>, to guide KttTeuGuvco <kateuthuno> our rifxov <hemon> feet TIOUQ <pous> into eiq <eis> the way o5oq <hodos> of peace £ipT]vr| <eirene>."

to^rr niD-nK-p *6i TIT 123 ^
"What man "132 <geber> is he that liveth Til <chayah>, and shall not see 71X1 <ra'ah> death HID <maveth>? shall he deliver



* _Is There Eternal Life After Death?_

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

<malat> his soul t£?S3 <nephesh> from the hand T <yad> of the grave ^IKE? <she'owl>? Selah H^D <celah>." "What Man Is He That Liveth, And Shall Not See Death? Shall He Deliver His Soul From The Hand Of The Grave? Selah." King James Version of the Bible Romans 5:14 Also Makes It Clear That Everyone Will Meet Death; Bible - New Testament, Romans 5:14 (With Greek Inserts) EpaailEuaEV o Gavatoc; cmo a5an ue%pt jicoaeax; KCU TOIK; ut| aiuapTnaavTag ETU TOO ou.oicouaTi TTJC; Ttapapaaecoc; a8au oc; EOTIV TUTTOC; TOU "Nevertheless aX>.a <alla> death GavaTOc; <thanatos> reigned PaaiA,euco <basileuo> from arco <apo> Adam ASap. <Adam> to M.EXPI <mechri> Moses Mtooeuc; <Moseus>, even KCU <kai> over em <epi> them that had auapTavo) <hamartano> not \n\ <me> sinned a^apravco <hamartano> after SHI <epi> the similitude ojioicona <homoioma> of Adam's A8a(J. <Adam> transgression Trapapaoic; <parabasis>, who oq <hos> is esti <esti> the figure TUTTOC; <tupos^> of him that was to come jueXXco <mello>." "Nevertheless Death Reigned From Adam To Moses, Even Over Them That Had Not Sinned After The Similitude Of Adam's Transgression, Who Is The Figure Of Him That Was To Come." King James Version of the Bible

Figure 2 A Limp Corpse What People Tend To Forget Is That Your Physical Body Is Nothing But A Composition Of Bacteria, Which Will Return To The Earth And Become Fertilizer That Will Aid In Replenishing The Earth. The Physical Body When One Dies, Recycles From The Ground In Which It Is Planted And It Becomes Life Again. It Penetrates Into The Atmosphere As Film Or Dust Particles. They Are Breathed Into The Nostrils Of Human Beings, And If A Woman Is Pregnant, It Helps Form The Flesh Of The Baby. This Is Called Life's Cycle. This Is What Is Meant When It Says In Genesis 3:19 And I Quote: Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 3:19 (With Hebrew Inserts) 1 D notsn-^x -|3i» is? an1? ^nsn -ps« ns?T^ 19 1

men iss?- ?^ nn« naa-'o nnp ?


_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ "In the sweat HSTT <ze' ah> of thy face ^X <aph> shalt thou eat Ika <'akal> bread DnL?<Iechem>, till II? <'ad> thou return ZT1E? <shuwb> unto the ground H01X <'adamah>; for out of it wast thou taken ftp4? <Iaqach>: for dust "1SS? <'aphar> thou " <'attah> art, and unto dust 1317 <'aphar> shalt thou return <shuwb>." "In The Sweat Of Thy Face Shalt Thou Eat Bread, Till Thou Return Unto The Ground; For Out Of It Wast Thou Taken: For Dust Thou Art, And Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return." King James Version of the Bible Genesis 3:19 Is Referring To Your Body Returning to Where It Originated In The First Place. All Living Matter Has A Life Cycle, Be It You, Plants Or Animals (Of Which You Are One). But The You Is Not Just A Body Bashar (TBQ), The Body Is You, The Physical As The Image You See In The Mirror Or The Chay (TO Hayat (5LpJ "Life Force", But That Is Not All There Is To You. There Is The Nefesh (DSU) In Hebrew, Nafs (^-Ai) In Arabic, Both Meaning "Spirit" And Ruakh (mi) In Hebrew, Ruwh (^jj) In Arabic Both Meaning "sour1. Ojues: What Do You Mean By This? Ans: Life Cycles Are The Stages Organisms Undergo From Conception To The Point Where It Is Mature Enough To Reproduce, And Depending On Genetic Traits That Are Influenced By Environmental Factors, It Dies. Death Is Also A Part Of The Processes Of Nature. When A Child Is Born, All Rejoice, But When One Dies All Weep. We Should Do The Opposite. No One Can Tell What Trials And Travails Await A Newborn Child. The

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ World Is Filled With Lies, Greed, Hate And Sorrow; But When A Mortal Dies In Peace, We Should Rejoice, For He Has Completed A Long And Hard Journey. One Should Not Weep At Natural Death, But Rejoice And Welcome It. Nature Provides A Cycle Of Experiences Including Birth, Growth, And Reproduction; And Death Is The Way Nature Concludes The Physical Cycle, And Experience In The Physical Is A Part Of Development. One Should Not Seek Death, For Death Will Find You And There Is No Place To Hide. There's Nothing Good Or Bad About It, Its Just The Natural Balancement Of Life For All Living Things On The Physical And The Life Force; Those Two Are The "You". What You Should Know Is That You, Meaning Your Body, Is The Result Of An Evolutionary Process Formed From The Right Conditions That Created Bacteria From An Amoeba Which Developed Into A Fish, On To What You Are Now, Homo Sapiens. (Refer To What Is Spirit And Soul?, Scroll #110 By Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 33°/720°).

Figure 3 An Amoeba Is A One Celled Animal That Moves And Feeds Using Fingerlike, Flowing Extensions Called Pseudopods (False Feet).

7s There Eternal Life After Death?_

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ This TIT <zeh> is the book "ISO <cepher> of the generations \ <towledah> of Adam D1K <'Adam>. In the day DV cyowm> that God DTl^K <'elohiym> created X"13 <bara'> man J"1X <'adam>, in the likeness DIDT <demuwth> of God DV6K 'elohiym> made HE7S? <*asah> he him; Male "IDT <zakar> and lale rnp] <neqebah> created SHU <bara'> he them; and )lessed ^H2 <barak> them, and called Kip <qara'> their name <shem> Adam D"1K <'adam>, in the day DV <yowm> when tiey were created K"13 <bara'>. And Adam D1K <'Adam> lived TTI <chayah> an hundred HXD <me'ah> and thirty 'shelowshiym> years 7132? <shaneh (in pi. only),>, and begat kyalad> a son in his own likeness HID"! <demuwth>, after his image D7S <tselem>; and called Kip <qara'> his name D5E? cshem> Seth R2? <Sheth>:" This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that IGod created man, in the likeness of God made he him; Male land female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: King James Version of the Bible As You Can See, Adam Was In The Image Of The Eloheem "Angelic Beings" (Genesis 1:27), However, Now Seth Is In The Image Of Adam (Genesis 5:3). And You As Genus-Homo Come I From The Sea Onto The Land, Originally Created From The Dust lof The Earth (Genesis 2:7; ICorinthians 15:47), Evolved To I Homo Erectus Where The Angelic Beings Interceded Without The 28

35 .DAYS

Figure 4 A Five-Week-Old Human Embryo Has A Bony Tail And Gill Pouches Similar To Those Of Fish. Your Physical Bodies Were Created From A Clot Of Blood, Which Takes Us Back To The Clot (The Noble Koran 96:1), Where We Explain Being Of A Clot Of Blood And It States: "That I Became Of Congealed Blood. " By Saying That Jesus Christ Was Created From Blood, They Are Confirming Scientists Recreating Things In Laboratories Like They Do The Cloning Process. They Are Confirming The Cloning Process Right In Genesis 1:26 Where It States: "And God Said, Let Us Make Man In Our Image, After Our Likeness:...". So, Your Physical Body Is A Germ Cloned In The Image And After The Likeness Of God (Genesis 5:1-3). Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 5:1-3 (With Hebrew Inserts) TIN nc?» DVI^N ma-n onx DT^ jna aro DIN p-ftin "so nr i j DK-an OTQ DIN arap-ns tap'i DPN -pin DN-Q mpn -or 2 i PK? ine?-pK tap1! in^sn irnaia I'm rutp nttm n^^ty DIN m 3

_/5 There Eternal Life After Death? Permission Of God Almighty, And Bred You Into Homo-Sapiens So The Physical Body Is From The Black Mud Of The Earth (Tk. Noble Koran 15:29), And To That Your Physical Body Wil Return (Genesis 3:19). Bible - New Testament, 1 Corinthians 15:47 (With Greel Inserts) o TtpcoToc; av6pco7ro<; EK ei; oupavou XOIKOJ; o Seuiepoc; avGpcoTioc; o

Is There Eternal Life After Death? 12. Because Of What Religious Preachers And Teachers I Teach About Heaven And Hell. 3. TJhey Don't Want To Depart From This Life Because Of The Valuables They Have Accumulated While Here. 4. They Are Afraid Because Of Lack Of Knowledge Of The Other Side. 5. Some Feel That It Will All Stop Or End There. les: Is There A Link Between Life On Earth And Life After tath? is: There Is A Link Or A Connection Between The Two Lives, e Life On Earth And The Life After Death. Death Does Not d Life, But Instead Opens The Door, Or Is The Door To Higher ! rms Of Life For Those Selected. Knowledge Of The Seven fiavens Will Increase The Overstanding Of Life And Death. From Be Moment Of Birth, The Essence Of You, The Hayaat Meaning life Force" Is Traveling The Road To The Doorway Of Death, fery Individual Must Live His Life With The Knowledge That . Too Will Someday Face Death. It Is A Common Saying, Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life." Take ,eed! It Is Never Too Late To Clean Up Your Life; To Prepare pr The Life To Come. It Is Easy To Imagine Birth And Death At posite Ends Of A String; The String Being Life. Birth (The rcath Of Life) Is A Gift From The Angelic Beings Also Known The Heavenly Hosts So That You Might Prove Worthiness Of eing In The Image And After The Likeness Of The Angelic eings Again, And Enter Into Their Presence. The Aramic (ebrew) Word For "Life" Is chay <khah'-ee> (Tl), The Same As Se Arabic Word For "Life" Hayaat (s\j*), And The Word For Jfe" In Greek Is Zoe <dzo-ay > (£GJT|) Life, Meaning The Time 30

"The first npcotot; <protos> man avOpomot; <anthropos> is of eiJ <ek> the earth yri <ge>, earthy %OIKO<; <choikos>: the second} 5emepo<; <deuteros> man avQpooTtcx; <anthropos> is the Loi Kuptot; <kurios> from EK <ek> heaven oupavcx; <ouranos>." "The First Man Is Of The Earth, Earthy: The Second Man 1 The Yehovah (Lord) From Orion Or Up There (Heaven)." King James Version of the Bible\ You Have The Greek Word Kurios (Kupioi;) For Lord, However It Should Be The Hebrew Word Yehovah (HIT) Because Thj Scriptures Are Translated From The Hebrew Language, Not The Greek Language. Human Beings, In All Actuality, Have Nc Excuse For Being Ignorant Concerning Such A Natura Occurrence As Death, Which Is The Natural Flow In The Recycling Of Life. The Only Reason Why So Many Are Disturbec About What Is Called Death Is Because They Don't Live By The Law, But They Think It's Because Of The Following: 1. The One Departing Will Be Missed.


Js There Eternal Life After Death?_ The Arabic Word For "Life" Hayaat (sg»), And The Word For "Life" In Greek Is Zoe <dzo-ay'> (§8Wi) Life, Meaning The Time You Spend On This Planet Earth In Your Physical Body. At Any Point From Birth, The String May Be Broken And You Will Return To A Spiritual State; And No Matter How Long The String Is, Each Person Must Someday Taste Death As It States In The Noble Koran 2:28. The Noble Koran 2:28 (With Arabic Inserts)

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ To Leave The Physical Body. What You Do During Your Life Determines What Will Happen To Your Essence After Death. Were You Thankful Or Unthankful? Did You Help Or Hinder? Did You Build Or Destroy? Did You Give Or Always Take? Are You Truly In The Image Of The Good Angels Or Are You In The Image Of The Evil Angels? Life Germ Physical Plane

S-3 •*-* «

Death How can ^ <kay-fa> you all conceal what you know to be the truth cm**3 <takfuruwn> by way of the source ^1L <be-laa-hi> and j <wa> you all were t& <kun-tum> lifeless <amwaataan> and he made you all live ^**^ <fa-ahyaakum> then fi <thumma> he cause you all to be lifeless r&t*t <yumeetukum> then £ <thumma> he will make you live again, l^jjVi <yuhyeekum> then £\ thumma unto him V <ilayhe> you all will return turja'oon." "How Can You Conceal Your Belief In God, When You Were, Dead So He Gave You Life, Then You Died Again, Then He f Brought You To Life Again, Then You Shall Return To Him?" Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 33°/720° Death Is Simply The Removal Of The Nefesh Hayyam) D^H E?S3 "Breath Of Life," The Gift Of The Angelic Beings. When A j Person Dies, The Soul And The Breath Of Life Is The Last Thing j

Plane Of Force Plane Spiritual Of

Yawm Al Qiyamah Day Of Standing Yawm Al Diyn Day Of The Sentence

Plane Of Mental Yawm Al Akhiri Last Day Plane Of Divine (Walk The Filament) Truth Plane Of Divine The Source Reality

Diagram 1 Your Entire Lifetime

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ You Can Solve The Riddle Of Life And Death. There Are Six Stages Of Life And Death Which Include: (1) Without Life: (Before The Sperm Was Used To Fertilize The Ovum) The Noble Koran 76:1: "Didn 't The Human Being (Insaan) Go Through A Period Of Time When He Was Nothing To Be Remembered? " (Job 31:15, Jer 1:5, Ps 139:15-16) (2) Life: (The Sperm Was Mixed With Ovum, Equals Fetus) The Noble Koran 76:2-3: "Verily, we created humans from semen mixed (with ovum), we were testing him (experimenting with cloning); and we gave him the ability to hear and to see. " (Deu 29:4, Job 10:9-12, Mat 13:16) "Verify, we guided him in the way, it is up to him to either be grateful or ungrateful. "

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_
(3) Die: (In The Womb Of The Mother You Are Not Your Own Provider)

The Noble Koran 2:28: "How can you conceal your belief in God, when you were dead so he gave you life, then you died again, then he brought you to life again, then you shall return to him?" (Ps 104:29, Mat 22:31, Luk 20:27-36)

16 :. CM


Diagram 6 Fetus In Mother's Womb (4) Birth; (Lifetime On Earth) The Noble Koran 76:2-3: "Verily, we created humans from semen mixed (with ovum), we were testing him (experimenting with

Figure 5 Sperm Trying To Fertilize The Egg 33

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ cloning); and we gave him the ability to hear and to see. " (Den 29:4, Job 10:9-12, Mat 13:16) 3. "Verify, we guided him in the way, it is up to him to either be grateful or ungrateful " The Noble Koran Quote 76:2 (With Arabic Inserts)

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ "Verily lil <in-na>, we guided him 4^1A <ha-day-naa-hus> in the way Jw-^1 <sa-bee-la>, (it is up to him) to either ljal <em-ma> be grateful 'j^*-*1 <shaa-ke-raan> or ^'3 <wa em-ma> ungrateful 'j3^ <ka-fuw-raan>." "Verily, We Guided Him In The Way; It Is Up To Him To Either Be Grateful Or Ungrateful." Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720° " Then You Died Again, Then He Brought You To Life Again ..." (The Noble Koran 2:28)

"Verily til <in-na>, we created '•"-k- <kha-laq-naal> humans u <an-saa-na > from O* <min> semen ^"^ <nut-fa-tin> mixed (with ovum) E1-^1 <am-shaa-jin> to test him; ^^^ <nab-ta-lee-hi>, and we gave him the ability to < *'«1*>*> <fa-ja-a'l-naa-hu> hear <sa-mee-'aan> and see 'j^^J <ba-seer>." "Verily, We Created Humans From Semen Mixed (With Ovum), To Test Him; And We Gave Him The Ability To Hear And See." Translated By: ; As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi \ Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 33°/720° j The Noble Koran Quote: 76:3 (With Arabic Inserts)

Figure 7 Baby Being Delivered Dath: (Loss Of "Breath Of Life")


_Is There Eternal Life After Death ? The Noble Koran 10:56: "He Gives Life And He Causes Death, And To Him, You All Shall Return. " The Noble Koran 10:56 (With Arabic Inserts) <R>" *•""»-(. >< "He j* <Hu-wa> gives life cr*d <yuh-yee> and j <wa> he (causes death) ^ <yu-mee-tu>, and j <wa> to him ^ <e-lay-he>, you all (shall return) uj**J* <tur-ja-a'wun>." "He gives life and he causes death, and to him, you all shall return." Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al HaadiAl Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 3 3°/720°

Get'On The Train Of Truth!!

Yawm Al Qiyaamah (The Day Of Standing) Yawm Al Diyn (Day Of Judgment) Yawm Al Ahkiri (Last Day: Walk The Filament) Heaven, Which Is With God, Is Everlasting And All Eternal. The Earth Is Only A Temporary Abode For Man As A Means Of Redemption (Psalms 111:9). However, The Devil Whispers Into The Hearts Of Man, Continuously Trying To Seduce Him With 37

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Mils -

Is There Eternal Life After Death? Things Of This World, Causing Man To Believe That This Is The Beginning And The End Of All Things, And That The Physical World Is Permanent. Jesus Christ Warned Us About The Material Things Of This World And Being Attached To Them.

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Bible-New Testament, Matthew 6:19-20 (with Greek Inserts) lays: mn 0r|aauptCetE uu.iv 9r]aaupouc; ETU rriq yr|c; OTIOU OTJC; KCU [Jpcooit; acpavi^ei KOU OTTOU KXETTTCU Stopuaaouaw Kav [ KA.8TCTOUOW Gnoaupt^ETE 5s uutv 0r|aaupou<; ev oupavco OTIOU 'OUTE ot|<; OUTS ppcoai<; acpavi^Ei Kai OTCOU K^entat ou Siopucoouaiv ou8E Lay 6t] oaupt^co <thesaurizo> not HTJ <me> up <thesaurizo> for yourselves uuiv <humin> treasures <thesauros> up1 on EJII <epi> earth JT\ <ge>, where OKOO <hopou> 1 moth one; <ses> and Kai <kai> rust pptooic; <brosis> doth corrupt cpavi^co <aphanizo>, and Kai <kai> where onou <hopou> tthieves KXenrnc; <kleptes> break through Siopuooco <diorusso> and Kai <kai> steal KXenta) <klepto>: 20 But 8e <de> lay up 6r|aaupi^co <thesaurizo> for yourselves UUAV <humin> treasures 6t|oaupo<; <thesauros> in ev <en> heaven oupavoc; <ouranos>, where onou <hopou> neither OUTE <oute> moth ariQ <ses> nor OOTE <oute> rust ppcaait; <brosis> doth corrupt acpavii^co <aphanizo>, and Kai <kai> where OTIOU <hopou> thieves le7tTT|(; <kleptes> do 8iopucoco <diorusso> not ou <ou> break through 8iopuaoco <diorusso> nor ou8E <oude> steal KXEKTCO cklepto>: "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where i neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not [break through nor steal:" King James Version of the Bible

Figure 8 Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago 38


Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Many People Doubt As To The Reality Of Life After Death. It Isl Even Taught By Some That One Must Enjoy The Pleasures Of This Life To The Fullest While He Or She Has The Chance. However, That Is Part Of The Devil's Plan, To Take Your Mind) Off Your Purpose And Away From The Lord "Yahweh" And His] Commandments (Exodus 20:3-17). The Lord "Yahweh" Tells Us To Keep His Commandments In Proverbs 7:2 And I Quote:, "Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of] thine eye. " And In Ecclesiastes 12:13, It Tells Us That Our Only Purpose As Man Is To Keep God's "Eloheem" Commandments And I Quote: "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man." All The Devil Cares About Is Winning Your Soul Over To His Side, To His Army, And Then Deceiving You At The End. Remember, What Happens To You After You Take The Last Breath Of Life, Is Up To You And How You Spend Your Lifetime. Bible - New Testament, Matthew 16:26 (With Greek Inserts) TI yap axpeXmai avGpcorccx; eav TOV KOOIIOV o^ov Kep5r|ar| 5e M/uxnv autou £n.ui<fl0Ti TI u Scoaei av0pcono<; TTIC; \|/UXT|C; autou "For yap <gar> what nq <tis> is a man avOptDTtoq <anthropos> profited copsXeco <opheleo>, if eav <ean> he shall gain Kep5cuvco <kerdaino> the whole oXoc; <holos> world Koa^oq <kosmos>, and 8e <de> lose Jjiuioco <zemioo> his own autoq <autos> soul Vj/ux^l <psuche>? or n. <e> what TK; <tis> shall a man avGpomoc <anthropos> give 8i5o>ni <didomi> in exchange <antallagma> for his autoc; <autos> soul v|/uxn <psuche>?" "For What Is A Man Profited, If He Shall Gain The Who It World, And Lose His Own Soul? Or What Shall A Man Give In Exchange For His Soul?"

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ? King James Version of the Bible This Quote Describes Those Who Sell Their Souls For Worldly Gains And Desires. Desire, Being The Longing For, Or Wishing For Something That May Never Come Or Be Acquired, Only "Leads To Suffering", Like Siddhartha Guatama Buddha Has Been Quoted As Saying For Years. Not Having Control Over Desire Can Be As Detrimental As Losing Your Life, And Furthermore Your Soul. Desire Is The Most Powerful Force And Factor Ruining Many People's Lives And Taking Control Of Their Emotions. How Have People Like Michael Jackson Really Profited, Who Was Once A Jehovah's Witness? He Gave Up His Religious Teachings For Worldly Desires. ITimothy 6:9-10 States: "But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. 10. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. " When He Did The Video "Thriller", It Had Demons And All Sorts Of Terrifying Things In It. Now Look At Him, He Gave Up His Soul For Material Things Of This World. His Very Soul Is Gone All For Naught. He May Have Money, Fame, And Fortune But Look At What He Had To Do To Get It-SELL HIS SOUL. The Things Of This World Are Perishable. Think About It. The Cares Of This World And the Deceitfulness Figure 9 Michael Jackson look at what the love of this 41 world has done to him.

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Of Riches And The Lust Of Other Things Are Things That Bind People's Soul To This World. When You Die Your Body Eventually Decays And Goes Back Into The Earth (Genesis 20:7, The Noble Koran 21:35). All The Riches You Gained, All The Prestige, And All Your Popularity, You Can't Take It With You, For As ITimothy 6:5 States: "For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out." Even If All Your Riches Were Placed In The Casket By Your Side, You Could Not Enjoy Them, For The Part Of You, Which Belonged To The Source, The Heavenly Father Has Been Reclaimed. (Psalms 49:17-18) States: Bible - Old Testament, Psalm 49:17-18 (With Hebrew Inserts)

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ In The Physical Realm Of Man, Material Things Are Abundant, And Financial Systems Are Set Up So That You Can Get All The Material Things You Want Now, And You Pay Later. "Get Now, Pay Later", This Saying Goes Much Deeper Than It Sounds. This Is Done In Hopes That You Will Get So Involved In Your Worldly Pursuits That Your Thoughts Become, Like I Mentioned Earlier, Void Of the Most High. The Devil Goes To Any Extreme To Keep You From The Truth; And Any Desire You Have Can Be Fulfilled. This Is Why They Tell You That You Can Have Heaven On Earth. The Life Of This World Is Only Temporary, A Short Stop For Rest On A Long, Hard Journey. Look At Life This Way And Prepare Yourself For The Journey Ahead. The Life In The Hereafter Is Everlasting With The Eloheem and called by some Angelic Beings. The Noble Koran 3:185 (With Arabic Inserts)

ITDD Tnnx TV-&6 bun npn imonvh ^ \i l"? n'BTi-'D TIVI ITT -rra ipaa-'D is
"For when he dieth JT1Q <maveth> he shall carry nothing away npb <laqach>: his glory TQD <kabowd> shall not descend TV <yarad> after ""IPIX <'achar> him. Though while he lived Tl <chay> he blessed "[13 <barak> his soul K7S3 <nephesh>: and men will praise HT <yadah> thee, when thou doest well 3D1* <yatab> to thyself." "For When He Dies He Will Carry Nothing Away; His Glory Will Not Go Down After Him." "Though, While He Lives, He Counts Himself Happy, And Though A Man Gets Praise When He Does Well For Himself." King James Version of the Bible

Every & <kul-lu> person o^ <naf-sin> shall (taste) ***'* <dhaa-eqa-tu> death 1-'_yjl <al-maw-te>; and j <wa> you shall ^ <en-nama> only be paid uj*j5 <tu-waf-foo-na> your reward (4j»' <oojoo-ra-kum> upon the day j»jd <yowm> of resurrection V^1 <al-qeyaa-ma-te> so he who is i>» <fa-min> removed e J*0 <zuh-ze-ha> from t> <e'n> the fire j^1 <al-naar> and j <wa> brought into d*-^ <ud-khe-la> the garden of delight ^-W1 <al-jan-na-ta> is indeed ^ <fa-qad>, happy Ju <faa-za>; and j <wa> what is ^* <maa> the


Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ life SjjaJ <al-ha-yaa-tu> of this world Lu^l <al-dun-yaa> but <ila> a possession £t" <ma-taa-'au> of deceit jjj*^ <al-gha-roore>." "Every Person Shall Taste Death; And You Shall Only Be Paid Your Reward Upon The Day Of Resurrection. So He Who Is Removed From The Fire And Brought Into The Garden Of! Delight, Is Indeed Happy; And What Is The Life Of This World But A Possession Of Deceit." Translated By: As Sayyid fssa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720° Ques: What Was The Difference Between Man And The Eloheem (Angelic Beings)? Ans: God "Eloheem", The Essence Of Love Is The Breath Of Life (Genesis 2:7) And The Supreme Intellect That Guides His Righteous Children As It States In 1 John 4:7-8 And I Quote: "Beloved, Let Us Love One Another: For Love Is Of God; And Every One That Loveth Is Born Of God, And Knoweth God. He That Loveth Not Knoweth Not God; For God Is Love. " Man And His Divine Creation Is 99% Obedient And Reflective Of These Divine Forces. However, The Remaining 1% Makes Man Rebellious To God, Unlike The Angelic Beings, Who Can Demonstrate Nothing Save Humility And True Devotion To God. Created From Pure And Luminous Light, The Agreeable Angelic Beings Are The Essence Of Spirituality, Void Of Emotion, Without Jealousy, Arrogance And Anger. This Is An Example Of The Spiritual (Positive) Side Of Man That He Can Exercise In An Effort To Transcend His Negative Side, Which Is Fashioned After The Likeness Of The Disagreeable Angelic Beings Created From Fire - Imperfection, Passion, Love, Hate, Arrogance, Jealousy, 44

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Anger, Sadness, Happiness And Deceit Are The Perfect Form Of "Emotion"; And All These Characteristics Are Examples Of That Part Of Man's Nature That Is Constantly Being Tested By The Devil. Man Was Created A Notch Beneath The Angelic Beings As It States In Psalms 8:4-5 And Hebrews 2:7, 2:9. Bible - New Testament, Hebrews 2:9 (With Greek Inserts) TOV 5e Ppa^u TI Trap ayyeXouc; irjoouv Sta TO 7ia6r||ia TOU Gavarou So^n KCU Tt|ir| eaTe(pavcou,evov orcax; xapm Qsou UTiep Tiavroc; yeuar|Tai GavaTOu "But 5e <de> we see pXenw <blepo> Jesus Irjaouq <Iesous>, who o <ho> was made sXciTTOCO <elattoo> a little (ipaxuc; <brachus> TIC; <tis> lower eXtxTToca <elattoo> than icapa <para> the angels ayyeXoc; <aggelos> for Sia <dia> the suffering na9e(ia <pathema> of death GavaToq <thanatos>, crowned oTecpavow <stephanoo> with glory 5oJ^a <doxa> and KOU <kai> honour TVU.TI <time>; that OTIOX; <hopos> he yeuonou <geuomai> by the grace XCtpu; <charis> of God 9eot; <theos> should taste yeuoncu <geuomai> death Bavaroc; <thanatos> for urcep <huper> every man TCCK; <pas>." "But We See Jesus, Who Was Made A Little Lower Than The Angels For The Suffering Of Death, Crowned With Glory And Honour; That He By The Grace Of God Should Taste Death For Every Man." King James Version of the Bible Ques: What Was The 1% That Made And Makes Man Rebellious To God?


Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Ans: "Will". And What Is "Will"? Will Is "The Ability To Deliberately Choose Or Decide Upon A Course Of Action; A Deliberate Decision Or Conclusion; Choice." In Other Words, "Will" Is To Do What One Chooses, To Have One's Way, To See Fit To One's Own Thinking. Ibliys "The Rebellious One", The Devil, Could Not Overstand That His Ability To Say "How", Concerning Adam's Creation, Meant That He Had Inherited His Own "Will". "Will" Is Not Good Or Evil. What Is Evil On Earth Cannot Be Considered The Same In The Heavens. God Created "Will", Which Is A Force That Divides Into 180 Degrees Of Positive And 180 Degrees Of Negative. Man Has Labeled These Parts As Good And Evil, j However, Evil Is Not What The Almighty God Created. The Almighty God Only Created Two (2) Natures: The Nature Of The Agreeable Angelic Beings (Serapheems) And The Nature Of The Disagreeable Angelic Beings (Cherubeems Or Luciferians). Adam, Unlike Ibliys, Was Given By God 360 Degrees Of Knowledge, And This Is What Made Him Knowledgeable Of The Things The Agreeable And Disagreeable Angelic Beings Knew Not. Adam's Soul Knew The Divine Harmony Of The Universe, For God Made Adam's Heart To Beat In Rhythm With Creation. He Also Gave Him A Voice With Which To Sing Because In The Beginning, Adam Did Not Have A Voice. Adam Sang Aloud In Praise Of God And His Creation With Remembrance, And As A Seed, God Planted Him In The Universe. Ques: Can You Tell Us About The Knowledge Adam Possessed? Ans: The Knowledge That Adam Possessed Was Called HaaUlaa-I (*%*) In The Ashuric/Syriac Galilean Arabic Language,

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Which Is A Contraction Of Three Demonstrative Pronouns "This, That And These". The Word Haa-ulaa-I (**$*) Actually Represents All The Knowledge Ranking From The Realm (Abode, World) Of God, To The Realm Of The Agreeable Angelic Beings (Serapheem) And The Disagreeable Angelic Beings (Chenibeem Or Luciferians); And Then To That Of Mortal Man (Earth). "Haa" (U) Is The Demonstrative Prefix Literally Meaning "Behold" Or "This" As In The Word "Hatha" (li*). The "This" Is Referring To The Divine Realm Of God. Only The Lord God, The Angelic Beings "Eloheem", And AI Khidr "The Green One" Have Knowledge Of This Realm (Abode). The Exalted God Taught Adam About This Realm Also. It Is Called "Laahuwt", As Taught By My Great Grandfather, AI Imam Muhammad Ahmad AI Mahdi. Adam Was Also Taught Knowledge Of The Angelic Realm (World) Which Is Represented By The Word "That". The Angelic Beings Themselves Did Not Totally Overstand Their Own Realm. So, When They Began To Question The Most High God, He Presented Adam To Them And Said: "Oh Adam, Inform Them Of Their Attributes." As Taught By My Great Grandfather, AI Imam Muhammad Ahmad AI Mahdi, The Realm Of The Angelic Beings Is Called "Malakuwt". The Source, God Also Gave Adam The Knowledge Of His Own Nature, And Of The Realm He Was To Rule. Adam Was Made Khalifah (*V*) Meaning "One Left Behind" On The Earth To Rule All Things Within It (Genesis 1:26). This Realm Of Man Is The "These" Or "Ulaa-I" Referred To As "Naasuwt". This Was The Knowledge Adam Possessed That Made Him A Unique Creature In The Universe. The Angelic Beings Wanted To Know If This Creature That Was Supposed To Be Placed On The Earth, Would Have The "Nature" Of Ibliys, Who Previously Resided In The Heavens And Caused War In The Heavens And Turmoil


Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Because Of "Will". (Revelation Chapter 12, The Noble Koran 2:30-39) Most People Don't Accept The Reality Of Their Own Death By Surrounding Themselves In The Small Details Of Everyday Living. Their Attitude Is "What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You". If They Were Smart, They Would Find Out More About Their Existence. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You, For The Day Will Surely Come Which Most Men Fear, Death. They Also Believe That Every Human Being Will Have To Account For Every Deed, Whether It's Agreeable Or Disagreeable, And They Will Be Judged By Their Actions. If The Bad Out-Weighs The Good, You Will Be Out Of Existence (The Noble Koran 16:111). Ques: In The Beginning, Did Adam And Eve Know About Death Before Cain Slew Abel? Ans: Yes, Adam Received The Knowledge Of Death Upon Receiving The 360° Degrees Of Complete Knowledge From The Angelic Beings. Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 2:17 (With Hebrew Inserts) 13QD "^DN DT3 "O 1]QE ^DKH vb BIT DID mnn fM!17 :

_ls There Eternal Life After Death ?_ 'But Of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil, Thou Shalt Not Eat Of It: For In The Day That Thou Eatest Thereof Thou Shalt Surely Die." King James Version of the Bible It Is Believed By Millions, That Adam Had No Knowledge Of Death Prior To This Incident In The Garden Of Eden, And That He Would Have Lived Forever. Now Think About This. If Adam Didn't Know Anything About Death When The Angelic Being Said That They Would "Surely Die If They Partook Of The Forbidden Fruit (A Pomegranate)", Then They Would Have No Need To Be Afraid Because They Didn't Know What Death Was. So, Somehow They Must Have Known About Death, Or Saw It. And Remember, According To Certain Interpretations Of The Bible By Your Preachers, They Were Supposed To Be The Only Two Human Beings On The Face Of The Earth At That Time. However, In Genesis 2:21 It States: "Therefore Shall A Man Leave His Father And His Mother, And Shall Cleave Unto His Wife: And They Shall Be One Flesh", This Quote Confirms That Other People Must Have Been Living On The Planet Earth Because This Is Before They Were Put Out Of The Garden. So If A Law Existed That The Man Would Stay With The Woman's Family, Not The Woman With The Man's Family; Then There Must Have Been People Who Lived By That Law (Genesis 2:24). When Adam And Eve Were Told That "They Would Die", The Angelic Beings Were Not Talking About Death Immediately. They Knew That Adam And Eve Would Eventually Die Of Old Age, Even Though Instant Death Was Originally Implied Here. The Angelic Beings Did Not Want Them To Eat From This Tree Because They Would Know Agreeable (Good) And Disagreeable (Evil) Actions Like The Other Angelic Beings. Genesis 3:5 "For God Doth Know That In The Day Ye Eat Thereof, Then Your Eyes 49

man ma
"But of the tree fS? <'ets> of the knowledge HJn <da'ath> of good 31D <towb> and evil JH <ra>, thou shall not eat ^DK <'akal> of j it: for in the day DT <yowm> that thou eatest ^DN <'akal> thereof \ thou shalt surely HID <muwth> die ma <muwth>."


Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Shall Be Opened, And Ye Shall Be As Gods, Knowing Good And Evil." Ques: What Do You "Disagreeable" Actions? Mean By "Agreeable" And

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ located Where Modem Day Saudi Arabia (Mecca) Is Today. iThey Were Told In Genesis 2:17, Don't Touch That Tree Or [You Will Die, Bible-Old Testament, Genesis 2:17 (with Hebrew Inserts)

Ans: According To Sumerian Doctrine, After Adam And Eve Partook Of The Forbidden Fruit "The Pomegranate Apple", And Their Eyes Became Opened, They Became Aware Of Their Private Parts, Even Though Nudity Was Not Looked Upon As Shame, Except In The Land Of Nod. The Moment They Got Intoxicated, They Both Inherited Stimulation. Adam Got An Erection, And Eve's Mammilla Teat, That Is, The Nipples Of Her Areola Mammary Erected, And They Began Lusting After Each Other. The Drug, Which Was A Poppy Seed Called Qat, Stimulated Them And They Became Sexually Attracted To Each Other. After They Indulged In Sex, They Sewed Fig Leaves Together And Covered Their Private Parts And Made Aprons. So, Lust Shifted From The Actual To The Suspense, Meaning No Longer Were Adam And Eve Stimulated By Merely Looking At Their Private Areas, But They Were Now Stimulated By The Thought. I'd Like To Add That The Pomegranate Resembles The Poppy Seed And Is An Intoxicant Producing A Flower That Is Yellow, Rose Pink, j Scarlet, Red, Orange Or White That Is Pleasant To The Eye As Well. The Poppy Seed Is Also Used As Food. It Is Used As Flavoring And Yields An Oil To Make It Good. It (The Poppy j Seed) Is Transformed Into Opium, A Drug, Which Eludes One Into j Thinking They Are Wise (Genesis 3:6). This Is How The Name 5 Apple Got Confused With The Pomegranate Apple Of That Day, Which Is A Replica In Appearance To The Poppy Seed. So When Adam And Eve Violated The First Commandment Not To Partake Of The Forbidden Fruit They Gave Up Their Lives Of Everlasting Bliss In CAN "The Enclosed Garden", Which Is 50

am 'D1MB ^DNH *6 sm DID ninn m n nion mo 1200
But of the tree fS7 <'ets> of the knowledge FISH <da'ath> of good DID <towb> and evil SH <ra*>, thou shall not eat ^DX <'akal> of it: for in the day Dl"1 <yowm> that thou eatest 7DX <'akal> thereof thou shalt surely DID <muwth> die HI ID <muwth>. "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." King James Version of the Bible In This Quote, The Hebrew Word There For "Die" Is Muwth <mooth> (niO) And It Means "To Die, To Kill, To Destroy, Death". By Taking Of The Forbidden Fruit, Adam Thought He Was Taking A Chance On Losing His Physical Life Until His Wife, Eve Was Approached By The 'Whisperer' Nakhash, The Black Devil, From The Land Of Nod, Who Told Her That They Would Not Die (Genesis 3:4), And That The Lord God "Yahweh Eloheem" Had Lied. So They Ate From The Tree, And Just As The Devil Had Said, I They Did Not Die And Their Eyes Were Opened As The Lord


Is There Eternal Life After Death? God "Yahweh Eloheem" Knowing Agreeable (Good) From Disagreeable (Evil). (Genesis 3:22) Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 3:22 (With Hebrew Inserts)

Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ ]*3 <vayin>, and a tree "ptf <'ets> to be desired 1DPI <chamad> to make one wise ^DE? <sakal>, she took npS <laqach> of the fruit thereof "HS <periy>, and did eat ^DK <'akal>, and gave JH3 <nathan> also D3 <gam> unto her husband KPX <'iysh> with her; and he did eat ^DK <'akal>." "And When The Woman Saw That The Tree Was Good For Food, And That It Was Pleasant To The Eyes, And A Tree To Be Desired To Make One Wise, She Took Of The Fruit Thereof, And Did Eat, And Gave Also Unto Her Husband With Her; And He Did Eat" King James Version of the Bible You See, Before They Ate From The Tree, They Had No Knowledge Of Anything Other Than What The Angelic Beings Told Them. That's Why They Were Put In The Enclosed Garden, So That They Would Not Be Influenced By Anything Or Anyone Outside Of The Garden Of Eden. Outside Of The Garden Or The Outer Field Is Saw-Deb (mw) In Aramaic Hebrew And Suwdaan (jbj«) In Ashuric/Syriac Galilean (Arabic). Even Though They Did Not Listen To The Lord God "Yahweh Eloheem" Being The Yielder, The Merciful (Psalms 103:8, 2Chronicles 30:9) Granted Adam A Span Of Time To Earn His Way Back. He Was Given A "Stay Of Execution", Meaning They Were Not Going To Put Him To Death For Violating The First Commandment. According To Sumerian Teachings, The Annunaqi Called "Angels" Even Saved Adam And Eve From A Life Of Everlasting Toil And Sweat So That They Would Not Lag Behind And Have To Move To Raphali (The Ancient Name Of South Africa) To Work In The Mines In Monodappa (Modern Day Zimbabwe, In

o mrr DTKH jn av6x mrr no*n 22 Tn SDKI a^rrn pw DD npbi IT nber-js nnm ini
"And the LORD HIIT <Yehovah> God DTI1?* <'elohiym> said HDK <'amar>, Behold )H <hen>, the man DTK <'adam> is become as one "NIK <'echad> of us, to know S?"!"1 <yada'> good 31E3 <towb> and evil UT <ra'>: and now, lest he put forth rhw <shalach> his hand T <yad>, and take npb <laqach> also of the tree fS? <'ets> of life TT <chay>, and eat ^DK <'akal>, and live TT <chayay> for ever D711? <'owlam>:" "And The LORD God Said, Behold, The Man Is Become As One Of Us, To Know Good And Evil: And Now, Lest He Put Forth His Hand, And Take Also Of The Tree Of Life, And Eat, And Live For Ever." King James Version of the Bible Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 3:6 (With Hebrew Inserts)

prs Kin-mxn ^ Dxn f un SIB ^ n^xn mni 6 HDS? n8r*6-GB ]nm bswn vise npm
"And when the woman Ht^N <'ishshah> saw HKT <ra'ah> that the tree p? <'ets> was good 31C3 <towb> for food 73XD <ma'akal>, and that it K1H <huw'> was pleasant mKH <ta'avah> to the eyes 52

_Is There Eternal Life After Death? Rhodesia), Which Is Where The Mining Was Set Up. Adam Who Is Known In The Sumerian Doctrine As Kadmon And Eve Who Is Known In The Sumerian Doctrine As Nekaybaw Were Blessed With Another Chance And Their Other 20 Sons And Daughters Were Sent To The Mines To Work As Slaves (Genesis 5:4) Where The Angelic Beings Had Destined For These Beings To Work The Gold Mines For Them.

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ eight H3D2? <shemoneh> hundred HXQ <me'ah> years <shaneh (in pi. only),>: and he begat Is* <yalad> sons |3 <ben> and daughters I'D <bath>:" "And The Days Of Adam After He Had Begotten Seth Were Eight Hundred Years: And He Begat Sons And Daughters:" King James Version of the Bible Adam And His Mate Eve Were Exempt From This Labor Of Death. Adam Knew That Death Was Not The End To Life, But Only A Door To Higher Forms Of Life, And Eventually, The Bosom Of The Most High God. Yet, The People Strayed After Adam's Time And Linked Death With Evil. Because Of Their Ignorance Of What Actually Happened In The Enclosed Garden, An Extreme Dislike Was Built Up Against Death. Something That Is Feared Becomes A Taboo; So Death Was A Mystery And Looked At In Fear. Ques: What Was Sin According To The Angelic Beings? Ans: Sin Was Disobedience To The Commands Of The Angelic Being That Was Appointed Over You, Whether You Are Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Or Whatever. Because You Lost Communication With The Eloheem (Angelic Beings) As A Whole (Genesis 4:26), You Have Been Assigned To Someone Who Is Responsible For Your Deeds; And That Is Why You Are Only Allowed To Call On One, And That Is The Son of God Who Is Jesus Christ To The Greeks And The English Speaking World, Who Was Sent By The Almighty God, Whom Jesus Called His Heavenly Father According To Matthew 6:9 Where It States And I Quote: "After This Manner Therefore Pray Ye: Our Father Which Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name." There Are Physical Eloheem (Angelic Beings) As Well As Etheric Eloheem "Angelic Beings". Jesus Christ Was A Physical

Figure 10 Adam (Genesis 2:19)

Figure 11 Eve, (Genesis 3:20)

Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 5:4 (With Hebrew Inserts)

•j^ri nap HKQ nwz? n^-nx i

nnx ms-"^ rm 4 mm D'n

"And the days D ^ <yowm> of Adam B"1** <'Adam> after <'achar> he had begotten "^ <yalad> Seth ^® <Sheth> were

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Angelic Being (Eloheem). So Before The Birth Of Seth You Were Able To Contact The Angelic Beings At Random When You Still Had Your Barathary Gland, Which Was Originally Inside Of The Cavity Of The Hippocampus Area Of The Brain, In The Lower Part Of The Cerebellum. The Cerebellum Is Located At The Lower Part Of The Brain And Is Attached To The Brain Stem. It Was A Gland In The Brain That Was Originally Connected To The Appendix And The Tonsils; The Same Way The Pituitary Gland Connects To The Thyroid Gland.

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ This Is An Evil Hypnotic Spell Of Amnesia, from the word Nesia, "to Forget" from the Galilean Nas (^li), and Hebrew Nas (ma) meaning "forgetful". The Spell of Amnesia Is A Sleep Of The Conscious Mind That Was Cast On Negro-African American People. It Is A Spell Of Racial Blindness, Hate For Self And Kind; Not Knowing Who The Devil Really Is, Or His Many Shapes And Forms. He Or She Could Be Anyone Because The Devil Comes In Many Forms And Races, And Possesses NegroAfrican American People To Work For And Even Kill For Him, And Against Their Own. These Are The Black Devils. Leviathan Was Set The Laws Named After The Serpent Leviathan, Which Is A Giant Sex And Spirit Force That Has Been And Still Is Being Used To Rule You; Keeping You In A State Of Loss, Not Knowing Your Purpose And Your True Identity; Who Your God Is And How You Can Regain His Forgiveness And Grace To Restore Your Soul Before It's Too Late (Psalms Chapter 23). So Now, You Have To Work Your Way Back Through Obedience, Something Which Was Proven Time And Time Again That Homo Sapiens Are Unable To Do. For Example: 1. In The Garden of Eden When Adam And Eve Touched The Tree. 2. With Cain And Abel When They Tested Their Natures By Saying That They Both Prepare A Meal In Genesis 4:3-4. Abel Had A Good Meal And The Angelic Beings Respected Him. However, Cain Just Threw Anything Together And Said "Here". The Angelic Beings Did Not Respect His Offering. The Angelic Beings Even Told Him He Could Go Back And Do It Right And Repent In Genesis 4:6-7 Where It States: "And The LORD Said Unto Cain, Why Art Thou Wroth? And Why Is Thy Countenance






Figure 12 The Hippocampus Area Of The Brain Where The Barathary Gland Was Located According To Sumerian Doctrine, Since The Angelic Beings Were Displeased With What Was Made, The Seed Of Adam Was Put Under A Spell, The Spell Of Leviathan (Job Chapter 41). Before I Continue, I'd Like To Touch On What This Spell Was.



Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Fallen? If Thou Doest Well, Shalt Thou Not Be Accepted? And If Thou Doest Not Well, Sin Lieth At The Door. And Unto Thee Shall Be His Desire, And Thou Shalt Rule Over Him. " Cain Was Being Given A Chance For Salvation, However, Having "Will" He Had The Option To Say "No", And He Did. He Then Killed His Brother Abel In The Outer Field. 3. They Tried Again With Seth In Genesis 4:25 Where It States And I Quote: "And Adam Knew His Wife Again; And She Bare A Son, And Called His Name Seth: For God, Said She, Hath Appointed Me Another Seed Instead Of Abel, Whom Cain Slew ". Seth Was Supposed To Be Created In The Image And Likeness Of The Angelic Beings. According To Sumerian Doctrine, Adam Rebelled And Refused To Go Along With The Experiment Because Of His Anger Of What Had Happened With His Son Abel, His Fear Of Another Cain. Adam Was Angry Because He Found Out That The Incident With Cain Killing Abel Was Just An Experiment To Test Their Natures (Genesis 4:8). When He Said That Seth Would Be In His Image And His Likeness, The Angelic Beings Returned Seth Back To Him, But Without His Barathary Gland. Initially, Seth Was Considered Perfect After Cain Because God Claimed Him As His Son. This Meant That He Was Perfect In His Generations Because He Was A Son Of God. God Further Reinforces The Birth Of Seth By Saying "This Child Belongs To Us" In Genesis 4:25. So Seth Belongs To God And Seth's Seed Belongs To God, Which Means God Had Weaned Out The Evil Again And Perfected Another Seed. Although Cain Slew Abel, And Went And Mixed His Seed, God "Yahweh" Claimed Seth. 4. And Then There Was Noah, Who Was Perfect In His Generation Also As It States In Genesis 6:9 And I Quote: "These Are The Generations Of Noah: Noah Was A Just Man And 58

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Perfect In His Generations, And Noah Walked With God." However, Disagreeableness Slipped Through His Son's Genes Because His Son Ham Gave Birth To An Albino Son Named Canaan, The Leper (Genesis 9:25; Leviticus 14:34) Read the book Was Adam Black or White? By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/72dP). Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 9:25 (With Hebrew Inserts) HTP Dn-QS7 -OP «3 THK "lEtn 25 "And he said "1DK <ramar>, Cursed "HX <'arar> be Canaan <Kena'an>; a servant "OS? <'ebed> of servants "I2ff <'ebed> shall he be unto his brethren HK <'ach>." "And He Said, Cursed Be Canaan; A Servant Of Servants Shall He Be Unto His Brethren." King James Version of the Bible Now, The Angelic Beings Are Grieved To Their Hearts With What Has Become Of Their Creation (Genesis 6:5-6). Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 6:5-6 (With Hebrew Inserts)

am -*» m pi isb namn ns'-'wi p*o D-IKTI nsn nan -3 mrr K-n Tab-^K aswn pK3 cr»tn-nK rroy-'D mrr ann
"And GOD HIT <Yehovah> saw HK"I <ra'ah> that the wickedness S?"l <ra'> of man D~1K <'adam> was great 31 <rab> in the earth flX <'erets>, and that every imagination "I1T <yetser> of the thoughts rQ2?nO <machashabah> of his heart T7 <leb> was

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ only p~) <raq> evil i?"l <ra'> continually DT <yowm>. And it repented DP13 <nacham> the LORD HI IT <Yehovah> that he had made riK?i? <'asah> man D"TX <'adam> on the earth |HX <'erets>, and it grieved ZUU? <'atsab> him at ^K <'el> his heart 3^ <leb>." "And GOD Saw That The Wickedness Of Man Was Great In The Earth, And That Every Imagination Of The Thoughts Of His Heart Was Only Evil Continually." King James Version of the Bible In Genesis 6:5-6 A Yahweh Or Yahuwa Of The Heavenly Hosts (Eloheem) Named Jesus, The Adonai 'Lord' Or Rab 'Sustainer', Appointed Over Earthlings (You), Was Sorry Or Repented For His Involvement In The Making Of The Adamites That Had Become "Rah " 'Disagreeable' Like The Cherubeems Or Luciferians. He Regretted Being Involved Because Every Thought' Of His Heart Was Rah 'Disagreeable' Or Evil Continuously; Meaning That Everyday, Not Only Was Their Imagination Evil, But Also Their Purposes And Desires. Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 6:6 (With Hebrew Inserts)

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ King James Version of the Bible For This Reason They Are Only Interested In A Small, Sincere, And Hard Working Group Of 144,000, If They Prove Themselves. 12 X 12 Agreeable = 144 1 2 X 1 2 Disagreeable = 144 Times 1000 Angelic Beings = 144,000 And Disobedience Seems To Be Your Greatest Sin Because You Hate Being Told What To Do And You Don^t Like Being Chastised. However, According To Proverbs 3:12 It States "For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." Hebrews 12:5-9 Tells You How Those Black Devils That Don't Like Being Chastised Are Children Of The Devil And Those That Are Being Chastised Are Gods Children. Hebrews 12:5-9 States: "And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of him: 6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. 7 If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? 8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. 9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?' So The Reality Of It All Is That It Doesn't Matter What Religion You Are In, It Matters If You Can Be Obedient. That's What The Big Deal Was In The Enclosed Garden, And That's What The Big Deal Is About Now, And That Is What The Big Deal Will Be About When The "New Jerusalem" as it is called in Revelation

x 3s»rm pxa Q-iKn-nN nsstf-1^ mrr ann 6
"And it repented DPI] <nacham> the LORD HIT <Yehovah> that he had made H2?i? <'asah> man D"IK <'adam> on the earth <'erets>, and it grieved 2SJ1? <'atsab> him at ^N <'el> his heart

"And It Repented The LORD That He Had Made Man On The Earth, And It Grieved Him At His Heart." 60


Js There Eternal Life After Death ? 3:12 and 21:2, or Nibiru As It Is Called By Zechariah Sitehin, Comes In The End, OBEDIENCE. Bible - Old Testament, Jeremiah 7:23 (With Hebrew Inserts)

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ "All Of You Are To Obey God And The Messenger, Perhaps You May Receive Mercy". Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33t>/720° Most Religious Organizations Believe That The Greatest Of Sin Is To Associate Another With Their One God, Or To Vex Your Father And Mother, Or To Murder Your Own Species, Or To Commit Suicide, Or To Tell A Lie. However, If You Were Obedient And Followed The Laws That Have Been Revealed As A Guidance For Man From God The Most High, Elyown El As He Commands Us In All Of The Scriptures, There Would Be Very Little Need For Any Other Laws. Most Sins Are Pursued Through Being Disobedient. "When You Commit A Sin Against Your Brother, Do Not Expect To Be Punished By Someone Committing That Same Sin Against You, But Expect The Result Of That Sin As Your Punishment. You Will Be Judged By Your Sins Not For Committing Them." Nowadays It Is Not An Easy Deed To Live Upright Amongst Evil Forces. The Devil With His 200 Angelic Beings, Whom Had Fallen From Grace, Which Are Now Human Black Devils Are Working Around The Clock To Preoccupy You And Your Minds With Everything, Except The Fundamental Truths. (Refer To Are There Black Devils?, Scroll #1 By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/7206). With All The Chaos, Confusion And Destruction He Is Doing Throughout The World, He Still Has Enough Time For You; To Tempt You, To Deceive You, To Make The Material World Fair 63

Trm ^pa iroffi -IQK^ nms TTIX nrn -a-in-nx-at ^ 23 nonx msK -it»K -j-nn-'rm Dro^m ai?1? ^-rnn anxi
But this thing "^^ <dabar> commanded *"^ <tsavah> I them, saying """38 <'amar>, Obey ^27 <shama'> my voice ^p <qowl>, and I will be your God Q^^K <'elohiym>, and ye shall be my people E£ <'am>: and walk "P^ <halak> ye in all the ways ~P"^ <derek> that I have commanded ^^ <tsavah> you, that it may be well ^^ <yatab> unto you. "But This Thing Commanded I Them, Saying, Obey My Voice, And I Will Be Your God, And Ye Shall Be My People: And Walk Ye In All The Ways That I Have Commanded You, That It May Be Well Unto You." King James Version of the Bible The Noble Koran 3:131 (With Arabic Inserts)

"All of you are to obey '3^'j <wa a-tee-'uoo> God <*' <Allah> and 3 <war> the messenger Js-"j-" <ra-soo-la>, perhaps you may receive (>^fc'<la'al-la-kum> mercy OS^^H <tur-ha-moon>."

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Seeming, To Pull You Off The Righteous Path, To Bring You Down From Grace. He Doesn't Take Any Breaks From His Devilishness Like You Do When It Comes To The Laws You Should Be Following And Applying In Order To Be Saved. Everywhere You Go The Devil Is Somewhere Working To Take Control Over Your Thoughts, Mind And Soul. (Refer To Scroll #87 Entitled Where Is The Devil Today? By Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 33°/720°). So, Whenever You Are Making A Decision, In Your Mind And Spirit You Are Fighting A Battle Of Agreeable And Disagreeable. A War Rages Inside You As You Fight Within Your Soul To Make A Choice. That 180 Degrees Of Positive And 180 Degrees Of Negative Struggle Within You Are Like Two Warriors Overcoming One Another. "Soul" Is What Emits Emotions Of Grief, Sorrow, Fear, Greed, Jealousy, Happiness, Hate, Love, Etc. The Soul Is What Exhibits Personality, Which Is The Character Of An Individual. This Is What Makes Man Different From "Mankind". Mankind Has No Soul. He Only Has The "Spirit" Of "The Evil One", Who Is Known By So Many Names In So Many Languages. His Nature Is Negativeness. Even When He Sets Out To Do An Agreeable Act (Supposedly), The End Result Is Evil (Disagreeable). He's Demanding And Feels Entitled To Everything. He's Not Satisfied When You Are Happy. He's That Force Inside You That Takes Pride In Getting You In Trouble, And He's Never Going To Get Out Of You Because He's A Part Of You. He Seduces You With Bright Lights, Music, Bright Clothing, Food And Money. He's Not A Spook, He's A Disagreeable Angelic Being That Incarnates On Earth Into Human Form, Walking "To" And "Fro", "Up" And "Down" (Job 1:7, Job 2:2), Causing The Great Plagues, Wraths, Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes And Wars. , The Devil, Evil One, Lucifer, Satan Or Whatever Name You Want j 64

Js There Eternal Life After Death?_ To Call Him From His Many Names Will Be Seen By Man As It States In Ezekiel 28:17-18, Where The Word "Behold" Means "To Perceive Through Sight Or Apprehension". Bible - New Testament James 1:12 (With Greek Inserts) avrip oc; UTtouevei neipaojiov cm 8oKiu,cx; Xnxj/eTai TOV ctecpavov rn<; £cor(<; ov ETrnyyeiXato o KUpioc; TDK; ayarccoaiv aurov Blessed |iaKapio<; <makarios> is the man avep <aner> that oc; <hos> endureth UTCOHEVCO <hupomeno> temptation Keipaou,o<; <peirasmos>: for cm <hoti> when he is tried 6oKijio<; <dokimos> yivonai <ginomai>, he shall receive XanPavco <lambano> the crown crtECpavoc; <stephanos> of life £O>T| <zoe>, which oc; <hos> the Lord KUpioq <kurios> hath promised e7iayY£X,Xco <epaggello> to them that love aycumco <agapao> him amoc; <autos>. "Blessed Is The Man That Endureth Temptation: For When He Is Tried, He Shall Receive The Crown Of Life, Which The Lord Hath Promised To Them That Love Him." King James Version of the Bible Bible - New Testament, Matthew 5:10 (With Greek Inserts) u.aK<xpioi 01 6E5icoy|j,evoi SVEKEV 5iKaioauvr|<; OTI aimov Eartv r| pamXeia TCOV oupavcov Blessed naKaptoq <makarios> are they which are persecuted 5icOKCO <dioko> for evsica <heneka> righteousness1 sake SiKmoauvn <dikaiosune>: for OTI <hoti> theirs auioc; <autos> is EOTI <esti> the kingdom (3aaiX,£ia <basileia> of heaven oupavoc; <ouranos>. 65

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ "Blessed Are They, Which Are Persecuted For Righteousness* Sake: For Theirs Is The Kingdom Of Heaven." King James Version of the Bible Remember The Trials Of Job? Even The Angelic Beings Spoke Of Him As "Upright" And "Perfect" In Job 1:1. Bible - Old Testament, Job 1:1 (With Hebrew Inserts)
IDT DTT^K KT1 HE?"! Dn S1HH tff'Kn HYP TO 3T

_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ "Behold v8ou <idou>, we count them happy <makarizo> which endure unojisvco <hupomeno>. ye have heard ttKOUco <akouo> of the patience UTIOJIOVTI <hupomone> of job icop <iob>, and Kai <kai> have seen ei8co <eido> the end TeXoc; <telos> of the lord Kupioq <kurios>; that OTI <hoti> the lord KUpioq <kurios> is eoti <esti> very pitiful TioXuonXayxiloq <polusplagchnos>, and Kai <kai> of tender mercy oiKTipjicov <oiktirmon>." "Behold, We Count Them Happy, Which Endure. Ye Have Heard Of The Patience Of Job, And Have Seen The End Of The Lord; That The Lord Is Very Pitiful, And Of Tender Mercy." King James Version of the Bible

There was a man 2TX <'iysh> in the land fHX <'erets> of Uz pi? <'Uwts>, whose name Q£? <shem> was Job 3VX <'Iyowb>; and that man ETK <'iysh> was perfect Dfi <tam> and upright <yashar>, and one that feared NT <yare'> God <'elohiym>, and eschewed "110 <cuwr> evil !?T <ra'>. "There Was A Man In The Land Of Uz, Whose Name Was Job; And That Man Was Perfect And Upright, And One That Feared God, And Eschewed Evil." King James Version of the Bible Yet, The Angelic Beings Tried Job With Destruction Of All His Wealth, The Death Of All His Children, And The Deterioration Of His Health. Job Was Never Once Bitter For His Life And Not Once Did He Curse The Heavenly Hosts Or Angelic Beings (James 5:11). Bible - New Testament, James 5:11 (With Greek Inserts) iSou naKCtpi^onev TOUC; UTIOUEVOVTCIC; ir|v UTTOM-Ovnv icop nKOuaare KCU TO TeXo<; Kuptou eiSete on sauv o Kuptoq KCU. oiKTip|icov

Figure 13 Job Son Of Issachar (Genesis 46:13)

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ? Most Of You Have Not Been Tested As To The Strength Of Your Faith, Even To The Point Of Shedding Blood. Yet, You Complain That Your Life Is So Hard. The Only Reason Why Some Human Beings Complain Is Because It Is Hard For Them To Get What They Want. Some Strive After Wealth, Some Would Like Only To Be Strong And Healthy; Others Wish For Fame And Renown. And With All The Stress On Living Life To Its Fullest, The Thought Of Death As A Favor Is Absurd. A Similar Quote From Ecclesiastes 7:1 States And I Quote: Bible - Old Testament Ecclesiastes 7:1 (With Hebrew Inserts)

7s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Once Again Death Is Referred To As Being More Desirable Than Life (Jeremiah 8:3, Revelation 9:6). Bible - Old Testament, Jeremiah 8:3 (With Hebrew Inserts)

as aTirnn

n rmt«?n hzb o^no mo "iron 3 Dnxtwrr mopon-^Dn nsTn nmn m*ax mrr

A good name DE? <shem> is better 31D <towb> than precious <towb> ointment |DE? <shemen>; and the day DV <yowm> of death HIO <maveth> than the day DV <yowm> of one's birth ih"1 <yalad>. "A Good Name Is Better Than Precious Ointment; And The Day Of Death Than The Day Of One's Birth." King James Version of the Bible The Body Is Nothing More Than The Temple That Houses The Soul (John 1:4-5). When Someone Asks You What You Are, Your Answer Should Be That You Are A Living Soul (Genesis 2:7). Your Mission In Life Is To Be Mindful Of Your Creator And Serve Him As You Travel The Road To Death, For He Breathed Into You The Breath Of Life (Read the book "What Is Spirit And Soul?).

And death DIQ <maveth> shall be chosen "1FD <bachar> rather than life TT <chay> by all the residue ITINE? <she'eriyth> of them that remain "1X2? <sha'ar> of this evil JJ"! <ra'> family nn£K?Q <mishpachah>, which remain "1KB? <sha'ar> in all the places QlpD <maqowm> whither I have driven n"I3 <nadach> them, saith DfcO <ne'um> the LORD HIT <Yehovah> of hosts K33 <tsaba'>. "And Death Shall Be Chosen Rather Than Life By All The Residue Of Them That Remain Of This Evil Family, Which Remain In All The Places Whither I Have Driven Them, Saith The LORD Of Hosts." King James Version of the Bible Bible - New Testament, Revelation 9:6 (With Greek Inserts) KOU sv rait; rmepau; eKEivaic; Jjitriaouaiv ov av9pccmoi TOV Bavarov Kca oux euprioouaw autov KQI a7to9avew KCU cpeu£,£tai o Gavaioq art avncov And Kai <kai> in ev <en> those eKewog <ekeinos> days <hemera> shall men av9po>7io<; <anthropos> seek E^r|T8G) <zeteo> death GavaTOc; <thanatos>, and Kav <kai> shall supioKCO



_Is There Eternal Life After Death? <heurisko> not ou <ou> find supioKu) <heurisko> it <autos>; and Kai <kai> shall desire E7rv6uu,eco <epithumeo> to die a7to6vnaKO> <apothnesko>, and Km <kai> death GavctToc; <thanatos> shall flee (peuyco <pheugo> from cmo <apo> them <autos>. "And In Those Days Shall Men Seek Death, And Shall Not Find It; And Shall Desire To Die, And Death Shall Flee From Them."
there Black devils living amongst us? What are they here for ana why do they exist today? What are the origins of the Black Devil?, How do you know a Black Devil from a regular person? •. M
^•T"""' • ' : S '•... i. •.;. i : ; I -, .^fP^||l:

King James Version of the Bible This Should Make Any Person Ponder Why. Why Is Death Better Than Life? In Order To Find The Answer, Look Into The Lord's (Yahweh) Purpose For Giving Human Beings A Span Of Time On Earth (Genesis 6:3, Psalms 78:39, 1 Peter 3:19-20). As Mentioned Earlier, Human Beings Should Not Weep At Death, But Rejoice And Welcome Its Presence (Revelation 14:13). The Lord "Yahweh" Blessed You With Old Age, In That As Life Progresses, Human Beings Are Slowed Down And Prevented From Entertaining Bad Habits And Sinful Acts. Some People Die In Childbirth, Some In Adolescence, Some Die At The Peak Of Their Mischief-Making And Sinful Career. To Die At A Time As This, Is To Die In Danger. If However, You Are Young And Know That You Have Fulfilled All The Qualifications And Commandments (Mandatory Laws) Set Down By The Angelic Beings, Then Death Should Not Frighten You At All. In Fact, Your Chances Of Being Amongst The 144,000 Chosen And Gaining What You Call Paradise Are More Assured. On The Other Hand, If You Are Young And Are Involved In The Acts Of Wrong Doing (Prostitution, Fornication, Intoxication, Deception, Thievery, Etc.), You Should Try To Grant An Extended Chance To Amend Your Ways To Atone Your Evil 70

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Js There Eternal Life After Death?_ Actions, And Pray For Old Age As A Chance To "Cool Off' And Start All Over Again. In That Way You Can. Be Reborn Not Of The Body, But Of The Etheric Being, In Order To Transform When The Time Comes. Bible - New Testament Revelation 14:13 (With Greek Inserts)

7s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Ans: No, There Is No Sin And Law Amongst The Angelic Beings, There's Legency. There Is No Sin Because Nobody Has The Ability To Do Disagreeableness And That's Because We Are In Alignment With God. Unless You're Talking About The Disagreeable Ones Amongst Us, All They Do Is Disagree. They Need Each Other To Be Balanced. They Need Each Other's Presence For Existence, And They Don't Need What You Are, To Accept Your Existence. They Are The Ones That Keep Murder And Rape In Your World. Ques: What Are People Who Say They Can Talk To The Dead Called And Are They Real? Ans: In The Bible They Are Called Necromancers (Deuteronomy 18:11). This Is The Practice Of Supposedly Communicating With The Spirits Of The Dead In Order To Predict The Future. Some Say It's A Form Of Black Magic Or Sorcery. According To The Bible This Is An Abomination. Necromancy Is Something That People Of The Christian Church Persecuted And Even Killed People For, Yet People Like John Edwards, A Christian Who People Are Praising, Still Practice This And His Television Ratings Are Shooting Up Higher Than Ever With People Calling In From All Over The World. People Who Practice This Communicate With Dead Spirits, Be They Friend, Family, Uncle, Parents, Negative Or Positive Spirits. This Is The New Age Of Devil Worshiping, Satanism, And The Spiritual Upliftment Of Warlocks. All Of A Sudden, It Is All Right For Men To Conjure Up Spirits Or Demons, When At One Time People Were Burned At The Stakes And Killed For Such Practices. Ques: What Are Some Of The Methods People Use To Deal With The Reality Of Death?

Kat nKOuoa (pcaviK EK TOU oupavou ^.syouartt; u,oi ypayov j 01 veKpoi 01 EV Kupuo attoGvnaKovTEq anapn vai TO 7rv£uu.a iva avaTiauacoviai EK TCOV KOTIWV auTcov Ta 6s epya autcov aKoX,ou0£i J^ET auToov And Kai <kai> I heard aKouco <akouo> a voice cpcovn. <phone> from EK <ek> heaven oupavcx; <ouranos> saying A,£yco <lego> unto me |iov <moi>, Write ypcupu <grapho>, Blessed ndKapvot <makarios> are the dead vsKpoc; <nekros> which o <ho> die ano9vi]aKco <apothnesko> in sv <en> the Lord KUpiOQ <kurios> from henceforth aTtaptv <aparti>: Yea vai <nai>, saith leyco <lego> the Spirit TWEUua <pneuma>, that iva <hina> they may rest avanauco <anapauo> from SK <ek> their autoq <autos> labours KOTIO<; <kopos>; and 5s <de> their autcx; <autos> works epyov <ergon> do follow aKoXouGso) <akoloutheo> ^lEta <meta> them autoq <autos>. "And I Heard A Voice From Heaven Saying Unto Me, Write, Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In • The Lord From Henceforth: Yea, Saith The Spirit, That They May Rest From Their Labours; And Their Works Do Follow Them." King James Version of the Bible Ques: Is There Sin And Law Amongst The Angelic Beings?



Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Ans: Some People Think That If They Stay Young They Will Not Die. The Word "Death" Itself Has Become Almost Unmentionable In These Days And Times, For Then The Wealthy Would Have To Deny This Being The Earthly Paradise It's Deemed To Be. Death Is Always Thought Of In Terms Of The Very Old, Or The Severely 111, Or Always The 'Other' Guy, Until You've Almost Embraced Death Yourself, And The Angelic Beings Gave You Another Chance. Stress Of Pleasure Seeking Is Placed On Enjoying Life In The Youthful Years, And Cosmetic Companies And Health Spas Make Billions Of Dollars On Trying To Keep Everybody Young. The Actual Occurrence Of Death Or Deaths Often Calls For Psychiatric Attention. Man's Forgetfulness Caused Him To Fall Independent From God. Yet, The Remembrance Of Death Immediately Humbles Mortal Man. Fear Fills The Heart When He Remembers That One Day He Will Have To Return Before God. Yet He Constantly Loses Himself In His Abundance Of Wealth And The Distraction Of The World And Never Stops To Ponder On The "Reason" Of His Existence. The Fact Is That Every Human Being Knows Deep Inside That His Own Death Is Inevitable, So They Have Devised Schools Of Thought In Order To Buffer That Reality. One Of The Most Obvious Ways To Relieve Oneself Of The Reality Of Death Is To Make Sure Of Enjoying Every Drop Of Life While The Blood Still Runs Warm. This Could Be Done In Taking Drugs, Performing Life Threatening Stunts Like Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Speed Racing, Etc. "I'm Going To Do Any And Everything I Want Because You Only Live Once". This Pleasure Seeking Practice Is Common And Has Been For Centuries Amongst Millions Of People.

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_
Afertteed aoa begins to divide and form an embryo. The cells further differentiate and farm blood, bones and tissue w!thm(ha»mfxyo At lives months, Ihe embryo becomes a tetus ami continues to grow lor six additional months before birth.

IntlM lab...
S;em oelte are removed from the embryo and are cultured.


adding and removing certain proteins, the siem cells are directed to devoJop (mo new heart, bone or other cells 10 treat ailing patients



The ue* of human embryos lor stem cell mnareh ha» be»n • touro* of much debate. o,rtnanfntm tmm that embryonic stem cdla an trail* that emb . . t t T M n •omcllc Men from mature llatiw. Other* oppoM IrW ractice because removing th* celfi <lMUu>»

Figure 14 The Process Of Stem Cell Research Being Conducted Today


There Are People In The World Who Are Wealthy Or Important Enough To Afford Special Doctors, That Are Responsible For Keeping Their Bodies Intact And Healthy Long Enough For Them To Complete Their Mission. This Is Done Through What Modern Day -Scientists Call Stem Cell Research, Which Is The Removal Of Fresh Red Blood Cells From A Fetus And Injecting Them Into Patients That Have Diseases That Destroy The Cells' Such As Cancer Or Multiple Sclerosis (Brain Damage). The Cells From The Fetus Begin Attaching Themselves Onto The Persons Cells And Begin To Reproduce Fresh Red Blood Cells That Help To Regrow Or Rebuild Damaged Or Dead Cells Of A Human Being. Scientists Are Reluctant To Introduce This Method Into The United States Because In Order For Them To Obtain The Cells The Fetus Or Baby Is Killed. This Is Why They Are Trying To Take Over Third 74

/$ There Eternal Life After Death ? World Countries To Continue Their Experiments; They Know That Poor Countries Like Africa, And India Don't Mind Getting Rid Of Babies Because They Can Barely Feed Themselves. This Research Is Almost On The Same Level As Cloning, As Far As Reproducing The Cells Of A Human Being. Ques: How Do Scientist Know About Cloning? Ans: The Ancient Egiptians "Tama-Reyaat" Priests Or "Waabs" In Ancient Egipt Were Scientists. They Had The Knowledge And Science Of Cloning As Well As Alchemy, Geometry, Embalming And Altering Molecules. They Obtained This From The Angelic Beings From Beyond The Stars. This May Sound Crazy In America, But If You Ask A Christian, Where Did Jesus Come From? According To The Bible He Would Say, I'm From Above, You Are From Beneath, I Come Down From The Father (John 8:23). You Might Say From Heaven, But Then Where Is Heaven? Most People's Answers Would Be, Up There Where The Angelic Beings Came From. The Egiptian Pharaohs Made Clones So In The Event They Suffered From Some Type Of Disease Or Illness The Alchemist Egiptain Priest Or "Waab" Could Replace That King's Blood With No Fear Of Rejection. Another Attempt At Buffering The Reality Of Death Is The Idea Of Reincarnation. Ques: What Is Reincarnation? ,

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Basically Holds That Life Is Valuable Only For The Passing Moment. It Teaches That The Soul Never Dies And When The Body Dies It Is Reborn; With This Continuous Process Of Rebirth There Is No End To Existence, And Human Beings Live Over And Over Again Until They Achieve Spiritual Perfection. The Buddhist And Hindu Religions Preach A New Version Of Reincarnation. These Sects Reject The Belief Which Claims That Sins Are Punished hi The Next Reincarnation; Rather, One Accumulates The Wisdom Each Life Brings And In Doing So Reaches Higher Stages. Evil Actions Which May Be Committed Will Only Reverse And Slow Down This Accumulation And Keeps One From Reaching Nirvana. These Ridiculous Beliefs Or Opinions Only Frees The Individual From Their Responsibility To God And The Eventual Outcome Is The Watered Down Version Of Buddhism. Reincarnation Is The Foundational Belief In Santeria, A Religion That Worships A Central Creative Force Named Olodumare, Who Is Equal To God. They Believe That Each Individual That Comes To Earth Has To Fulfill A Particular Destiny. If That Person Is Not Able To Accomplish The Duties That He/She Chose Before Birth, Then They Must Continue Reincarnating Until They Achieve It. Ques: Wbat Is Resurrection?

Ans: Reincarnation Is When A Person Has Indeed Died And Their Body Has Decomposed And Then Returned In The Same Body. The American Heritage Dictionary Defines It As The "Rebirth Of The Soul In Another Body". "Re" = To Return Or Do Again. "Carnate" Is From The Word Cardinal Which Is "To Have A Physical Body Full Of Red Blood". The Person That Has Died Can Either Recompose In Their Physical Body Or Return In j Another Body, And This May Take Place At Birth. This Idea 75

Ans: Resurrection Means To Reincarnate Whether In A Spiritual Sense From Out Of The Grave, Or A Resurgence, Which Means: "A Continuing After Interruption; A Renewal. A Restoration To Use, Acceptance, Activity, Or Vigor; A Revival" Also. According To The American Heritage Dictionary, The Word "Resurrection" Is Defined As: The Act Of Rising From The Dead Or Returning To Life. The State Of One Who Has Returned To 76

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Life. The Act Of Bringing Back To Practice, Notice, Or Use; Revival. Resurrection. Theology, The Rising Again Of Jesus On The Third Day After The Crucifixion. The Rising Again Of The Dead At The Last Judgment. [Middle English, From Old French, From Late Latin ResurreCtio, ResurreCtiSN-, From Latin ResurreCtus, Past Participle OfResurgere, To Rise Again. The Resurrection Is The Spiritual Return On The Last Day, Known To The Muslim World As "Yawmul Akhiri" And The Day Of Resurrection As "Yawmul Qiyaama" The Day Of Standing. This Is From The Root "Qaama Which Means: He Stood Up, Erect. Hence, He Rose From Sitting Or Reclining. Sometimes A Person Can At Will Slow Their Heart Beat Down So That It's Barely Detectable. To The Inexperienced Person It Appears As Though The Person Is Dead, But They're Not. There Has Been No Physical Resurrection. However, The Mental Resurrection Of The Mentally Dead Has Taken Place. Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago, Also Known As The "Messiah Jesus", Spoke Of The Resurrection In (John 5:29) And I Quote: "And Shall Come Forth; They That Have Done Good, Unto The Resurrection Of Life; And They That Have Done Evil, Unto The Resurrection Of Damnation." He Separates The Resurrection Of Those Who Have Done Good, And The Resurrection Of Those Who Have Done Evil. One Will Be The Spiritual Ascension Into Paradise And The Other Is The Spiritual Dissension Into Hell. God Promises These People How They Will See The Results Of Their Works In The Noble Koran 99:6-8 "And On That Day Humans Will Come Forth Separately To See Their Works While On Earth: (Ps 28:4, 105:1, Rom 2:6, Jer 25:14) And Whoever Have Done One Grains Weight Of Good Works Will See It! (Ex 9:13, Is 59:18, John 3:21) And He Who Has Done One Grain Weight Of Evil Shall See It! (Jer 5:28, Luke 11:48, John 3:19) ".

Js There Eternal Life After Death!'_ In Revelation 20:6 Jesus Christ Speaks About The "First Resurrection", And It Says The Following: "Blessed And Holy Is He That Hath Part In The First Resurrection: On Such The Second Death Hath No Power, But They Shall Be Priests Of God And Of Christ, And Shall Reign With Him A Thousand Years. " This Is The Raising Of The "First Fruits" The "Mentally Dead" Of Which I Was One. I, Too Walked The Planet, Unaware Of My Potential. I Was As You Are. I Was Raised By The Angel Michael "Al Khidr", The Highest Of All The Angelic Beings When He Appeared To Me And Informed Me Of My Responsibility Back In 1970 A.D. Now I Am Raising Others To The Truth Of Who You Are, Where You Should Be Going And How To Get There. You Too Must Join The Ranks Of The "First Resurrection" (Revelation 20:5-6) Because The Time For The "Second Resurrection" Is Near! Bible - New Testament Revelation 20:5 (With Greek Inserts) ot Se XOITTOI TCOV veKpcov OUK aveJjloav ecoc; TeX,ea8r| ra ern autti TI avaataon; TI Trpcorn fiaKapiot; KCU aytoc; o e^cov (iepo<; ev TTI avaoraoei in, Ttpcotri eiu TOUTCOV o Gavaioc; o Seuiepoc; OUK EXEI e^ouoiav aX,X eaovtai lepetc; TOU 9eou KOU TOD XPIOTOU KCU paoiXeuoouotv net aurou %iXia err) But 8e <de> the rest Xouioc; <loipoy> of the dead vsxpoc; <nekros> lived ava£aco <anazao> not ou <ou> again ava^ato <anazao> until ECOC; <heos> the thousand %ifaoi <chilioi> years eroc; <etos> were finished Teased <teleo>. This OUTO<; <houtos> is the first KPCOTOC; <protos> resurrection avaotaoic; <anastasis>. "But The Rest Of The Dead Lived Not Again Until The Thousand Years Were Finished. This Is The First Resurrection." King James Version of the Bible

Is There Eternal Life After Death?

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?

I eyco <ego> can 8uvancu <dunamai> of arco <apo> mine own self sjiauTou <emautou> do Ttoieto <poieo> nothing ou <ou> ou5eic; <oudeis>: as Ka6coc; <kathos> I hear aKOUco <akouo>, I judge krinw <krino>: and Kai <kai> my ejioc; <emos> judgment Kpioic; <krisis> is EOTI <esti> just StKaiot; <dikaios>; because OTI <hoti> I seek i^riTeco <zeteo> not ou <ou> mine own Ey,ot; <emos> will Q&kr\iia. <thelema>, but aXX,a <alla> the will <thelema> of the Father THXTTIP <pater> which hath sent <pempo> me \IT\ <me>. "I Can Of Mine Own Self Do Nothing: As I Hear, I Judge: And My Judgment Is Just; Because I Seek Not Mine Own Will, But The Will Of The Father Which Hath Sent Me." King James Version of the Bible Jesus Is Not Coming On A Chariot Out Of A Cloud. So Stop Looking Up There For Him! He's Coming Like "A Thief In The Night" Knocking On The Doors Of Your Hearts (1 Thessalonians 5:2, 2 Peter 3:10, Luke 12:39, Revelation 3:3, 3:20, 16:25), Meaning That He Would Send His Spirit In The Last Days And From This Would Resurrect (Mentally) Groups Of People Who Would Be "Messiah-Like". Those Who Stop Now And Resurrect (Mentally) Now Will Be Blessed When The Last Day Arrives. They Won't Have To Worry About Dying; They Will Pass Easily From The State Of Righteousness Into Eternal Life As It States In 7 John 2:25 "And This Is The Promise That He Hath Promised Us, Even Eternal Life. " 80

"Blessed And Holy Is He That Hath Part In The First Resurrection: On Such The Second Death Hath No Power, But They Shall Be Priests Of God And Of Christ, And Shall Reign With Him A Thousand Years." King JamesVersion of the Bible Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago, The Messiah, Has The Power To Resurrect, Restore Or Revive Life In Men Through The Will Of The "Heavenly Father" (John 5:30). Here Is Where Jesus Makes You Aware Of His "Double Portion", As Well As The Separation Of The Raising Of The Dead, And The Resurrection After Death. He Was The One With The Power To Raise Men Then, And Will , Control The Resurrection On The Last Day. (Refer To The Scroll Entitled: The Degree Of Christ-Ism By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi \ Z. York-El 338/72(f). 79

Is There Eternal Life After Death ? Ques: What Does Eternal Mean? Ans: In The Greek Language, You Will Find The Word Eternal As Aionios (CUOMO q) And In The Hebrew Language, You Will Find It As Qedem (Dip), Both Meaning "Perpetual, Everlasting". This Helps One To Realize That The Eternal Goal Is To Become One With The Eternal God, As All In All (1 Corinthians 15:28). Bible - Old Testament, 1 Corinthians 15:28, (With Greek Inserts) OT<XV 5£ UTTOTayri auTco Ta navTa TOTE KOU auTog o woq unoTaynaETai TO unoTa^avTi CCUTCO Ta TKXVTCC wa n, o GEO<; Ta TiavTa EV Traow And 5e <de> when OTOV <hotan> all things naq <pas> shall be subdued UKOTaooco <hupotasso> unto him OUTOC; <autos>, then TOTE <tote> shall unoTaooco <hupotasso> the Son woe; <huios> also Kai <kai> himself auToq <autos> be subject urtOTaooco <hupotasso> unto him that put UTTOTaooco <hupotasso> all things na<; <pas> under UTCOTaaaco <hupotasso> him OUTOC; <autos>,, that iva <hina> God GEOC; <theos> may be co <o> all note; <pas> in EV <en> all rcac; <pas>. "And When All Things Shall Be Subdued Unto Him, Then Shall The Son Also Himself Be Subject Unto Him That Put All Things Under Him, That God May Be All In All." King James Version of the Bible According To The American Heritage Dictionary. The Word! "Eternal" Is Defined As Such:

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ e-ternal (i-tur'nsl) adj. 1. Being without beginning or end; existing outside of time. See Synonyms at infinite. 2. Continuing without interruption; perpetual. 3. Forever true or changeless: eternal truths. 4. Seemingly endless; interminable. See Synonyms at ageless. See Synonyms at continual. 5. Of or relating to spiritual communion with God, especially in the afterlife. — e-ternal n. 1. Something timeless, uninterrupted, or endless. 2. Eternal. God. Used with the. [Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin aeternalis, from Latin aeternus. Those Who Become One With The Eternal God Will Be "Putting On Immortality" (1 Corinthians 15:54), But If You Have To Die First, Take My Word For It, You Will Taste Hell. The Mentally Resurrected Would Dress Like Him, Eat Like Him, Sleep Like Him, Talk Like Him. This Would Continue On Until It Was Instilled In The Children Giving Them A Culture And Identity. These Are Things You Have Been Stripped Of, However, Once This Instilled Pride Of Who You Are Is Restored, The Raising Of The 144,000 Can Begin (Revelation 14:1). I Am' Sent Here To You, To Prepare For This Era So The 144,000 (Perfect Beings Who Were Raised Incorruptibly And In Purity) Can Be Taken Up Like The Prophets That Have "Ascended" Or Have Been "Translated" Or "Taken Up". Bible - New Testament, 1 Corinthians 15:54, (With Greek Inserts) OT<XV 8E TO (pGapTov TOOTO Ev5uanTai cupGapmav KOU TO GvriTOV TOUTO Ev5uor|Tai aOavaciav TOTE y£vr|a£Tai o Xoyoq o y£ypann£vo<; KctTETroGri o 9avaTo<; EK; So 5s <de> when OTav <hotan> this TOUTO <touto> corruptible (pGctpTOc; <phthartos> shall have put on svSooo) <enduo>


_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ incorruption acpGapoia <aphtharsia>, and KCU <kai> this TOUTOJ <touto> mortal 9vn,TO<; <thnetos> shall have put on ev6uotO| <enduo> immortality aGavaoia <athanasia>, then TOTE <tote>| shall be brought to pass yivou.ou <ginomai> the saying Xoyod <logos> that is written ypacpca <grapho>, Death 0avatoJ <thanatos> is swallowed up KaTanivco <katapino> in ei<; <eis>| victory VIKOC; <nikos>. "So When This Corruptible Shall Have Put On Incorruption, And This Mortal Shalt Have Put On Immortality, Then Shall Be Brought To Pass The Saying That Is Written, Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory." King James Version of the Bible] Ques: What Is A Zombie? Ans: A Zombie Is A Dead Body Reanimated By Spirit Demons,] Whose Purpose Is To Scare And Terrify. The Person Is Neither* Alive Mentally Nor Physically In The Same Way As When He Was Fleshy Alive. In Other Words, A Zombie Is A Trance Body Or Dead Body Being Used By Demons, Innate Body Ghost Forces, Or Spirits Of Thd Demons' Realm. There Is No Such Thing As A Person Being Resurrected Back To Life After He Or She Has Been Physically Dead. Ques: There Are People Who Say They Want To Die, Doef That Mean That They Are Not Afraid Of Death? Ans: The Fact That These People Say They Want To Die, AnJ Are Still Living Shows They Either Don't Want To Die, Or Hav Some Fear Of Death, Otherwise They Would Have Gone Top 83

Is There Eternal Life After Death ? The Highest State Building To Jump, Which Would Guarantee Instant Death Once Or Even Before They Hit The Ground. And I The Ones Who Did Mean It Are Dead And Have Not Returned To [Tell Anybody About The Other Side. Whether They Say It, Or Do It, They Are The Ones Who Don't Want To Cope Or Deal With The Reality Of The World, So They Try To Find Some Easy Way I Out And Not Accept Full Responsibility And Control Of Their Own Lives. This Could Also Categorize A Person As Suicidal, "Which Is Someone Who Is Dangerous To Oneself Or To One's Interests, Self-Destructive Or Ruinous" (Ecclesiastes 12:1-7). The Wise Ones Apply Their Hearts To Knowledge (Right Knowledge), So That They Might Overstand The Purpose Of Their Lives Before These Last Days. Were You Not Placed Here For A Purpose? Who's Purpose? And To What End? It Is Explained In The Noble Koran 56:57-61 And I Quote: "We Have Created You All, Why Do You Not Have Trust. Haven 't You All Seen The Semen You Ejaculate? Is It You That Created It, Or Are We The Creators (Al Khaleqoona)? We Have Made Death A Part Of Your Fate, And Nothing Can Overcome Us; In Order That We May Change You Likeness (Physical Appearance), And To Make You Grow Into A Form (Spiritual) Which You Know Not. " It Should Be Noted That In This Quote It Uses The Arabic Word "Nahnu" (^) Meaning "We", And The Arabic Word "Al Khaaliquwna" Cj^l^JI) "The Creators". Both "Nahnu" And Al "Khaaliquwna" Are Plurals, Not Singulars. So The Noble Koran 56:57-61 Confirms The Hebrew Use Of Eloheem In Genesis 1:1, Where It States That The Eloheem Are A Group Of Beings Who Created; Not One God. "In The Beginning Eloheem Created The Heavens And The Earth." Bible - Old Testament Genesis 1:1 (With Hebrew Inserts)

_/s There Eternal Life After Death?

Is There Eternal Life After Death?

p«n nsi own
In the beginning rVE7&n <re'shiyth> God D T T K <'elohiym> created X"n <bara'> FIN <'eth> the heaven D^DK? <shamayim> and <'eth> the earth K <'erets>. "In The Beginning God Created The Heaven And The Earth.' King James Version of the Bible Ques: Once One Dies A Physical Death, Is That "It" For Their Life? Ans: Life Is The Time You Spend In Your "Khat" Body On Earth, Or On Other Planets. Once You Die A Physical Death, It Is The End To Your Physical Life. However, There Are Two Deaths: One Is The Physical Death And The Other Is The Spiritual Death. In The Physical Death Your Body Will Dissipate And Go Back Into The Earth. And The Other Is Where Your Spirit Dies And Goes Back Into The Universe. This Is The Spiritual Death Which Is The j Higher You; The Higher You That Highly Spiritual Energies | Come From. So When It Says In The Noble Koran 21:35 That "Every Person Shall Taste Death, And We Shall Try You All By Evil And By Being \ Good As A Trial, And Unto Us You Shall All Return ", The "You11 Is Not Talking About Everybody, They Are Only Talking About A] Chosen Few; And The "Us" Is More Than One Being. The Chosen Few Will Be The 144,000 (If They Make It) That Will! Have Been Tried And Prepared In The End When "Newl Jerusalem" Comes To Reclaim Them At The Rapture.

Figure 15 The Mothership called by some Nibiru and the "New Jerusalem" in Revelation 21:2 | Ques: How Can One Become Or Be Among The Chosen Few, The 144,000? | Ans: Become Incorruptible! Put On An Incorruptible Spirit (1 \Corinthians 15:50-54), Knowing What God Wants You To Do And Do It. Become Supreme Beings Once Again. Supreme Being Means "Supreme Among Beings", But You Have Fallen Down To |The Ranks Of Men. Psalms 82:6-7 states "/ Have Said, Ye Are lods; And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High. But Ye Shall Die Like Men, And Fall Like One Of The Princes. " Human Being Becomes A Supreme Being When He Changes Or Transcends From Mortal To Immortal, A Son Of God, Or What 86

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ We, Masters Call A Self-Perfected Man, Like The Angel Gabriel When He Appeared To Mary, The Mother Of Jesus The Messiah In Luke 1:30 "And The Angel Said Unto Her, Fear Not, Mary: For Thou Hast Found Favour With God. " Luke 1:34 "Then Said Mary Unto The Angel, How Shall This Be, Seeing I Know Not A Man? " A Person Learns To Become Supreme Through Positive Prayer, Positive Meditation, Proper Exercise, Proper Diet, Cheerfulness, Unselfishness, Patience, Being Giving, And Always Remembering The Almighty God. When You Surrender All Your "Love" And Your "Will" To Him, And Stamp Jesus Christ Forever In Your Heart You Will Be Enabled Once Again To Regain The Use Of "The Third Eye". That's Why It Is Said That They Will Be Able To Leave The Physical Body And Rise Up. They Will No Longer Need The Physical And The Material World. Once You Get Your Desires And Wants Under Your Control, You Will Be Ruler Of The Body, Instead Of The Body Ruling You. At ] This Point The Body Is No Longer In Need And You Have ] Become A Supreme Being. By Regaining That Supreme Stature, You Then Become "Children Of The Most High" (Psalms 82:6) "I Have Said, Ye Are Gods; And All Of You Are Children Of The Most High." Ques: How Will They Be Taken? Ans: Some Of You May Have Experienced This Some Nights When You Go To Sleep. The Physical Body Appears To Be In Slumber, But Your Spiritual Body Sometimes Ascends. Sleep Is The Time When A Person Is Most Likely To Receive Spiritual Impressions. 87

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Diagram 1 In Sleep The Spirit Sometimes Ascends There Is An Existing You, The Highly Spiritual Energies Coming From You. The Physical Body Has Two Life Cords, The Umbilical Cord And The Ethereal Cord'. It Is With This Etheric Cord That You Are Linked With The Etherians That Will Come For You When It's Time. The Thin, Cobweb-Like Ethereal Cord Is Invisible To The Naked Eye, Yet It Is The Link Between The Physical Body And The Spiritual Plane. Just As At Birth The Umbilical Cord Is Cut And You Are Released From4£o«r-Mother, At Death The Ethereal Cord Is Cut When You Die, And You Are Freed From The Physical Plane, Only If You Master Desire. If The Ethereal Cord Has Been Broken By Accident On The Spiritual Plane, The Physical Body, Which Lies In A State Of Sleep, Dies And The Spirit Can Never Return To The Physical Body. Such Accidents Are Rare; Yet, There Is A History Of Such Incidents Amongst Spiritual Travelers Of The Mental And Spiritual Plane. A Person May Not Pass Directly From The Physical Plane Into The Spiritual Plane, But Through Death.

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ? The Holy Tablets 7:1:136-141 "When The Breath Of Life Ceases To Exist In Human Beings, The Ethereal Cord And The Spiritual Body Is Cut, This Allows The Person To Live An Extended, And Independent Ethereal Life, Much Like When A Baby Is Born, The Umbilical Cord Is Cut From The Mother, Which He/She Once Depended Upon. The Baby Comes Out And Begins A New Life."

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Figure 17 The Umbilical Cord When Cut Freed The Child From The Dependency Of His Mother Being Tuned Into The World Of The Spiritual Means Being In Tune With The Light. It Is A Light Sent From God To Man, A Gift. It Is A Light Channeled By Al Khidr From God To Man. It Is A Light Mentioned Often Times And Not Understood; A Light Connecting The Physical Body To The Spiritual Body. It Shineth Into The Darkness Of The Universe, Into The Darkness Of The Earth, Into The Darkness Of The Body Of Man, And The Darkness Comprehends It Not. Yet, As Stated In The New Testament Of The Holy Bible, "All Things Were Made By Him; And Without Him Was Not Any Thing Made That Was Made. In Him Was Life; And The Life Was The Light Of Men. And The Light Shineth In Darkness; And The Darkness Comprehended It Not" (John 1:3-5). One Can Leave The Material Plane Spiritually And Physically If One Learns How To Use His Inner Senses. His Inner Senses Are 90

Figure 16 The Ethereal Cord When Cut Frees The Spirit From The Dependency Of The Physical Body


7s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Controlled By Inner Vital Centers Called "Seats Or Chakras". In Man There Are Seven Seats (Chakras), And These Seven Seats Of Man Are Related To The Seven Physical Senses, Which Are In Tune With The Seven Heavens.
Description Of Planes Crown Chakra And Mental Force Field Pineal Chakta Planes 7. Union With El Eloh Description Eternal Bliss

Ihe Luctferian , Conspiracy
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This book will reveal the facts about one of the most controversial subjects in the scholarly world today. What subject is this vou ask? Find the answers to these questions.— Just who recorded the story of The Beginning that we find written in the scriptures today? From when and at what point in time did all religions receive their concept of a beginning? And Which concept of The Beginning is the right one?
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Chakras (SeatO 5. Divine Truth

Guardian Angelic Beings

4. Mental

Spirit And Soul Thoughts Formed Emotions Are Manifested

3. Spiritual

2. Forces The Seven Chakras In Hainan Beings Are Related To The Seven Physical Sense* Which Are In Tune With The Seven Heavens.

The Force Between Voluntary And Involuntary Actions

Diagram 4 The Seven Seats Or Chakras Of Man


_/$ There Eternal Life After Death?_ 1. Root Or Basic Chakra - Located At The Base Of The Spine. 2. Spleen Or Splenic Chakra - Located Over The Spleen. 3. Navel Or Umbilical Chakra - Located At The Navel Over The Solar Plexus. 4. Heart Or Cardiac Chakra - Located Over The Heart. 5. Throat Or Laryngeal Chakra - Located At The Front Of The Throat. 6. Brow Or Frontal Chakra - Located In The Space Between The Eyebrows 7. Crown Or Coronal Chakra - Located On The Top Of The Head. The Chakra Or Seat Is A Faculty That God Has Bestowed Upon Man's Senses To Help Him Stay In Tune With The Spiritual World. There Is The Ear, Not The Physical Ear For Hearing, But The Ear For Inner Hearing. There Is An Eye, Not The Physical Eye For Seeing, But The Eye For Inner Seeing, "The Third Eye". This Name Was Attributed To The Inner Seeing By The Elders In Association To Using Insight Or The Spiritual Light, Which Was Exercised By Man In The Beginning. Ancient Spiritual Healers, Learnt Men, Teachers And Loyal Devotees Of Mystic Schools Also Had Knowledge Of The Third Eye And The Light It Has Been Identified Under Such Names As: A Virtue, Vital Energy, Invisible Antenna, And A Stream Of Vital Power, Cosmic Energy. The Ancient Egiptians Identified With "The Third Eye" And Was Made Visible Throughout Their Culture, And Further Referred To As The "Sleeping Serpent". The Third Eye Is Your Insight Or Inner Sense That All Men Were Born With, But Most Have Never Exercised. This Is The Sleeping Power That One Must Strengthen. When The Third Eye Is Used, The Whole Entire Body Is Consumed With Light, Meaning The Etheric Body And The Physical Body Alike Are Attuned With Each Other (Matthew 6:22; Luke 11:34; John 1:5; Psalms 119:18). 92

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Figure 18 Egiptian Statue With The "Sleeping Serpent"


_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_

7s There Eternal Life After Death? Ques: What Are Planes? Ans: The Most Common Mistake Is Imagining Planes As Layers Of Strata, Or Fine Matter Lying One Above The Other In Space. Planes Are Distinct And Intricate Moods Of Vibration, Woven Into One Another So Uniquely That One Cannot Determine Where One Plane Begins And The Other Ends. Nothing In Creation Rests. Everything You Hear, Taste Or Feel Vibrates. The Natural Mood Of Vibration Ranges From Very High And Fast, To Very Low And Slow. There Are Seven Planes Or Heavens, The Lowest And The Slowest Is The Material Or Physical Plane, While The Fastest And Highest Is The Plane Where One Is In Total Union And Bliss With God. Ques: Do The Words "Planes" And "Heavens" Apply To The Same Thing? Ans: The Heavens Are Regions Of The Mental Plane And Higher.

Figure 19 Statue Of Buddha He Too Recognized The Existence Of "The Third Eye" All Throughout The Scriptures References Are Made To The Third Eye, Not The Physical Eye. This Is The Power That Resides Within Every Man, That Lies Dormant Waiting For The Proper Channels To Be Activated, So That This Power Can Become Active. This Is A Power That Must Be Exercised Through Meditation, Proper Diet, Discipline And Certain Daily Rituals, Which Will Attune You With Your Natural Supreme State In Which Man Was Created. Then There Is The Inner Heart, Not The Physical Heart, Which Pumps The Blood That Circulates Around The Body, But The Inner Heart, Which Is The Seat Of Inner Sensing. Ques: What Are The Seven Planes? Ans: The Seven Planes Are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Material Or Physical Plane The Plane Of Force The Spiritual Plane The Mental Plane The Plane Of Divine Truth The Plane Of Divine Reality The Bosom Of God

Ques: Can The Planes Be Described? Ans: Yes. The Following Chart Describes The Seven Planes. 95


_Is There Eternal Life After Death? Advanced Mental Ether Body Lahuwt Heavenly Abode 1 The Bosom Of God 2 Divine Reality 3 Divine Truth Ether Soul 7 Eternal Bliss 6 Spark Of Life 5 Guardian Angels

_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ The Seven Planes Or Heavens Are Divided Up Into Three Worlds, As Explained Earlier, Also Known As Realms Or Abodes. These Realms Are: Laahuwt, The Realm Of God; Malakuwt, The Realm Of The Angelic Beings; And Naasuwt, The Realm Of Mortals (Man). Adam Had Knowledge Of All Three Realms Called "HAA-ULAA-I". The Seven Planes Or Heavens Also Have Seven Sub-Planes, Which You Are Able To See By The Seven Sub-Planes Of The Material Plane. (For More Information Refer To The Scroll Titled What Is A Spirit And Soul? By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z York-El 33°/720°). Ques: Can You Explain Each Of These Planes Or Heavens? Ans: Yes. The Material Or Physical Plane Is The Governor Of Carnal Desire. It Is The Physical Or Material Plane Human Beings Dwell On. It Is Partly Made Up Of Solids, Liquids And Gases. If You Feel That Everything That Exists, Exists Only On This Physical Plane, Meaning That Nothing Extra Exists Outside Of This Plane; You Are Wrong. There Is Still Much To Be Discovered On This Plane. Western Scientists Limit The Physical Plane To Just These Three Substances, When There Are Many More Forms Or States Of Being Within The Physical Plane. The Plane Of Force Is The Force Between Voluntary And Involuntary Actions. The Plane Of Force And The Material Plane Work Together In Perfect Harmony. If This Were Not True, The Cycles Of Nature Would Not Be Completed So Perfectly And Faithfully Each Year. This Plane Is Largely Composed Of Etheric Duplicates Of Objects On The Physical Plane, Or Counterparts. Etheric Refers To The Spiritual Part Of You: As Above...So Below. On The Spiritual Plane, There Is No Distance, Temperature, Seasons, Day, Night, And It Is Not Very Subject To Gravitation.

The Fourth Plane Is Where Man And Mind Meet And They Balance Everything. Malakuwt 4 Mental Plane 4 Spirit/soul=8 Angelic Abode Thoughts Are Formed 3 Emotions Manifest Are

5 Spiritual Plane 6 Plane Of Force

2 The Force Between Voluntary And Involuntary Actions Which Is Life's Substance 1 Carnal Desire

Naasut 7 Material Plane Physical Abode Spirit

Body Material Submerged Mental

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ The Plane Of Force Is Governed By A Force Called Attraction And Is All Around Us; And It's As Much A Part Of Our Makeup As The Material Plane. You Are Not Able To Detect It Because Your Senses Are Not Conditioned. However, Beyond The Sub Planes Of Etheric Duplicates Of The Plane Of Force Is A Vast Reservoir Of Forces Which Very Few Have Knowledge Of. These Forces Control The Forces That Result In What We Know To Be "Nature". The Higher Forces Can Also Be Held Accountable For The Many So-Called "Wonders And Supernatural" Phenomenon Of The Material Plane. The Lowest Forces Consist Of Ordinary Forms Of Energy Like Heat, Light, Attraction, Electricity, Etc., But The Higher Forces Are Those Forms Of Energy Which Are Finer. They Give Man And Nature Vitality And The Ability To Grow And Reproduce. This Vital Force Which Sets Life On The Physical Into Motion And Is Responsible For Growth And Reproduction Is Called Nafas (,^0*1) In Ashuric/Syriac Galilean (Arabic), Which Means "Spirit "-The Spark Of Life. The Hindus Call It "Prana", And In Hebrew It's Called Nafesh (B7B3), Which Means "Breath". Every Action And Reaction Of Growth And Reproduction Is A Result From The Life Force. This Takes Us To The Spiritual Plane, Where Emotions Are Manifested. Ques: What Is The Spiritual Plane? Ans: The Spiritual Plane Is Also Called The "Astral Plane". It Is The Plane Where You Decide Whether You Move To A Higher Plane Or Burn Out Your Desire For The Physical, Material (Lower) Plane; Where You Exhaust All Individuality, Such As Pride, Conceit, Greed, Envy, Hunger, Fear, Hate, Jealousy, Just To Name A Few. This Is Also The Plane Of Judgment, By Which Human Beings Are Judged "By Sins" Rather Than For Them. This Plane Decides Your Permanent Destination. The Human Beings Who Have Strong Love For The Physical World Will

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Greatly Desire Rebirth Into The Physical (Lower) Plane. One Cannot Pass Directly From The Physical Plane To The Spiritual Plane. Your Deeds Determine Whether Or Not You Proceed Or Recycle Into Incarnation (Possessing Human Form). The Spiritual Body, Which Is The Shell Of The Soul, Houses Itself It On The Spiritual Plane. The Spiritual Body May Continue To Live For An Extended Amount Of Years Depending On The Spiritual Status Of The Person. This Is The Plane Where You Can Become God By Taking Responsibilities, And Not Be Wonder: How Do You Know After You Die You're Going To Go To A Higher Life? Can You Prove It? Can You Back It Up By Facts? Yet The Spirit Fights The Urge To Go Back To A Lower Plane And Encourages The Soul To Rise In The Spiritual Plane. Ques: Can The Physical Body Ascend To The Spiritual Plane (Heaven)? Ans: Yes, As Soon As One Gives Up The Desire For The Material Things Of This World, That Person Becomes Free To Travel Through The Planes At Will. If One Masters Those Desires Of The Physical Plane, And Is Pure In Heart, Then One Can Visit And Ascend To The Spiritual Plane. However, One Cannot Pass Directly From The Physical Plane To The Spiritual Plane. The Spiritual Body Differs From The Physical Body In That It Lives Longer, But Even The Spiritual Body Is Not Immortal; It Finally Disintegrates And Also Resolves Into Its Original Elements. When One Ascends, Like Mentioned Earlier, The Physical Body Appears To Be In Slumber, In A Dream Like State Or In A Trance. This Is The Time When The Spiritual Body Can Act Freely Upon The Physical Body, Drawing The Spirit And The Soul Upward. During These Hours Of Sleep, It Is Quite Easy To 99


_ls There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Ascend Accidentally, There Are Two Ways To Ascend From The Physical, And They Are The Following: 1. With The Body Raising The Vibrations Of Your Physical Body Up To The Level Of .Your Spirit And Soul; And Then Continuing To Raise The Vibrations Until You Can Pass Through Your Ethereal Cord Freely, Taking The Physical Body With You. 2. Leaving The Body And Only Allowing The Spirit And Soul To Ascend. Ques: Has Anyone Ever Been Able To Ascend To The Spiritual Plane Without Dying? Ans: Yes, There Have Been Well-Disciplined Men That Have Achieved "Perfection" And Were Able To Ascend To The Spiritual Plane Without Dying. They Were Selected Into "The Mystery Schools", Learned The Laws Of Life, Followed The Teachings And Passed The Ultimate Test Where They Became "Upright Men". All The Prophets Like Enoch, Noah, Jesus, Al Mahdi, Just To Name A Few, Were Taught The Mysteries, And Traveled "The Journey Of Life". (Refer To Scroll #139 Titled: Science Of Healing By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720P). When The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, Son Of Abdullat And Amina, Experienced His Ascension, Which Is Known Throughout The Muslim World As Al Miraaj (^l^auJl) "Journey By Night", He Took His Entire Body, Soul And Spirit From Mecca To Visit The Sacred Land Of Jerusalem, And Passed Through A 'Time Tunnel' To See The Sacred Masjid Of Aqsaa Before It Was Built. On His "Journey By Night", Muhammad

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Was Lifted To The Seven Planes (Heavens), Where He Was Initiated Into The Spiritual Mysteries Of The Human Soul, Secrets Of Life And Death, Heaven And Earth (The Noble Koran 17:1).

Figure 20 Muhammad Son Of Abdullat And Amina
(570 A.D. - 632 A.D.)

Ques: Can The Spiritual Body Be Seen? Ans: Yes, The Spiritual Body (Spiritual Visions) Can Be Seen, But Only By Those Who Have Are Again Disciplined Themselves And Have Mastered The Physical Plane. The Spiritual Body Is Seen In The Form Of A Vapory Matter That Looks Like Haze Or Fog, Which Often Is Alluded To As A "Ghosf. Ghost Is Pale,


/.s There Eternal Life After Death ? Therefore, The Last Stage Of Color. Ghosts Are Conscious Gases, Which Have Less Various Gases In It Than Six (6) Ether, Which Is Less Than Nine (9) Ether, And Nine (9) Ether Is A Combination Of All Existing Gases Of Nature. Since 9 Ether Becomes 6 Ether Through Time And Age And 6 Ether Is 9 Ether In Death, Six Ether Also Becomes Ghost Through Time And Age, And Is Ghost In Death. Thus, Ghost Is Death Of Death. When Six (6) Ether Reaches Its Climax In Evolution, It Produces Ghost, Spirit; And Ghost Is God. (Refer To The Scroll Titled What Is A Spirit And Soul?, And The Right Knowledge Series #1 Titled: 'What Is Nuwaupu?" By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33 °/720 °). The Devil Deceives Man Into Believing That There Is A Physical Heaven And Hell Awaiting Him After Death, When Your Heaven And Hell Rests Inside Of You As Your War Between The Higher And Lower Self - The Physical Versus The Spiritual Forces. This Life Is Just A Preparation For The Hereafter, Where You Will Be Judged By Your Deeds And Intentions. So, Know That This Life Represents Your Last Chance Of Redemption "And For This Cause He Is The Mediator Of The New Testament, That By Means Of Death, For The Redemption Of The Transgressions That Were Under The First Testament, They Which Are Called Might Receive The Promise Of Eternal Inheritance. "(Hebrews 9:15) What You Do In This Realm (World) Determines Your Future In The Hereafter. If You Indulge Yourself By Giving Into All Your Carnal Desires, You Will Surely Suffer The Pains Of Hell. But If You Proclaim, Pray, Fast, Share In The Name Of God, You Will Transcend This Wretched World, By Revitalizing Your Spiritual Senses And Paradise Will Enfold You. If You Are Not Nourishing Your Soul, Which Is The "Vehicle" To The Heavens, Your Hereafter Will Be Shared With Those Who Are Despised In The Sight Of God. (Revelation 18:14).

Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Bible - New Testament, Revelation 18:14 (With Greek Inserts) Km TI oiccopa THC; sTtiGuuiac; rn<; \I/UXTI<; aou a7tt|X6ev cmo aou KOU rcavta ia XiTiapa KCU ra Xa|i7tpa cmnXGev arco oou KCU OUKETI oo UT| Euprjaric; avna "And Kai <kai> the fruits oncopa <opora> that thy oou <sou> soul M/uxn, <psuche> lusted after eniBuuia <epithumia> are departed aKepxoncu <aperchomai> from arco <apo> thee oou <sou>, and KCU <kai> all things naq <pas> which o <ho> were dainty Xutapoc; <liparos> and KCU <kai> goodly Xa^npoQ <lampros> are departed <aperchomai> from ano <apo> thee aou <sou>, and KCU <kai> thou shalt find eupioKco <heurisko> them aotog <autos> no more OUKETI <ouketi> at all ou M.TI <ou me>." "And The Fruits That Thy Soul Lusted After Are Departed From Thee, And All Things Which Were Dainty And Goodly Are Departed From Thee, And Thou Shalt Find Them No More At All." . King James Version of the Bible Ques: What Are The "Spiritual Senses"? Ans: The Term "Spiritual Senses" Refers To A Secondary Set Of Senses Corresponding To The Senses Of The Physical World; In Other Words, The Earthly Senses Of Hearing, Seeing, Feeling, Smelling, And Tasting Have Spiritual Counterparts By Which The Spiritual Body Receives Impressions. The Spiritual Senses Function On The Spiritual Plane With The Spiritual Body, Just As Our Physical Senses Do On The Material (Physical) Plane Within The Physical Body.



Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Ques: So How Many Senses Does The Human Body Have? Ans: The Human Body In Reality Has Nine Senses And Not Five: Psychometry, Intuition, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Touch, Taste, Hear, Smell, And Feel. When You Condense The Five Human Senses You Really Come Up With One Sense, And That Is The Sense, Feel "Touch". When You 'Taste', Its A Sense Of "Touch", For Matter Touches Taste Buds. When You 'Smell', Its A Sense Of "Touch", For Particles Touch And Nerves React To Smell. When You 'Hear', Its A Sense Of "Touch", Because Sound Waves Touch The Eardrum Then Causes It To Vibrate. When You 'See', Its A Sense Of "Touch", Because Light Has To Touch The Cornea To Enter The Iris, Which Enables You To See. Humans Once Had Four Higher Senses, Which Are: Telepathy: Mental Communication, The Transference Of Thoughts From One Being To Another Without The Use Of Words Or Wires; Intuition: The Quick Perception Of Truth By The Mind Without The Intervention Of Any Process Of Thought; Psychometry: Object-Reading, The Ability To Identify Or Tell Something About An Object By Picking Up Thought Waves Implanted By Someone Previously Associated With The Article; Clairvoyance: Clear-Sight, To See Into The Other Dimensions, Second Sight - An Awareness Of Distinct Objects And Events. These Four Higher Senses Also Come Down To One Sense. They Are All A Sense Of Perception. Now, To "Touch", Which Was The Sum Of The Other Five Physical Senses Is To Perceive. Therefore, You Only Have One Sense, And That Is The Sense Of "Perception". Then There Is "Extra Sensory Perception", 104

_Is There Eternal Life After Death? Commonly Known As "ESP.", Which Are Other Senses That Are Not Adequately Matured In The Average Human Being. The Four Higher Senses Are Not Sufficiently Developed Because Of The Removal Of The Barathary Gland. Ques: Can These Senses Be Re-Developed? Ans: Some Children Are Still Born With The Barathary Gland, Others Have Part Of Its Socket And Others Have None. However, For All Those People Who Are Worthy Of Returning Home When The Angelic Beings Come For Their Children, The Barathary Gland Will Be Re-Inserted In The Lower Part Of Your Chin Called The Sub-Mental Area. (Refer To Scroll #80 Entitled Man From Planet Rizq, The Holy Tablets, And El's Torah By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33 °/720 °). This Takes Us To The Fourth Plane, The Mental Plane, Where Thoughts Are Formed And All Individuality Is Given Up Because Soul And Spirit Are Outgrown. Elevation Cannot Be Made To The Mental Plane Unless One Dies, Or Has Given Up The Physical Life. At This Point When One Loses The Spirit And Soul, He Is No Longer Able To Determine Or Complete Any Actions For Or Against Himself. This Is Because There Is No Self. One Has Taken The Ultimate Step, And From This Point On He Has Burned Out All Desires. The Fourth Plane Is Also Where The Angelic Beings Are Living Called Malakuwt (aj&I*) "The Realm Of Angelic Beings". Malakuwt Is A Pathway Where Spiritual Beings Come Into. It's The Gateway Through The Vortex. Angels Vibrate On This Realm And Start Going Up Higher. When The Spiritual Beings Reach The 4th Realm Or Density, Then They'll Decide To Come To The Physical Plane. Human Beings Are Caught On 1,2,3 And


_/s There Eternal Life After Death?_ Your World Is A Three Dimensional World. You Are 3 Dimensional Beings. We Are 9 Dimensional Beings. The Angelic Beings (Eloheem), The Prophets, And AJ Khitfr "The Green One" Are The Only Ones Able To Travel Back And Forth Freely Through The Planes. The One Thing That Holds Mortals, Human Beings Back From Ascending To This Plane Is Their "Ego". (Refer To Scroll #87 Entitled: The Mind And The Holy Tablets By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720 °). Once You Reach The Mental Plane, There's No Longer A Question About One's Destination. One Already Knows They Are On The Right Path; And From Henceforth, One Is In A Total State Of Mind, Which Is Shared Or United With Every Living Thing. All Forms Of Low Individuality Are Entirely Dissolved, NonExistent. One Realizes That Bliss Or That Ultimate Love Because They Are No Longer Separate Individual Ideas To Separate. Differences On This Plane No Longer Exist. You Can't Even Determine Same, Because Same Is What Makes A Difference. On This Plane One Is Guided And Prepared By The Angelic Beings, The Etheric Beings For The Final Stage Of The Journey: The Bosom Of God. This Preparation Takes One Through The Remaining Planes. Melchisedec Is Also In-Tune With The Fourth Plane Or The Mental Plane. This Is The Plane Where Man And Mind Meet. The Revelations Are Given To Man From The Fourth Plane. What Makes Melchisedec Able To Communicate With The Higher Forces Is The Angelic Forces In Him That Are Double That Of A Normal Man, Which Is 360 Degrees Of "Will" - 180 Degrees Agreeable And 180 Degrees Disagreeable. 720 Degrees - Melchisedec 360 Degrees - Man

Is There Eternal Life After Death? 180 Degrees - Angelic Beings Melchisedec Was Called "The Angel Of Justice" And "The Sun Of Righteousness" (Malachi 4:2); The Muhammadans Refer To Him As Al Khidr (>-^) "The Green One", The Order Of Melchizedek. This Order Was Also Called The Order Of The Essenes. Bible - Old Testament, Psalms 110:4 (With Hebrew Inserts)

pnx-^a Tnm-1?!? nhivb jrD-nnx any *6i mrr mm 4
"The LORD HI IT <Yehovah> bath sworn S7327 <shaba>, and will not repent DTO <nacham>, Thou art a priest ]rD <kohen> for ever <'owlam> after the order t~!""QT <dibrah> of Melchizedek <Malkiy-Tsedeq>." "The LORD hathLORD hath sworll not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." King James Version of the Bible Ques: Who Was Melchizedek (Melchisedec)? Ans: Melchizedek, Referred To In The Hebrew Language As plS-'O'Jn Malkiy-Tsedeq Mal-Kee-Tseh'-Dek Meaning "My King Or Angel Is Sedek 'Just Or Righteous' Or 'My Just Angel" And Greek As MsX^tosSEK Melchisedek Mel-Khis-Ed-Ek' Meaning "King Of Righteousness" Is Known As King Of Salem "Peace" Or The Holy Jerusalem (Revelation 21:10) In Genesis 14:18. Melchizedek Was Also Called Malachi Or Michael Meaning "Mj Anger Or bsiTQ Miyka'el Me-Kaw-Ale' Meaning,

_/s There Eternal Life After Death?_ "Who Dares To Be Like El" (Daniel 10:21, 12:1, Jude 1:9, Revelation 12:7). Bible - Old Testament, Malachi 4:2 (With Hebrew Inserts)

_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ god, What Is The Difference, By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720°) Bible - Old Testament, Psalms 82:1 (With Hebrew Inserts) BSBT DTI^K 3"jpa ^X-rnM 32S3 "God D T r x <'elohiym> standeth 32tt <natsab> in the congregation mi? <'edah> of the mighty /K <'el>; he judgeth tOEffi? <shaphat> among 3"Hp <qereb> the gods DTI7X <'elohiym>." "God (Eloheem) standeth in the congregation of the mighty (El); he judgeth among the gods (Eloheem)." King James Version Of The Bible Melchisedec Or Malachi Zodoq Is The Highest Of All, 360° Of Spiritual Being, Angelic Being, And The Highest Of The Human Beings 360° Of Physical Being 720° In All. Thus, He Has Been On Earth 'Erets (fHX), And In And Out Many Bodies Since The Beginning Of Your Time As Stated In Hebrews 7:3 And I Quote: "Without Mother And Without Father, Without Descent, Having Neither Beginning Of Days Nor End Of Life, But Made Like Unto The Son Of God..." Melchisedec Or Malachi Zodoq Is One Of The Servants Spoken Of Along With God As "We", His Helpers In The Bible, And Was The 19th Of The Original 24 Angelic Beings Of The Garden Of Eden. Melchisedec Was Also Referred To As The Ancient Sumerian Deity "Murduk", The Son Of Enqi, Who Was The Son Of Anu (God) According To The Sumerian Doctrine. His Other Names Were Murduq, Azaq, En, Mar Uth, Marud Uk, Merodack, Amar-Utu, Melchezelco, Sulum, EI-Amarna, And Al Khidr. These Are Names Mortals 109

onxan rra»3 KSIDI n n x PQE w ••XT nob nmn
"But unto you that fear K~T <yare'> my name D27 <shem> shall the Sun £7027 <shemesh> of righteousness Up "IS <tsedaqah> arise rnt <zarach> with healing NS~1D <marpe'> in his wings *]3D <kanaph>; and ye shall go forth XST <yatsa'>, and grow up E71S <puwsh> as calves hl& <'egel> of the stall p3")0 <marbeq>." "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness 'Zedek' arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall." King James Version Of The Bible All Of Them Were After The Order Of Melchizedek. Yet, Melchizedek Was A Priest Of The Most High Elyown ()ThV). Melchizedek Is The Head Of All The Angels (Daniel 7:9). He Was A Throne Watcher As Stated In Daniel 4:17 And In Daniel 4:13 It Tells You That The Watchers And The Holy Ones Come Down To Earth. The Serapheem Were The Holy Ones And The Cherubeem Were The Guardians (Genesis 3:24). Melchizedek Was A Kohane "Priest" Of Elyown Elyown El fa jriW jft&j, Who Is God, El "God", The Highest Of All The El's pX) "Gods" (Psalms 82:1) (Refer To Scroll #66 GOD, God,


7s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Call Him, Not He Himself. He Is The High Priest As Head Over All The Angels, The Seraphim, Throne And Cherubim, Melchisedec Was Able To Transform From An Ethreic Being. He Is The Physical Form That Comes In And Manifests. He Was Able To Do This Because He Had The Power To Split The Atom, Meaning That He Could Reduce All Of The Elements Of The Periodical Chart Down To The Element Hydrogen, Which Enabled Him To Step From A State Of Hydrogen To Ether. It Was This Process That Enabled Him To Descend From The Heavens With The Heavenly Hosts Or Angelic Beings Of God. Melchisedec "Al Khidr" Is The Supreme Angelic Being, Who Is The Medium For The Planet Earth To The Heavens. He Is The Head Of The Shriner Order, Which Is The Same As The Order Of Melchisedek Or The Wisemen. He Is The Potentate Of Potentates (1 Timothy 6:15). Even Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ Was In His Order (Hebrew 5:5-10, 6:20, 7:1-4, 4:14, 3:1, Genesis 14:20). I'd Like To Add That This Information Was Given To Me By Al Khidr "The Green One", At The Junction Of The Two Niles, In Sudan, Africa Before He Incarnated Into Me Or Before I Was Given The Posession. He Possesses The Great Healing Force Called "The Green Light", Which Operates Under The Direction Of The Sub-Conscious Mind, Which Is Available To Everyone. It Is The Life Force, Which If Properly Directed, Could Keep Perfect Every Physical Form, Which Could Heal Everything. You Are Being Exposed To Divine And Sacred Information That Is Not To Be Misused And Wasted. Before I, The Noble: Reverend Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720° Became Aware Of My Mission, Before My DNA Opened Me Up, i I Was Unaware Of Who I Was And How I Was To Go About j Fulfilling My Mission. I Was In A State Of Unconsciousness. My Chest Has Been Expanded So That I Can Take On The Burdens Of j The World, Filled With The Spirit Of Melchisedec, Who Is Called 110

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ The Angel Michael In Religion, Who Speaks Through Me. The Name Michael Means "Who Is Like God", Malachi Means "My Angel" And Miyka'el Means "Who Dares To Be Like El", And Is Known As The "Avenging Angel" Or "The Eloheem" In Revelation 19:1-2 And I Quote: "And After These Things I Heard A Great Voice Of Much People In Heaven, Saying, Alleluia; Salvation, And Glory, And Honour, And Power, Unto The Lord Our God: For True And Righteous Are His Judgments: For He Hath Judged The Great Whore, Which Did Corrupt The Earth With Her Fornication, And Hath Avenged The Blood Of His Servants At Her Hand. " I Am The Vehicle; The Human Body Utilized By The "Head Of The Angels", Melchisedec, To Communicate To You, Sons And Daughters Of The Desert. To Prepare You For The Coming Of Yasu'a Ai Masih In Galilean (Arabic), And Yashu'a Ha Mashiakh Or Yashu'a Ben Daveed, The Messiah Jesus Christ Of 2,000 Years Ago Who Is To Return Very Soon, As "His Angel", And This Is Stated In Revelation 1:1: Bible - New Testament, Revelation 1:1 (With Greek Inserts)

cmoKaXmin<; irioou XPIOTOU t|v e8coKev CCUTCO o GEOC; TDK; SouXoic; autou a 5ei yeveoQai ev ra^ei KCU ean.u.avev 8ux TOU ayyeXou autou TCO 8ouXa> aurou toavvn
The Revelation arcoKaXu\i/t<; <apokalupsis> of Jesus Irjoout; <Iesous> Christ Xpioioq <Christos>, which oq <hos> God 9eo<; <theos> gave 8i8o>ui <didomi> unto him auto<; <autos>, to shew 8eiKVUCO <deiknuo> unto his aotoc; <autos> servants 6ouXo<; <doulos> things which oq <hos> must 8si <dei> shortly ev <en> Taxo<; <tachos> come to pass ywon-cu <ginomai>; and KOU <kai> he sent aTtooTeXXco <apostello> and signified oi <semaino> it by Sia <dia> his cturoc; <autos> angel a 111

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ aggelos> unto his autot; <autos> servant 5ouXo<; <doulos> John <Ioannes>: "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ, Which God Gave Unto Him, To Shew Unto His Servants Things Which Must Shortly Come To Pass; And He Sent And Signified It By His Angel Unto His Servant John:" King James Version of the Bible Even Though This Quote Doesn't Mention That Jesus Christ Himself Is Coming In The Last Days And Times, It Reads That "...He Sent And Signified It By His Angel... " And That Angel Is Here Now, The Angel Michael, Speaking Through Me, The Only One Who Can Defeat The Devil. He Will Remove The Head Of Dajjal, Dib Al Masih (^u-Jt ia) "The Anti-Christ" Or The Devil's Servants Who Come In All Races And Colours Trying To Stop The Truth Of The Word Of God, The Soul Of God, All To Make Preparation For His Coming, Our Rabi "Lord" And Savior Jesus Christ, The Yahuwa, Yahweh Or Yehovah Called "The Real Messiah"; Just As He Did In The Beginning. "And Ye Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Make You Free" (John 8:32). Melchisedec Is Mentioned Throughout The Bible Many Times, Such As In The Following Quotes: Genesis 14:18, Psalms 110:4, Hebrews 5:6, 10, 6:20, 7:1-2, 6, 10-11, 15, 17, 21 And In The Holy Tablets, Chapter 19, Tablet 1, Verses 12-13 (In Part) It States That He Appears With A Green Aura Of Light, And His Color Is Violet, And I Quote From The Holy Tablets: "Then He Created My Light, Malachi-Zodoq, In A Veil Of Green Emerald, Green Is Growth, As In Life Through Herbs... My True Color Is Violet, Being Conceived From The Color Blue, Symbolic Of The

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R||ci one of the DroMc books


Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Seas, And The Color Red, Symbolic Of Blood, So When I Personify In The Flesh, As A Physical Blood Being, Being Mixed With The Waters, Life, I Reside In The Essence Of The Violet, Which Is At\ The Tip Of The Prism..." All Of The Prophets Were Initiated Into This Order, The Order Of \ Melchisedec (Meichizedek). The Noble Koran 2:98 (With Arabic Inserts)

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_
KaGcoq KOCI ev ETepco Xeysi au lepeuq eic; TOV aieova Kara

As KaOcoc; <kathos> he saith Xeyco <lego> also Kai <kai> in ev <en> another ETepoc; <heteros> place, Thou oo <su> art a priest <hiereus> for ei<; <eis> ever aicov <aion> after KttTa <kata> the order Ta^iq <taxis> of ME^XTlvoeSsx Melcisedek <Melchisedek>. "As He Saith Also In Another Place, Thou Art A Priest For Ever After The Order Of Melchisedec." King James Version of the Bible Ques: What Is Melchisedec's Relation To The Mental Plane? Ans: The Mental Plane Is A Plane That Is Symbolic Of The Principle: As Above, So Below. Melchisedec Was The Ruler Of All The Angelic Beings (Eloheem), And A Priest Of The Most High God. Bible - Old Testament, Genesis 14:18 (With Hebrew Inserts)

"And whoever ^* <min> is ^l£ <kaa-na> an enemy '3 AC <'a-doowan> to god .01 <le-la-hi> and 3 <wa> his heavenly host ^j&L <malaa-i-ka-te-he> and j <wa> his messengers <Lu>j <ro-soo-le-he> and j <wa> Gabriel JSLW- <Jib-ree-la> and j <wa> Michael JiS** <mee-kaa-la>? Verily u^ <fa-in>, God ^ <Allah> is an open enemy $AC <'a-doo-wun> of all disbelievers ou*^ <lil-kaa-fe-reena>. "And Whoever Is An Enemy To God And His Heavenly Host And His Messengers And Gabriel And Michael? Verily, God Is An Open Enemy Of All Disbelievers." Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33 7720 ° Bible - New Testament, Hebrew 5:6 (With Greek Inserts) 113

hvh rD Kim fi vrh *rsin D^E? "[So pis-^oi is
"And Meichizedek pIS "Q^O <Malkiy-Tsedeq> King <Melek> Of Salem oh® <Shalem> Brought Forth X2T <Yatsa'> Bread Drh <Lechem> And Wine |" <Yayin>: And He Was The Priest ]rD <Kohen> Of The Most High ]yhs <'Elyown> God bti, <'EI>."


_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ "And Melchizedek King Of Salem Brought Forth Bread An* Wine: And He Was The Priest Of The Most High God." King James Version of the Bible He Was In Charge Of The High Order Of Zodok (Justice), A Special Group Of Elders Who Were Trying To Bring About A Group Of Human Beings And Teach Them, Once Again, The Path Of Righteousness; Hence, Keeping Mankind From Total Destruction. Ques: What Do You Mean When You Say Melchisedec Has] Angelic Forces Double That Of A Normal Man? Ans: When Melchisedec, Also Known In The Sumerian Doctrine As Murduk, Murdoq Was Born His People Were Very Proud Of Him For He Was As A Piercing Star And Very Powerful. Because He Elevated Far Above All The Other Angelic Beings, And Was Superior As A Teacher In Every Way, The Most High God Made Him Perfect And Highest Among The Other Angelic Beings By Giving Him (Two) Or Double Fold "Angelic Forces". Melchizedek Had 720 Degrees Of Knowledge Or "Will", Meaning He Had 360 Degrees Twice, 360 Degrees Of The Physical World (360 Degrees Of Disagreeable), And 360 Degrees Of The Ether Or Spiritual World (360 Degrees Of j Agreeable) Within His Nature; As Oppose To The Other Angelic Beings Who Only Had 180 Degrees Of Either Agreeable Or Disagreeable Knowledge In Their Nature. (Refer To Scroll #139 Entitled: Science Of Healing By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/72(f).

Is There Eternal Life After Death?_

Diagram 5 Submerged Mental Ques: What Are The Remaining Planes Or Heavens? i• Ans: Number Five (5) Is The Plane Of Divine Truth And This Is The Angelic Beings: Your Guardian Angels. Number Six (6) Is The Plane Of Divine Reality, Which Is The Spark Of Life. Number Seven (7) Is The Union With The Most High God, Which Is Eternal Bliss.


Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

B Carbon Atom 1 Oxygen Atom 1 Nitrogen A t o m

Figure 21 The Molecules Which Make Up Stones If All The Magnetic Forces Were Released On The Physical Plane All The Elements Would Explode, All The Molecules Would Speed And Vibrate Rapidly And Man Would Transform From A Physical Being To A Spiritual Being. This Would Be The Second Step And If He Continues To Rise Into The Bosom Of The Eloheem Or Angelic Beings, Then He Becomes A Ruwach "Soul". In The Tiniest Atoms To The Hugest Imaginable Rock, Vibration Occurs, Though It Might Look To You A Complete Solid. The Molecules Which Make Up The Stone Are Vibrating On Such A Very Slow Frequency, The Rock Looks Still. The Same With The Universe. It Is Constructed On A Principle Of Circular Movement. Planets Which Turn Circularly On An Axis Also Revolve Circularly Around The Sun.

Diagram 6 The Seven Planes Distinct Lines Of Division Again Like I Mentioned Earlier, The Most Common Mistake Is Imagining Planes As Layers Of Strata Or Fine Matter Lying One Above The Other In Space. So Get It Out Of Your Mind Right Away That The Seven Planes Of Heavens Have Distinct Lines Of Division. They Do Not. Planes Are Grades Of Vibration. Look At It This Way. Nothing In Creation Rests. Everything You See, Hear, Taste, Smell, Or Feel Vibrates. Vibrations Are Tiny Back And Forth Movements. 117

Js There Eternal Life After Death?_

Is There Eternal Life After Death?'_

Diagram 8 Seven To The 7th Power Diagram 7 The Sun's Central Point The Sun Also Has A Greater Central Point In The Solar System And The Solar Systems Revolve In Circular Motions As Parts Of Even Greater Galaxies, And So On And On. In Studying The Seven Heavens, Keep In Mind That They Have Sub-Planes And Each Of These Sub-Planes Has Its Own SubDivision And So On Until The Seventh Degree Of Subdivision. Planes Have No Spatial Distinction Of Degree, Each Plane Blends Into The Other, Overlapping, And Thus, Have Common Areas Of Space. A Single Point Of Space May Have Manifestations On All Of The Seven Planes Of Being. For Example, Consider The Phenomena Of The Physical Plane. Look Around You, Every Given Area Contains Vibrations At Its Own Frequency; Thus, Does Not Interfere With Other Frequencies As Beams Of Light.



_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ 'our First Impressions Are That The Material World Is Still [Around You With All Its Scenery Plainly Visible. As You Look, You Will Find That There Seems To Be A Peculiar Veil Between [Those Scenes And The Plane Upon Which You Are Temporarily Dwelling. This Veil, Though Transparent, Seems To Have A Peculiar Appearance Of Resistant Solidity As You Realize That It Is A Barrier To The Passage Into The Mental Plane. Now Let Us Change Our Vibrations To Those Of A Very Unpleasant Sub-Plane Call The "Spiritual Chemistry." Stay On This Sub-Plane Only For A Moment For The Ghastly Appearance Of Its Surroundings Are Most Depressing. From All Sides You See Disintegrating Forms Of Human Beings And Some Animals. They Seem To Float In Space, Seeming Real, Yet Somewhat Unreal. These Are Not Physical Bodies, But Their Close Resemblance To The Same Makes You Very Uneasy. These Disintegrating Spiritual Forms Are "Spiritual Shells." Just As The Physical Body Has A Corpse, So Does The Spiritual Body, And Moves On To Higher Planes Of The Spiritual Being. The Shell Is Left Until It Disintegrates And Disappears. The Time An Individual "Spiritual Shell" Remains On This Plane Depends Highly On The Desires Of The Person Of High Spirituality And Good Heart. With Good Ideals He Will Fade Away Into The Higher Realm Very Rapidly; Its Atoms Having Little Or No Cohesive Of Attraction To The Lower Physical World. But On The Other Hand, The Spiritual Shell Of The Individual With Love And Desire For The Physical World And All It Offers, Will Hold Together A Long Time And Be Bound To This Plane. These Spiritual Shells Are Held Together A Long Time. These Spiritual Shells Are Dead And Have No Consciousness Or Intelligence As Do "Specters" Or "Shades" Which We Will Take A Look At Right Away. 122

Diagram 9 Beam Of Lights Each Beam Of Light Contains Many Different Colors, Each With Its Own Frequency Of Vibration, And Not One Crowd Out The Other. In A Laboratory, One May, With The Proper Apparatus As; A Prism Separate Each Light Beam And See Them As Single; Rays. Many Telegrams Are Along A Single Wire By Using Senders And I Receivers Of Different Vibrational Frequencies. Even On This! Physical Plane, We Find Forms Of Vibratory Manifestations I Occupying The Same Point Of Space At The Same Time. Ques: Is It Possible To Visualize The Lowest Sub-Planes? Ans: In Order To Visualize The Lower Sub-Planes Of The Spiritual World, You Must Maintain A Positive Mental State Which Will Allow You To Act As A Barrier Through Which These Influences Cannot Penetrate.


_Is There Eternal Life After Death? Ques: What Are Specters? Ans: According To The American Heritage Dictionary, "Specters*' Are "Ghostly Apparitions, Phantoms, Haunting Or Disturbing Images Or Prospects" Instead Of Floating Around In' Spiritual Space As Do The Shell, "Specters" Act As Shadow Human Beings In Dazed Or Dreamlike States. They Walk About Without Any Goal Or Purpose -- A Weird Unpleasant Sight. These Specters Are Spiritual Shells From Which The Soul Has Departed, But Which Have Left In Them Sufficient Repose. This Allows Them A Temporary Resemblance Of Life And Action.; The Shell Of An Individual Who Cherished The World Will Have Strong Material Thoughts And Desires. Thus, These Lower Mental Vibrations May Persist In The Deserted Spiritual Form And Render The Shell An Eerie Ability To Move About. This Activity, Though Counterfeit, May Manifest Itself In A Considerable Amount Of Time. Even When This Counterfeit Power Is Used Up, Psychic Stimuli From Individuals Still Living On The Material Plane Spark Movement In The Spiritual Shell. Through The Psychic Power Generated In "Stances" And Mediums, Persons On The Physical Plane, The Strong Mental Attraction Of The Spectral Shell May Be Activated. The Attraction Between The Two May Be So Strong The Spectral Shell May Manifest Itself Completely Or Partially Through The Physical Organism Present. In Some Cases, The Vibration Of Old Memories Will Survive In The Spectral Form And Will Go To Past Experiences On Earth. To The Careful Observer There Will Be A Shadow Of Unreality. Moreover, These Spectral Beings Can Borrow Ideas And Impressions From The Minds Of The Mediums Or Person In The Circle, And Add Them To Their Own Shadowy Memories, Thus, Doubling Counterfeiting Thoughts.

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ We Are Now Entering A Very Wonderful Sub-Plane Or A SubDivision Of That Plane. This Sub-Plane Is On The Entrance Of Another Sub-Plane, Which Is Strictly Guarded By Very High Spiritual Influences, And It Is A Sacred Place. It Is Impossible To Enter These Vibrations Unless You Are Of High Spiritual Qualifications. This Plane Has Been Compared To The Cocoon State Of The Butterfly, For It Is The Resting Place Of Disembodied Souls For Some Time After They Have Left The Physical Body. In This Plane, The Spirits Dwell In Peaceful Slumber Until Nature Does Her Part In Preparing The Soul For The New And Higher Plane. Enter This Plane With Reverence And Love, For You Will See Disembodied Souls Resting In Dreamless Sleep. They Are Not Dead, But Sleeping And Awaiting Their Transformation. They Seem To Be In A State Of Infinite Calmness And Peace. If You Are Spiritually Developed Yourself, You May Feel The Presence Of Greater Spiritual Entities, Which Guard This Realm. They Are Etherians Who Protect The Slumber Of The Souls That Rest Therein. If You Watch Carefully, You Will See Slight Movement Indicating The Awakening Of Some Of The Resting Forms; A Moment, And The Forms Disappear. The Vibrations Have Changed And The Soul Has Moved To Another Sub-Plane To Begin Its Real Life After Death. All Souls, However High Or Low, Eventually Move Off The Spiritual And Enter Into The State Of The Mental Plane; Or Regain In The Heavens Whoever They Leave Behind, Their Spiritual Shells On The Heavens (Planes). The Souls Spend Much Time Enjoying The Well Earned Bliss. Souls Lower In Development Spend Less Time In The Higher Regions Because Of Their Love For The World. These Spiritual Forms Are Most Repulsive And Almost Beastlike In Appearance, 124


_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Rather Than Human. There Are Still Lower Forms On The SubDivisions Below. The "Creatures" Sojourning Therein Are SubSpiritual Bodies Awakened From Their Brief Spiritual Sleep To] Find Themselves In What You Call "Hell". . Look On Further Into The Enveloping Fog And You Will See The Material World As A Sort Of Background. It Appears Detached, But To The Poor Souls In Hell, Only The Lowest Of Earthly Activity Can Be Seen And The Higher Spiritual Activities Are Blotted Out To Them. To These Poor Souls There Is No Earth1 Except These Scenes, Which Are Filled With Their Own Desires. Desires That Only Lead To Suffering. This Is Hell For Them For' They Cannot Participate. They Can Exercise Only The "Lust Of The Eye" Which Is But A Thorn In The Flesh At All Sides. They See Their Friends Eating, Drinking, Gambling, And Engaging In All Forms Of Debauchery And Brutality. Meanwhile, As They Eagerly Cluster Around These Scenes They Cannot Participate. Their Lack Of A Physical Body Is Their Barrier. The Souls In Hell May Be Able To Find An Old Earthly Companion Saturated With Liquor, As Well As With Drugs. Their Mindless Desire For Physical Ecstasy Continues To Grow With Each Memorable Occurrence. However, In Due Time, The Desire Reaches A Climax And Starts To Reverse; And With That Reversal Comes Revitalization Of The Soul To A "Rebirth". The Soul That Once Was Opened To Evil Influences And Desires Has Now Been Given A Chance To Rise Up The Spiritual Scale. This Is The Burning Out Of Desire For The World. Even The Lowest Of Souls Rise In Time. In These Hells Of The Spiritual, The Degraded Souls Are Punished Not For Their Sins, But By Their Sins. (Refer To Scroll #146 Entitled What And Where Is Hell? By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/72(f).

Is There Eternal Life After Death ? In The Majority Of Cases, The Dying Person Sinks Into The Slumber Of Death And Awakens After A Period Transformation. In Some Cases, However, There Is A Brief Awakening Like A Semi-Awakening From A Dream Shortly After Departure From The Spiritual Body. In This Instance, The Spiritual Body May Appear Visible To A Friend Or Loved One. The Spirit Soon Becomes Drowsy And Sinks Into The Preliminary Sleep Of The Spiritual Plane. The Highly Spiritual Person, Needing Little Preparation To Move On To Higher Spiritual Planes, May Slumber Here Only A Very Short Period Of Time. If Highly Spiritually Developed, The Soul May Even Omit These Higher Planes And Be Taken Into The Higher Realms, Which Are Regions Of The Mental Planes And Higher. The Low, Material Soul Awakens Speedily Because It Is Not Destined For The High Spiritual Planes. They Descend To Low Spiritual Scenes Until The Soul Becomes Sickened And It's Ready For Further Transformation. Ques: What Is The Purpose Of These Lower Spiritual Planes? Ans: All Of The Hundreds Of Regions On The Lower Spiritual Plane Serve As What Many Catholics Call Purgatory or Limbo; Places For Souls To Bum Out Desire. It's Not The Burning As Material Flames, But To The Fire Of Desire Called Narus Samawn (^y^ai\ jli) Meaning "Hot Poisonous Wind, Smokeless Fire. " There's A Race Of Evil Spiritual Beings That Were Created Of "Smokeless Fire" Or The "Lesser Light" Known As "Jinns". They Are The Evil Spiritual Beings That Came From The "Hot Poisonous Wind" Mentioned In The Noble Koran 15:27 "And we had created the race o jinn from before from the poisonous fire. "



Js There Eternal Life After Death? The Noble Koran 15:27 Is Referring To The Disagreeable 1 Angelic Being Iblis The "Rebellious One" As Being Created Of j Smokeless Fire; And Therefore, Given The Title Sama'el Meaning, "Poison Those Of El". When We Say Iblis Being Created Of Fire, It's Addressing His "Anger", The Hot Breath You Give Off; Whenever You're Angry; The Kirlian Form Of Fire Called Your "Aura", When Your Personality Changes From Positive (+) To Negative (-) Because You're Not Getting Your Way, And As A Result Making Your Light Aura Or Color Change. This Is What Happened To Iblis When God Told Him He Had To Bow Down To Adam And He Refused And Became "Big Chested, Boastful, Full Of Pride And Pouting Out Of Anger." So When It Says "He Is Created Of Smokeless Fire", It Is Referring To His "Nature" (Refer To The Scroll Entitled: What And Where Is Hell? By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/72(f). Ques: What Is Purgatory? Am: According To The American Heritage Dictionary, "Purgatory" Is Defined As The Following: "Roman Catholic ' Church. A State In Which The Souls Of Those Who Have Died In ; Grace Must Expiate Their Sins. A Place Or Condition Of Suffering, Expiation, Or Remorse. Adj. Tending To Cleanse Or '< Purge." In Purgatory You Will Be Judged By Your Sins Not For Them. If You Are Destined To Go To Paradise You Won't Stay In Purgatory Long, But If You Are Not Destined To Go To Paradise, You Will Go Through What Is Known As The Second Death. "He That Hath An Ear, Let Him Hear What The Spirit Saith Unto The Churches; He That Overcometh Shall Not Be Hurt Of The Second Death. " (Revelation 2:11).


_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

I The First Death Is The Death Of The Body, And This Is Determined By Your Deeds. "Blessed And Holy Is He That Hath Part In The First Resurrection: On Such The Second Death Hath \No Power, But They Shall Be Priests Of God And Of Christ, And Shall Reign With Him A Thousand Years" (Revelation 20:6). If You Are Not In The Grace Of God, And Not Working To Restore Your Soul You Will Be In A State Of Loss, Confused, And Nothing Or No One Will Be Able To Help You. These Are The People That Put Everything Before God The Most High And His Son Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. These Are People That Think They Can Wait And Are Waiting To The Last Minute To Repent. Little Do They Know That Every Unrighteous Deed They Forced Their Body To Do Will Testify Against Them. Now That Science Has Confirmed, Since The Discovery Of Stem Cells, That Every Cell In The Body Has A Mind And Any Part Of The Body Can Produce A Whole Body, You Can Produce Body Parts Against You. God Assigned You To Your Body And Its Parts, And God Judges You By What You Did With Them. What Has He Done With His Hands? Where Has He Taken His Feet? What Has His Eyes Seen? What Have His Lips Revealed? Was He A Liar And Slanderer, Or Did He Propagate The Words Of Truth? Did He Bear Witness To God, And Accept Jesus As God's Son And His Personal Saviour? Job 15:6 "Thine Own Mouth Condemneth Thee, And Not I: Yea, Thine Own Lips Testify Against Thee. " Everybody's Part Will Be Questioned And They Will Bea Witness To What You Did And Will Testify Against You If Didn't Follow The Laws (The Noble Koran 24:24, 36:65). Knows What Is In Your Heart And Your Intentions. However, Jesus, Who Is The Way To God, Is Concerned With Actions Anc Following The Laws.



_/s There Eternal Life After Death?_ Hence, On Yawmu'l Akhiri "The Last Day" Whoever Rejectel And Played With The Truth Will Have None To Blame Bui Themselves. He Will Not Be Able To Say: "The Devil Made M\ Do It, " For Even As Adam Blamed Eve, And Eve Blamed Thl Serpent (The Black Devil), They Were All Punished. Every Souf Must Pay For All The Lies, The False Accusations An< Commitments He Has Made To God And Man. All The Peopl< That Decide To Wait Because They Believed And Loved Th< Devil, The Son Of Perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3) "Let No Mai Deceive You By Any Means: For That Day Shall Not Come, Excep\ There Come A Falling Away First, And That Man Of Sin Revealed, The Son Of Perdition:" Will Be Cast In The Lake Fire, Which Is The Second Death. "And Death And Hell Wet Cast Into The Lake Of Fire. This Is The Second Death\ (Revelation 20:14). When You Go Before This Second Death, You Will Have To Be Judge Once Again, And May Lose Your Very Soul. "But Th\ Fearful, And Unbelieving, And The Abominable, And Murdererm And Whoremongers, And Sorcerers, And Idolaters, And All Liarm Shall Have Their Part In The Lake Which Burneth With Fire Anl Brimstone: Which Is The Second Death" (Revelation 21:8). As Man Thinketh, So Shall It Be! Proverbs 23:7 "For As h Thinketh In His Heart, So Is He:... " The Ideology That Those Low In Spirituality Will Have To Bur In Hell Permeates Almost All So-Called Religions. However] Most So-Called Religions Do Not Go Into Detail Concerning HeH And One Gets The Idea Hell Will Be An Actual Burning Firel They Cover The Truth Of The Knowledge Of Life After Deatl And Thus Will Have To Account For It. The Human Mind Neveft Stops Questioning What It Doesn't Overstand, Or What It iJ Frightened Of. Life, Death, Hell, Heaven, Angel, Devils, SinJ Righteousness—All Of These Things Are Real. Each Day 129

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ [Encounter And You're Alive To See It, Brings You That Much [Closer To Realizing That They Are A Reality. ' Ques: So, Where Is Heaven And Where Is Hell? Ans: Both Of These Places, Contrary To What Man Has Been Taught, Is In The Breast (Heart) Of Man. There Are Seven Heavens, Seven Hells And Seven Sub-Divisions Of Each (As Above...So Below). The Seven Heavens Are Regions Of The Mental Plane And Higher. There Are Seven Types Of Hell, Yet Hell Is One Place: There Is One For Christians, For The Hypocrites, For The Slanderers, For The Muslims And So On. Yet, They Are Just Thoughts Lurking In Your Sub-Conscious. You Determine What Degree Of Heaven You're In, Because At Certain Points In This World You Become So Superior Until You Eliminate The Presence Of The Devil. You No Longer Deal With The Devil Because You Then Are Fully Aware Of Him As A Being With A Nature That Lurks In All Things. Once You've Reached That Degree Where You Know Who The Devil Really Is, How He Got Here, Where He Came From, And How Long Is He Going To Be Here, You've Stepped Into Your First Heaven Because You Have Rid Yourself Of The Presence Of The Devil; And Once You've Rid Yourself Of The Devil, You Are Then In Heaven. Ques: So, What Is Hell? Ans: According To The American Heritage Dictionary, "Hell" Is Defined As The Following: He//. The Abode Of Condemned Souls And Devils In Some Religions; The Place Of Eternal Punishment For The Wicked After Death, Presided Over By Satan, A State Of Separation From God, 130

_/s There Eternal Life After Death?_ The Abode Of The Dead, Identified With The Hebrew Sheol And \ The Greek Hades; The Underworld. Hell. Christian Science. \ Mortal Belief; Sin Or Error. A Situation Or Place Of Evil, Misery, Discord, Or Destruction, Torment; Anguish, The Powers Of\ Darkness And Evil, Informal. One That Causes Trouble, Agony, Or \ Annoyance, A Sharp Scolding, Informal. Excitement, Mischievousness, Or High Spirits, To Behave Riotously; Carouse. Used To Express Anger, Disgust, Or Impatience. Idioms. For The Hell Of It. For No Particular Reason; On A Whim. Hell On. Damaging Or Destructive To. Unpleasant To Or Painful For. Hell Or High Water Or Hell And High Water. Troubles Or Difficulties Of Whatever Magnitude. Hell To Pay. Great Trouble. To Put It Simply, "You Make Your Own Hell". Regardless To What Hell Is Called, It's A State Of Mind; It's Whatever You Make It. Each Religion Teaches That This Is The Dwelling Place Of The Devil Or Leviathan, Which Is A Sea Demon, Or Satan, Lucifer, Or Whatever Name You Want To Call Him, Who Is Evil And Treacherous. Your Preachers, Teachers, Imams, Scholars And Other So-Called Religious Leaders Have You Thinking That Hell Is Some Place Beneath Your Feet Where The Devil Rules, And You Will Bum Eternally. On The Other; Hand, Wherever There Is Wickedness And Negligence Of God's Laws, God Will Not Be There. Psalms 9:17 Says And I Quote: "The Wicked Shall Be Turned Into Hell. And All The Nations That Forget God." And Wherever God Is Not, There You Will See Hell. All Those Who Did Not Take Heed, Or Don't Believe In The "Unseen" Are Going To See Hell In Many Different Ways With Their Own Eyes. One Way Is To Stand On The Outside Of The Window Or Door And Look In On Hell; The Other Way Is To Be I Inside Looking Out Of Hell. This Is What Is Happening In The j 131

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ World Right Now. All The Nations That Have Gotten Cocky And Forgotten That There Is A "Supreme And Omnipotent Entity" In Control, The Most High God, Who Gives Life And Takes Life Whenever He Wants, Are Experiencing Hell. Hell Is Right Here On The Planet Earth. This Has Become The Devil's Playground And You Are Going To Burn In It As Long As You Continue To Be A Part Of It And Its Corruption. Repent And Accept Jesus The Messiah As Your Saviour And He Will Pave Your Way To God "For The Wages Of Sin Is Death; But The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. " (Romans 6:23). Ques: Is This Why Sometimes You Feel As If You're In Hell, Or That Life Is A Living Hell? Ans: That's Because You're Not Living, You're Dying. Don't Let The Devil Fool You. You Don't Live Your Life, You Die Your Life Because From The Day You Are Born You Are Getting Older And Sicker, And Will Die. The Moment You Are Bom You Are On The Path Of Physical Death. So You Are Not Living, You Are Dying; And If You Endure To The End, You Will Get The Crown Of Life, Eternal Life (Revelation 2:10). Bible - New Testament Revelation 2:10 (With Greek Inserts)

M.n8ev (popou a usXAsic; Ttaaxew i8oi> neXXei paXsw e£ ujicov o 8iaf3oX,oc; eiq (puXoucnv iva TteipaaGTiTe KCU E^ETE 6Xuinv n.u.epa>v 5sKa yivou KIOTOC; a^pi Savatou Kai Scoaco aoi TOV GTE<pavov TTIQ f^conc;
Fear cpopsco <phobeo> none UTi8£i<; <medeis> of those things which o? <hos> thou shalt neXXco <mello> suffer Tiaoxco <pascho>: behold i8ou <idou>, the devil 5iapoXo<; <diabolos> shall uEXXco <mello> cast paXXco <ballo> some of EK <ek> you <humon> into si<; <eis> prison (puXcocn <phulake>, that iva 132

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ <hina> ye may be tried rcetpai^co <peirazo>; and KCU <kai> ye shall have sxco <echo> tribulation 0X,i\^tt; <thlipsis> ten deka <deka> days njispa <hemera>: be them yivonai <ginomai> faithful TCIOTCX; <pistos> unto axpi <achri> death Gavaioc; <thanatos>, and KCU <kai> I will give Si8(flU4 <didomi> thee ooi <soi> a crown stefanov <stephanos> of life £cor| <zoe>. "Fear None Of Those Things Which Thou Shalt Suffer: Behold, The Devil Shall Cast Some Of You Into Prison, That Ye May Be Tried; And Ye Shall Have Tribulation Ten Days: Be Thou Faithful Unto Death, And I Will Give Thee A Crown Of Life." King James Version of the Bible If You Have Not Gotten The Point Already, Your Lifetime Is Your Opportunity To Make A Good Or Bad Foundation For Your Life In The Hereafter, Which Is Of Two Paths. The First Is Right Here After This World, And Its Way Of Thinking Is Over (Revelation Chapter 21). The Next Is Moving On To A Higher World Or To An Older And Far More Advanced Galaxy. If You Are Upright, You Are Actually Looking Forward To God's Promise Of Paradise As They Call It. Death, Which You All Must Taste, Actually Makes Life Significant. It Connects The Life Of This World With The Life In The Hereafter. Without Death, Life Of This World Would Go On And On And On With No Meaning. You Create Your Own Hell Or Heaven By Loving God. If You Desire Material Things You Cannot Take Them With You When The Spirit Leaves The Body.

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Lifetime (Millah)



Diagram 10 Life Span Throughout Your Life, Two Angelic Beings (Etherians) Follow You And Record Your Deeds, And As The Muhammadans Say In The Noble Koran 82:10-12 And I Quote: "And Surely There Are Keepers Over You, Honorable Recorders, They Know What You Do". On The Last Day Or Day Of Sentence Yawm Al Diyn (,>s^l Mrf) Your Book Of Deeds Will Be Opened To Bear Witness To Your Deeds. In Opposition To What You Might Think Or Have Been Taught, Hell Is Not Eternal; Nor Is It Meant As A Torture For Souls. The Seven Heavens Are Stages One Must Pass To Get To God. Again, Because He Is Ever Merciful, He Has Given You "Hell" As A Second Chance To Burn Out The Love And Desires Of The Physical (Material) World, And To Cleanse (Purify) Your Soul By Doing What Is Right. "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You." Remember, God Left You In Charge, So Whatever You Do, He'll Let You Do It. You Were Given "WILL", The Right Of Decisions, It's What You Do With It. 134


_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Jesus' Christianity VS. Paul's Christianity

(Genesis 1:24-28). The "Fires" Of Hell Are The Fires Of Desire In Human Beings. He Will Be Tortured By His Love For The World. Therefore, You Make Your Own Hell. Ques: What Is The State Of Bayna? Ans: It Is The State Of Neither Hell Nor Heaven. These People Are Caught In Between, In What You Would Call The State Of Limbo. These Are Disembodied Spirits Which House The Souls. When A Person Dies And He Has Not Reached Total Perfection, Or Total Imperfection, He Is Caught Between Transitions, And It's Called The "Transitional State". They Are Trapped On The Earthly Realm As Lost Spirits Running From 10 Unholy Spirits, Who Seek To Torment Them Day And Shadow Hour. Ques: What Did The Egiptians Think About Life After Death? Ans: In Ancient Egipt, Death Was Not Looked Upon As The Time For Mourning, But As A Natural Cycle Of Life. The Egiptians Firmly Acknowledge In An Afterlife Or Reincarnation Of Cells,' Which Led Them To Build Great Monuments As Tombs For Their Deceased Ones. Their Burial Tradition Was Unlike Any Other Ancient Or Moderate Civilization That Ever Existed. At Death, The Deity Anubis, Also Called The Neter "Deity" Of The Dead Is Represented As A Black Jackal-Headed Dog With A Tail Or A Man With The Head Of A Jackal Or Dog. Anubis Is Always Present At The Judgment Time Of The Dead And In The Hereafter; He Serves As The Messenger Between The Heavens And Hell To Guide The Deceased.

One M tlie most prominent religions toddy mtiic today is catted Christianity. Moat people ml the tto ithey are following a God incarnated^ ifo^kiiown as Jesus Christ. l^ej^^e following die teachings % ' ff-ygij wouM like to know ' ieci you will need to fact l filled book -$ Christianity, Ipfej'oijrrs up toda are available.
-j •— f —^. JTT^"" "~* "T" T?


Is There Eternal Life After Death ?

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Journey To The After Life. One Of The Ceremonies Was 'The Opening Of The Mouth Ceremony".

Figure 24 Opening Of The Mouth Ceremony
Figure 22 Deity An u bis Figure 23 The Serpent Ammit/Apophis

Ques: What Is The Purpose Of The Opening Of The Mouth Ceremony? Ans: One Of The Rituals Used To Insure Ascension Was The "Opening Of The Mouth Ceremony". When A God Dies His Consort And His Still Mortal Son Must Cause New Life To Stir In Him. It Is Based Around The Sirius Star Digitaria At The Exact Moment The Early Rising Of Orion, The Pharaoh Must Be Reborn As A God, Eloheem (Angelic Beings). The Son And The Wife Perform This Ceremony With An Az. The God Is Standing Upright. The Son Takes The Az, Which Is Shaped By The Northern Constellation And Strikes Open The Mouth Of The Deity And Takes Another Tool And Plunges The Ear And Opens The Mouth. The Mouth Is Opened, The Air Goes In And The God Is Alive Again; He Is Reborn For The Sky. "Rebirth" And "New Life" Were Very Important To The Egiptians, And They Were Also Required To Have Sexual Potency To Enable Then To Copulate With Deities. The Next Thing That Would Happen Is They Would Turn The Mummy To The South In 137

The Deity Anubis Weighs The Heart Of The Deceased Against The Feather Of Ma'at "Justice", Which Determines If The Ba "Soul" Of The Deceased Would Continue Its Journey To The Mend-jet "The Bark Of Re", Taking Them To The Underworld Or To Become Pray To Ammit The Serpent, Also Known As Apophis. Ques: What Types Of Ceremonies Were Performed For The Deceased In Preparation For The Afterlife? Ans: The Egiptians Performed Many Ceremonies For The Deceased To Help Them Pass Through The Dangers Of The Underworld And Attain An Afterlife Of The Egiptian "An" Or In The Greek Text "Ano" Both Meaning "Heaven". Magical Spells Were Recited Over The Deceased Enabling The Egiptian "TamaReyeaat" To Invoke Protection To Help The Deceased On Their

Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ Alignment With The Southern Shaft, And Attach An Erect Phallus "Penis" To His Mummified Body, And His Duty Before Departing Into The Afterworld Was To Seed The Womb, Symbolic Of The Womb Of Isis And The Birth Of Horus. "The Opening Of The Mouth Ceremony" Was Performed On The Mummy And The Tomb Statues During The Funeral Rites, With The Offering Ritual, Which Was Carried Out After The Burial. The Aun-Ra ^'Opening Of The Mouth" Was To Restore To The Deceased The Use Of His Or Her Senses, Bringing Him Or Her To Life By Way Of Resurrection. The Pharaoh "A'aferti" Wearing The Jackal Headed Mask Symbolic Of Anubis Performed This Ceremony. Ques: What Is The Ankh? Ans: The Oldest Amulet Sign Used By The Tama-Reyaat; "Egyptians" Is The Ankh, To Which We Assigned The Phonetic Value Of Ankh Or Ank Meaning "Everlasting Life" Or "Key To Eternal Life". The Egyptian Ankh Was The Symbol Of The j Cross And Is The Sacred Key That Will Open The Doors Of \ Eternal Life And The Next World Which You Will Go To After This Physical Life, Where God And The Angelic Beings Become Your Family. The Ankh Is Also A Symbol Of The Human Body Which The I Egiptians Knew To Be Intimately Connected With Generations 1 And With The Maintenance Of Life. The Meaning Of The Word j Ankh Is "Life", "Living", In Fact "Everlasting Life" And The "Life Which Cannot Die" Is The Best Way To Say It. Again It's I The Key To The Higher World Or Another World, A Physical j Place Where The Angelic Beings Came From And Where You Will Go. You Call It Heaven. The Ankh Represents A Connection Between God And His Children, The Angelic Beings. ' 138

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Diagram 11 The Ankh Key Of Everlasting Life The Ankh Is Found Repeatedly In Ancient Carvings And The View Held By Early Egiptians, Proclaims That Life Does Not End At The Physical Death, And Led To The Practice Of Burying Their Dead With Necessities For The Next World. Death Was Not Looked Upon As The Time For Mourning, But As A Natural Cycle Of Life, Which Is Unlike Some Civilizations Of The West. The Western Society Has Not Confirmed Existence After Death, Thus, They Are Scared To Make That Transition. Gigantic Pyramids And Tombs Of The Pharaohs Elaborately Display The Egyptian Belief In The Afterlife. Corpses Of Kings And Other Dignitaries Were Mummified And Carefully Preserved With The Idea That The Spiritual Would Return To Life And Would Need The Physical Body. The Ankh Was Placed In The Right Hand As A Guarantee To Resurrection Into Eternal Life. The Tombs Were Laden With Food, Clothing, Equipment, And Monetary Treasures. The Life Of The Deceased Was Told Through Colorful Carvings On The Walls. The Ankh Has Been Widely Misunderstood As The Symbol Of Life In This World, And Poorly Understood As The Key To The Next World Of Spookism, A Place Not Proven. 139

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ They Were Imitating The Civilization That Was Found In Heaven Or Orion. According To Christians, There Are Seven (7) Heavens, And This Concept Was Taken From The 7 Star Constellation Of Pleiades, For In (John 14:2) Jesus The Messiah States: "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions: If It Were Not So, I Would Have Told You. I Go To Prepare A Place For You. " The Muslims also pratically quotes this passage verbatim about a prepared place where it says and I quote: "But it is for those who fear their Lord, that lofty mansions, one above another have been built: beneath them flow rivers (of delight): (such is) the promise of God: never doth fail in (His) promise. " (Noble Koran 39:20) According To Egiptian Doctrine, Orion Is Where The Angelic Beings Migrated To Because Of The Dwindling Atmosphere On The Planet Rizq, The 8th Planet In The 19th Galaxy Called Illyuwn. That's The Reason Why All Of The Great Pyramids Line Up Perfectly With The Stars Of Orion. The Reality Of It All Is The Pyramids Were Built With The Help Of Our Descendants From The Skies, Extraterrestrials As You Call Them, Angels To The Christians, Anunnaqis To The Sumerians, Neteru To The Egiptians. These Angelic Beings Were The First Kings, Rulers Or Pharaohs Of Tama-Re "Egipt", And The Pyramids Were Built As Beacons, So That They Would Know Where To Land Their Ships, And Once There, They Could Recharge. (Refer To Scroll #139 Entitled Science Of Healing By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720°).

Diagram 12 Drawing Of Magnetic Pyramid The Pyramid Draws Magnetism And Energy From The Center Of The Earth As Well As The Poles. The Ankh Is Also The Ancient Symbol Of The Real Messiah, Who Is To Come. As Previously Mentioned The Ankh Is The Key To Eternal Life And That Is What Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago Was Offering. The Ankh Is An Ancient Symbol Worn By Many Today In Which The Loop Of The Ankh Symbolizes The Head Of Jesus Christ And The Bottom Symbolizes His Body. The Pyramids Were Originally Storehouses Of Universal Knowledge, Used As The Houses Of Initiation Into Higher Levels Of Consciousness. Most People Don't Realize The Significance Of The Pyramids. They Were Used To Make Connection With The Angelic Beings, Our Ancestors, Who Once Dwelt In The Orion Star Constellation. To The Egiptians "Heaven" Meant The Skies, The Solar System, Galaxies And The Universe. Septet "Sirius" And Sahu "Orion" Were Actually Recorded As "Heaven Above". (Oupavog) Quranos Which Is "Heaven" In The Greek Language, Is Nothing More Than The Orion Star Constellation As Found In Amos 5:8, Job 38:31. 140

.Is There Eternal Life After Death?

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ \1:9) "That Was The True Light, Which Lighteth Every Man That \Cometh Into The World. " This Is Why He Said In John 10:30 "I ' And My Father Are One. " He Was Born Of A Holy Spirit And A Human Mother; And If A Child Is Born Of What Their Parents Are, Then Jesus, Being Born Of The Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:18) And A Human Mother (A Human Being) (Matthew 1:16) Was A Holy Ghost "Angelic Being"; And That's Why He Was Called The "Son Of God" In Matthew 8:29, And The Son Of Mary In Mark 6:3, The Noble Koran 61:14 Meaning A Mortal. He Was Also Called "The Word" In John 1:1, The Noble Koran 4:171 And "Spirit Made Flesh Or Body" In 1 John 4:2-6. So Jesus The Messiah Was Half Man And Half Angelic Being. Read the book "What Is Spirit and Soul? " Before The Ascension Of Jesus The Messiah, The Prophet Elijah The Tishbite Had Been "Taken Up" By A Whirlwind As Revealed In 2 Kings 2:1 It States "And It Came To Pass, When The LORD Would Take Up Elijah Into Heaven By A Whirlwind..." And In 2 Kings 2:11-13 It States, "And It Came To Pass, As They Still Went On, And Talked, That, Behold, There Appeared A Chariot Of Fire, And Horses Of Fire, And Parted Them Both Asunder; And Elijah Went Up By A Whirlwind Into Heaven. And Elisha Saw It, And He Cried, My Father, My Father, The Chariot Of Israel, And The Horsemen Thereof. And He Saw Him No More: And He Took Hold Of His Own Clothes, And Rent Them In Two Pieces. He Took Up Also The Mantle Of Elijah That Fell From Him, And Went Back, And Stood By The Bank Of Jordan; " Elijah Was A Very Powerful Man In His Time. He Was So Powerful That When His Disciple Elisha Asked For A "Double Portion Of His Spirit", He Told Him That If He Saw Him Being Taken Up To The Heavens, That He Would Return (2 Kings 2:910); That His Spirit Would Once Again Manifest Itself On The Face Of The Earth. When The Spirit Returned It Manifested In 143

Figure 25 The Stellar Landscape, Showing Osiris (Orion) And The Shaft Of The Great Pyramid Pointing To His Belt

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Was The First Pyramid Built In Egipt, However, The Pyramids In Nubia Predate The Giza Pyramid. This Great Pyramid Of Giza, As You've Been Taught, Was Not Built By Pharaoh Khufu, But By Idris "Enoch" With The Help Of The Extraterrestrials, Eloheem "Angelic Beings". The Pyramids Also Served As Temples As Well As Tombs. Jesus The Messiah Had The "Spirit" Of The "Heavenly Father" In Him (John 14:11, The Noble Koran 4:171) "Believe Me That I Am In The Father, And The Father In Me:.. ". This Is The Same Spirit That Is In Every Man That Comes Into The World (John

Is There Eternal Life After Death?_ John The Baptist; Meaning They Are One And The Same In Spirit, But Not In Body. "Behold, I Will Send You Elijah The Prophet Before The Coming Of The Great And Dreadful Day 'Of The LORD:" (Malachi 4:5). His Spirit Returned In Troublesome Times When The Israelites Had Strayed So Far From The Path Of The Righteous, And There Seemed To Be Hardly Any Hope For Their Salvation. This Was The Mission Of John The Baptist. He Was To Come Before Jesus, The Prophecied Messiah, With The Spirit Of Elijah And . His Power To Prepare The People For The Coming Of Jesus. It Was The Double Portion Of Elijah's Spirit Which Enabled John The Baptist To Successfully Undertake And Complete His Mission. John The Baptist Was Also "Taken Up": "They Answering Said, John The Baptist; But Some Say, Elias; Arid Others Say, That One Of The Old Prophets Is Risen Again " (Luke 9:19). '!And King Herod Heard Of Him; (For His Name Was Spread Abroad:) And He Said, That John The Baptist Was Risen From The Dead, And Therefore Mighty Works Do Shew Forth Themselves In Him. Others Said, That It Is Elias. And Others Said, That It Is A Prophet, Or As One Of The Prophets. But When Herod Heard Thereof, He Said, It Is John, Whom I Beheaded: He Is Risen From The Dead" (Mark 6:14-16). Enoch Had AH The Powers Of Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago, The Messiah, And He Also Was Taken Up To The Heavens. "By Faith Enoch Was Translated That He Should Not See Death; And Was Not Found, Because God Had Translated Him: For Before His Translation He Had This Testimony, That He Pleased God" (Hebrews 11:5) "And Enoch Walked With God: And He Was Not; For God Took Him " (Genesis 5:24).

Is There Eternal Life After Death ? Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago, Elijah And Enoch Were A Trinity Of Their Own. All Three Ascended And Were Also "High Priests" After The Order Of Melchisedec "For He Testifieth, Thou Art A Priest For Ever After The Order Of Melchisedec" Spoken Of In The Bible In Hebrews 7:17, Hebrews 5:6, Hebrews 5:10, Hebrews 6:20, Hebrews 7:11, Hebrews 7:21, Psalms 110:4. The Pyramids Are Electromagnetic Antennas That Create Standing Columnar Waves To Prevent The Wobbling Of The Earth. After The Destruction Of Atlantis, The Lost Continent Of North America, Which Was Originally Named Atlan, The Earth Needed To Be Balanced. The Pyramids At Giza Were Built To Balance The Magnetic Fields And Land Masses Of The Earth After The Axis Shift Of 23 Degrees, Which Takes Place Every 50,000 Years Called An Epoch. The Axis Needle Completes A Cycle Every 24,000 Years Called An Equinox, And Every 50,000 Years The Crust Of The Earth Shifts Like The Skin Of A Grape,

Figure 26 The Great Pyramids Of Giza In Cairo, Egypt

7s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Pyramids Are Also A Tool To Help Humans Advance Into A Higher State Of Consciousness And Change Their Aura To A More Positive Frequency. It Is A Tuned Tank Antenna Acting As An Interdimensional Communication Device Given To Humans, So That They May Leam Of The Positive Frequency, And Make Contact With Their Oversoul And Beings. It Refocuses Light Into The Two Different Electron Spirals, The Negative Field Of The Physical, And The Positive Field Of The Spiritual. This Energy Is The Energy That Runs The Universe, Which Is Seen As A Light Forming A Double Helix, Which Is Generated By The Sides Of The Pyramid, Bending Light And Creating A Vortex. (Refer To Scroll #171 Entitled El Maguraj By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720°).

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ The Double Helix Is Commonly Seen As The Caduceus Or Staff Of Tehuti (Thoth), Who The Greeks Relate To Their Deity Hermes. Hermes' Staff Is A Winged Staff With Serpents Intertwined Around It. These Serpents Represent The Flow Of Energy To The Root Seat Of The Caduceus. The Sword Represent The Spinal Column, The Cross And Its Snake Represents The Serpent Nakhash Who Was Hospitable (Hospital) To Eve. The Hindus Call It Kundalini. The Staff Is Also Used As The Medical Symbol Of Today Because It Symbolizes Healing Power. The Ancient Symbol Was Called Neh-Eh Meaning "Eternity".

Figure 27 The Double Helix

Figure 28 Staff Of Tehuti


_Is There Eternal Life After Death?_

Wide ghritte Enterprise Inc
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Figure 29 The Ancient Neh-Eh Symbol I'd Like To Add That Everything In The Universe Is Based Upon The Principle: "As Above, So Below". It Was Represented By The Shield Of David, The Six Pointed Star, Which Is Made Up Of Two Triangles, One Upright And The Other Inverted, Also Symbolizing "As Above, So Below" Or "Oversoul And Physical".

TTic Swttir (Jacket)

SViocs S' Robe

FrAvjcr Re 5 All A



Diagram 14 The Secrets Of Nature - The Blending Of The Planes Of Being 148

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ The Upright Pyramid/Triangle Symbolizes One's Strivings To Elevate To A Higher Self. The Inverted Pyramid/Triangle Symbolizes One's Strivings To Master The Degrading Qualities Of His Being. The Highest Point In The Upright Triangle Symbolizes The Union With God, Or The Highest Form Of Existence On The Upper Planes, While The Extreme Point On The Inverted Triangle Symbolizes It Is Equal On Its Own Level Of Existence. In Other Words, The Two Extreme Points Are Equal On Their Own Planes. You Have To Be Taught To Vibrate On A Frequency That Will Link You In With The Oversoui. You Have To Attune Your Soul To The Sacred Tone Of The Universe From Mother Earth, Nature (Neteru). She Is Alive And She Hums And Breathes; And You Are A Part Of Her. You All Are Children Of Mother Earth, Adamites. This Tone Is All Encompassing And It Has No Limits. It Is The Medium To The Source, Whose Love, Cannot Be Contained, For It Is Ever Boundless. Also, God (To The Christians), Allah (To The Muslims), Anu (To The Sumerians), Re (To The Egiptians) Is The Sacred Tone, The Tone Which I Speak Of, Is In The "Aiyn Principle" Or The Sound "Aum". Notice If You Will, That The Sound Of "Aum" Is As The Sound Of The First Letters In The Words: "Om-Niscient", "Om-Nipotent", And "Om-Nipresent", Three Attributes Of The Supreme. The Sound Rises From The Throat To The Tip Of The Lips, It Flows To The Center Of The Head And Escapes From The i Ears. The Hindu Symbol Of "Aum" Is Like The Ashuric/Syriac 1 Arabic Letters: 'Aiyn And Miym.

Is There Eternal Life After Death?_

Figure 30 The Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720u I, Myself, Was In The Great Pyramids Reading The Hidden Words Of Truth.



_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Become Dependent Again. This Is When He Is Able To Gain Back His Divinity Because Of Balancement, Knowing Dependence And Independence. Let's Put It A Little Simpler. In The Womb Of Your Mother You Knew Good. Upon Partaking Of The Delicacies Of This World You Knew Bad, So When You Die You Should Be Balanced. Everything In The Universe Must Be Balanced; Not All Good, And Not All Bad. This Is What The Angelic Beings Tried To Do With Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden, Balancement Of Their Natures. So, According To Your Myths And Beliefs There Is No Life After Death. There Is No Life After This, Where You Can Take Your Evils That You've Gained From The World With You. Death Is Just A Stepping Into Another Realm Or The Next Level. When A Child Curls Up In A Fetal Position It Reminds Him Of The Womb, Thus Remembering That Dependence. Ques: So What Exactly Is Life After Death? Ans: Living Is The Time You Spend On The Planet Earth Or Ta, Tiamat Or Orb, At Which All Men May Earn Their Way To What They Believe Is Paradise Through Hard Labor, Which Is Partially Correct. Life After Death Is What You've Earned By Way Of Actions In Your Physical Life. According To Sumerian Doctrine, You Were Originally Bred Here To Be 'Abd (AAC) "Slaves" And Were Called Lulu 'Amelu, Which Means "Primitive Worker". Your Sole Purpose For Being Pro-Created Was To Labor In The Mines In Monodappa For The Angelic Beings (Eloheem) As I Previously Mentioned. However, Because Ninti, The Wife Of Enlil (One Of The Scientists Who Assisted In Your Pro-Creation In The Sumerian Doctrine) Cared About You, You Were Given A Chance For This Life After Death That Revelation 21 Speaks About.




The English Translation Of The Arabic Word (fj.) Is Aum

The English Translation Of The Hindu Word (*) Is Aum

Diagram 15 The Symbol Of "Aum" Ques: So, Now Is There Life After Death? Ans: There Is Life After Death, But Not According To The Heaven And Hell You've Been Taught To Believe In, And This Life After Death Only Applies To A Very Few, 144,000 To Be Exact (If They Make It). Those Who Are A Part Of This "Transformation" Are Just Stepping Into Another Realm Or The Next Level Because That Is What Death Really Is, Transformation From One State To Another. When A Child Is In The Womb It's Like A Fish That Swims Around, Subsisting From The Nourishment The Mother Provides Through The Umbilical Cord. Therefore, The Child Is In A State Of Dependence. However, When The Baby Is Born He/She No Longer Has To Obtain His/Her Nourishment Directly From The Mother, And Thus Has Developed Into A State Of Independence. So, When A Person Goes Into The Next State, What You Call Death, He Steps Into The Next Realm, Which Is Where He Will 151


_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Many Think That The Afterlife Is Just Like The Physical Life, Only Without Death, Pain, Sorrows, Crying As Described In Revelation 21:4. This Afterlife Being Described Here Is In The End When The Crystal City, The Ship Nibiru Comes From The Sixth Star Constellation Orion, Which They Call Heaven, For The 144,000 (If They Make It). Bible- New Testament, Revelation 21:1-5 (With Greek Inserts) KCU EiSov oupavov Kaivov KCU yrjv Kaivnv o yap Ttpcotoc; oupavoc; KCU r| Ttpcorri y\[ Trapn^esv KCU n Ga^aaaa OUK

Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ <hetoimazo> as coc; <hos> a bride vu^cpri <numphe> adorned <kosmeo> for her autoc; <autos> husband avep <aner>. "And I Saw The Holy City, New Jerusalem, Coming Down Out Of Heaven From God, Prepared As A Bride Adorned For Her Husband;"

cpcovrn; |ueyaXr|<; EK TOU oupavou Xsyouanc; i6ou r| oKnvri TOU Gsou ^Eta Ttov avGpconcov Kai oKnvcooet auTcav Kai auToi ^.aoi autou EoovTav Kai auioc; o GEOC; auTcov GEOC; autcov
And Kai <kai> I heard aKOUco <akouo> a great neyac; <megas> voice (pcovrj <phone> out of EK <ek> heaven oupavo<; <ouranos> saying X,syco <lego>, Behold i6ou <idou>, the tabernacle OKnvn <skene> of God Gsoq <theos> is with (j.ETa <meta> men avGpconoc; <anthropos>, and Kai <kai> he will dwell OKnvoco <skenoo> with HETO <meta> them autoc; <autos>, and KOI <kai> they auToq <autos> shall be soo^ai <esomai> his auroc; <autos> people X,aoc; <laos>, and Kai <kai> God GEOC; <theos> himself auioc; <autos> shall be soo^ai <esomai> with ^ETa <meta> them <autos>, and be their auTOc; <autos> God Gsoc; <theos>. "And I Heard A Loud Voice From The Throne Saying, Behold, The Dwelling Of God Is With Men. He Will Dwell With Them, And They Shall Be His People, And God Himself Will Be With Them." "

And Kai <kai> I saw ei5co <eido> a new Kaivoc; <kainos> heaven oupavot; <ouranos> and Kai <kai> a new Kawoq <kainos> earth m <ge>: for yap <gar> the first rcpcoTOc; <protos> heaven oupavoc; <ouranos> and Kai <kai> the first Ttpoyroc; <protos> earth yi\ <ge> were passed away napepxo^ai <parerchomai>; and Kai <kai> there was EOTI <esti> no ou <ou> more ETI <eti> sea GaXaooa <thalassa>. "Then I Saw A New Heaven And A New Earth; For The First Heaven And The First Earth Had Passed Away, And The Sea Was No More." KCU syco uoavvnc; ei6ov tnv rcoXiv TTJV aytav lepouaalrm Kaivnv Kata|3aivouaav ano TOU GEOU EK TOU oupavou r[Toiu,ao-|i£vr|v coq vu^cpnv KEKoanriHsvnv TCO avSpi And Kai <kai> I eyco <ego> John loavvnc; <Ioannes> saw Ei8o> <eido> the holy ayioc; <hagios> city rcoXic; <polis>, new Kaivoc; <kainos> Jerusalem lepouoalnn <Hierousalem>, coming down Katapaivca <katabaino> from OTIO <apo> God GEOC; <theos> out of EK <ek> heaven oupavoc; <ouranos>, prepared 153

Kai EIJTEV o KaGrmsvoc; ETU TOU Gpovou i6ou Kaiva Ttavra TTOICO Kai Xsysi ^ioi ypa\t/ov on OUTOI 01 Xoyoi aXr|Oivoi Kai

And Kai <kai> God GEOC; <theos> shall wipe away sJ;aA,Ei(pco <exaleipho> all nac; <pas> tears SaKpu <dakru> from ano <apo>

There Eternal Life After Death?_ _Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ their ctUTOQ <autos> eyes ocptaX^o? <ophthalmos>; and KCU <kai> there shall be soo^ou <esomai> no ou <ou> more ETI <eti> death GavaroQ <thanatos>, neither OUTE <oute> sorrow nevQoc, <penthos>, nor OUTS <oute> crying Kpauyri <krauge>, neither OUTS <oute> ou <ou> shall there be eoo^ai <esomai> any more ETI <eti> pain Ttovoq <ponos>: for OTI <hoti> the former things npcoTOc; <protos> are passed away aTrspxoncu <aperchomai>. "He Will Wipe Away Every Tear From Their Eyes, And Death Shall Be No More, Neither Shall There Be Mourning Nor Crying Nor Pain Any More, For The Former Things Have Passed Away." And Kat <kai> he that sat Ka9nncn <kathemai> upon ETU <epi> the throne Qpovoc, <thronos> said EKCO <epo>, Behold i8ou <idou>, I make TTOIECO <poieo> all things naq <pas> new KCtivoq <kainos>. And KQI <kai> he said Xsyco <lego> unto me uoi <moi>, Write ypacpco <grapho>: for OTI <hoti> these OUTOQ <houtos> words A,oyo<; <logos> are EIOX <eisi> true aA,n9ivo<; <alethinos> and KOU <kai> faithful TUOTO<; <pistos>. "And He Who Sat Upon The Throne Said, "Behold, I Make All Things New." Also He Said, "Write This, For These Words Are Trustworthy And True." King James Version of the Bible This Quote Is Speaking About The Eventual Return Of The Mothership Called "The Crystal City" Or Nibiru, For The Reclamation Or What Is Known By Many As The Rapture Of The 144,000 To Be Taken Back To Their Original Home Planet, Which Is In The Orion Star Constellation. This Is Simply Called By Religious People In Hebrew Shamawyim (D^OE?), Which Means "Up There And Renown ". In The Old Testament It Is Referring

To Two Heavens; The Heavens Above And The Heavens Below. In Greek It Is Orionos (Opavioq), Which Is The Place That The Elders Had Moved To; And In Arabic It Is Samawaati (aljA-u) All Meaning "Heaven", Taking It Past The Two Heavens Into The Plural. The The Noble Koran Uses Samaa'a (*L—j) Meaning "Vapor Clouds". Ques: When Nibiru Comes, Who Will The 144,000 Consist Of Being That All Religions Feel They Are The Chosen Ones. Ans: First Of All, Religion Is For Drop Outs And Failures. People Hold On To Religion Like A Crutch Because They Can't Make It Any Other Way. With Religion You Stop Being Responsible For Your Own Actions And Blame Someone Else Like God When It's Something You Like, And The Devil When It's Something You Don't Like. Therefore, You Need Religion. Religious People Believe That They Must Live In Opposition To The Evil One, Whom They Called Zuen, Ibliys, Shaytaan, Ha-Satan, Draco, Diablo, Sama'el, Lucifer, Who All Are The Devil. They Claim That His Evil Powers Cover The Whole Earth And Are A Temptation Which Is Placed Before Them Daily. To The Truly Devoted Religious Fanatic Who Lives According To Their God's Law, This World Is A Hell; And To The People Who Live Outside Of Religion, Who Want To Control Their Own Lives, This World Is Paradise. Therefore, Death Is A Favor To A Religious Fanatic, Which Breeds Terrorism And Martyrdom-Ism, Which Leads To Massive Cult Suicides And The Likes. To Tell You The Truth Religion Has Nothing To Do With It. Let's Take This A Step Back To The Bible To The Time Of Noah, Who's Real Name Was Utnafishtim. In Genesis 6:9 Noah Was A

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Zodoq Meaning Justice; A Just Man, Mortal And Perfect In His Genealogy And I Quote: "These Are The Generations Of Noah; Noah Was A Just Man And Perfect In His Generations, And Noah Walked With Gods (Eloheem)". . Noah Also Walked With The Angelic Beings And They Studied Him. So The Angelic Beings Said Good, Let's Destroy The Earth And Start Over Because They Saw The Wickedness Of The Adamites (The Children Of Adam) As Stated In Genesis 6:5-6, And I Quote: "And Eloheem (Gods) Saw The Wickedness Of Man Was Great In The Earth, And That Every Imagination Of The Thoughts Of His Heart Was Only Evil Continually. And It Repented The Lord That He Had Made Man On Earth, And It Grieved Him At This Heart."

7s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ As I Mentioned Earlier In The Book, The Angelic Beings Were Filled With Regret Because Of What Man Had Become. Their Thoughts And Their Hearts Were Evil Continuously And This Grieved Them To Their Hearts. The Same As In The Noble Koran 113:3 Where It States And I Quote: "From The Evil Of What He Created". Once The Angelic Beings Got Noah (Utnafishtim), They Decided To Destroy Everybody Else And Breed From Him. This Is When They Told Noah To Construct A Craft And They Would Levitate It, Meaning It Would Hover Above The Waters, Not Float On Them. However, Evil Popped Up Again Because Ham's Wife Ifat Was Already Pregnant With A Cursed, Disagreeable Seed, Canaan, An Albino Leper, Who Was Born On The Craft, Which Became Known To You As The Hebrew Word For Ark Tebah (nun); It Means "Ark, Vessel". The Noble Koran 113:3 (With Arabic Inserts)

And $ <wa> from ^M» <min> wicked j£ <shar-rin> the activities that emerges £*/ic <gha-si-qin> as it Ijl <i-dha> overtakes the night ijjij <aw-qab>. And From The Wicked Activities That Emerges As It Overtakes The Night. Translated By: As Sayyid Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi Noble: Rev. Dr. MalachiZ. York-El 33°/720° Figure 31 Noah Son Of Lemek And Kamiylah (Genesis 6:9)


/5 There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Ques: What Can Be Done To Restore The Body To Perfection? Ans: The First Step Towards Restoring The Body To Perfection Is To Instill Complete Knowledge That There Does Exist A Vast Reservoir Of Spiritual And Live Forces Only Awaiting Human Beings' Mental Acceptance Of Them. This First Act, The Act Of Believing Is Within Itself A Gigantic Step Forward. The Negative Mental Force Field Has So Crystallized Around Human Beings' Physical Form That It Is Indeed Difficult To Destroy The Power It Exerts. This Mental Force Has Built A Wall -- An Invisible, But Almost Impenetrable Wall, Which Prevents The Inflow Of The Positive Spiritual Energies. In The Illustration On The Following Page, I Have Attempted To Show You The Actual Three Dimensional Structures And Complexity Of The Body's Force Field. This Diagram Is Derived From Scientific Findings Using Newly Developed And Highly Sensitive Instruments.

Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ To Best Overstand The Illustration, Imagine That Your Body Is Like A Pebble Dropped In A Pond Creating A Whirlpool On The Surface Of The Water And Radiating Outward From You In EverGreater Circles. I Have Shown This Effect On Our Imaginary Surface Represented By Dots Or Nodes. Highly Sensitive Instruments Have Detected These Nodal Points. In It Has Been Found That The Pattern Of These Nodes Change With The Person's Thoughts. This Then Indicated That These Waves Of Force Of What Is Known As An "Aura" Or Haalat (iJb>) Are Altered By Mental Activity. Ques: What Is An Aura Or Haalat? Ans: In Man There Is A Voltage And Current Between His/Her Crown Seat (Top Of Head) And Root Seat (Prostate). This Flow Gives Rise To A Magnetic Field, Which Surrounds Him. This Magnetic Force Field Of Negative And Positive Changes Is Called Man's Aura Or Haalat (£JU). This Magnetic Force Field Contains The Ether Particles Of Green Light, Which Are Waiting To Be Drawn Into The Body By The Seats. The Human's Haalat Consists Of His/Her Spirit, Soul, And Physical Form. It Is Very Often Visible To Those Who Have A Sensitive And Delicate Sense Of Sight. The Haalat Or Aura Is An Issue Stemming From Hayaat (SU=>.), The Life Source Of The Body. It Appears Up To Two Or Three Feet Away From The Body. It May Be Looked Upon As The Atmosphere Of The Body Because It Reflects The "Real" Vital Body, Mental Mood, Health And Character. The Aura Or Haalat Has Different Layers Of Moods Or Reflection That Are Reflected In Color, Which May Appear Cloud-Like Or Bright And Clear According To The Mood It Is Reflecting. The Purer The Person, The More Illuminated His Or Her Haalat (Aura) Will Be. Everyone Is Not Able To See The

Diagram 16 Electric Forces Field And Its Nodes Surrounding Human Beings' Body. 159

Is There Eternal Life After Death? Haalat, Only Those Who Are Highly Spiritual. The Reflection Of Color Rarely Stays The Same, For The Haalat (Aura) Reflects The Most Intricate Moods Of The Person, Totally Dominating Or Clouding Out A Majority Of The Other Moods Reflected. Between Males And Females, The Haalat (Aura) Is Apt To Change More In Females, Because Women Are Affected By The Planets, Their Positions, And The Moon, While Man Is Not Affected By Those Things. (For More Information Refer To Scroll #139 Entitled Science Of Healing, Scroll #80 Entitled: Man From Planet Rizq, The Holy Tablets By Noble: Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York-El 33°/720°). Now Imagine Yourself In A Sea Of Ethers, Rather Than Water Flowing In And Around You, And Imagine The Dots And Their Waves Completely Surrounding You From Head To Toe, Constantly Changing And Interacting With Each Other With The Speed Of Thought. This Then Is The True Three - Dimensional Picture Of Your Aura.

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ So Ask Yourself Is There Really Life After Death? Do You Think Some Angels With Wings Are Going To Come Down And I Take You Up? Are You On A Spook Tip Or Are You Willing To Search These Things Out To See Whether They Are True Or Not. Remember, Our Religion Is Facts, Not Opinions, Proven Facts, Just Know This, There Are Some People Today That Preach And Teach And Quote From The Scriptures All Day Long. However, To No Avail Because There's A Seal On Their Hearts. I'm Not Speaking About A Physical Seal, But A Spiritual Seal, In Which The True Words Of God Cannot Touch Them. They Are "Deaf For They Cannot Distinguish The Divine Truth That Uplifts The Souls When They Hear It, For They Hear Not! These People Are "Dumb" Because They Cannot Comprehend That God Is In All Things, And Without Him Nothing Can Exist. They Are "Blind". They Have A Covering Over Their Eyes And They Cannot See The Truth. They Have Decided Not To Accept The Truth And Have Become Concealers (Coverers) Of The Truth. Thus, They Can Never Return To That Perfect State Of Total Submission To God. Remember, Our Religion Is Facts, Not Opinions, Proven Facts. Man Has Forgotten His Place And Now Looks Upon Himself As Having Control Over His Life, As Well As The Lives Of Others. Without The Fear Of God, Man Is Subjected To Doing Anything. Some Go About Their Devilish Acts And Then When The Unexpected Outcomes Hit Them, They Decide To Repent. These People Are Only Fooling Themselves. Fear Of God Is Important, For Through Fear Of Him One Finds Discipline And Knowledge "The Fear Of The LORD Is The Beginning Of Knowledge: But Fools Despise Wisdom And Instruction. " (Proverbs 1:7)

Diagram 17 Aura Of Man



Js There Eternal Life After Death ?_ The Crystal City or New Jerusalem Will Come, And That's Real. Ai Fleet Of Angelic Beings Will Be Passing Through The Earth's Atmosphere In Or Around The Year 2,000 A.D. To 2,003 A.D. (Because Of The Time Shift), Coming Out Of The Mothers hip Called The Crystal City, To Reclaim Their Children Which Ard Only 144,000 Who Are Spiritually And Physically Ready. If You! Keep And Build Your Faith, Your Contact Will Be Re-Linked. Practice The Act Of Doing Without Doing. Apply Yourselfj Honestly, And Maintain Your Goals. Become That Incorruptible Spirit (1 Corinthians 15:50-54)1 Bible- New Testament (1 Corinthians 15:50-54), (With Greek Inserts) OUTO 5e cpr|ui a6sX(poi on aap^ KCU ai|ia paatXsiav Geoul KXr|povo)ir|aai ou Suvavtcu ou5s r| cpGopa Tnv acpGapoiav KXnpovoiiEi i5ou uwriipiov uu,iv Xsyco navtst; ^ev ou Koijj."n0Tioo|ie0a navTEq 6s aXXaynao|i£6a EV aTou^co ev piTin, ocp0aXu.ou ev Tt| eoxarri aaXmyyi aaXTtioEi yap KCU 01 veKpot eyepGnaovTai a(p9apTOi Kat TIJIEK; XXaynaojaeGa Sei yap TO cpGapTov TOUTO EvSuoaaGai acpGapmav Kai TO GVTITOV TOUTO svSuaaoGai aGavacnav OTOV 5e TO cpGaprav TOUTO Ev5uaT|Tai acpGapaiav Kai TO GvnTov TOUTO EvSuanTai aGavaaiav TOTE yEvnasTcu o Xoyoq o yeypau^evoc; KaTE7to6r| o GavaTOQ &\c, VIKO<; Now 5e <de> this TOUTO <touto> I say cpr|jai <phemi>, brethren a5eXcpo(; <adelphos>, that OTI <hoti> flesh oap^ <sarx> and KOI <kai> blood aijaa <haima> cannot ou <ou> 5uva(aai <dunamai> inherit KX,r| <kleronomeo> the kingdom pacnXe <basileia> of God Geoq <theos>; neither ou8e <oude> doth 163

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ <kleronomeo> corruption cpGopa <phthora> inherit <kleronomeo> incorruption a<p6apoia <aphtharsia>. Behold i5ou <idou>, I shew X,eyco <lego> you ujivv <humin> a mystery uuoTnpiov <musterion>; We shall KOVfiaco <koimao> not ou <ou> all pav <pas> men <men> sleep Koinaco <koimao>, but Se <de> we shall aXXaooco <allasso> all nac, <pas> be changed alXaooco <allasso>, In EV <en> a moment aroiiot; <atomos>, in ev <en> the twinkling piTirj <rhipe> of an eye o<pT<xX|io<; <ophthalmos>, at sv <en> the last eaxotTox; <eschatos> trump aaXnvyS, <salpigx>: for yap <gar> the trumpet shall sound aaA,7ii^G> <salpizo>, and Kai <kai> the dead v£Kpo<; <nekros> shall be raised EyEipco <egeiro> incorruptible acpGapTOQ <aphthartos>, and Kai <kai> we THICK; <hemeis> shall be changed aXXaooco <allasso>. For yap <gar> this TOUTO <touto> corruptible (pOaproc; <phthartos> must 6ei <dei> put on ev5uoco <enduo> incorruption acpGapoia <aphtharsia>, and Kai <kai> this TOUTO <touto> mortal GvriTot; <thnetos> must put on evfiuoco <enduo> immortality aGavaoia <athanasia>. So 8s <de> when OTav <hotan> this TOUTO <touto> corruptible cpGapTOc; <phthartos> shall have put on ev8uoco <enduo> incorruption acpGapoia <aphtharsia>, and Kai <kai> this TOUTO <touto> mortal 9vT|TO<; <thnetos> shall have put on sv8uoa> <enduo> immortality aGavaoia <athanasia>, then TOTE <tote> shall be brought to pass yivojiai <ginornai> the saying Xoyoq <logos> that is written ypacpco <grapho>, Death GavaToq <thanatos> is swallowed up <katapino> in EIQ <eis> victory VIKOC; <nikos>. "Now This I Say, Brethren, That Flesh And Blood Cannot Inherit The Kingdom Of God; Neither Doth Corruption Inherit Incorruption. Behold, I Shew You A Mystery; We Shall Not All Sleep, But We Shall All Be Changed, In A 164

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Moment, In The Twinkling Of An Eye, At The Last Trump: For The Trumpet Shall Sound, And The Dead Shall Be Raised Incorruptible, And We Shall Be Changed. For This Corruptible Must Put On Incorruption, And This Mortal Must Put On Immortality. So When This Corruptible Shall Have Put On Incorruption, And This Mortal Shall Have Put On Immortality, Then Shall Be Brought To Pass The Saying That Is Written, Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory." King James Version of the Bible If You Are Living By The Standards Of Your God, You Don't Have To Be Afraid To Die. The Fact That You Are Afraid To Die Only Proves That You Are A Sinner. You Only Fear Death When You Are Bending The Law. You Cannot Overcome Death Because You Cannot Overcome Sin. (1 Corinthians 15:56) Tells You And I Quote: "The Sting Of Death Is Sin; And The Strength Of Sin Is The Law ". If You Die In Fear Of Death, You Will Be Cut Off And Go To Hell. You Have No Reason To Fear Death For The Messiah Jesus Christ, The "Son Of God" Already Suffered For You. "But Thanks Be To God, Which Giveth Us The Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57). "And Walk In Love, As Christ Also Hath Loved Us, And Hath Given Himself For Us An Offering And A Sacrifice To God For A Sweetsmelling Savour" (Ephesians 5:2). Step Out Of His World, The Devil's World And Stay In Grace. Stop Worrying About Suffering, Pain And Death. "Rejoice And Be Exceeding Glad: For Great Is Your Reward In Heaven: For So

Persecuted They The Prophets Which Were Before You " (Matthew 5:12); "But Rejoice, Inasmuch As Ye Are Partakers Of Christ's Sufferings; That, When His Glory Shall Be Revealed, Ye May Be Glad Also With Exceeding Joy (1 Peter 4:13). Make Jesus Christ Your Way. I Don't Care What I Used To Say, "I'm Now In The Body Of Christ". I Have Found My Way In "God The Father And Our Lord, His Son Jesus Christ." "And Whatsoever Ye Do In Word Or Deed, Do All In The Name Of The Lord Jesus, Giving Thanks To God And The Father By Him" (Colossians 3:17). Fall In And Follow One Accord - One Mind. "Fulfil Ye My Joy, That Ye Be Likeminded, Having The Same Love, Being Of One Accord, Of One Mind " (Philippians 2:2). Make Amends With You And The Father. Pray In Your Own Tongue So Your Prayers Can Be Heard. "Wherefore Let Him That Speaketh In An Unknown Tongue Pray That He May Interpret. For If I Pray In An Unknown Tongue, My Spirit Prayeth, But My Understanding Is Unfruitful. What Is It Then? I Will Pray With The Spirit, And I Will Pray With The Understanding Also: I Will Sing With The Spirit, And I Will Sing With The Understanding Also. Else When Thou Shalt Bless With The Spirit, How Shall He That Occupieth The Room Of The Unlearned Say Amen At Thy Giving Of Thanks, Seeing He Understandeth Not What Thou Sayest?" (1Corinthians 14:13-16). When You Pray It Must Go From The Tongue To Your Heart, For God Is In Your Heart. "But Thou, When Thou Prayest, Enter Into Thy Closet, And When Thou Hast Shut Thy Door, Pray To Thy Father Which Is In Secret; And Thy Father Which Seeth In Secret Shall Reward Thee Openly. But When Ye Pray, Use Not Vain Repetitions, As The Heathen Do: For They,. Think That They Shall Be Heard For Their Much Speaking. Be Not Ye Therefore Like Unto Them: For Your Father 166

_/s There Eternal Life After Death ?_ Knoweth What Things Ye Have Need Of, Before Ye Ask Him " (Mathew 6:6-8). For Me To Try And Explain The Most High God, There Are No Words That Can Touch Or Come Close To His Magnificence And Glory. God Is In Himself, In All His Glory, His Majesty, His Greatness, His Power; In All Of Us. He's A Part Of You. I And The Creator Are One. He's The Only One In Total Authority. He's The Unseen Power That Can Pull All Strings. He's Alone At Ali Times - Total Responsibility, But He Gave Us Certain Things. The Head Of The Man Is God. So Don't Be A Fool And Turn Your Back On God. "For God So Loved The World, That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believeth In Him Should Not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life " (John 3:16). Give Your Heart To Jesus And Jesus Will Wash It And Give It To God. "He That Believeth On Him Is Not Condemned: But He That Believeth Not Is Condemned Already, Because He Hath Not Believed In The Name Of The Only Begotten Son Of God" (John 3:18). "Get Caught Up Onto God" (Revelation 12:5). If You Hold On To The Rope And Never Separate, Be Strong, And Pull The Devil In The Muck And Mire, You Shall Receive The Crown Of Life (Revelation 2:10). Bible- New Testament, Revelation 12:5, (With Greek Inserts) STEKSV uiov ccppevct oc, jieXXei rcoifiatvew Ttavra T<X eOvrj EV pap5co ai5npa KCU npTraaGri TO TSKVOV autrtc; 7tpo<; TOV 0sov KCU TOV 9povov (XUTOU

_Is There Eternal Life After Death ?_ And KCU <kai> she brought forth TIKTCO <tikto> a man appnv <arrhen> child uioc; <huios>, who oq <hos> was jieXXco <mello> to rule noinawco <poimaino> all Ttac; <pas> nations e9voc; <ethnos> with ev <en> a rod papSoq <rhabdos> of iron oi8r[p8oc; <sidereos>: and KCU <kai> her <XOTO<; <autos> child TEKVOV <teknon> was caught up apna^co <harpazo> unto repot; <pros> God 9eo<; <theos>, and Kai <kai> to his auTOc; <autos> throne Gpovoq <thronos>. "And She Brought Forth A Man Child, Who Was To Rule All Nations With A Rod Of Iron: And Her Child Was Caught Up Unto God, And To His Throne." King James Version of the Bible Remember This: You Do Not Easily Overstand The Spiritual Worlds Or The Life Of Those Worlds Because They Exist In Different Dimensions From Those You Do Perceive. Thus, The Logic That You May Apply Here In The Material (Physical) World Doesn't Necessarily Mean That It Can Be Made Applicable In The Higher Realms. Until You Free Yourselves From The Insignificant Things In Your Personal Lives, You Will Remain Confined To This Physical Realm. You Have Power Dormant In You. All Things Of The Material (Physical) World Are Just FairSeeming Illusions Ready To Lure You Into The Devil's Hands. This Earth Is Just A Resting Place, And The Heavens A Firm Foundation. It Is The Bosom Of The Most High God Where You Are Trying To Return. God Is Anyone Or Thing In Control Of Other Beings Or Things. To Be A God Does Not Make You "God", It Just Makes You Responsible For Everything, That Happens To You Good Or Bad. You Better Wake Up And Check It Out For Yourself.


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