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New Mexico Liberty, June 2010

New Mexico Liberty, June 2010

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Published by: Mike Blessing on Dec 10, 2010
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“Let Freedom Ring”
The Official Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico June 2010 http://lpnm.us V.2.2 N.22 Notes from the Editor
by Mike Blessing [ mikewb1971@gmail.com / mikewb1971.xanga.com ]

Table of Contents
Page 1 Page 2 Libertarian Media from New Mexico Notes from the Editor by Mike Blessing Events at a Glance Note from the State Chair The LPNM's Candidates Other Groups to Network With, and Their Events Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Blue Cross rate hike: Symptom, not cause by Paul Gessing, Rio Grande Foundation Idiocracy Rising by William Norman Grigg Harry Brown, the Movie Contacts / Internet ResourcesThe Administrivia The Unanimous Consent Challenge Enrollment / Renewal Form Libertarian Media from New Mexico (not necessarily endorsed by LPNM) The Weekly Sedition – Thursdays at 8 PM (July – August – September 2010) kcufmedia.xanga.com Hemp TV – Tuesdays at 7PM myspace.com/nmhemptv The One Party State – Wednesdays at 11PM Contact Lance Klafeta [ lklafeta@yahoo.com ] for details Reeferhead – Saturdays at 6PM myspace.com/reeferheadtv The Fringe Element thefringeelement.net / postpubco.com

Running for Office? As if it wasn't easy enough to run for office, it just got a bit easier. It turns out that you can file to be a write-in candidate with just a declaration of candidacy. There's no need to gather signatures on a nominating petition – just print out and sign a delcaration of candidacy from the Secretary of State's website – www.sos.state.nm.us/sos-elections.html – and submit it to the County Clerk or Secretary of State on Tuesday, 22 June 2010. The main downside to this is that you won't be listed on the ballot, and thus will garner significantly fewer votes. Of course, it's ridiculously easy to gather the required signatures to be on the ballot for a State Representative race – there are usually only 100-200 signatures needed. If you live in Albuquerque, you can get these just by walking around your neighborhood with a clipboard and some blank nominating petition forms. The Weekly Sedition Returns to Ch.27 The Weekly Sedition will be returning to Albuquerque Comcast Channel 27 on Thursday nights at 8 PM, starting July 1st. For those who don't get Channel 27, the show can be viewed over the internet at the Ch.27 website – quoteunquoteinc-biz.doodlekit.com/home/public_access_tv A New National Committee for the LP Over Memorial Day weekend, the LNC hosted the 2010 National Convention for the LP in St. Louis, Missouri. At that convention, a new National Committee was elected by the membership – Chair – Mark Hinkle Vice Chair – Mark Rutherford Secretary – Alicia Mattson Treasurer – James Oaksun At-Large Representatives Kevin Knedler William Redpath Mary Ruwart David Nolan Wayne Allyn Root

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson

Region 4 Representative – Norman Olsen of Colorado Region 4 Alternate – Don Wills of Wyoming Region 4 comprises Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. The LPNM was previously affiliated with Region 1. For the full list of the LNC members, go to the requisite page at the National LP site – lp.org/leadership.

New Mexico Liberty – June 2010 – Page 1

Events at a Glance
Bernalillo County – The BCLP stages one no-host dinner meeting per month, on Thursday, 3 June, 6:00 to 7:00 PM at Fiesta's Restaurant & Lounge (Carlisle & Montogomery NE). Contact Mike Blessing for details [ mikewb1971@gmail.com / 505-515-7015 ], or see the BCLP website – lpnm.us/bernalillo. Precinct 553 Chair Elisheva Levin, is running for State Representative, District 22 against Republican James Smith, with no Democrat opposition. The Weekly Sedition returns to Albuquerque Comcast Channel 27 on 1 July 2010 at 8 PM. For those not subscribed to ABQ Comcast, the show can be viewed live at the Channel 27 website (NOTE – this requires MS Windows Media Player!) [ quote-unquote.org ]. On Saturday, 5 June and Sunday, 6 June, Mark Curtis will be staffing a table at the NMGCA Gun Show at the Manuel Lujan Builidjng at the State Fairgrounds. Dona Ana County – The next scheduled Central Committee meeting is August 14, 2010 time and place to be annnounced. Any county Libertarian wanting support in running for political office or having party or political issues that they wish the county party to address prior to then can call a meeting of the County Central Committee by gaining the approval of at least half of the Committee members via email or phone request. Please contact the chair or check the LPDAC website for more information – lpdacnm@lpnm.us / 575-541-9079 / lpnm.us/dona-ana.

Other Groups to Network With
Tuesday, 8 June, 5 PM: Friends of Capitalism hosts a debate between incumbent Attorney General Gary King and challenger Matthew Chandler at the Rio Chama Steakhouse in Santa Fe. Contact Jim McCaughey at friendsofcapitalism@yahoo.com . Sunday, June 13, 1-3 PM: Colloidal Silver Antibiotic Class in Albuquerque. Contact Milt Cumiford at milt.cumiford@excelmanufacturing.com for more information. Wednesday, June 16, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks in Santa Fe at the Rio Chama Steakhouse. The guest speaker will be Jim Scarantino of New Mexico Watchdog. See this page for details – riograndefoundation.org/pg_ev_lotrs.html Thursday, June 17, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks in Albuquerque at the Chama River Brewing Company. The guest speaker will be Rob Nikolewski, who will be taking over Capitol Report New Mexico. For details, see this page – riograndefoundation.org/pg_ev_lotr.html Friday, June 18, 12 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts it second annual Lights of Liberty luncheon. This year's featured speaker will be Deroy Murdock of National Review Online. For details, see this page – riograndefoundation.org/pg_ev_lol.html Saturday, June 26, 1-4 PM: Coordinated National Screening of Don't Tread On Me! Rise of the Republic. Contact Elisheva Levin at elisheva@spinn.net for more information. Popcorn provided! Tuesday, June 29, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks – Las Cruces at the Cattle Baron Steak & Seafood Restaurant on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Our next event will be Tuesday, June 29, 2010. Guest speaker TBA. The Cattle Baron will offer happy hour prices and a full menu for food selection. For details, see this page – riograndefoundation.org/pg_ev_lotrlc.html Sunday, July 4, 2 PM – whenever: July 4 Cookout. Contact Elisheva Levin at elisheva@spinn.net for more info. Burgers, hot dogs and lemonade provided. Bring side dishes, desserts, and other drinks to share. NO FIREWORKS ALLOWED due to proximity to the National Forest. Saturday, July 10 and Sunday, July 11: Pistol Class in Farmington by Cope Reynolds. Contact Milt Cumiford at milt.cumiford@excelmanufacturing.com for registration papers and more info. Wednesday, July 28, Thursday, July 29, and Friday, July 30: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Dr. Matt Ladner, Vice President of Research at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona for a presentation of "Turning Around New Mexico's Public Schools –- The Florida Model" in Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Santa Fe. See this page – riograndefoundation.org/pg_ev_ml.html – for details. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

If you live in a county with an inactive affiliate and want to get involved, contact the county chair. See Page 6 for a list of county chairs, campus contacts and Central Committee members. Special Events
Central Committee Meeting – Sunday, 13 June 2010 Lunch at 12:00 PM, meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. All Caucus members are welcome to attend. County Chairs and Contacts and candidates are encouraged to attend! Location – Quarters BBQ at 3700 Ellison NW in Albuquerque – see tinyurl.com/27rhyrn for map and directions. Central Committee Meeting – Sunday, 12 September 2010 Lunch at 12:00 PM, meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. All Caucus members are welcome to attend. County Chairs and Contacts and candidates are encouraged to attend! Location – Quarters BBQ at 3700 Ellison NW in Albuquerque – see tinyurl.com/27rhyrn for map and directions. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The LPNM's Candidates
Bill Koehler for Governor (independent write-in campaign) koehler4nmgov2010.blogspot.com State Legislature State Representative, District 11 Eric Pino – epelsewhere@gmail.com State Representative, District 16 Mike Blessing – mike4nmh16-2010.blogspot.com State Representative, District 22 Elisheva Levin – ragamuffinstudies.blogspot.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

"People do not cooperate under the division of labor because they love or should love one another. They cooperate because this best serves their own interests. Neither love nor charity nor any other sympathetic sentiments but rightly understood selfishness is what originally impelled man to adjust himself to the requirements of society, to respect the rights and freedoms of his fellow men and to substitute peaceful collaboration for enmity and conflict." – Ludwig von Mises

New Mexico Liberty – June 2010 – Page 2

Liberty, Opportunity, Prosperity

Blue Cross rate hike: Symptom, not cause
By Paul J. Gessing [ pgessing@riograndefoundation.org ] 7 May 2010 – tinyurl.com/29o759w There has recently been a great deal of consternation and concern over the rate increase enacted by Blue Cross Blue Shield New Mexico (BCBS). The company, a “mutual” firm which is legally obligated to re-invest any profits back into the company, had originally requested a 24.6 percent rate increase. Then, just as the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) was holding public hearings on the issue, an agreement was reached that allowed Blue Cross to raise rates by 21 percent this year. Approval of the rate hike, absent public input, generated a public outcry. But I believe that anger at Blue Cross is misplaced. It is our political leaders in Washington and Santa Fe, who have gotten us into this mess and, given the recently-signed health care law in Washington, are continuing to make the situation worse. The problem we face in New Mexico (and nationwide) is the rapid rise in health care costs. The truly unfortunate thing is that Washington’s “reform” bill will do nothing to mitigate this problem and is actually designed to make the situation worse. Notably, the rate hike agreement applies to individual plans, but not group plans. I happen to own an individual health savings account plan and will be among the 40,000 New Mexicans impacted under this rate hike (this is a much smaller group than the 825,000 adults aged 18-64 who are insured in some form of group plan in New Mexico). As a result of the PRC decision, my insurance costs will rise despite the fact that health savings accounts like mine actually reduce health care costs. In Indiana, for example, the state government has given government workers a health savings account option. Participants in the new plan ran up only $65 in cost for every $100 incurred by their associates under the old coverage. Not only are these “consumer-driven” plans not encouraged in the health care bill, the new law is actually going to make consumerdriven plans like my health savings account less attractive through additional, onerous rules and regulations. Consumer-driven plans are just one possible solution, however. In a competitive health care market, there would be no need for the PRC to hold hearings on rate hikes, nor there a need for government-enforced transparency. Take the car insurance marketplace, for example. There are dozens of companies competing to provide New Mexicans with the best, lowest cost car insurance. Why is that? The single biggest difference is that car owners pay for their insurance and they have incentives to both shop around and not over-use their insurance. What can be done? The simple fact is that at this point, if we want to control health care costs, we need to rely on the courts to abandon ObamaCare. This is a real possibility as the federal government has never forced Americans to purchase any product in the past, so there are real Constitutional questions here. Obama’s health care plan is doomed to fail because, by mandating that individuals purchase health insurance, it only reinforces the third-party payment system and further reduces incentives for people to be responsible and care what they spend on health care. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Where there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust man less on the same amount of income." – Plato, The Republic (Book 1)

But the federal health care plan will do little or nothing to cut through any of the other rules and regulations (like coverage mandates, licensing, or liability laws) that have caused prices to rise so rapidly in recent years. An analysis by the Health and Human Services Department stated that “the overhaul will increase national health care spending from 2010-2019.” So, as bad as this 21 percent hike looks now, don’t look for the situation to get any better. In fact, more massive price hikes are on their way under ObamaCare. To make health care more accessible and less costly, we have a competitive, mostly market-based model to follow in car insurance, but Congress is taking us in the opposite, more heavily-regulated direction that locks in the third-party-payer model that caused these rate increases in the first place. Now, more than ever, we need change, but the change we need is to empower individuals to pay for and wisely use limited health care resources. Paul Gessing is the President of New Mexico’s Rio Grande Foundation. The Rio Grande Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, tax-exempt research and educational organization dedicated to promoting prosperity for New Mexico based on principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual responsibility.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men." – Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead New Mexico Liberty – June 2010 – Page 3

Idiocracy Rising
by William Norman Grigg [ wngrigg@msn.com ] 14 May 2010 – tinyurl.com/2eb95uh
Imagine, if you can stand to, a world in which the entire population has succumbed to Hannitization, and you'll capture the dystopian future depicted in the 2006 cult film Idiocracy. The fictional future America (written and pronounced "Uhhmerica") of the year 2505 is inhabited by torpid, barely ambulatory imbeciles, in large measure because of a quasi-Malthusian population imbalance: Smart people, according to the film, reproduce arithmetically, but dimwits multiply like tribbles. The result is what Huxley's Brave New World would have been had it been populated exclusively by Epsilon-minus Semi-Morons. Uhhmericans spend most of their time in consumption – glutting their bellies on nutrition-free junk food (Carl's Jr. fare washed down by a "sports drink" called Brawndo), and clotting their minds with sub-puerile entertainment. The minimal interpersonal communications that occur are transacted in a patois that is equal parts hillbilly dialect, urban slang, casual profanity, and gibberish. Each Uhhmerican is tattooed at birth with a laser-readable UPC code that serves as a commercial interface and tracking device. As long as a particular Uhhmerican is content to be a dutiful consumer and displays no troublesome individuality, he will be left unmolested. Otherwise, his UPC tattoo will attract the immediate attention of the police, who – in addition to packing heavy artillery and wearing body armor – are even stupider than the common herd. As a result of a failed human hibernation experiment, 21st-century Army clerk Joe Bauers – the very embodiment of the term "dull normal" – is deposited in this moronic milieu. Without a UPC tattoo, Bauers is "unscannable," and thus he quickly finds himself in prison. Joe uses his robustly unexceptional mental skills to escape (remember, this is a society in which even Sean Hannity would be seen as marginally bright) and is pursued by the police. After the car he's in is remotely disabled, Joe and two associates flee on foot. Seconds later, the empty car is besieged by roughly a dozen police, who without warning simply open up on the vehicle with automatic weapons. One particularly zealous hero deploys a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, which he is holding backwards. When the trooper pulls the trigger he sends the projectile skyward. Scant seconds later, a flaming passenger jet tumbles to the ground. Nobody – least of all the police – notices when the airliner crashes and explodes in the distance. As with any successful satire, Idiocracy uses cultural caricature to diagnose disturbing trends. Writer-director Mike Judge doesn't flinch from extravagant exaggeration, as when he makes the U.S. President a no-holds-barred fighting champion and porn star named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho and turns the entire population into marginally sentient bags of protoplasm. By way of contrast, Judge displays creative austerity in his depiction of gratuitous police violence, since – in this particular, at least – there is little difference between the world created in his film and the one in which we're presently living. The 2006 death of 20-year-old Tualatin, Oregon resident Jordan Case, who was gunned down by police while unarmed and blitzed on hallucinogenic mushrooms, offers a splendid example of Idiocracy-style police overkill. On May 4, a federal jury hearing an excessive force lawsuit brought by Case's parents and stepmother deadlocked; a second civil trial will take place this fall. When the second trial begins, I earnestly hope that it will focus on this question: Since an unarmed, terrified 120-pound woman was able to restrain the intoxicated, 128-pound Case, why was it "necessary" for three much larger police officers (each weighing well over 200 pounds) to electrocute the young man 12 times with a Taser, and pummel him with nine beanbag rounds, before he was perforated with several gunshots fired in two separate volleys? Just before midnight on October 21, 2006, Case – who had consumed a large quantity of hallucinogenic mushrooms – barged into the home of neighbor Sally Arellano, a single mother who lived with her 8-year-old daughter.

Arellano, who had been sleeping on the couch, awoke to see the uninvited guest in her living room. Case, who was intermittently lucid, told Arellano that he was under the influence of an hallucinogen. After making this admission, Case curled up on the floor, giving Arellano time to call 911 – and then flee to her daughter's room. After Case forced the door open, Arellano and her daughter both grappled with the intoxicated man. When Officer John Jayne of the Tualatin Police Department arrived, Arellano had pinned the intruder face-down on the floor. At this point, Jayne said "Thanks – I've got it now," slapping Arellano's hand like a tag-team partner and taking physical custody of the smaller man. One would expect that's how it happened. One would be wrong. For some reason, "Jayne began his own stand-off with Case, who alternated between sitting calmly on a bed and lunging at the officer," recounts Willamette Week. At one point, Case reportedly obtained an item described as "similar to a kitchen knife," something that wouldn't have happened if Jayne had taken control of him immediately. Case discarded the knife and Jayne – along with a man identified as his "friend," Grant Collins – "struggled" with the intruder. Bear in mind that we're discussing a skinny, 128-pound 20-year-old who had just lost a pinfall to a 5'2", 120-pound single mother. An adult man in decent shape – or even a typical police officer, for that matter – should have been able to bulldog the kid to the floor and drag him out of a home he had invaded without permission. Yet for some reason, rather than subduing the suspect, "Jayne backed out of the apartment and Case followed, leaping a fence in a single bound," continues the WW account. Jayne called for backup, and shortly thereafter two other officers – Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Glenn Howard, and Sherwood Police Officer Adam Keesee – arrived at the scene. By this time, Jayne had already used his Taser on Case, to no effect. Howard and Keesee shot Case with several beanbag rounds, which likewise did little to slow him down. Case then approached Deputy Howard, who had left his car running with the door open. Howard fired his Taser at Case "for seven separate cycles," narrates the Oregonian. When that failed to subdue Case, Howard – who at one point managed to shock himself while reloading his Taser cartridge – drew his firearm. According to eyewitness testimony, Case (who, recall, had been shocked more than a half-dozen times) was staggering in the direction of Howard's patrol car – as if he were "just trying to hold on to something" – when the Deputy unloaded on him. Howard testified that he was concerned Case might be reaching for an MP5 assault rifle, which was stored in a locked rack accessible through the open driver's side door. Howard also admits that he "didn't think" of closing the door to prevent Case from reaching the rifle. Apparently it also didn't occur to Howard – or either of the other uniformed heroes on the scene – to secure the rifle and move the injured suspect from the car after he had been shot and immobilized. One of the rounds fired by Howard had found its way into Case's chest. For two minutes the 20-year-old sat slumped against the patrol car, motionless and bleeding, while the three police on the scene conferred with each other. Although he didn't move to restrain Case or render medical aid, Howard took the opportunity to re-load his Glock. According to the official police account, after breathing heavily for a couple of minutes Case suddenly "sprung off the ground" and reached into the stillopen vehicle. Howard, who later testified that he was worried that Case might grab the still-unsecured rifle, fired several more shots. One of them penetrated Case's skull, killing him instantly. Given that he clearly couldn’t handle their effects, Jordan Case obviously would have been better off not consuming psychotropic fungi. Just as obviously, he shouldn't have been trespassing. He most likely wouldn't have been, had he been in control of his faculties. His behavior created a serious problem for his neighbor. It was the intervention by the police that turned that problem into an eminently avoidable tragedy.

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New Mexico Liberty – June 2010 – Page 4

Harry Brown (the Movie)
by Mike Blessing [ mikewb1971@gmail.com / mikewb1971.xanga.com ] After I saw the link to trailers for this movie on Facebook, I was intrigued because of the name – Harry Browne was the LP's presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000. What this movie appears to be is a British version of the1974 movie Death Wish, starring Charles Bronson. The official movie site – harrybrownthemovie.com The movie's American site – harrybrown-movie.com The movie's Facebook page – facebook.com/HarryBrownTheMovie The Wikipedia page – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Brown_%28film%29 More here – tinyurl.com/24qswlf "No law ever written has stopped any robber, rapist or killer, like cold blue steel in the hands of their last intended victim." – W. Emerson Wright It should be mentioned that the legal ownership of firearms in the United Kingdom is de facto non-existent, and has been since 1997, following the Dunblane massacre. Following the 1997 Firearms Act, crime has gotten so bad that the National Vigilante Organization has formed – see their site at navigor.org.uk.

[ Continued from Page 4 ]
It is not a sterile exercise in second-guessing to say that four large men (three police officers and a tag-along) should have been able to restrain Case without resorting to weapons of any kind: Remember, when Deputy Jayne arrived, a 120-pound woman had Case pinned to the floor. Yet for some reason – most likely years of indoctrination regarding ubiquitous threats to "officer safety" – the three Paladins of Public Order were terrified of the skinny 20-year-old kid, whom they later described as displaying "almost superhuman strength and endurance." "My level of fear is skyrocketing, 'cause he's not responding to anything," Deputy Howard later recalled, explaining his decision to unload two separate volleys with his sidearm. "You don't understand what that feels like until you actually fear for your life." Note this well: This armed, trained Sheriff's Deputy feared for his life because he and two other law enforcement officers couldn't subdue a 128pound kid who – his "superhuman strength" notwithstanding – had just finished second in a grappling match with a frightened 120-pound woman. The single mother who had pinned Case to the floor of her daughter's bedroom had the sand to take the boy down and hold him there, yet we're supposed to believe that a similar feat was simply beyond the capacity of three tax-fed badasses with badges. "Though there were ... three officers on the scene and Jordan was only 128 pounds, unarmed, outnumbered and did not make any threatening gestures toward the officers, at no point did any officer attempt to restrain Jordan without the use of the taser or other weapons," summarizes the civil complaint filed on behalf of the victim's family. "Instead, the officers elected to tase him and shoot him.... At no point did any officer attempt to calm Jordan or to communicate with Jordan in any way other than shouting threats and commands to get down on the ground." In describing what went through his mind as he gunned down Jordan Case, Deputy Howard expresses himself in terms suitable to the world depicted in Idiocracy: "I remember thinking, unplug him, unplug him, we're f*****g done with this sh*t." Though substantially more vulgar, Howard's internal monologue was similar in substance and intent to the words that fell from the lips of Officer Troy Meade as he executed the intoxicated Niles Meservey in an Everett, Washington parking lot June 2009: "Time to end this – enough is enough." Meade was acquitted of criminal homicide by the same Idiocracy-caliber jury that rejected his self-defense claim. The Washington County, Oregon DA declined to file criminal charges against Deputy Howard, insisting that his conduct comported with the "reasonable officer" standard governing lethal force cases. This is to say that the combination of timidity, ineptitude, and impulsive violence displayed by Howard and his comrades in this episode is what the public should expect when they seek "help" from the police. Under the "reasonable officer" standard, summary execution is a proportionate punishment for overtaxing a police officer's patience. And things will only get worse from here because most people prefer to take refuge in comforting illusions, rather than confronting grim and potentially lethal realities. "People have a huge emotional investment in believing the police are on our side," explains attorney Greg Kafoury, who has represented plaintiffs in law enforcement-related wrongful death lawsuits. "If somebody sits on a jury that concludes that the police have used unlawful violence against a citizen, that's a declaration that the world is a lot scarier place than they want it to be." Unfortunately, reality isn't optional – something too many residents of our proto-Idiocracy come to understand only when they find themselves on the receiving end of officially sanctioned criminal violence. William Norman Grigg publishes the Pro Libertate blog and hosts the Pro Libertate radio program.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "An enemy of liberty is no friend of mine. I do not owe respect to anyone who would enslave me by government force, nor is it wise for such a person to expect it." – Isaiah Amberay “Government is not a tool, it is a relationship. Like rape, robbery, and murder.” – L. Neil Smith [ lneilsmith.org ] New Mexico Liberty – June 2010 – Page 5

by Mike Blessing, Editor If you have news, interesting stories, op-ed pieces, a letter to the editor, or timely information that you think belongs in the newsletter, please send it along. I can be contacted at 505-918-6567, or just send it to email address mikewb1971@gmail.com. When sending your submission as an MS Word (or Open Office Text) file, send it single-spaced in 9-pt Arial – like this is. Margins should be quarter-inch (0.25”) around, with no headers or footers. If you send it in a text-only format, make it clear to me if you want anything in bold type, underlined, in italics, struck-through, different colors, etc. I’m not telepathic here, so help me out. And NO Wordperfect files – I can't open those. Graphics (pictures, cartoons, etc.) – send the highest quality graphics you can – email them to me at the address above, and I’ll do what I can to get them in the next issue. In particular, what I want are pictures of YOU the LPNM members, either at LPNMsponsored events or at other peoples' events. Submission deadline for each issue – midnight, third Tuesday of the month. Articles As for writing your article, It should be concise (no longer than a full page) and topical. A bit of humor helps, especially for op-ed pieces. What I'm really looking for in the way of articles is what's going on in the LPNM – what YOU the membership are up to in spreading the message. For example, an article about the stupidity, insanity and evil of the UN might get put in, depending on available space and the quality of the article. A group of LPNM members counterprotesting the raising of a UN flag by the city council WILL get put in, and probably will get first priority. Editorial Viewpoint The basis for libertarian thought is the Zero Aggression Principle [ZAP] – A libertarian is someone who believes that no human being has the right – under any circumstances – to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten, incite or delegate its initiation. New Mexico Liberty holds that Libertarian candidates, officeholders or appointed spokespersons at all levels of government or the Party should refrain from advocating new or more restrictive laws, new or more expensive spending programs, or new or higher taxes. To paraphrase from the medical profession, “First, do no harm.” Submissions Policy The editor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The editor will most often be willing to explain any such reasons. Appeals of the editor's refusal to post an advertisement, article, letter to editor, or anything else can be made to the LPNM's State Chair, Central Committee and/or Judicial Council. Copyright Copyright © 2003 – Present, Libertarian Party of New Mexico. All rights reserved. Permission is explicitly granted for subscribers to recopy New Mexico Liberty for non-commercial purposes, specifically as use as an outreach tool, provided that New Mexico Liberty is copied in its entirety. Use your imagination here. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority.” – John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, Letter to Mandell Creighton (April, 1887)

Subscriptions and Correspondence For a print subscription, contact Ron Bjornstad for details. New Mexico Liberty will be posted to the web, in PDF format, to the Files section of the Google group I’ve set up for it – groups.google.com/group/nmliberty If you are moving or change your mailing address, please use keep us in the loop so we can keep your New Mexico Liberty coming to you – contact Ron Bjornstad [ rbjornstad@earthlink.net ] if you're a print version subscriber. Otherwise, contact the editor. Advertising in New Mexico Liberty Current rates for year-long spots Business card Ø 8.00 Rates are subject to change at the discretion of the editor. The editor will do his best to make any such changes only when absolutely necessary. Inserts – For an insert into the PDF version that goes out over the internet, contact the editor at email address . For an insert into the print edition, contact Ron Bjornstad at email address rbjornstad@earthlink.net or phone number 505-288-4228. Ø – The symbol for Federal Reserve Note(s), as used by Boston T. Party in his books. In plain-text message traffic (such as email), the acronym “FRN” will be used by the editor. See javelinpress.com for more information. Also see the Wikipedia page for “Federal Reserve Note” – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_Note. THE LPNM OFFICIAL WEBSITE – lpnm.us LPNM OFFICIAL MAILING ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER 918 Ivory Road SE Rio Rancho, NM 87124 505-288-4228 If the date on your mailing label reads before 06/01/10, it's time to renew your LPNM membership.

To the first person to write a logical and documented essay showing one of the following to be compatible with the Declaration of Independence: Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 Federal Communications Act of 1934 National Firearms Act of 1934 Banking Act of 1935 The Internal Revenue Code Controlled Substances Act of 1970 RICO Act of 1970 Federal Elections Act of 1970 Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 Plumbing Products Efficiency Act of 1992 Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1992 USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 This challenge is also on the web at tinyurl.com/hn982 To claim your prize, contact Mike Blessing at 505-515-7015 or send an email to mikewb1971@gmail.com

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LPNM Central Committee
Chair Jay Vandersloot – 505-362-1733 / jayvandersloot@yahoo.com Vice Chair Elisheva Levin – 505-286-1387 / elisheva@elishevalevin.com Secretary Siebert Ickler – 575-541-9079 / lpdacnm@lpnm.us Treasurer Michael P. Simpson 505-999-9954 / michael.p.simpson@gmail.com At-Large Representative, Seat A Allen Cogbill – 505-662-7833 / acogbill@geopotential.com At-Large Representative, Seat B Attila Csanyi – 505-286-7861 / drcsanyi@yahoo.com District 1 Representative, Seat A Mike Blessing – 505-515-7015 / mikewb1971@gmail.com District 1 Representative, Seat B Bob Finch – 765-412-2374 / nmlibertarian@gmail.com District 2 Representative, Seat A VACANT District 2 Representative, Seat B VACANT District 3 Representative, Seat A Ron Bjornstad – 505-891-4541 / rbjornstad@earthlink.net District 3 Representative, Seat B Mike Moss – 505-564-4905 / mmoss@plumbersoft.com Membership Coordinator Ron Bjornstad – 505-288-4228 / rbjornstad@earthlink.net Press Secretary Bill Koehler – 505-264-0835 / bkoehler8@comcast.net Media Director Bob Finch – 765-412-2374 / nmlibertarian@gmail.com

County Contacts
Bernalillo – lpnm.us/bernalillo Mike Blessing – 505-515-7015 / mikewb1971@gmail.com Colfax Richard Moore – 575-377-6849 / myliberty@mail.com Dona Ana – lpnm.us/dona-ana John Ennis – 575-571-6881 / johnennis2@gmail.com Lea Christina Groth – 575-397-9366 Lincoln Richard Obergfell – 575-378-8025 / lplcnm@valornet.com Los Alamos Allen Cogbill – 505-662-7833 / acogbill@geopotential.com Luna Marilyn Steffen – 575-531-2556 / b_lamont5@hotmail.com Otero – lpnm.us/otero Gilberto Heredia – 575-439-8234 / thrill@zianet.com Roosevelt Ken Sanders – 505-749-2085 San Juan – sjclp.org Gary Wood – zang5775@msn.com Sandoval Ron Bjornstad – 505-288-4228 / rbjornstad@earthlink.net

LPNM Vacancies
Central Committee (1) District 2 Representative, Seat B County Contacts (20) Catron / Chaves / Cibola / Curry / De Baca Eddy / Grant / Guadalupe / Harding / Hidalgo McKinley / Mora / Quay / San Miguel / Santa Fe Sierra / Socorro / Torrance / Union / Valencia College Contacts (3) Eastern New Mexico University (Portales) New Mexico State University (Las Cruces) New Mexico Tech (Socorro) University of New Mexico (Various Campuses) Western New Mexico University (Silver City) Contact the state chair if you're interested in filling a slot. If you don't, who will? +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Campus Contacts
Central New Mexico Community College [CNM] groups.myspace.com/cnmlibertarians Mike Blessing – 505-515-7015 / mikewb1971@gmail.com

Internet Resources
Official Website – lpnm.us LPNM Discussion – groups.yahoo.com/lpnm-discuss Open forum (unmoderated for the most part) Blog – lpofnm.blogspot.com Facebook group – facebook.com/group.php?gid=20233114967 Myspace group – groups.myspace.com/lpnm +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Law by Frederic Bastiat See these pages – bastiat.org/en/the_law.html jpfo.org/articles-assd/bastiat-the-law.htm Also in PDF form – jpfo.org/pdf02/bastiat-thelaw-2008.pdf
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Libertarian Party of New Mexico Enrollment / Renewal / Donation Coupon
(Please print in all areas)

Name ___________________________________ Address ____________________________________ City ___________________________ State ________ Zip ______________ Phone _______________ Email _______________________ Employer ____________________ Occupation _________________ [ ] I am registered to vote as “Libertarian” in the State of New Mexico and wish to [ ] join or [ ] renew as a caucus member. I am paying $25 annual dues. I will receive a one year (12 issues) subscription to the LPNM state newsletter “New Mexico Liberty” (the national “LP NEWS” IS NOT included) and I will have delegate status at state conventions. I certify that I do not advocate the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals. Signed _____________________________________________ [ ] I am not registered to vote as “Libertarian” in the State of New Mexico and/or [ ] I do not wish to sign the statement opposing the initiation of force to achieve social or political goals. I am paying $25.00 for a one year (12 issues) subscription to the LPNM state newsletter “New Mexico Liberty” (the national “LP NEWS” IS NOT included). I understand that I will receive no other benefits. [ ] I am making a DONATION to the LPNM in the amount of $ ________ to be applied as follows: $_____ General Fund $_____ Chairman's Fund $_____ Major Player Fund $_____ Win One Fund TOTAL of DUES or SUBSCRIPTION plus DONATION $_________ to be paid as follows: [ ] by enclosed CHECK payable to “LPNM” (Sorry, we cannot accept corporate checks) [ ] by CREDIT CARD (circle one): VISA / MASTERCARD Number: __ __ __ __-__ __ __ __-__ __ __ __-__ __ __ __ Expires: ____/____ Signature: _____________________________________________ Government mandated notices: The US Postal Service requires us to notify you that the annual New Mexico Liberty subscription cost is included in your LPNM membership dues of $25.00. ● The Internal Revenue Service requires us to print “political contributions are not tax deductible” on all fundraising appeals. ● The Federal Election Commission requires us to ask for the employer and occupation of each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

The preceding notices alone should be enough reason to join the Libertarian Party, the only political party working to increase your freedom. COPY OR PRINT, FILL OUT, AND SEND TO: LPNM c/o Ron Bjornstad 918 IVORY RD SE RIO RANCHO NM 87124

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