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New Mexico Liberty, August 2010

New Mexico Liberty, August 2010

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Published by: Mike Blessing on Dec 10, 2010
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“Let Freedom Ring”
The Official Newsletter of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico August 2010 http://lpnm.us V.2.2 N.25 Notes from the Editor
by Mike Blessing [ mikewb1971@gmail.com / mikewb1971.xanga.com ]

Table of Contents
Page 1 Libertarian Media from New Mexico Notes from the Editor by Mike Blessing The Unanimous Consent Challenge Page 2 Events at a Glance The LPNM's Candidates Other Groups to Network With, and Their Events Page 3 Success for N.M. Minority Students Lies With Adults by Paul Gessing, Rio Grande Foundation Glenn Beck’s Lincoln Contradictions by Thomas J. DiLorenzo Contacts / Internet Resources Administrivia The Unanimous Consent Challenge Page 8 Page 9 Enrollment / Renewal Form A Modest Solution by Butler Shaffer Libertarian Media from New Mexico (not necessarily endorsed by LPNM) The Weekly Sedition – Thursdays at 8 PM (July – August – September 2010) kcufmedia.xanga.com Adam vs. The Man Monday – Friday, 3-4 PM on 1550 KIVA-AM adamvstheman.com / 1550kiva.com Hemp TV – Tuesdays at 7PM myspace.com/nmhemptv The One Party State – Wednesdays at 11PM Contact Lance Klafeta [ lklafeta@yahoo.com ] for details Reeferhead – Saturdays at 6PM myspace.com/reeferheadtv The Fringe Element thefringeelement.net / postpubco.com
If a message is not compatible with an individual's values, he always has the power to reject it. Parents obviously have a role, through implicit and explicit moral instruction, in shaping those values. If they do their job right, their children will learn to be skeptical about what they see and hear – including alarmist claims about their own vulnerability to bad influences. – Jacob Sullum

Do-Or-Die Time for the LPNM OK, folks, this is it. Due to extenuating circumstances, the LPNM is at a point where we have to choose between the organization's continued existence, and going on our merry ways. If we choose to continue the LPNM's existence as the LPNM, we need substantial donations, and we need them immediately. Please send whatever you can to the LPNM mailing address listed on page 8 of this issue [ LPNM c/o Ron Bjornstad, 918 Ivory Rd SE, Rio Rancho NM 87124 ].

Page 4 Page 6 Page 7

To the first person to write a logical and documented essay showing one of the following to be compatible with the Declaration of Independence: Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 Federal Communications Act of 1934 National Firearms Act of 1934 Banking Act of 1935 The Internal Revenue Code Controlled Substances Act of 1970 RICO Act of 1970 Federal Elections Act of 1970 Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 Plumbing Products Efficiency Act of 1992 Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1992 USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 This challenge is also on the web at tinyurl.com/hn982 To claim your prize, contact Mike Blessing at 505-515-7015 or send an email to mikewb1971@gmail.com

The Law by Frederic Bastiat See these pages – bastiat.org/en/the_law.html jpfo.org/articles-assd/bastiat-the-law.htm Also in PDF form – jpfo.org/pdf02/bastiat-thelaw-2008.pdf

New Mexico Liberty – August 2010 – Page 1

Events at a Glance
Bernalillo County – The BCLP stages one no-host dinner meeting per month, on Thursday, 5 August, 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Fiesta's Restaurant & Lounge (Carlisle & Montogomery NE). Contact Mike Blessing for details [ mikewb1971@gmail.com / 505-515-7015 ], or see the BCLP website – lpnm.us/bernalillo. Mike Blessing and Bill Koehler host The Weekly Sedition on Thursdays at 8 PM on Albuquerque Comcast Channel 27. For those not subscribed to ABQ Comcast, the show can be viewed live at the Channel 27 website (NOTE – this requires MS Windows Media Player!) [ quote-unquote.org ]. Dona Ana County – The next scheduled Central Committee meeting is Saturday, 14 August 2010, time and place to be annnounced. Any county Libertarian wanting support in running for political office or having party or political issues that they wish the county party to address prior to then can call a meeting of the County Central Committee by gaining the approval of at least half of the Committee members via email or phone request. Please contact the chair or check the LPDAC website for more information – lpdacnm@lpnm.us / 575-571-6881 / lpnm.us/dona-ana. If you live in a county with an inactive affiliate and want to get involved, contact the county chair. See Page 7 for a list of county chairs, campus contacts and Central Committee members.

Other Groups to Network With
Wednesday, 18 August, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks in Santa Fe at the Rio Chama Steakhouse. See this page for details – tinyurl.com/2cmf4gb. Wednesday, 18 August, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks in Farmington at the St. Clair Winery – 5150 East Main Street – in the San Juan Room. See this page for details – tinyurl.com/29gmw9o. Thursday, 19 August, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks in Albuquerque at the Chama River Brewing Company. For details, see this page – tinyurl.com/2esszae. Tuesday, 31 August, 5-7 PM: The Rio Grande Foundation hosts Liberty on the Rocks in Las Cruces at the Cattle Baron Steak & Seafood Restaurant on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The Cattle Baron will offer happy hour prices and a full menu for food selection. For details, see this page – tinyurl.com/2b4oy8w. The New Mexico Patriot Alliance 2010 Fall Summit The New Mexico Patriot Alliance's mission is to support Patriot Preparedness, Education and Action, and Patriot group interaction throughout New Mexico in order to restore Constitutional governance to New Mexico and the United States. Fall Summit Schedule Friday Evening, 15 October – Speech by Michael Badnarik, free and open to the public – donations gratefully accepted. Saturday, 16 October – Michael Badnarik's famous Constitution Class. See tinyurl.com/28j9qlt for registration details, including costs. Facebook page – tinyurl.com/2fref7k Myspace pages – tinyurl.com/2ac6hto / tinyurl.com/25u6ekn New Mexico Liberty page – tinyurl.com/2b6wo7z +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Special Events
Special Convention – Sunday, 12 September 2010 Lunch at 12:00 PM, Business Session from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. All Caucus members are requested to attend. County Chairs and Contacts and candidates are encouraged to attend! Location – Quarters BBQ at 3700 Ellison NW in Albuquerque – see tinyurl.com/27rhyrn for map and directions. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The LPNM's Candidates
State Legislature
State Representative, District 16 Mike Blessing – mike4nmh16-2010.blogspot.com State Representative, District 19 Mark Curtis – macurtis@webtv.net +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “I have sometimes been asked what I consider to be the prime attribute of a gentleman. One may not pick singly, but certainly one of the more important elements is that of an adventurous mind. Adventure is an important part of life, even though, as Bilbo put it, it sometimes makes you late for dinner. Not everyone has the luxury of indulging in adventures, but without an adventurous mind it does not matter whether he has the opportunity or not. I think one acquires an adventurous mind from reading. I have not read as broadly as I might have, but I got a good dose of adventure from the works of G.A. Henty, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, Zane Grey, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Of course few people read for recreation anymore, so we find that adventurous minds are increasingly rare. – Jeff Cooper “What about GATT and NAFTA? If an agreement is more than a paragraph long – and it's between two governments – then it ain't about free trade!” – L. Neil Smith, Tactical Reflections [ lneilsmith.com/tactical.html ] New Mexico Liberty – August 2010 – Page 2

"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced." – Albert Einstein

Liberty, Opportunity, Prosperity

Success for N.M. Minority Students Lies With Adults
by Paul Gessing [ pgessing@riograndefoundation.org ] 19 July 2010 – tinyurl.com/2dvylew

Researchers focus heavily on fourth-grade reading scores as a bellwether for future academic performance. Children who do not learn to read in the early grades almost never recover academically. In 1998, a stunning 47 percent of Florida fourth-graders scored "below basic" on the NAEP reading test, meaning they were functionally illiterate. By 2009, 73 percent of Florida's fourthgraders scored basic or above – a remarkable improvement in a short period. Best of all, improvements among Hispanic and African-American students helped to drive the overall results. Florida's Hispanic students now have the second-highest reading scores in the nation; and African-Americans score fourth highest when compared to their peers. Both groups have a great deal of momentum on their side. The average Florida Hispanic student score on NAEP reading tests (conducted in English mind you) is now higher than or ties the overall average scores of all students in 31 different states – including predominantly Anglo states such as Iowa, Minnesota and Washington. Florida's African Americans outscored or tied eight statewide averages for all students. Florida's reforms have been so successful that the Miami-Dade County Public School District, 91 percent of whose students are either Hispanic or African American, outscores the statewide reading average for Oregon – a highly Anglo and relatively wealthy state. What worked in Miami can work in Albuquerque. Demography need not become destiny in New Mexico or anywhere else. Education improvement is not about the kids. The kids, even the poor and minority kids, can learn. The roadblocks to improvement are with us adults, not with the kids. If New Mexicans decide that they want something better for their children, they can achieve it. If they reject the fate of becoming an educational and economic backwater, others already have departed from this path. Fortune favors the bold, and New Mexicans can secure a brighter future if their adults have the wisdom and courage to embrace it. Paul Gessing is the President of New Mexico’s Rio Grande Foundation. The Rio Grande Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, tax-exempt research and educational organization dedicated to promoting prosperity for New Mexico based on principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual responsibility. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Is demography destiny? If so, say some experts, states with growing Hispanic populations seem doomed to fail, weighed down with ineffective school systems and abysmal test scores. One academic recently predicted states like New Mexico will become the "Appalachia of the 21st Century." He based his prediction on well-known statistics concerning the dropout and low achievement scores of Hispanic students. Nationwide, Hispanics drop out of high school at appalling rates. When they do graduate, they have achievement test scores roughly equivalent on average to eighth grade Anglo students. How about it New Mexico: Are you going to accept this fate for your children and your state? States can overcome this challenge. How do we know? Florida. Startling statistics show that with abundant school choice and systemic education reform, Florida's Hispanic students already eclipse the average academic performance of many states. Tackling education reform in Florida is a tougher nut to crack than in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Low-income students make up almost half of the K-12 student body, with a "majority minority" ethnic mix. Florida spends below the national average on per student funding. Former Gov. Jeb Bush pushed through an education reform strategy of accountability from both the top down (state testing) and bottom up (parental choice) in 1999. Bush's A+ Plan emphasized standards for the schools and transparency for parents. Florida grades the performance of schools A, B, C, D or F and rewards success and creates consequences for prolonged failure. Once provided truth in advertising, communities rallied to the aid of their students, donating thousands of hours of volunteer tutoring for students. Failing schools faced consequences for prolonged failure, including school vouchers for their students. Bush's parental choice in schooling plan also included the creation of the nation's largest school voucher program – the McKay Scholarship Program – for students with disabilities and the Step Up for Students tax credit for economically disadvantaged children. Today, more than 820 Florida private schools educate almost 19,000 children with disabilities through the McKay program. A similar number of low-income children are benefiting from Step Up for Students. Florida also has a vigorous and growing charter school program, with more than 375 charter schools educating more than 100,000 students. So what does Florida have to show for this tough mixture of high-stakes testing and parental choice? The best source of data to answer this question comes from the National Assessment of Education Progress. The NAEP tests representative samples of students in every state on a variety of subjects and is the nation's most reliable and respected source of K-12 testing data.

New Mexico Liberty – August 2010 – Page 3

Glenn Beck’s Lincoln Contradictions
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo [ tdilo@aol.com ] 17 July 2010 lewrockwell.com/dilorenzo/dilorenzo190.html I’ve been occasionally watching Glenn Beck on the Fox News Channel and think he has done an admirable job of smoking out and identifying the shockingly hardcore, radical socialists who dominate the Obama administration. He has also done a generally good job talking about the libertarian founding principles of America, how they have been lost, and our duty to regain them. But he has been absolutely abysmal when discussing the subject of Lincoln, the War to Prevent Southern Independence, and its legacy. I suspect that the reason for this disconnect with historical reality is that: 1. The Fox News Channel is essentially a propaganda arm of the neoconservative political cabal that has captured the Republican Party; One of the cornerstones of neocon ideology is Lincoln idolatry and hatred of the South and Southerners. (Professor Paul Gottfried, for one, has written extensively about this.) Therefore, if Glenn wants to keep his gig at Fox, he must toe the party line on Lincoln. Being otherwise libertarian – while the Democrats are in power – serves the purposes of the neocon cabal nicely.

I didn’t believe him when he said this, and his next sentence proved to me that he did not read the document. The next sentence was the statement that the formal title of the document was "The Slaveholders’ Constitution . . ." Anyone can look the document up at Yale University’s online Avalon Project, which warehouses all the American founding documents, commentaries, and more, to see for yourself that Beck was wrong about this. Beck’s next false statement was that "I read it" (the Confederate Constitution) and "it wasn’t about states’ rights, it was all about slavery." Read it yourself online. It is a virtual carbon copy of the U.S. Constitution, with a few exceptions: The Confederate president had a line-item veto; served for one six-year term; protectionist tariffs are outlawed; government subsidies for corporations are outlawed; and the "General Welfare Clause" of the U.S. Constitution was deleted. The act of secession was the very essence of states’ rights, contrary to Beck’s proclamation, for the basic assumption was that the states were sovereign. They delegated certain defined powers to the central government for their own mutual benefit, but all other powers remained in the hands of the people and the states, as stated in the Tenth Amendment. As sovereigns, they had a right to secede for whatever reason. If a state needed the permission of others to secede, as Lincoln argued, then it was not really sovereign. The U.S. Constitution adopted a federal, not a national system of government. That is another way of saying a states’ rights system of government. The Confederate Constitution was nearly identical. As for slavery, the Confederate Constitution was not essentially different from the U.S. Constitution as it existed at the time. Beck was grossly deceiving when he told his audience that the Confederate Constitution protected slavery while saying not one word about how the U.S. Constitution did the exact same thing. Slavery had been protected by the U.S. Constitution since 1789. That’s seventy-two years of slavery protection under the U.S. Constitution. A Fugitive Slave Clause was written into the original U.S. Constitution, and the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act passed by Congress was never challenged constitutionally. That in fact is why the great libertarian abolitionist Lysander Spooner launched so many vitriolic attacks on the Lincoln administration. As a trained lawyer, he had laid out the constitutional case against slavery, but the Lincoln administration and the Republican Party wanted nothing to do with him or his peaceful route to emancipation – the same route all other countries of the world (and the Northern states) took during the nineteenth century to end slavery. Moreover, Beck’s hero, Lincoln, orchestrated passage through the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives of the Corwin Amendment to the Constitution, which would have formally and explicitly enshrined slavery in the U.S. Constitution by prohibiting the government from ever interfering with Southern slavery. This amendment passed the Senate and the House just days before Lincoln was inaugurated. In his first inaugural address he said he believed slavery was already constitutional and then, alluding to the Corwin Amendment, said: "I have no objection to it [slavery protection] being made express and irrevocable" in the Constitution. This was by far the strongest defense of slavery ever made by an American politician, coming from the president himself. Beck and the wacky preacher posing as an intellectual made no mention of this. [ Continued on Page 5 ]



To the neocons, Lincoln idolatry serves the purpose of helping to prop up the centralized, bureaucratic, liberty-destroying, militaryindustrial complex that defines their existence. As William F. Buckley, Jr., the original neocon, declared in 1952, fighting the Cold War meant that "we have got to accept Big Government for the duration," including "a totalitarian bureaucracy within our own shores" with its "large armies, atomic energy, central intelligence, war production boards, and the attendant centralization of power in Washington." In case you haven’t noticed, for quite some time now the Republican Party has stood for war, war, and more war, and little else. How on earth genuine conservatives who favor limited constitutional government came to embrace Buckley as one of their leading spokesmen is a bizarre mystery. When I debated one of the gurus of neocon Lincoln idolatry – Harry Jaffa – shortly after The Real Lincoln was published in 2002, he bellowed at one point that "9/11 proves more than ever that we need a strong central government." (In reality, it proved the failure and incapability of "the central government" to protect even its own D.C. headquarters from a few nuts armed with box cutters.) "We need big, totalitarian government to fight all the new Hitlers and potential Hitlers in the world" is the neocon mantra, in a nutshell. To neocons, Lincoln is the poster boy of militaristic big government that runs roughshod over civil liberties while bankrupting the country with taxes and debt and murdering thousands of innocent foreigners (not that Southerners during the 1861–1865 war were foreigners; they were fellow American citizens). Doesn’t this sound like the Republican Party of today, as embodied in the recently dethroned Bush administration? Despite his admirable performances discussing the founding fathers, socialism, progressivism, and other topics, Glenn Beck has been absolutely awful and sometimes untruthful when discussing Lincoln and his legacy. During one show he claimed to have read the actual original copy of The Confederate Constitution. I assume he made this assertion to show that he must really be quite the expert on the document.

New Mexico Liberty – August 2010 – Page 4

[ Continued from Page 4 ] More recently, Beck has admirably attacked the idea of "collective salvation" that Obama himself espouses, and which is apparently as much a part of the ideology of the American Left today as militarism fueled by Lincoln idolatry is of the Right. According to the doctrine of "collective salvation," a Christian cannot be saved and go to Heaven unless one first embarks on a crusade to have government "save" the "oppressed" of society by expanding the welfare state, raising taxes, making taxation more "progressive," adopting more racial hiring quotas, and regulating and nationalizing as much of private industry as possible. It is a variant of "liberation theology" which, according to Pope John Paul, II, is essentially Marxism masquerading as Christianity. What Beck and his wacky preacher/faux Lincoln expert do not know is that the main supporters of the Lincoln regime believed in the exact same quasi-religious ideas. Indeed, it defined their very existence. As explained by Murray Rothbard in "America’s Two Just Wars: 1775 and 1861" (in John Denson, ed., The Costs of War, Transaction Publishers, 1997, p. 128): The North, in particular the North’s driving force, the "Yankees" – that ethnocultural group who either lived in New England or migrated from there to upstate New York, northern and eastern Ohio, northern Indiana, and northern Illinois – had been swept by a new form of Protestantism. This was a fanatical and emotional neoPuritanism driven by a fervent "postmillennialism" which held that, as a precondition for the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, man must set up a thousand-year Kingdom of God on Earth. To the Yankees, their "kingdom" was to be a "perfect society" cleansed of sin, the principal causes of which were slavery, alcohol, and Catholicism. Furthermore, "government is God’s major instrument of salvation," Rothbard wrote. This is why the Yankees never seriously considered ending Southern slavery how THEY had ended it in their own states – peacefully through some kind of compensated emancipation. They were not so concerned about the welfare of the poor slaves. Indeed, even Tocqueville noticed that "the problem of race," as he phrased it, was worse in the North than it was in the South. Instead, as Rothbard continues: The Northern war against slavery partook of fanatical millennialist fervor, of a cheerful willingness to uproot institutions, to commit mayhem and mass murder, to plunder and loot and destroy, all in the name of high moral principle and the birth of a perfect world. The Yankee fanatics were veritable Pattersonian humanitarians with the guillotine: the Anabaptists, the Jacobins, the Bolsheviks, of their era. "Collective salvation," as opposed to the individualistic salvation that the Bible teaches, was what motivated the Yankees and their war on the South. This of course is exactly what Glenn Beck has been ranting and raving about recently when it is practiced by opponents of the neocon establishment – the exact same establishment that embraces the Lincolnite, Yankee millennialist fervor as one of its defining characteristics. That’s why the neocons constantly invoke Lincoln’s "all men are created equal" words from the Gettysburg Address (via Jefferson’s Declaration of Secession) to "justify" their endless military meddling in over 100 countries of the world. ALL men deserve "equal" liberty, they tell us, and it is OUR job to invade, conquer, and occupy any nation on earth where there is a lack of such liberty.

America was founded with the George Washington/Thomas Jefferson foreign policy of commercial relationships with all nations, entangling alliances with none. The neocon establishment, which is influential in both major political parties, believes in just the opposite: "entangling alliances" and endless military interventionism with as many nations as possible, all in the name of some undefinable Great Moral Cause, in the tradition of Dishonest Abe. Of course, all of this high-handed talk about the Republican Party supposedly being "the party of great moral ideas" is also a convenient smokescreen for the economic greed that is its real motivation, and has been ever since the party first gained power. As Rothbard further explained: "On the economic level, the Republicans [in 1860] adopted the Whig program of statism and big government: protective tariffs, subsidies to big business, strong central government, large-scale public works, and cheap credit spurred by government." It hasn’t changed much since. Thomas J. DiLorenzo is professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and the author of The Real Lincoln; Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed To Know about Dishonest Abe and How Capitalism Saved America. His latest book is Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Archenemy Betrayed the American Revolution – And What It Means for America Today.

New Mexico Liberty – August 2010 – Page 5

by Mike Blessing, Editor If you have news, interesting stories, op-ed pieces, a letter to the editor, or timely information that you think belongs in the newsletter, please send it along. I can be contacted at 505-515-7015, or just send it to email address mikewb1971@gmail.com. When sending your submission as an MS Word (or Open Office Text) file, send it single-spaced in 9-pt Arial – like this is. Margins should be quarter-inch (0.25”) around, with no headers or footers. If you send it in a text-only format, make it clear to me if you want anything in bold type, underlined, in italics, struckthrough, different colors, etc. I’m not telepathic here, so help me out. And NO Wordperfect files – I can't open those. Graphics (pictures, cartoons, etc.) – send the highest quality graphics you can – email them to me at the address above, and I’ll do what I can to get them in the next issue. In particular, what I want are pictures of YOU the LPNM members, either at LPNMsponsored events or at other peoples' events. Submission deadline for each issue – midnight, third Tuesday of the month. Articles As for writing your article, It should be concise (no longer than a full page) and topical. A bit of humor helps, especially for op-ed pieces. What I'm really looking for in the way of articles is what's going on in the LPNM – what YOU the membership are up to in spreading the message. For example, an article about the stupidity, insanity and evil of the UN might get put in, depending on available space and the quality of the article. A group of LPNM members counter-protesting the raising of a UN flag by the city council WILL get put in, and probably will get first priority. Editorial Viewpoint The basis for libertarian thought is the Zero Aggression Principle [ZAP] – A libertarian is someone who believes that no human being has the right – under any circumstances – to initiate force against another human being, nor to threaten, incite or delegate its initiation. New Mexico Liberty holds that Libertarian candidates, officeholders or appointed spokespersons at all levels of government or the Party should refrain from advocating new or more restrictive laws, new or more expensive spending programs, or new or higher taxes. To paraphrase from the medical profession, “First, do no harm.” Submissions Policy The editor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The editor will most often be willing to explain any such reasons. Appeals of the editor's refusal to post an advertisement, article, letter to editor, or anything else can be made to the LPNM's State Chair, Central Committee and/or Judicial Council. Copyright Copyright © 2003 – Present, Libertarian Party of New Mexico. All rights reserved. Permission is explicitly granted for subscribers to recopy New Mexico Liberty for non-commercial purposes, specifically as use as an outreach tool, provided that New Mexico Liberty is copied in its entirety. Use your imagination here.

Subscriptions and Correspondence For a print subscription, contact Ron Bjornstad for details. New Mexico Liberty will be posted to the web, in PDF format, to the Files section of the Google group I’ve set up for it – groups.google.com/group/nmliberty If you are moving or change your mailing address, please use keep us in the loop so we can keep your New Mexico Liberty coming to you – contact Ron Bjornstad [ rbjornstad@earthlink.net ] if you're a print version subscriber. Otherwise, contact the editor. Advertising in New Mexico Liberty Current rates for year-long spots Business card Ø 8.00 Rates are subject to change at the discretion of the editor. The editor will do his best to make any such changes only when absolutely necessary. Inserts – For an insert into the PDF version that goes out over the internet, contact the editor at email address . For an insert into the print edition, contact Ron Bjornstad at email address rbjornstad@earthlink.net or phone number 505-288-4228. Ø – The symbol for Federal Reserve Note(s), as used by Boston T. Party in his books. In plain-text message traffic (such as email), the acronym “FRN” will be used by the editor. See javelinpress.com for more information. Also see the Wikipedia page for “Federal Reserve Note” – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_Note. THE LPNM OFFICIAL WEBSITE – lpnm.us LPNM OFFICIAL MAILING ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER 918 Ivory Road SE Rio Rancho, NM 87124 505-288-4228

"When a place gets crowded enough to require ID's, social collapse is not far away. It is time to go elsewhere. The best thing about space travel is that it made it possible to go else where.” – Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough For Love (1973) The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

New Mexico Liberty – August 2010 – Page 6

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A Modest Solution
by Butler Shaffer [ bshaffer@swlaw.edu ] 13 July 2010 lewrockwell.com/shaffer/shaffer220.html

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." ~ Albert Einstein Governments in America – at both the state and federal level – are in an escalating state of bankruptcy. Politicians, media hacks, and academicians propose the kinds of responses reminiscent of the classic definition of insanity: to keep repeating the same actions expecting a different result. Increase income taxes, cut spending, enact a federal sales tax, tax "junk food" and tanning salons, are just a few of the suggestions being made by those intent on recycling political solutions to politicallygenerated problems. At the center of all this is a national debt that has arisen from a basic truth that statists prefer to ignore: human beings are much less thrifty in spending other people’s money than they are with their own. Let me control your checkbook, and I will come up with a much different pattern of expenditures than you would have. We are much more generous with the lives and property of others, a state of mind upon which political systems depend for their existence. We need to step outside the circle of our conditioned thinking and consider alternatives to our dilemmas. I have a modest proposal to offer to resolve the national debt: repudiate it! The reality is that, even after more extended wars and the formalization of slave-state efforts to avoid it, defaulting on this debt will become the ultimate solution. Leviathan, and its institutional keepers, will not curb its appetites, particularly when all that stands in its way are the always-expendable people. I find support for my proposal in the thinking of the Keynesians, whose ideas most of us accepted, helping to produce our current state of affairs. My undergraduate introduction to the study of economics was firmly rooted in Keynesianism, whose tenets expressed what I assumed Thomas Carlyle meant in regarding this field of study as the "dismal science." One of the frequently stated defenses of government debt was "we only owe it to ourselves." It was only years later that I was to discover who the "ourselves" were to whom we were indebted. Such creditors proved to be the same gang who comprised "we, the people" in the creation of government in our country: the institutional interests who comprise the ruling political establishment. If the idea that we "only owe [the debt] to ourselves" was sufficient to help generate popular acceptance of Keynesian doctrines, should not the repudiation of this debt be seen as a reasonable solution? After all, if I "owe" myself $100, would it make sense for me to contrive all kinds of mechanisms and schedules for repaying it? It is comparable to the kind of nonsense thinking one sees in advertising: "you owe it to yourself to" purchase a retailer’s product or services. If I failed to make this purchase, would I have a cause of action against myself grounded in negligence or breach of contract? Could I go to court and get a judgment against myself for my misfeasance? The proposition is so absurd that it could only be taken seriously in a law school!

To suggest that the national debt be repudiated will strike politically-conditioned minds as irresponsible. "Responsibility" is a word which, when divorced from individual conduct and the concept of property, can become little more than a duty one has to satisfy obligations others have created for him or her. By contrast, I am responsible for the consequences of my actions, or from what my property has done to another, because – and only because – as a self-owning person I am in control of my energies and other resources. Political action, on the other hand, is the very essence of irresponsible behavior, for it allows those who desire a particular end to shift the costs of providing it to those who do not want it. The myth of "representative government" is invoked, at this point, to inform us that politicians and other state officials are our "agents"; that we – you and I – are the "principals" in this arrangement who are responsible for what our "agents" do in our behalf. Thus, if we have directed our agents to run up enormous debts, we are obliged to satisfy such liabilities. I trust that such delusional thinking – grounded as it is on the "social contract" theory of the state – will not require much refutation here. But in case a reader has not thought this through, let me observe that – apart from a few isolated examples of voluntarily constituted communal societies – I am unaware of any political system that has arisen by way of a consensus [i.e., universal agreement] among those to be collectively bound. Governments – including the American varieties – have arisen through and been maintained by conquest; by violent force. The idea that one who has not sanctioned the state that insists upon controlling him can be considered a "principal" who is vicariously responsible for the acts of his phantom "agents," is nothing more than the imposition of duties upon those who have not undertaken them. Along with the myth of "democracy" – which I have defined as the illusion that my wife and I, combined, have twice the political influence of David Rockefeller – such ideas are part of the corruption of thought upon which state systems depend. Even the politicians who have been voted into office cannot reasonably claim to be the agents of anyone. Voting takes place anonymously, in the privacy of a polling booth, with no public expression of one’s choices. Unlike the sales representative of the United Updike Company – who has been provided, by his employer, with an office, business cards, telephone, and other indicia of his status as an agent – politicians are unable to clearly identify anyone for whom he or she acts. Furthermore, those who do not vote – such as myself – could never be accused of selecting any politician as his or her elected agent. The man who claims to represent the congressional district in which I live almost always votes contrary to my personal values: in what twisted way could he be said to be my representative in Washington? The following example might serve as an effective means of getting the state to formally acknowledge that it is not the agent of any ordinary people. One might identify a given candidate – perhaps for the House of Representatives – and send them a certified letter [for evidentiary purposes] telling that person as follows: "I intend to vote for you, in the general election, to be my duly selected representative in Congress. If you are elected, I hereby direct you to never vote for any measure that would, whether directly or indirectly, increase my tax obligations." [ Continued on Page 12 ]

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[ Continued from Page 11 ] Should that person be elected, a follow-up letter should at once be written stating: "Congratulations on your being elected as my representative to Congress. I voted for you in yesterday’s election. You will recall my letter of [previous date] in which I directed you, as my agent, to never vote for any bill that would increase my tax obligations." After taking his or her seat in Congress, should the representative vote in favor of any such tax-increasing measure, the alleged "principal" would immediately file an action against the so-called "agent" for breach of contract. The courts would then have to confront the issue of whether an elected official is or is not such an "agent" of those who so select them. I suspect the judiciary would hold that such officials are not the agents of anyone other than themselves. The fallacy of the state as an agent further unravels in the face of the routine practice of government officials keeping their actions secret from their alleged principals. In what marketplace setting would an employer be legally prohibited from knowing the details of its employee’s course of employment conduct? The most recent example of this practice was seen in the House of Representatives voting down a measure that would have provided for an audit of the Federal Reserve policies and practices. By a 229-198 margin, Republican and Democrat agency pretenders decided that it was not the business of their alleged "principals" to be privy to the knowledge these elected officials share with one another. In the face of an indebtedness generated by those who make a pretense of representing us – even though we might not have so chosen them; who keep secret the purposes and interests of the real beneficiaries of their actions; who stand by, without objection, as trillions of dollars are shoveled from the Treasury into the coffers of the corporate owners of the political system; with what principled and reasoned intelligence can it be said that we – you and I – are responsible for the ensuing disaster, and have an obligation to restore solvency to the system? There is no better time than the present for Boobus Americanus to finally get around to do what he has long resisted doing: questioning the nature of the state. While the Constitution and those who officiate on behalf of the state speak to the promotion of the "general welfare" as the underlying purpose of the arrangement, the reality is that all political systems – in whatever time or region of the world – exist for the sole purpose of benefiting a few at the expense of the many. Our liberty, our wealth, even our very lives, are at the disposal of self-anointed masters who have conditioned us to believe in the legitimacy of their rule. As the system intensifies threats of its violence against us to keep us in a line that can lead only to our individual and collective bankruptcy, intelligent minds would do well to ask the whyness of our supposed obligations. We might begin by identifying the real parties in interest in all of this. Such an inquiry would be yet another invocation of the "cui bono?" question: who has benefited from the destructive mess that has been created? How should moral and causal responsibility be allocated in defining who should bear the costs? If my neighbor loses his job and later goes bankrupt, should I be considered "responsible" for his losses, as well as obligated to his creditors? This is but a revisitation of an earlier financial "crisis" that American taxpayers were called upon to resolve. In the early 1970s, New York City was unable to meet its obligations to bondholders who had underwritten various governmental projects – including the construction of the World Trade Center. The corporations and others whose special interests had been served by such endeavors, were not receiving their promised bond payments. The politicians and the mainstream media were quick to the rescue.

You may recall the "financial crisis" that had hit New York City, represented as some vague "threat" to all residents of Gotham. I recall the anguish of a fellow faculty member at a university where I was teaching at the time. He literally cried – real tears – at the prospects facing New York City, as he begged our support for a rescue from Congress. "My wife and I (sob!) spent our honeymoon in (sob!) New York, and the thought that Central Park (sob!) and the theaters (sob!) should disappear is (sob!) too painful to bear." "Where do you think all of this is going?", I asked. "Do you think Middle-Eastern bankers are going to attach a rope to Manhattan and pull it to Saudi Arabia?" He just gave me the same kind of empty stare we are likely to see on the face of Boobus, as he embraces his "responsibility" for seeing to it that the current gang of special interests receive their promised spoils. The political establishment and its media toadies will condemn any sentiment that suggests that you and I approach the solution to the national debt crisis with the same self-interest motivation that led the institutional order to create it. We will once again be admonished to put aside our "selfishness" for the "greater good," an appeal that will bring us face-to-face with Stendhal’s observation that "the shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same." Butler Shaffer teaches at the Southwestern University School of Law. He is the author of the newly-released In Restraint of Trade: The Business Campaign Against Competition, 1918– 1938 and of Calculated Chaos: Institutional Threats to Peace and Human Survival. His latest book is Boundaries of Order.

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