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Selection Process

Selection Selection process is a series of specific steps used to decide which recruits should be hired. The process begins when recruits apply for employment and ends with the hiring decision. .

of Applicants hired/Total No. No. of applicants =S R ‡ Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection .Selection: An Overview ‡ Internal Selection ‡ Selection Ratio is the relationship between number of applicants hired and the total number of applicants available.

The Selection Process Initial Screening Employment Test Employment Interview Reference Verification Panel/Supervisory Interview Employment Offer Medical Test Realistic Job Previews Hiring Decision .

Employment test ³Testing Tools & Cautions´  Psychological test  Knowledge test  Performance test  Graphic response test  Attitude and honesty test  Medical test .

Selection Interview ³Types of Interviews´  Unstructured interview  Structured interview  Mixed interview  Behavioral interview  Stress interview .

Hiring Interviews Structured Interviews: predetermined script and protocol. ± Interviews in a proper format ± Asked through information gathered from job analysis information .

Hiring Interviews ‡ Unstructured Interviews: no predetermined script or protocol ± Any thing related or not related to the job ± No prescribed format .

Who Conducts Interviews? Panel Interviews Individuals Interviews Team Interviews Video Interviewing .


don¶t you?´ 2. ³ Do you agree that profits are necessary?´ ‡ INTERVIEWER DOMINATION . ³You do like to talk to people.Problems/Error in the Interview ‡ BIASES ‡ LEADING QUESTION 1. ³ Do you think you will like this work?´ 3.

Conducting Effective Interviews ‡ Interviewers should be carefully selected and trained properly ‡ Preparation of Interview Plan ‡ Break ice-Put interviewer at ease ‡ Listen Carefully ‡ Record the facts immediately after interviews ‡ Evaluate effectiveness of interviewing process .

so that they can more accurately evaluate their own job expectations.Realistic Job Previews The purpose of a realistic job preview (RJP) is to inform job candidates of the ³organizational realities´ of a job. .

Hiring Decision Qualification Experience about the specific Sector Previous Job Duration .

then the candidates will be selected to do this job.Conclusion If any candidates fill up all the requirements according to the vertical process of selection expected by the human resource management. .

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