Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes

Dear light workers, Namaste! I receive a lot of queries about Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher manual. So, kindly find above notes. I hope it would prove beneficial to you. Final version of the manual will be uploaded at after completion. The attunement procedure for Usui Reiki as I learnt from my master, Rev. Robert Hummels are given below with a little changes. Are you surprised to find different versions of symbols? Why Reiki symbols differs from master to master? As Reiki was passed on from Master to student, the symbols were changed as the Master was moved by their inner spirit to change them. The symbols are nothing but tool to access certain frequency of energies. Symbols are assigned with particular energies. It makes easy for the human mind to recall a certain frequency of energy. We can direct the energies with just intention also. This does not matter if symbol drawn differently, it will still work work. It is also believed that reiki symbols are corrected by our angels before get processed by cosmic intelligence. Any Way! hope you will enjoy this brief info. Thanks, Love, Mohan.

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes for Atunements .

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes .

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes .

In order to use these energies.Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher attunement opens a new frequency of energy for you to use. you now have the attunement energy. If you are alone. When using the symbol on the client. or on the client prior to placing your hands in the treatment position. always draw it three times saying to yourself the mantra DAI KOMIO each time you draw the symbol. Second. draw the symbol one time on each area you will place your hands. First. you may say the mantra our loud. You can add this energy into a healing session by drawing the symbol either on your hands before beginning the session. you only have to call upon them. you now have the ability to use the Master energy in healing. then place your hands and allow the Reiki to flow as normal. When the Reiki flows. When placing the symbol onto your hand chakras. you can increase it's flow .

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes by saying the Mantra DAI KOMIO. Raise your arms over your head with your palms facing upward. (2) Clear the room as you were instructed prior to receiving your Master attunement. (A) Face to Face Method (1) Wash your hands in cold water up to the elbows. Place your right hand at the back of their head. Either leather or no shoes at all. (6) Now step up to the person. Draw and recite the Mantras CHO KU REI. (3) Say: "I __________ (state your full name) Ask to receive the Attunement Energy for the Usui Reiki level 1 attunement. Then Draw a giant DAI KOMIO over the middle of the room as high as you can reach and end touching the floor. After the flow stops. you are ready to conduct the attunement. draw the Choku Rei on their third eye chakra. and on their left side. (5) Stand about 1 Meter in front of them. Move to your left (right side of the person). Step into this symbol. place your palm . (4) Have the student sit in a chair near the middle of the room. They should sit straight with feet flat on the floor. then CHO KU REI again on each wall of the room. With your left hand." You should feel the energy starting to flow down your arms and into your body. Do the same behind the person.) Draw the CHO KU REI symbol in front of them three times saying it's mantra to yourself each time you draw it. Metal objects should not be worn by either of you. SEI HE KI. (At this time you can ask for the assistance of God/Ascended Masters/Angels/ArcAngels or any other light being you are comfortable with. turn to face them and draw the CHO KU REI again three times reciting the mantra each time. They should place their hands on their knees with palms facing upwards. and no shoes with plastic/rubber soles.

Kneel. Visualize the energy going down through their crown. Take a deep breath. take a deep breath. Take another breath and blow from the Solar Plexis to the Root Chakra. Let the energy flow for 2-3 mintues. hold the fingers with your left hand and raise them so that the thumbs are touching the third eye chakra. Lower the hands to the heart Chakra. Switch. exhale and turn your hand so your fingers are pointing towards you over the left ear of the person. Let this flow continue for 2-3 minutes. Take 2 steps backwards. It should start at the shoulders and go to the lower back. through the foot and into the earth about 1. Take the left hand of the person in your right hand. draw the CHO KU REI symbol on the top of the right foot. take the persons right hand in your left hand. Let it flow 3-5 minutes. Turn to the side. Then visualize the energy flowing back up to the crown. Visualize the energy flowing from your hand. lift the hands once more to the forehead and blow from the throat tothe heart chakra. With your right hand draw a large CHO KU REI over the back of the person. Place your hand on this chakra with your fingers pointing towards their face.Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes chakra over this chakra and visualize the energy flowing from your hand into the chakra. Then. Visualize the energy flowing from your hand into the crown chakra. down to the third eye chakra. Let it flow for 2 -3 minutes. Place the palm of your hand on the area directly behind the heart chakra and visualize the flow of energy into the heart chakra. Move to the left side of the person. into the hand of the person. along the spine and traveling to the heart chakra. Draw the CHO KU Rei with your right hand over the palm chakra. place the persons hands with thumbs touching the heart chakra and release the hand. and blow from the crown chakra. Place your right hand chakra over this chakra and visualize how the energy flows from your hand. place the persons hands together palms touching. Place your palm flat against the top of the foot. Place your right hand on the right knee. with your left hand. visualize the same as with the right foot. Move around in front of the person and kneel.5 meters below the surface. Then take another breath. As the energy reaches the crown. Stand. Place your left hand on the left knee of the person and draw the symbol with your right hand on the left foot. Still holding onto the persons hands move in front of them. Draw the symbol with your left hand and place your chakras together as with the right hand and visualize again how the energy travels from your hand up to the heart chakra. Place your left hand on the left shoulder of the person. This locks in the attunement. Let the energy flow about 2 minutes. After 2-3 minutes. With your right hand draw the CHO KU REI symbol on their Crown chakra. and give thanks to the powers that have allowed you to perform this attunement. and blow quite hard into the palm chakras of each of your hands!! . up their arm and into their heart chakra. Do this out loud so the person knows the session is ended.

ask for the attunement energy for Usui Reiki Level 2 and draw all three symbols. This method requires three attunements. first CHO KU REI. You can decrease that number by drawing the symbols more times. I write the name of the person on the back of the picture. ask for the attunement energy for Usui Reiki Master. (B) Distance attunements First you must establish connection with the person.Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes (7) Afterwords. It may take a little for them to come back down from the energy high :). it is best to wash your hands with cold water. say" I cut the connection to _____________ (state the persons name) and make a cutting . Then I draw the distance symbol over the picture and say the Mantra HON SHA ZE SHO NEN three times. after blowing into your hands. If you draw each symbol on each area three times. above. Ask them about what they felt. you only have to do this attunement once. For Usui level 2. This time draw each symbol including the DAI KOMIO. For the Master attunement. Then you visualize the entire process in 1. In your mind drawing the symbols and saying the mantras. slowly have the person lower their hands and open their eyes. then SEI HE KI. followed by CHO KU REI three times to strengthen the connection. It works best for me when I have a picture. At the end of the session. and sending the energy. then HON SHA ZE SHO NEN. (8) Before you touch anyone else.

(C) The final method. above before the person will actually receive the attunement. when. This method invokes the primary intent to attune someone. ____________ (Time). It can't work". Then wash your hands in cold water. the student may not be relayed the understanding that Reiki is a gift from the Creator. It is NOT suggested for hands-on classes. . in their time zone. and deserves the highest respect.. on ____________ (Date). This method is the simplest. and ceremonies. and end when it is complete. because the student might think "this is too easy. Just be sure and use the formula above to state where. To invoke this intent merely say: " I. you can even prepare this or the distance attunement in number 2. While this method does work.Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Notes motion. and on who you are performing the attunement. Since Distance Reiki can travel through both space and time. ___________ (state your full name) ask my higher self to perform the Usui Reiki (1/2/Master/Teacher) attunement on _____________ (Full Name).like a karate chop between you and the picture. in _________ (name of City/Country). The Reiki attunement energy will start flowing. The intent is what we focus with symbols..

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