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Boatman Safety Coating Fluorescent Paint BMB Series
Boatman fluorescent paint is a single-pack, modified acrylic paint specially formulated for use on areas where visibility for purpose of safety or marking is required. Designed for application on marker buoys, lifeboats, selected areas on drilling rigs and drilling platforms, signage and safety vehicles and devices.

Physical Properties Type Colour Pigmentation Mixing Ratio Volume Solids Flash Point : Modified acrylic : Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and White (upon request) : Fluorescent pigment : Single Pack : 63% ± 2% : > 33OC

Dry Film Thickness : 50 microns Wet Film Thickness : 92 microns Theoretical Coverage : 10 sq. metre per litre Drying Time at 23 OC : Touch dry Hard dry Overcoating Time Thinning Priming : 12 hours : Boatman BMT200 Thinner : For best results, prime with Boatman Marine Primer BMD120 2-4 hours 12 hours

Application Method : By brush, roller or spray Storage Conditions Standard Packing : Store in cool, dry conditions : 5 litres container

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