How to Create shuttle applet Shuttle Applet B/W Contact and Opportunity( For M:M relation Ship b/w 2 Table) 1 Create a Link

or use existing Link B/W Contact and Opportunity. Link must have Property i.e Inter Table , Inter Parent Column and Inter Child Column 2 Create a New Multivalue Link having properties like..i.e Name--Test Con Opp MVL Destination Business Component Opportunity Destination Link--Contact/Opportunity Primary Id Field Note : Here Primary Id Field is a field that specifies the name of the field in the master business component that holds the Row ID values pointing to the prima ry record in the detail business component. 3 Create New MVF Under same BC with following Properties .i.e Name--Test Con Opp MVL--Test Con Opp MVL (use which you have created) Field--Key Contact Id(Field exist on child BC ) 4 Create New MVG Applet with the help of Wizard having diff properties like...i. e Name--Test Con Opp MVG Project Contact B.C Opportunity(Child B.C ) Associate Applet--Test Con Opp Asso Type MVG Child Object Applet Web Template 5 Create Associate Applet by the help of wizard choosing MVG Applet and having d iff properties like...i.e Name-- Test Con Opp Asso Project Contact B.C Opportunity(Child B.C Type Association List And for Applet Web template 6 In Contact--?Contact form Applet? ---Create new control to display Shuttle App let In Controls Name-- Test Shuttle Field-- Test Con Opp(MVF you have created) MVG Applet--- Test Con Opp MVG(MVG applet that already created) Now go to Edit web layout---->and place that Control that you have created 7. Compile All Changes