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code of safe working practices

code of safe working practices

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Published by: Varun Ganesh on Dec 10, 2010
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27.1.1Many substances found on ships are capable of damaging the health

and safety of those exposed to them. They include not only substances

containing hazard warning labels (eg on dangerous goods cargoes and ships’

stores) but also, for example, a range of dusts, including hardwood dusts,

fumes and fungal spores from goods, plant or activities aboard ship.

27.1.2The employer’s risk assessment will identify where personnel are

working in the presence of substances hazardous to health or safety, and

evaluate any risks from exposure (see Chapter 1). Appropriate measures

should be taken to remove, control or minimise the risk (see section 27.2).

27.1.3Employers should instruct and inform personnel so that they know

and understand the risks arising from their work, the precautions to be taken

and the results of any monitoring of exposure.

27.1.4Employers should instruct and inform workers to make them aware of

the potentially hazardous gaseous by-products which may be produced from

the reaction of the cleaner/de-scaling product and the object itself or products

used together, as this may result in an asphyxiating, explosive or other hazardous


27.1.5The risk assessment will also provide information to determine

whether health surveillance is appropriate (see Chapter 2).

27.1.6As an aid to the identification of hazards and the assessment of risks

from dangerous goods reference may be made to the International Maritime

Dangerous Goods Code or to the Chemical data sheets contained in the

MSCP01/Ch27/Rev3.01/Page 2

Tanker Safety Guides (Gas and Chemical) issued by the International

Chamber of Shipping. Information concerning hazardous cargoes carried in

bulk should be available where applicable to allow the assessment to be made.

27.1.7In the case of ship’s stores etc, reference should be made to the

manufacturer’s instructions and data sheets, which may be supplied with the

goods. Reference may also be made where appropriate to the series of

publications issued by the Health and Safety Executive under the Control of

Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (see Bibliography).

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