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Madoff Trustee's Lawsuit Against Sonja Kohn

Madoff Trustee's Lawsuit Against Sonja Kohn

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163. After Madoff was arrested, Kohn denied to the Austrian authorities that

she was close to Madoff. The record uncovered to date, however, demonstrates that her

denial is false. Documents from BLMIS and its London arm, MSIL, as well as other

sources, reflect scores of meetings, phone calls, and other communications among

Madoff, his employees, Kohn, and other members of the Medici Enterprise. She and her

husband regularly met with Madoff and his representatives in New York, London, and


164. Kohn held herself out to potential investors with BLMIS as Madoff’s

close friend and intimated that their special relationship yielded special returns on

investments with BLMIS. This privileged access was her greatest asset, and she was

willing to sell it to those who wanted to invest with BLMIS. Hence, Kohn was paid by

both Madoff and by those who sought to invest with Madoff.

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