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Madoff Trustee's Lawsuit Against Sonja Kohn

Madoff Trustee's Lawsuit Against Sonja Kohn

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196. R. Hartstein was deposed by the Trustee on September 15, 2009. R.

Hartstein invoked her Fifth Amendment privilege well over 500 times.

197. R. Hartstein refused to state, among many other things: her citizenship;

whether she has an occupation or a profession; the whereabouts of her brother, R. Kohn;

whether M. Hartstein or their children live with her in Monsey, New York; and whether

she had heard of Eurovaleur, Infovaleur, Erko, Windsor, M-Tech, FundsWorld, Tecno

Italy, Tecno Gibraltar, Bank Medici, or Madoff.

- 71 -

198. R. Hartstein has received proceeds of the Illegal Scheme from Kohn via

Infovaleur in New York via check. R. Hartstein received $26,438.33 in stolen Customer

Property on January 6, 2009, less than a month after Madoff confessed to running a Ponzi

scheme. See id. at 67-69, ¶ 11.

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