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CCCD Petition Letter

CCCD Petition Letter

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Published by: Michael Roberts on Dec 10, 2010
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December 8, 2010

RTD 1600 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202 Attention: Phil Washington, Bill McMullen, Paula Perdue Adams County Commissioners 12200 N. Pecos Street, 3rd Floor Westminster, CO 80234 Attention: Larry Pace, Alice Nichol, Skip Fisher CC: FTA Region VIII Terry Rosapep, FTA Region 8 Administrator 12300 West Dakota Ave., Suite 310 Lakewood, CO 80228-2583 Sent via U.S. Mail and electronic mail to: phil.washington@rtd-denver.com, bill.mcmullen@rtd-Denver.com, paula.perdue@rtddenver.com, lpace@co.adams.co.us, anichol@co.adams.co.us, sfischer@co.adams.co.us,

Re: Citizen Support for Federal East Station To Whom It May Concern, I write to you today on behalf of my clients, Colorado Property Rights Coalition (CPRC) and Concerned Citizens for Compatible Development (CCCD). Please find attached with this correspondence petition forms signed by more than 1,000 area residents voicing opposition to the possible relocation of a proposed RTD Gold Line commuter rail station to a site located a quarter-mile west of Federal Boulevard on 60th Avenue (hereinafter “Federal West”). My clients are united in the hope that the Adam County Board of Commissioners, together with the Regional Transportation District, will listen to citizens who believe a Federal West station

could result in devastating impacts on the local economy, community, traffic flow, and sensitive wetland wildlife habitat of nearby Lake Sangraco and its surrounding neighborhoods. They also oppose and question any reversal of prior support by RTD and the County for the station’s previously selected location, located east of Federal on 60th Avenue, for several reasons (hereinafter “Federal East”). Any possible reversal of position comes after a multi-year, multi-million dollar site selection process
that concluded that Federal East best met the needs of the local community and economy, while at the same time representing the most environmentally responsible choice. On behalf of CPRC and CCCD, we kindly request that the attached petitions, including all signatures, be shared and reviewed by each RTD Board member, as well as each County Commissioner. We request that these documents be preserved as part of the official administrative record of the December 13, 2010 Adams County Commissioners’ meeting. My clients intend to attend this meeting, where they can articulate their concerns in more detail. Their analysis relies on the expert analysis of multiple specialists, including environmental experts, engineers, and transit professionals. In closing, my clients welcome your responses, including any questions you may have in response to receipt of the petitions. They remain cautiously optimistic that by working together with the County, RTD, and other involved local, state, and federal agencies, the community can come to a solution that best represents the interests of all involved. Please feel free to communicate with my clients through me via email at Jessica@HobanandFeola.com or by phone at 303-260-6475.

Sincerely, /s/ Jessica P. Corry, Esq. Special Counsel Hoban & Feola, Attorneys at Law, LLC

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