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Poetic Mysteries

Poetic Mysteries

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This book is actually a compilation of all the work I have done these past 8 years. I have written from experiences I have had with life, love and God. Life has many facets. God allows us to go through struggles in order to obtain what He has for us in this life. There are chapters in our lives that we have to go through. Some are good and some are bad, but through it all, if you have Jesus in your life, you can be successful and you can make it through. Love can be wonderful when you are in it and it can be horrible emotionally when you fall out of it. But because God is love we have to learn to lean on Him when the hurt comes for He will comfort us and He never stops loving us, that's why He said for us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us. God is awesome, He loves us so very much. My experiences in getting to know Him has been an adventure and a journey. He has taught me many things on this journey with Him and I love Him very much.
This book is actually a compilation of all the work I have done these past 8 years. I have written from experiences I have had with life, love and God. Life has many facets. God allows us to go through struggles in order to obtain what He has for us in this life. There are chapters in our lives that we have to go through. Some are good and some are bad, but through it all, if you have Jesus in your life, you can be successful and you can make it through. Love can be wonderful when you are in it and it can be horrible emotionally when you fall out of it. But because God is love we have to learn to lean on Him when the hurt comes for He will comfort us and He never stops loving us, that's why He said for us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us. God is awesome, He loves us so very much. My experiences in getting to know Him has been an adventure and a journey. He has taught me many things on this journey with Him and I love Him very much.

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  • Intro to Life
  • Life
  • Separation
  • Reunion
  • Tradition
  • Thank You
  • Hawaii
  • Your Mom, My Mom, Our Mom
  • Life, Part 2
  • I Remember
  • Life, Part III
  • Black Queen
  • Black King
  • Generations
  • A Birthday Poem
  • My Life Imprisoned
  • Be Aware
  • Retirement
  • What Is a Family?
  • To My Son
  • The Black Man Today
  • Women That Use Men
  • Fifty & Fabulous
  • Little Girl Lost
  • Trouble is a Choice
  • What’s Going On?
  • A Special Birthday Poem
  • Siblings Separated
  • Freedom
  • You Do U
  • My Birthday Wish
  • Intro to Love
  • Love in The Midst
  • Love Hurts Too
  • Hurt
  • I Love You
  • I love you
  • Letting Go
  • Love
  • I Want To Be Your Friend
  • Love’s Door
  • Love at First Site
  • How I Feel About You
  • Will You Be My Valentine?
  • You Are Special
  • An Expression of Love
  • Twin Flames
  • Love’s Call
  • Can Life Get Any Sweeter Than This?
  • I Think About You All the Time
  • I think about you all the time
  • What Is Life Without You?
  • My Valentine Friend
  • Coming Out
  • Love Came
  • Love Hurts
  • And Along Came You
  • Are You Real
  • You Are My God Sent One
  • Love Renewed
  • Is It You Again?
  • How I Feel
  • What Is Love?
  • A Message to You
  • Online Dating
  • Sweetheart
  • Love’s Evasiveness
  • You Almost Stole My Heart
  • To My Sister
  • Love Really Hurts
  • Intro to God
  • What Happens When We Cry
  • Grace And Mercy
  • Awesome God
  • What Does God Say?
  • God’s Love
  • Greatness of God
  • God’s Lessons
  • God Said
  • I Feel God
  • God Is Ready
  • My Father in the Lord
  • Hold On
  • Destiny
  • The Woman of God
  • Christ-Mas
  • Trust in God
  • The Touch of Jesus
  • Have Courage
  • Be Strong
  • Lost
  • Praise
  • My God
  • Remember This
  • What Does It Mean?
  • Religion
  • A Real Hero

A Journey Through Life, Love, & God

P oetic M ysteries

Ayodele Olufemi

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To my children Quincy, Jamal & Rashonda To my grandchildren, Kashira, Kah’lil, Makayla, Quintral & Otis, Jr. To my sisters, Janice, Debby, Wanda & Darlene To my brothers, Donald, Harvey & Daryl To my Pastors Bishop Wayne T. Jackson & Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson To my BFF Cassandra Marbury


Table of Contents
Acknowledgements xi

Intro to Life Life Separation Reunion Tradition Thank You Hawaii Your Mom, My Mom, Our Mom Life, Part 2 I Remember Life, Part III Black Queen Black King Generations A Birthday Poem My Life Imprisoned Be Aware Retirement What Is a Family? To My Son The Black Man Today Women That Use Men Fifty & Fabulous Little Girl Lost Trouble is a Choice What’s Going On? A Special Birthday Poem Siblings Separated Freedom You Do U

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My Birthday Wish 56 Love Intro to Love Love in The Midst Love Hurts Too Hurt I Love You Letting Go Love I Want To Be Your Friend Love’s Door Love at First Site How I Feel About You Will You Be My Valentine? You Are Special An Expression of Love Twin Flames Love’s Call Can Life Get Any Sweeter Than This? I Think About You All the Time You What Is Life Without You? My Valentine Friend Coming Out Love Came Love Hurts And Along Came You Are You Real You Are My God Sent One Love Renewed Is It You Again? Bea How I Feel What Is Love? A Message to You Online Dating viii 59 60 61 63 65 66 68 69 71 73 75 77 78 79 80 81 82 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 98 100 102 104 .

Sweetheart Love’s Evasiveness You Almost Stole My Heart To My Sister Love Really Hurts 105 106 107 109 110 113 114 116 118 120 121 122 123 124 126 127 128 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 143 145 147 149 150 153 God Intro to God What Happens When We Cry Grace And Mercy God Awesome God What Does God Say? God’s Love As I… Greatness of God God’s Lessons God Said I Feel God God Is Ready My Father in the Lord Hold On Destiny Speak To It… The Woman of God Christ-Mas Trust in God The Touch of Jesus Have Courage Be Strong Lost Praise My God Remember This What Does It Mean? Religion A Real Hero ix .

Questions Inspiration God Is There A Message for You My God Too Thoughts More Inspiration Thank You Lord The Oil of the Anointing The Books of the Bible About the Author 155 157 158 159 161 163 165 167 169 170 175 x .

Bishop Wayne T. Thank you to my two sons. Thank you to my best friend forever (BFF) Cassandra Marbury. Thank you for letting God use you and for speaking wisdom in the time I needed it. Also thank you for helping me with the title of this book. Jesus Christ for giving me the gift of writing expressively in a poetic format and for the anointing upon my life to write. Thank you to my “other” two sons. You have been there for me when I didn’t expect it so much. I appreciate you. Quincy (Sayum) & Jamal (Dizmantle) who inspired me to continue to move in my gift of writing as you are out in the world moving in your gifted call of spoken word in books. Thank you to my spiritual parents. You have shared with me your resources. cd’s and on the stages and studios of this Nation. You are a friend to me indeed. Jackson for your untiring prayers for me and your wise and down to earth teachings and the prophetic words you have spoken in my life. your time and your ear when I needed it.Acknowledgements I would like to thank my Heavenly Father. Beverly Y. Miles (Phenom) & Malcolm (Macs) for moving forward in your craft of spoken word and rap and showing me how successful you can become if you just persevere and keep taking those opportunities to express yourselves every time the door opens. You have spoken into my life words of life and I know you have prayed for me. Thank you to my co-worker Penny Johnson who allowed me to come to your desk and share my thoughts and feelings on anything and thank you for listening to me and offering whatever advice I may have needed at that time. Jackson & Dr. Thank you to those of you that loved me for a season broke my xi . Thank you to all the people that came in and out my life over the years.

you deposited into me and I deposited into you and you went on your way. Thank you to those of you that came in to my life for a reason.heart and left me. all of you inspired me to write poetry and it enabled me to write about the experiences. xii . To those that are in my life for a lifetime. thank you too. Yes. Thank you for lessons well learned. no matter how bad or how good.

As you discover those things that bring you closer to God. you first must know the intricacies of life’s poetic journey xiii .


1 .


stand still and watch God take me into victory. It’s our responsibility to trust God to help us make it through this life. Life has its ups and downs as has been my life. I hope you enjoy. Ayodele Olufemi aka Joyce Dowridge 3 . in that we are not to just sit around and wait for God to wave a magic wand and make it happen. it’s up to us to try to find a better way. do all I can. but in essence it all centers around the life we live. Life is as simple as a birthday wish or as complicated as warning someone about the kind of people that are in the world. be encouraged and inspired as you read these poems that depict some of my life situations. I can’t lose.Intro to Life Life is a trip as in journey and life is what we make it. If times are hard. Your life is all you have and you have to live your life according to the principles set forth by God in order to become successful in His eyes. but He will help you in whatever situation you find yourself in if you just reach out to Him. I have learned that if I trust in God.

But of course we don’t realize our po-ten-tial until He touches our soul. a season and a meaning.Life Life – What is it? One songwriter says it’s “But a dream” Life – What is it? The Bible says it’s “But a vapor” “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and “breathed” into his nostrils the breath of life – For the life of the flesh is in the blood God awakened us to live for Him. 4 . Some people come into our life to make us aware Some people come into our life to help us gain a consciousness about ourselves God comes through many facets of life. Some say life’s a trip and then we die But actually life’s a journey and then we live. I’ve come to realize that everything happens for a reason. In life we meet all kinds of people from all walks of life.

The eyes are the windows of our soul – we are on the inside looking out. Life – What is it? 5 . without whom we do not live. God deals with the heart of man – oh to be loved by Jesus – He leads us into the path of Life What is life? – Life is God.

so sad. Why God did you allow me to take this journey of no identity? Of constantly searching for love in all the wrong places? To journey so far and then find that I do not even know myself Who am I? Who am I? Yes. Why did my mother throw me away like I was dirt? They blamed it on my dad.Separ ation Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? To be separated from everyone else in your family is a hard life. To be taken in by people who only want-to-love-you Only to find that all in all you don’t love yourself – what to do? They say time heals all wounds. my mother and even my father But do I still know who I am? 6 . a mother’s love seared. but I say my soul is hurt. My mom wanted a different man. but I found out he wasn’t so bad. you let me meet my siblings. he wanted me banned. To be taken away because there is no room for you here You have to leave.

. nor height. nor depth. you told me that if I came and lived in you that I would be a new creature. I am a blessed child with many blessings to yet receive You told me you would give me all the love in double portion. but what does it mean? What’s to be seen? Where do I go from here? Only You Lord can guide and lead me into my destiny. nor principalities. the puzzle has been put together.Well. Which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. nor things to come.. shall be able to separate me from the love of God.. Separation. nor any other creature. Therefore I will no longer be separated from You Who is the only one that really matters at this point. nor powers. but I am persuaded that neither death. 7 . nor angels. I know whose I am. nor things present. nor life.. Man may separate us from our family. here I am Lord. so here I am and guess what.. now. that I missed. ready to receive that love you promised me Okay.. I am beginning to know who I am.

maybe find a piece of myself in a true family member— Oh. that’s one strike They broke us apart—I knew nothing of my sister or brother They brought me here. many years. Because it was a secret – oh to finally be able to identify with someone else. Took my brother far away to live with another One day someone said get your birth certificate – it will tell the story….” And so the journey began with no fuss Oh where oh where has my brother and sister gone. One day God said. They were equally surprised by my presence….. Oh where oh where can they be? I’ve searched high and low and I can’t seem to locate them. “It’s time for you three to meet each other.. show me the pathway that leads to my sister And my brother… Thank you God for directing my path.Reunion We were away from each other for many.. left her there. the three of us…. Oh what a wonderful feeling…. 8 . what will I say when I see them? Will they accept me into their world or will they shun me. Oh what a surprise it was when I saw them for the first time…. Exclaiming to me that they longed to find me also… At last…REUNION…. Well let me see Lord God. unlike any other Some say my sister and I look just alike… Are we twins or did my mom just have very strong genes.

what do we say. I have to raise my family this way because that’s the way I was raised…. – to each other – “I Love you” Enough said… Momma and daddy went to the Almighty Baptist Church So I should go there too Is God tugging on you to go across town to the “other” church? What’s more important – tradition or your salvation? So in essence “tradition” says: I can’t be in love with you because you are too young… I have to go to this church because my family went there… I have to buy this type of vehicle because that’s all my family ever drove…. 9 .Tr adition There are many traditional habits that people have But does that make anything right or wrong? There are many categories – like love… Stella got her groove back with a 20-year-old – she was 40 – oops! What will our family say? What will your mother and father say? What will your sister and brother say? What will your grandmother say? What will the general public say? Who cares. I have to stay in this abusive marriage because No one in my family ever got divorced…. I have to attend this college because My dad attended there….

I can’t be what I want to be in life because My parents expect me to be something else….“Just do it” I say be yourself – do what God leads you to do---Tradition? --. Nike says -. Tradition – why can’t we set our own for ourselves – as individuals? Guess what? Got a secret for you – you can set your own destiny And you can walk your own path….Forget about it! 10 .

Love. I think of how I nearly Missed my blessing of getting to know them And the love they bestowed upon me from Him So I wrote this poem to you to say thank you For being as loving as you have been through and through Thank you Uncle John for your thoughtfulness and care Thank you Aunt Carolyn for your sensitivity and flair God’s blessings will be upon you both for years to come That everything He has for you will not come as some But in abundance of the love you have bestowed upon me For being there not only in love but also in deed Thank you again for loving me the way you do And I promise to show in return for who – you.Thank You At first it seemed like life had dealt me a bad hand I was taken away from my mom to a strange land But then the people were so kind to me I had no choice but content to be But then someone said this is not your home And to which I said just leave me alone Someone told me to find out who I am So I asked my mom. Ayodele (Joyce) 11 . there was less doubt And I knew there was still love about They only showed me how to love They must have been sent from God above I love them both very dearly Oh. who am I ma’am She told me you are who you are For she did not want me to know how far From the truth she had told Was it my soul that had been sold? But then I met my true self That had been put on a shelf When I met my uncle and aunt.

Hawaii Sometimes God allows us to be free To travel and be able to see The beauty of His creativity Oh how wonderful the world can be You see. I was able to go to a land Where beauty and nature go hand in hand I was able to enjoy summer in winter And have so much fun and be in the center On an island that offered so much beauty It was a chance of a lifetime and my duty To enjoy the time that God blessed me To go on this trip. all expenses free God is truly an awesome wonder Hawaii is the perfect example of what makes me ponder How God made this earth so beautiful Just so it can be enjoyed by me and you so Be adventurous and explore What your life just might implore Take advantage of life’s privileges For you never know when it’s frivolous 12 .

you see 13 . I wasn’t bored And blessings from you That I discovered soon Was in the plan of destiny And my life was not just a dream.And you won’t have any regrets And certainly you won’t fret In your old age looking back At what your life did lack But say Thank you Lord For a life.

good bye For that man told her a lie You thought about your mom and couldn’t see What did she know. Our Mom Your mom raised you Even though she didn’t birth you My mom raised me Even though birth was not hers to be Our mom didn’t raise us Even though birth she did with no fuss Your mom said you had to obey Certain things to stay in her way My mom said. why can’t you be Like other girls I see Our mom said. but now it proves to be She knew a lot and was very smart She taught me to have respect and never depart From myself and use manners and be real How to set a table for a 2 course meal How to dress for an interview And wear my Sunday shoes To wed first and then have your kid Instead of getting your heart broke in bed She taught me to talk because we did not To my children and to do it a lot 14 . My Mom.Your Mom.

She taught me to be the best in whatever I do She told me to find God and serve him too Read my bible and learn the word No fighting and arguing because that’s absurd She told me to be unique Even with a little mystique To be and love myself For without I cannot love anyone else God will make you a better person But you need the Holy Ghost and his mercy And that seeing isn’t always believing But believing isn’t always seeing My mom said trust no one and no sir And blew my mind when she said not even her But all thru life I have learned the hard way What my mom tried to tell me would happen someday So in essence listen to your mom and what she has to say And maybe it could be your life will go your way 15 .

Part 2 What does life hold for me? What will be my destiny? To keep moving forward in this time And hope life will be all it can be.Life. ‘cause it’s mine To have God’s blessings in my finance My direction. my children and my dance God told me to just be still And in time I will see His perfect will There has been so much stress That I don’t know today what was the mess My bible tells me that He will go through the storm With me even though my life is not the norm When life gets too wild. we have to learn to go to our knees And talk to the Master and learn to please Him with all our heart. body and souls So He will send His angels to console Us in our time of need So our hearts won’t have to bleed For all the aches and pains that plague us in this life And when we see His face it will be unlike Any other times we had to endure And all of the different times we were unsure We have to learn to surrender Our lives to God and He won’t hinder Our blessings that He promised We must keep praying and remain our calmest 16 .

Victory in our life that’s a must To live this day and try to be just We need to stay prayerful at all times And not just when we get in a bind For this life is all we get Try to reverence God and don’t fret ‘Cause God will see you through And He promised to never forsake you 17 .

so severe I remember dancing with a grownup And eating fried chicken and corn for sup I remember my brown dog named Dave And how my Calico cat my mom could not save I remember graduating from school And thinking about how my world I would rule I remember my first child being born And loud and clear I wanted to sound my horn I remember getting my heart broken Because I had become someone’s token I remember being abused mental and physical Because they thought I was weak and I was miserable I remember someone showing me what love really is But then I had to let them go because of my age and his I remember my mom and dad dying a year apart And leaving me on my own with a broken heart I remember getting a divorce and having to raise two boys on my own But God gave me grace and brought me through and now they are grown Sometimes I wonder where I failed in life Because one child is locked up and caused me strife But God is with him in there And he has no need to fear Love has not been kind to me at all It always seems to make me fall Even when I think I have found true love in someone I get disappointed and upset and feel for me there is none Sometimes I say what’s the use When all I will get is abuse I say there is nobody to love me for who I am Everybody is out for themselves and a sham I have met so many unhappy souls 18 .I Remember I remember being an only child My room and clothes made me smile I remember riding a bus to get here And getting locked in the bathroom.

Everybody is looking for bliss and certain roles But love starts inside of yourself I discovered this when I put my heart on the shelf Maybe God will someday send someone who will love me And make no demands and abuses. maybe I will receive this love before I leave this earth And be able to love and be loved and not have to search I will not have to find this one love For it will find me if I be still and trust the Man above 19 . but this I will have to see I remember giving my life to God and asking Him to teach Me to live what the Good Book preach God has been so good to me Giving me grace and favor for all to see He blesses me so good all days Showing me how He loves me always I guess this should be enough love from Him above But I’m only human and therefore I need human love Oh well.

other times frowns But God tells us to count it all joy And live life to the fullest and don’t be coy Because you never know where life will take you But don’t live too far on the edge and don’t be a fool For as you grow.Life. you should be wise To look up and open your eyes To all that life offers you Be daring in God and learn His ways too For only with God is there life So much so that it should be no strife People come in all kinds of flavors But there can be only one for you to savor Oh yes. Part III Sometimes life is funny Today it’s raining. tomorrow it’s sunny There are lots of ups and downs Sometimes there’s smiles. you will sample the rainbow But then God will come and He will show You the road map of your journey As you travel you will be learning What your future holds So your life God can mold Don’t be afraid of the future times God is always with you and showing you signs God will mold you into the person you are to be Just trust Him and you will surely see Life as a beautiful flower And yourself growing as a tower Of beautiful strength blooming As God’s angels stand looming Over you as you take life’s trip To watch you as you turn and flip 20 .

But if you fall down Get back up and without a frown Smile and look up for your redemption is near Stop worrying and don’t have any fear For God said He would never leave or forsake you Trust Him and He will see you through 21 .

Black Queen The little black girl looks at TV See the white girl and says that’s how I want to be But when God made that little black girl He put in extra ingredients to make her hair curl In her he put an extra drop of strength Because she would have to go the extra length He made her in many different shades of brown And gave her enough love to go around Sometimes she gets weak But if she will listen. God will speak To her and tell her she is a Queen That was made perfectly by a great Supreme Being There is no need to want to be like anyone else Because you are unique with a wealth You have a special quality that he put And made you perfect from head to foot Sometimes even our own don’t understand But that’s okay because you can touch her hand The beauty of the black woman is in her endurance To be able to stand tall in any occurrence Hold your head up and be proud Because just your beauty will speak loud Respect yourself and love you too This is what God told us to do For charity starts at home And that little girl should learn that before she’s grown Teach your little black Queen The times that will be seen Because she is who she should be And don’t be ashamed and don’t flee From the beauty that is inside Because in God you will glide To the heights of your dreams Because life isn’t always what it seems Little black girl. grow up a pearl 22 .

be proud Because God has made you and you don’t need a crowd You are a black Queen. one of a kind And if they look close.Grow up and take the world By storm and let your beauty shine Through the intelligence of your mind Be brave my daughter and stand tall Be strong. that’s a blessing And God has a life for you that is a lesson So awesome if she will contend To keep moving forward and transcend Into a beautiful Queen. God they will find Because He has made you a special being And instilled deep in your soul. a flower And a certain quality that is in her power To live and love Because God has smiled on her from above 23 . my Queen and never fall Queens are poised and beautiful You are strong and dutiful So stand tall my beautiful black sister ‘Cause you got it going on with or without a mister You are a black Queen. and I’m agreeing Something no one else has You are able to keep going and seem to never run out of gas He made you strong but fragile Able to carry a load and go the extra mile Be yourself.

“Let there be man” And a man-child was born in the land This was not an ordinary child though For he was strong and very bold He knew what he wanted at an early age And no one could keep this one in a cage He wanted to give love and get love By someone special that was sent from above He was strong and would protect her Make her feel special and treat her as though she were A Queen on a throne Whether in person or on the phone For he was born a king And to this world he would bring His special finesse and charm So fine in body and there is no need for alarm He speaks his mind with a certain tact And at times can be very matter of fact He’s very romantic and loving in all that he does Showing how wonderful he can be and how he loves A black king is born to this world A genuine gem and quite a pearl For some fortunate lady whom he will make his queen And the rest is surely to be seen 24 .Black King One day God said.

these are the generations Of a life that is blessed by God above His kindness and patience has shown true love For the generations to come who don’t have a clue How to live life and be able to do What is destined of them if they but open their eyes And do not each other despise 25 . to come. that’s a fact Then there’s my mother I don’t really know her For you see she didn’t raise me But that’s okay. one-quarter black But she might as well be 100%. in good shape I turned out to be My father seemed to be quite distant though I never really knew him ‘cause I guess he had to go My mother and father that took me in Raised me to the best of their ability and was akin I turned out to be good in the land God blessed me and gave me His hand I too had children of my own I nurtured them until they were grown Now some of them have daughters and sons For you see.Gener ations Great grandma was full-blooded Indian Great Grandpa was an all American black man Grandma was three-quarter Indian.

if you would trust in the Father You will go a long way in this life and even farther Be true to yourself and you will see Just what God has in store for you to be 26 .But show each other brotherly love And God will bless them from above To live a long and prosperous life Without much pain and strife Oh Generations to come.

A Birthday Poem I want to say Happy Birthday to you I hope you be blessed in all you do Don’t worry about the age you are Be thankful you made it this far It’s been a rocky road I must say But through it all you made it to this day You have had the pains and tears But you remained strong through the years God has held you up and strength he gave Now success is the road you pave Stay strong and look to God above For He’s the one that will sustain you with His love Be as funny and thoughtful as you are And in this life you will go far No matter what no one else does or say In Jesus Christ you must stay So here’s to you on your special day I hope you have many more come your way 27 .

My Life Imprisoned What is life you might say? When all I do is nothing in a single day Yes I can meditate on my Lord And I most certainly don’t get bored What is freedom when I can’t speak? Can I look at the mountain and see the peak? I don’t understand why this happened to me I guess God allowed it so maybe I could see His goodness and love for me is true He loves me even when I am blue Rebellion I have gone through I have even at times played the fool But one thing is for sure and I know My family loves me no matter how low Yes I messed up and didn’t listen But lessons I’ve learned and me they strengthen When God grants me my freedom once more This time I will not open that door Of disobedience and actions wrong I want to live my life on this earth long I want to make proud my mom and dad As I messed up when I was but a lad 28 .

This place I never will again be Because I have come to a place where I see My life is not my own but God’s above He gave it to me with all of His love Thank you Lord for loving me the way You do I promise to live my life in reverence of You 29 .

Be Aware My Sistas. being called out of their name Girls in school liking each other. my Sisters Let me tell you about some of these Misters I have heard so much these days How straight men are actually gays First you have the out spoken. holding hands Treating each other like a lover. half naked. date you and do it for status quo These men are in the closet with what they do They won’t tell you the truth and you play the fool They give out HIV and Aids. switch and call your dare Then the latest unveiling is called on the down low Will marry you. kissing. like you are my man It’s a spirit that is causing an unnatural feeling And your soul the enemy is stealing 30 . don’t care Will dress in drag. but by God’s grace You need to be aware and keep your place The enemy is coming against our men in so many ways You just don’t know who to trust these days In the videos young women show no shame Gyrating.

These days. no sugar in the tank He won’t be prettier than you and won’t pull rank He will love and reverence you like a man should Show you chivalry and take care of you like a real man would He will not tell you lies or leave to go be with another man He will stay with you. love you and take your hand God will send a man that is tailor made just for you Stay in the faith and watch what God will do. who you lay with you know not You don’t know what kind of disease they got My Sistas. But if you feel you need to date Please be safe and remain celibate Your own life you will definitely save If you let God guide you and your road pave 31 . my Sisters my advice to you is this Wait and trust God to send you Heaven’s bliss You can’t go wrong when God sends him to you True love and the love for God is what you will get too He will be a real man.


young and old We discover how family holds a wealth of gold And of riches and stories untold As we watch the rest of the legacy unfold As we come together every season to greet And the new young ones we are excited to meet 33 . great. grandma is a gift And I hope you are getting my drift We come together at a reunion To greet one another with communion As we unite together.What Is a Family? Family: A group of persons sharing a common ancestry and a distinguished lineage God made Adam and Eve and said fruitful be This went on down through time and as we can see Family starts with a strong heritage that’s rich And finding what you have is sometimes a niche Some families fall apart that are in the Genealogy But we love each other and owe an apology To the ones who are descendants And also to the ones who are dependents A rich Heritage is brought to us By the First Ancestor and thus A Strong Legacy from great.

Thank you for the times past that are here And I hold each and everyone very dear Because a family that’s united Is truly a family that’s excited Continue to love each other as God would have it to be And never forget your rich Legacy 34 .

he stopped breathing But God gave him back and said. no matter what you do 35 . “You are not leaving” He grew and at the tender age of 8 He got hit by a car and his leg did break In the hospital for 60 days he stayed And they released him in a green cast and he played He was very intelligent and smart in school A’s & B’s he received which was very cool He’s the type that learn by example of others He learned to stay out of trouble from his brothers So now at the age of 24. he has finally decided to move on To become a designer and make his mom proud she had a son So I write this poem to you today As you take this journey and are on your way I love you son.To My Son One day in February of 1982 A little boy was born to me and you At the age of 2½ weeks. for you are my baby boy That has grown up now and in this life you will find joy A few words of wisdom to add to your life of bliss Stay focused and the promises of God you won’t miss Take God with you everywhere you go and pray Acknowledge him in all your ways everyday For He will direct your paths if you allow Him to And success you won’t miss.

don’t forget your family and friends After all we are pulling for you all the way to the earth ends Remember I am here for you when you need me But god will be there even more so and this I mean 36 .Life is a journey we all take in one way or another But we make the choices of what in our life we discover When you make it big.

your boys need you Your boys try to make it on their own There is no true guidance for it’s not known They say women don’t understand the fight But women have to go at it with all their might Men make babies and from them they run away This is not what you were taught for this day Whatever happened to the father figure of yesterday? Whatever happened to the men who knew what to say? To the young men that were coming of age The men were firm and knew how to engage In conversation that was a learning scale And if the young men listened.The Black Man Today When I look at the black man today There are things to him I want to say Whatever happened to the black man That stood up for his family and had a plan They blame it all on the white men And leave the woman for herself to fend They let the woman try to raise a man But it’s hard because that is not God’s plan Where are you black man so gallant and true? Where are you black man. would not end up in jail 37 .

Wisdom is learned and acquired by those Who has gone through the fire without a hose So men. men. you do the math These young men will look to anyone Who will show them attention and think it’s fun To carry a gun and sell drugs to our own To create genocide and all before they are grown So many of our young men are out there lost Because no one will add up the cost You say it’s a doggone shame and shake your head It’s too late for the already dead Where were you when that young man needed a hand? Where were you when he needed you to take a stand? The bible says weak but wise about our young And all they see is money and bling and getting stung So fathers. it’s time to take our young people back And instill in them what they truly lack The love of a true black man for his son Is indeed priceless above none 38 . this is for you to stop and think And reach out to these young men who are on the brink Of looking for love in all the wrong ways Whose number could be up in a matter of days Because they chose a destructive path Come on men.

let us women really see The strength we already know you possess Don’t be weak and let them undress The possibilities that you can control Grab that young man and begin to mold Another strong black man that can climb The ladder of success in his own mind I truly believe when God made you He knew the hell you would go through But not to stay down for very long It’s been a struggle even for the very strong So don’t let our boys go out like that Come on and teach them how to come back 39 .This is for the way I know you can be So come on men.

stop using men So God can help you to win The desire of your heart Stay with God and don’t depart It will all work out in the end Trust God and on Him depend 40 . they scoff Why do you feel you have to hurt and use men? Do you feel better being evil as yourself to defend? All of this at your own expense How can you receive your reward of recompense? God is the one who gets the revenge And His hands to you He will extend To heal your broken hearts And stop the enemy’s fiery darts So women.Women That Use Men My question is this. I mistreat you too You are wrong. how you might say Oh maybe you think it’s okay to keep them at bay Mistreat me. and love can’t find you Women that use men are no better off For when a man tries to love them. why do women use men? Is it to get revenge because men used them? I must question your integrity.

what does those 29 year old men see? For some us.Fifty & Fabulous When we say fifty & fabulous. you look at us and can’t even gauge Are we saying I’m as young as I feel? And yes we know all about sex appeal Are we as active as would like to be? Let me ask you this. I don’t look my age?” Shoot. “Yes. take a good look at this queen?” Are we saying. 41 . our children are grown But we don’t worry about being alone Life has taught me it’s truly what I make it We are not going to sit around with a needle and knit Along with this age wisdom should come Do you understand where I’m coming from? Why let stress and worry get you down? Why walk around with a frown? Put a big smile on our face Go shopping and buy you some lace Stop thinking hard and being incredulous Just keep on being fifty & fabulous. what do we mean? Are we saying. “No.

I’m not really bad They say there is a God somewhere But I wonder does He even care? I sit here hurting in my heart Talk to Him.Little Girl Lost What is my life but a vapor? Who sees me or gives me favor? What did I do to deserve this life? No one understands my strife To be tossed to and fro With nowhere to go Where are my mom and dad? What happened to the life I had? What is my rebellion for? No one even cared if I went out the door! I feel so all alone and mad I’m a good person. do I even dare? They say You see all When I need You how can I call? I need You to show me who I am And in that bush leave me a ram Why did you send me here? Sometimes it’s so hard for me to bear No one seems to hear when I cry No one seems to even notice when I try Oh Lord. where are You? Send me a sign To help me find some peace in my mind 42 . where do I start? God. hello. are you there? What do I say.

my dear And without you. that’s one less soul he will have to fear So please hold on and hang in God will be there with you through thick and thin Don’t give up and don’t give out Believe you have purpose and don’t doubt Be strong and stand*** For God is there with out-stretched hand He will pick you up and dry your tears He will even protect you against all your fears 43 . He paid the cost If you go to your knees and pray He will answer in so many ways Yes. will it all be in vain? Well. little girl no more be lost God is there for you. your life is but a vapor And yes. your parent is trying the best they can It doesn’t matter if they are a woman or a man You only think no one cares about you For the enemy wants to make you the fool He tells you nobody cares if you go out the door And that your life really is just a bore He wants you to destroy your life because in you there is destiny.I just want to live my life without pain And to not feel it. He does give out favor You did nothing to deserve this hard way But strife comes with the territory of today Mom and dad has an obligation to you But you have to stop rebelling and obey too For the bible speaks to children and says Obey your parents and long will be your days* Most of the time.

direct and never depart and His spirit you can receive Be happy as there is hope in Him to be found And He will plant your feet on solid ground Just open your heart is all He ask Come into His light.He has a love unlike any other He will be closer to you than a mother For His word says when mother and father forsake** Care for you. live and bask *Colossians 3:20. He will take So no longer a little girl lost will you be God’s love is strong as you will find and see Ask Him to come into your heart with faith to believe To guide. Ephesians 6:1-3 **Psalm 27:10 ***Ephesians 6:10 44 .

what is my task People lie to me everyday I need help to find my way Trouble is a choice 45 . you ask What am I supposed to do.Trouble is a Choice You steal a car for fun You steal a purse on the run You take money from your mom’s purse You get in a fight and you say it’s your first Trouble is a choice You curse out the teacher You won’t listen to the preacher You say I do what I want to No amount of reasoning will do Trouble is a choice What is your life but a vapor? Why don’t you seek God’s favor? You speak your mind loud and clear And in your mind there is no fear Trouble is a choice You won’t listen to no one but yourself You even put God on the shelf And you get angrier by the day As you start to fall by the way Trouble is a choice The enemy tells you nobody loves you It doesn’t matter how good you do Why are you here.

Police sirens blaring while you run You are afraid but the adrenaline say’s its fun This will make me a real man you think If they catch me and I land in the clink Trouble is a choice Choose this day which path you will take Will it be a good honest stake? Or a life of crime in and out of jail Hoping someone will make your bail? Trouble is a choice Take the road less traveled today Things don’t always have to go your way Learn to appreciate what you have now Your life will change and you will say wow! And remember… Trouble is a choice 46 .

hardly Why can’t the wealthy be taxed for insurance? So the needy can have some assurance They question if our president is U.What’s Going On? As I sat looking at the world. shedding lots of tears Big banks get bailed out and have a party While the rest of the country gets nothing. a thought hit me This world is in such turmoil. a house. are there any grants? They say we’re in a recession It sounds more like an obsession What’s going on? We lost the King of Pop after fifty years People are grieving hard. born But what about the privileges they give to the foreign We fight a war that is not even ours Our children are dead and we can’t see the towers What’s going on? The color of our skin (Race) should it still matter It screams at us while the world gets more data This day a man can be arrested entering his own home What’s really going on? 47 .S. how can this be? A new president trying his best To get us out of the hole. how do you fare? The big plants – becoming little plants I want to go to school. a car. we still have to abide What’s going on? It’s a blessing to have essentials bare A job. trying to clean up this mess Some think we have arrived “NO” Don’t think this.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, rain storms, floods and such All of this is happening in unusual places much Gay people getting married legally in some states The innocent children are taken and killed by men who hates What in the world is really going on? If you are aware to what’s real Signs have emerged everywhere showing the deal We should prepare for the coming of the great one He will shine greater than the sun So no more questions of what’s going on Get your priorities in order and be reborn!


A Special Birthday Poem
There is a man that came into my life this day I don’t really know him that well but this I can say I noticed right away a quiet spirit that is inside And by God’s word he tries to abide An engineer by trade and a kind heart too He likes to read several books all the way thru I like the way his voice sounds on the phone He has a good heart but he’s all alone God allows certain people to come through my door Is this just ministry or is it something more I want to say Blessed Birthday to you And may God bless you in all that you do


Siblings Separ ated
Once upon a time there were three But the enemy wouldn’t let them be They were split up to be just one But God allowed it, it had to be done For these three, God had a different plan And later in life they would come to understand Not separated forever, but together they would come And God will show them what He had done Two sisters and a brother with love on a trip But this journey would include a flip At the age of 28 the oldest girl would start To look for the other two that tugged at her heart First she found her sister whom is younger Her brother, to find, would take a little longer The excitement to finally find family When taken apart was just a calamity But to have my brother and sister with me Makes my world a little more better and free Thank you God for bring us back Now in our love for each other there is no lack








You Do U


My Birthday Wish I want to say Happy Birthday to you A woman of style and dignity too You have been blessed thru the years One who has loved and shed many tears But through your joys and pain And through all of the sunshine and rain God has smiled on you from above He showers you with all of His love When God dispatched you to this earth It was through a most blessed birth That He made you who you are And being this is your day you are the star God bless you and have many more And God has more blessings for you in store For this is your special day So sweet lady have it your way 56 .

57 .


it casts out fear.Intro to Love Love. how it lifted me up and how it let me down. I wrote about love in my life in these poems. Love in a family can be tough and easy but Love can be its most complicated between two people. does not boast and it’s not proud. I seem to be conveying a message of not only what has happened in the love department but also what can happen. Well love in my life has been good and it has been sad. As I read over my work. I hope you enjoy these writings of my journey. how He would give us the desires of our hearts. unconditional. although only four little letters is a very big word. Ayodele Olufemi Aka Joyce Dowridge 59 . Love has let me experience its essence of beauty and the ugly side of it. does not envy. God’s definition of Love is that it’s kind. not arrogant or puffed up. First of all we know that God represents the ultimate Love in that He loves us unconditionally and if we would just acknowledge Him and His Word. it’s patient. how it made me happy and how it broke my heart.

” Love is beautiful because of God. a gentleman in every way. with big pretty brown eyes That seemed to look into my soul ever so deeply Looking me deep in my eyes as we spoke to each other. for you have no doubt in your mind that it’s true love – He was a beautiful brown skinned brother. You see. and with all thy soul and with all thy might. The way he makes me feel just the way he says what he says. I am still with him. ours is a love for all time – he truly is a tall drink of water. When I’m away from him.Love in The Midst *“And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart. he reeks of sweetness in such a manly way… What man is this that has entered my abode. God is love and He’s love in every aspect of the word. oh so well. Have you ever loved someone so deeply that you could feel every fiber of their being? Have you ever experienced your “soul mate”? Oh what an experience it is – God has to be in the midst of that one. my world? He has to be a Godsend because he pleases me. oh my. Love *Deuteronomy 6:5 60 . He goes with me wherever I go – far and near – Thank you Lord for introducing me to L-O-V-E.

Love Hurts Too Love can be a many splendored thing or love can really hurt---I’ve been in love with someone whom loved me back– but was I just a flirt? How can you love someone so very much. I love him and he still loves me 61 . I didn’t. love is strange ---but you can get bit I felt for the first time true love Oh how wonderful it was. but how could he? He joined with another – yet. gentle as a dove We felt overall that it was a taboo kind of love So . yet be limited in showing it? – Love hurts. Needless to say.of each other .reluctantly—was it from above? He got married. he stayed married. I still loved – him.we let go . I think I have to know Okay God. I don’t understand – I believe he does. none came Silence – God do you hear me am I insane? This man told me he still loves me also --What’s wrong here. because I was bitten I prayed to God for answers. I got married to other people.

oh why do I bother? This is painful but I can deal with it--Or can I without having a fit? Could it be a test of something or someone better – To come – I must pass this one--. “All is fair in love and war” – I don’t understand. But take it all in stride for this too shall pass and the Mas-ter will say Well done and send another that is worthy of your love your way Love hurts Love is strange Love is God 62 .and be clever Love hurts sometimes…. you do not have any control Over whom you fall in love with – They say. is it? Is it right to love someone who you lost to another? God where are you.Someone once told me.

Have I loved you before. but is that thought just in vain? Can we say. except that God Above Shall sustain and love me So the true love I shall see He is ever so tolerant of me But the biggest part about God in my life you see 63 . De ja vu? I’ve never been here before – have you? I said I wasn’t going to cry over you Because crying will not get you to my side of the view I don’t mean to sound bitter But God is the only one who gives me grace and mercy to consider He is ever so tolerant of me But to let me hurt I don’t see Everything hurts me. and mean it? How many times can we bump into the wrong love and get bit? How many times can we find the right love? And find there’s an obstacle that’s not from above? Life – we act out a lifetime of scenes We fall in love over and over with the same person. but mostly love What can I say.Hurt Sitting here with tears streaming from my eyes Why God do I have to feel on this wise? Why is life and love so rough in my life? Why do I have to go thru so much strife? Sometimes I feel I was dealt a bad hand of love Life is a scorecard of lessons from above Do we get to come back and do it over again? Some say we do. or so it seems. “I don’t want to ever love again.

He loved me when I didn’t love myself I was ready to put my life on a shelf And He loved me when I wanted the love of another And didn’t ask God to love me when I was without a mother But God is so loving and merciful and He gives us peace Because one day he will lay out an elegant feast Just for His special elect So. be ready and do not neglect Your duty as soldiers in His army and be strong For it will be well worth it all and it won’t be long 64 .

the more I love you The more we talk to each other. I love you. I love you I love you. and I love you You told me I am what you want. and I love you You stole my heart. the more I will love you Every time I see you. the more I will love you The more we make love. and I love you .only you You are sweet.I Love You Can someone please tell me why I love this one so very much? I love him too much to even consider such I love you. the more I will love you I will love you for the rest of my stay in this lifetime I love you 65 . and I love you You are free to be mine. I love you I love that I do. I love you. and I love you You kiss me so tenderly and I love you Your love for me is wonderful and I love you The more I kiss your soft lips.

let them go A select few said it wasn’t done Even God spoke to me about this one But could he truly be my soul mate To return to me at some later date? To marry me and take me away To kiss me and hold me again someday With lips so tender. he truly loved me back There’s an old saying that’s so If you love someone. they feel like silk So delicious like a glass of chocolate milk So now we speak to each other no more Because on this love we closed the door Not to say it won’t be revived again But only if it would not be a sin For when you love someone as much as we All you can do is wait and see 66 . goodbye There was only one problem with that For you see.Letting Go It was a sad evening. one that made me cry Because I had to tell the only one I love.

67 .See. if God will reunite the love The only love that was sent from above But if He does not I cannot fret For someone better He will send me yet So until that day. my mind I must rest Because God will only send me the best I must wait on the Lord and keep His way So that love I want will come some day.

what the hay— Rejection is not so bad when it’s in its beginning stage But don’t get involved and let your heart be encaged Let that one go and move on For someday you will meet the one The one that will sweep you And tell you. his hair all had a charm But I didn’t think it any harm To give him my digits and ask for a call But maybe there was no interest and my number would fall By the wayside for lack of communiqué Oh well. his skin. you are his boo Love is patient and kind And one day you will find What I am saying to you is true Let go and Let God and He will show you Who your true love is to be Go ahead.Love Tonight I met a very handsome brother Who. to me. seemed to be like no other He was cordial and kind Just right for me. in my mind I felt a drawing and I tried to fend But he was someone whom I would like as a friend His eyes. wait and see… 68 .

from this one I must distance myself And put my already fragile heart on the shelf Oh yes. a taboo So I will settle for your kindness towards me Until one day I can let you be I sense you are a strong yet fragile brother Truly one that cannot be measured by any other So stay as kind and sweet as you are And maybe love will be kind and take you far For God allowed our paths to cross for a reason Maybe so I can be your friend for a season To be there to conversate with you about your problems So I can help you possibly try to solve them 69 . what can it be? There is one whom every time I am near My heart all at once begins to steer Me towards him even though I know His situation warrants me not to glow Because my heart will only get broken If I allow myself to only be his token So. we can be friends from afar But he’s such a beautiful star Oh I could truly love you But that’s a no-no.I Want To Be Your Friend Have you ever met someone that made you go weak in the knees? And start to wonder what he has.

you know. and this I mean So talk to me if you really need a shoulder to lean And try to be happy my friend Because this is not the end Of a beautiful friendship. not this one But the beginning of something that will be truly awesome The choice is truly yours. my friend And I will be available if you decide to tend To your feelings that intermingle your mind So trust me ‘cause in me you will find Someone who can be true blue as a friend to you So think about it and act when you do 70 .I can be that type of friend.

we have to go through the test Life offers us lots of love Because that’s what comes from up above So.Love’s Door When you meet someone who’s nice And they draw you with their entice They take your breath away and your heart beats fast They make you smile and lead you out of your past They change your life’s events And love you with a sense That God must have sent them from above Because in them you find so much love They are genuine. they are real It’s always about how they make you feel They only tell you truth from their heart So you will stay and never depart God loves us all and wants what’s best But sometimes to make us. learn to love and live And in essence you will want to give All that you have inside of you To someone special that is deserving too 71 .

and it will be 72 . my child.When God sends that special one Your life will be beautiful and awesome Wait I say on the Lord And see what He has special behind the door It will be just yours. you’ll see Be patient.

Love at First Site When I first saw you. your attention to me It all sets me free I want to take on the challenge of love that’s yours But please don’t hurt me. you stole my heart I want to be your friend and never depart I like looking at you. if I open the doors Take me in your arms hug and kiss And put my long awaited heart in bliss I believe in you I have found Another soul mate who has managed to astound Me with your tenderness and sweetness Towards me and the discreetness Thank you for willing to be my friend So special and who I don’t want to end For you are so special to me in my life I feel blessed to know you without strife Give me the attention I need And I will give you what you need and won’t heed To make sure you are happy most of the time And when you are with me you are mine 73 . Your hair. I felt I must talk to you When I first talked to you. I felt I must meet you When I first spoke to you. eyes and lips are nice too Your attitude.

‘Cause we both deserve each other’s love. too Even though I’m limited in my love with you You see. I want to give you all of me In every way so you can be happy So what do you say. can we do this Or would you rather keep me amiss? Making me promises you can’t keep And hanging my heart on the tree that weep Give me a chance at what I say And you won’t regret or delay Giving me in return what I gave Because your heart is one I want to save And because there is such thing as love at first sight And I can own up to that claim with delight 74 .

making me smile I don’t usually fall in love so quickly but then There is something about you that drew me in Let me kiss you. ‘cause it’s what I want to do I promise I won’t become out of order and I would be true To you and our love. I feel like I know you yet But. I know I keep telling you I want to love you and be your friend That’s because my heart flips out around you and I can’t comprehend What is really happening to me when I’m in your sight? And when you smile at me I have to admit it’s a delight I have loved you for quite a while Since you first spoke to me.How I Feel About You Do you realize that it hasn’t been that long since we first met? But as of this date. because I value what we have thus far And precious I find you to truly be and such a bright star I love and want you and I want to share And be as close as I can to you and as close as we dare I want to get to know you and jump in the fire As you are the only one who is the object of my desire 75 .

I feel I must share your love Allow me to fill the void of what you are lacking thereof So. imagine that. This is how I feel about you.I don’t believe that we can go too far I want you ‘cause I know you won’t leave another scar So. if you can find time to let me give you some attention One thing I can guarantee you is that there would never be any tension Between us. only from our conversation I think about you and that brings a smile to my face and admiration All I ask is for a chance to prove myself true of my word Do this for both of us as we both lack the love we need and that’s absurd We can help each other enjoy life a little bit better If you agree please let me know after you read this letter. Baby at best I hope you respond to me with a resounding yes! 76 . I already love you.

77 . not just be a flirt I’m very serious what I say this time Give me a chance and let me be your Valentine. I feel you’re hurt And I want to touch your heart.Will You Be My Valentine? Will you be my Valentine? If you do you will find That I will treat you good But only the way that you should Be loved because you are sweet And oh such a lovely treat Even though you won’t allow me To show you how good love can be You can still be my valentine Even though you won’t walk that line To my heart because you are afraid That your heart might get laid Out on a slab and confused But that is not my goal and I’m not amused I really just want to give you love ‘Cause I have been commissioned from above To show you what you’ve been missing So. it seems I’m on a good mission To help mend some of the pain That has entered your heart along with the rain Sunshine is what you really deserve And your heart I really want to preserve You should have better than what’s been dealt And I speak these words with all meaning that’s heartfelt I feel you Love.

. could I have known you before I look forward to seeing you and sharing love all the more To kiss you and hold you is one of my goals So much so that there must be a strong connection of our souls Stay the way you are and I will share what I have to give So much so that life will be quite wonderful to live Thank you for coming into my life and exciting me And thank you for telling me how much you like what you see We can only grow from here Don’t be scared. 78 . you were pleasing to my sight You were what I imagined you would be and it was right It was surprising though what I felt for you from the start Now it’s time to evaluate what I feel in my heart I say I want to be just friends but is that really true Because what I feel for you is to me.You Are Special When I first saw you. have no fear Of what may come up between us See you soon and that’s a must…. quite new We have to take it very slow in order not to lose the savor I enjoy being with you because you are my flavor I told you that you are a very special man and that part I mean And if you want my love there is more to be seen You say you need a woman like me I say I need a man like you to be So much chemistry between us.

An Expression of Love You came into my life like a whirlwind And my heart you started to send So sweet and loving you came With a burning love all aflame I have fallen in love with you Because you are one of a few With strong qualities that I admire Who always seem to inspire Me to write these poems to him And it is never on a whim That I want to always express my love That God has sent you to me from above You are my angel whom I love very much And with your heart. my heart you touch Stay in my life always and heaven bliss Is what we will feel when our lips kiss A lifetime with you is words unsaid For only God knows what’s ahead For our lives so grand He will guide with His hand 79 .

heavens bliss And fireworks when you kiss To come together with God’s blessings It will be worth it all with minimal testing’s Life will be lived over again Because with each other you will remain Twin Flames Your life will never be the same 80 . who knew How deep love could be Between two flames in the sea Of love and life.Twin Flames Your twin flame is the other half of you Until you find each other. life will have to do When your soul was dispatched It split in two and waited to be reattached True love will come when rejoined Twin flames is exactly as coined When you meet your twin flame It will be as if they already know your name You will feel as if you’ve met before And him or her you will utterly adore You will have finally met yourself Then you can take your heart off the shelf No greater love between two But then again.

. so we set a date To meet each other and see if we were a soul mate You are intelligent and smart And someone I can give my heart To be your friend that is special That’s built on trust with lots to show I like what I hear when you speak To remain humble and try to seek Your heart to make my own We shall see where this leads as we speak on the phone You make me feel wanted When you speak my name undaunted I felt from the beginning you were the one for me So let’s get to know each other better and see what will be…. 81 .Love’s Call Into my life a beautiful person has entered You captured my heart and my attention is centered On the tender way you talk to me and how you make me feel To make me know that what you say to me is for real You are so attentive to me It’s so exciting of what can be I met you the first time thru email Responded to you and my heart set sail I want to know you better.

Him you heard 82 .Can Life Get Any Sweeter Than This? Can life get any sweeter than this? There can be nothing with more bliss You have shown me great love By listening to our God above I can’t imagine anyone else so true For my life would be empty without you There has never been a man who could understand Or even want to take in matrimony my hand When true love was what I searched for God sent my one true love straight to my door You are a special one of a kind man And I am fast becoming your number one fan I have only one goal in my mind To give you love and it won’t be hard to find For you I always have the utmost of time Because being together definitely is not a crime God has sent us to each other And with our love we definitely can discover To love and cherish is the vow And I know you will show me how The thought of you obeying Gods word When in your heart.

even in a distance Can life get any sweeter? I say yes! 83 .I love you with a love that is endless And together our love God will give bliss Say you will be mine forever And leave me you will never Our love is only for this age Or at least until we read the very last page Ours will end on a happy note Because God is the one who wrote This true love into wonderful existence That I didn’t see coming.

I Think About You All the Time I think about you all the time I love the thought that you are mine I thank God for sending you my way I talk to you often and that makes my day The love you show to me I can’t help but to see The way you make me feel My heart you have made to heal The way you understand my heart I feel obliged to just do my part You blow my mind every day With the words to me you say I love you baby so very much And I especially love your touch A real man God has sent to me The one He told me to wait and see I’m so blessed to have you I hope you feel the same way too 84 .

but make me your wife Your spirituality and your love for God is wonderful in its own rite But you are also full of wisdom and your intellect is brite To have a man that possesses it all How could I help but in love to fall 85 . I can’t do What needs to be done to keep your precious love? For God entrusted me with it from His throne above All I know right now is that I want to love you forever And allow your love to leave me never Sitting here missing your touch Needing the love you give me so very much There has never been anyone with so much love for me I guess God truly wanted me to see How love can exist on this earth Seems He ordained it from my birth For you to come into my life And not only to love me.You I’m sitting here thinking … what can I do? Thinking about you … how you make my dreams come true Sometimes I feel you are too good to be true I feel sometimes that for you.

What Is Life Without You? There came a special one into my heart One who is gallant and a King to start This man is truly a wonderful being One whom I love seeing I wonder sometimes what would life be Without you there to love me Don’t let the evil one deceive And try to make you leave Don’t let him give you any doubt About the way I would feel without You there to caress me and give me love The best kind yet and with help from above I love the way you give me of yourself And how you took my love off the shelf We have so much to look forward to It would be crazy to make me live without you What is life without you It’s a sad existence and unhappy too 86 .

My Valentine Friend You are my Valentine friend One whom I hope will stay until the end You entered my life not knowing who But being cautious is what you must do You said ‘let’s be friends first’ My bubble you did not burst But I’m finding someone in you Who can be that one friend thru and thru God allowed you to enter my life now To show me a friendship and how To take life a little slower And myself not to lower Thank you for allowing God to use You to show me and give me a clue Of what true friendship is about Being able to talk and not doubt That you will be there for me Anything else will remain to be seen Stay sweet and funny as you may Happy Valentine’s Day 87 .

maybe to the letter But for now I must set my sights On God above who has higher heights In store for me just now And only to Him will I bow We have ups and downs in our day We wonder why it has to be this way But God knows what’s best for us If we give Him our life and just trust That He will guide us through And never leave even if we do What His word says and give our best He will give us no less Wait on God and He will direct you Believe His word and in your life do He will bring you out Just believe it and do not doubt 88 .Coming Out I am coming out of a heartbreak Not another love at this time can I take I am just shopping. but not buying I speak from my heart and I’m not lying God allowed me to experience love One I will always remember as from above It came and went so fast I surely thought it would last But I guess God has something better And one day he will come.


Love Hurts Love played me real bad A wonderful man I thought I had He came into my life like a whirlwind And my heart in ecstasy he did send We had a wonderful time with each other Quickly in love we fell and it was no bother I guess it was just too fast so it seems When he said goodbye tears did stream I never knew so many emotions all at the same time And I felt it was just a horrible crime For someone to introduce me to love Whom I thought was sent from above To tell me he doesn’t love me anymore And walk away and close the door Yes it only lasted six months this time But love is something I wouldn’t give a dime Because I don’t like to get my heart broken And be treated like a token But I can say one thing though I have experienced love and my heart did grow But it left as fast as it came And I know I will never be the same 90 .

And Along Came You I told myself I would never again Allow myself to be hurt by men You came onto me with such flair You said some things that were unfair You want someone to treat like a queen And to her you would never be mean You want to give her the world And her head would surely swirl To give her all the love she deserved And her heart for you would be reserved You suffered love in a most unfair way The love you seek will surely come one day Put your trust in God and Him only And if you do you will never be lonely He will give you the desires of our heart And with that special one you won’t depart You are a very sweet and kind man I know in your mind there is a plan You want to get to know me on a special note You say your love on me you want to dote I can’t help but like you because you are rare For some reason I believe you would be there For me no matter what the case may be Let’s take it on a slow note and then see 91 .

Are You Real
You came into my life in such a strange way I’m still wondering how, even on today I know you say this is intervention divine I was surprised when you said, “I want you to be mine” Here I thought alone I would always be But God wanted me to chill so I could see The blessing for me He had in store Could you be the one who has love forevermore? God allowed us to meet for a reason But could it be for only a season? Or are you the one love that I need To live the rest of my life with, indeed? You say God has spoken to you Ok so now what will you do? Compliments on me you shower Will you keep me happy within your power? To get to know you better is the goal Because you may be the mate of my soul A true love is what I seek A look into my future I did peek You say I’m the one you desire How can the distance between us transpire? You seem too good to be true Meeting my list of wants, you do Did God send you to fulfill my dream? Are you really all that you seem? I hope this is the start of something great When I see you, with God’s will, it will be a date.

You Are My God Sent One
When I think about how you came to me At first it was hard for me to see Just how special you really are How God made you a beautiful star I am thanking God for you And all the special things you do The knowledge you have acquired How you speak and I’m inspired Even though there is distance between us Getting to know each other is a must Talking on the phone Until we can be alone I want to be your Valentine forever And a goal I intend to endeavor You have won my heart And a relationship we did start Teach me how to love you And that I will do For all I have is my love to give AS for God I do live I believe you are all the man I need I hope you feel the same for me So this adventure we must start And not for long will we be apart


Love Renewed
At first she thought he wasn’t good enough for her She didn’t think he could be saved, no sir He knew this was the one God had sent him He had to prove himself worthy, show her he was a gem He had to live a transformed life So he could eventually make her his wife Society said they would not, could not make it That this was a union that definitely would not fit He would often tell her “stick with me” And if you do, I will make you happy Real humble beginnings was the way Proved lots of love and children today He says, he doesn’t need sugar for his coffee She can just dip her finger and that’s sweet as toffee God has blessed this union of love And He showers blessing from above He blessed them with a brand new home More blessings to come God set the tone These two have twenty-five years Of trials & tribulations, laughter and tears Romans 8:28 is appropriate for them now Because they decided to renew their vow This love they have for God and each other They will show the world and will not cover Congratulations on the promise fulfilled And on this day your love will be re-sealed


Is It You Again?
You came to me before Then you walked out the door You were so enticing and free But you turned your back on me Once again here you come I am starting to feel a little numb Will you stay with me this time? So I can find the reason and rhyme Or will you leave me high and dry Once again making me cry? I want to get to know you I want to see all you can do Your name I know is Love And you were sent from above For God is the author of you And I hope this time you stick like glue I want to experience the bliss And in my lifetime the happiness Of having you in my life again So my life will not be in vain Stay and teach me your ways And let me savor you for may days






How I Feel
You say love is a decision But can you apply it with precision? You made the decision to love me But how can you apply it and make me see When you don’t really have the time to cultivate To get on the plane and take a trip or give me a date Lately I can’t even get ample time to discuss with you All the time we can share and what it is I really want to do You are so busy trying to be a success and a good businessman You are ignoring what it takes to answer your hearts demand You asked God for a soul mate and He gave me to you Now to keep my love in your heart what will you do? God showed me you are the desire of my heart And I want to love you, keep you and never depart How can I do that when you can’t find the time To slow down and stop trying to make that dime? I am longing for your touch and your kiss But how can that happen when I’m at the bottom of your list? I don’t know if you realize how fragile my heart is still I’m only trying to tell you how I really feel Right now I feel pretty empty in my heart Because you are not here to hold me and impart Just because you have taught and counseled some Doesn’t mean there isn’t still more to come You have to know there is more to learn about me And stop comparing me to others you see Love is also a sacrifice of many levels that be Can you make a sacrifice to show love to me?


Yes. plans we have made for the future of our life I guess that includes me to one day be your wife Yes you have filled your days and nights with work But you try to squeeze me in and make me a perk It’s a real pleasure and a joy when I get to talk to you I call you a lot because I really want our love to be like glue I pray and intercede for you every night and every day Because I really want God to show you the way I want Him to show you how to be a loving man And willing to learn more than you know firsthand If you would only trust God to help you Your load will become lighter and you will do He will give you rest and peace in your mind And that treasure you want you will be able to find My question to you is will you listen and hear? How much longer must I wait for you to appear? 99 .

cars. this and that But I ask you what is this love thing really about? Is it getting your way or stomping with a pout Is it saying “if you love me” you will do this? Is it sex? I think on this note it’s a miss We all know it’s an emotion that takes us for a ride We are up today and down tomorrow. we all have the thirst To want to experience this thing called love That surely comes from the Supreme Being up above 100 . children. dog. and cat We have love for our computers. will you take it in stride? Love is not meant to hurt you It’s not supposed to make you blue I don’t know. I guess it’s an individual thing Who you are and what you do is what it will bring It can make you a better person or a worse But one thing is for sure.What Is Love? What is Love? Some say it originates from above. The Bible says God is love* We say it should be gentle as a dove We fall in love… ohhh We fall out of love…ahhh We like the way love feels We like how it makes our heads reel We have love for our parents.

Love is me and you on a beautiful day For the bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made So, who can tell me in depth about this thing called love? It’s a fact that it truly did originate from above… Its showered down upon us and laid in our heart We get married and say until death do us part Love is kind, not puffed up, and it can understand Love is being there for the other one as much as you can What is love? Love is me and you *1 John 4:8


A Message to You
When I think about you I wonder what I am going to do Your voice is so smooth in my ear The way you make me fell is so clear You respond to me like I’ve never felt To us a good hand has been dealt I like the way you look You are the tops in my book You are staying more on my mind You have only been to me so kind You seem so easy to love God must be involved from above Although I can’t give my sex to you Hugs and kisses will have to do For I live by the Word of God Therefore I can’t give you my bod The rest of me you can have, it’s okay We can only take this day to day If you want me seriously in your life Maybe to one day become your wife I have to ask that we be equally yoked And your ego won’t get stroked


You must seek God with all that is within you And His blessings He will pour out on you too People come into your life for a reason To love or have for a season This season with you is for right now But only to God do I bow So take heed to what I am saying here Let’s see where this will take us my dear Love can be as sweet as you seem to be Let’s explore the possibilities and see


Online Dating
Online dating is pretty safe I think All you have to do is click on the link What kind of men are on the site? The kind that want love, not a fight I saw many that said “no drama” But they don’t mind if you are a momma You may ask can you find love there All I can say is why not take the dare? Your odds are better online if you are shy You can safely give it a try You should have an idea of what you want But be yourself, no charades or fronts Don’t play a deceitful game Be real as that would be lame This is a good way to meet lots of men Have fun, chat and meet, you say when So start up your computer and surf Meet that special one on your turf You never know what blessings may be Just try it, experience it for yourself and see


Even though I’ve only known you for a short time I feel a closeness to you that wants to make you mine When I talk to you, I’m so inspired too I think about you all of the time, yes I do I know I’m in for a real treat When we do finally meet I know you will hold me close to your heart So much so, I won’t want to depart For you are such a special man ‘Cause you are part of God’s plan Your relationship with God is what I want to see No other way can it possibly be Just to know that you hear from the Father above Makes me want to give you all my love You show a real concern for my well being And together, the future I hope we’ll be seeing Stay as sweet as I know you are And hopefully together we will go far


Love’s Evasiveness
As I sit here wondering why love is always evading me I think about you and how we could be What I see is a wonderful man that loves God so much How I think in love we could be and your wonderful touch Prophecy has to be examined in our hearts Before we throw everything away and feelings departs I have spoken to God and asked Him why Because you make me feel so very high Your attentiveness and interest had me flying But the enemy came in and started lying Because he hates relationships of any kind You are a true man of God I won’t be able to again find You found your way into my life for a reason I didn’t think it would only be for a brief season I felt you were the one that could give me the love I need And I have not abandoned that thought for God will lead Us in the right direction, but don’t give up just yet It sounds more like the enemy who gave God a bet I asked God for you to stay in my world and not leave We both have been waiting and looking for someone to cleave Tears fell from my eyes this morning as I spoke to God about you That was strange for I am having a hard time with the thought too Of not having you in my life although it’s only been three weeks I have the faith to believe He will work it out and as He speaks He will heal our hearts from hurt and pain I hope our friendship and love will remain


You Almost Stole My Heart
You almost stole my heart But now we have to depart I don’t understand what really happened here But I will always hold you close, my dear Our conversations were very refreshing I must say You got deep into my spirit, I think about it, even today I can’t stop thinking about you and your voice But now do I really have a choice? You say you are consulting God about us I think you have received an answer so just Call me and tell me we can only be friends for now And I will respond by saying okay but I love you anyhow I can accept anything but losing you out of my life It’s heart wrenching now to know I can’t be your wife But if a friendship is all I can have, then I accept You don’t have to go into detail, no not in depth Thank you for letting God show me He has men Who loves Him and is obedient and one day He will send Me one that will love me for who I am and be the head I don’t doubt that it will happen for me soon, I don’t dread Being alone a little while longer is okay because Jesus is with me He told me He would give me the love of my life and soon I will see I surely thought you were my soul mate, I found a lot of fun But I guess God has something else in mind for I’m not the one If you feel the same way I do right now Hold your head up and don’t you frown Remember God loves you so very much and He wants the best For you are His son and this may only be a test


you will see Take care of yourself and sometimes think of me 108 .Three weeks were quite wonderful with you Stay strong and sweet and what God says. do It will all work out for you in the end You will find the right one and you will transcend You will be happy.

nephews and even her own son She’s had her share of ups and downs But tonight you will not see any frowns We came here to celebrate her half century With our black dresses and our jewelry It’s your birthday in a couple of weeks So don’t be acting like no antiques ‘Cause we recognize Sis. let’s have a good time 109 . it’s your time to shine So come on girl. hers is Hayes She grew up in Maryland a different state I grew up in Michigan where I’ve been since this date When I first met her the resemblance I couldn’t see But then I saw her photo album and I thought how can this be Now I can’t begin to tell you how she was as a child Because when I met her. she was a little wild She likes to laugh and poke fun at you Because that’s just what we do Her whole family is silly and fun Her brother. she is married with two children of her own I have three children and they are all grown We were raised two different ways My last name is Dowridge.To My Sister There is this woman I know who looks a lot like me We are different though because eye to eye we don’t always see For instance.

Love Really Hurts Love played me real bad A wonderful man I thought I had He came into my life like a whirlwind And my heart in ecstasy he did send We had a wonderful time with each other Quickly in love we fell and it was no bother I guess it was just too fast so it seems When he said goodbye tears did stream I never knew so many emotions all at the same time And I felt it was just a horrible crime For someone to introduce me to love Whom I thought was sent from above To tell me he doesn’t love me anymore And walk away and close the door Yes it only lasted six months this time But love is something I wouldn’t give a dime Because I don’t like to get my heart broken And be treated like a token But I can say one thing though I have experienced love and my heart did grow But it left as fast as it came And I know I will never be same 110 .

111 .


Even when I felt like a failure.Intro to God Have you ever stopped and thought about God? I mean really thought about Him? Who is He? What is He to me? How does He impact my life? These are questions we should ask ourselves sometimes. It really helps you to kind of pinpoint where you are in Him. God is so awesome in my life that I had to write about Him and the relationship I have with Him. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I received this very grace and mercy in my life. but I can tell you it’s been many. I pray this collection will encourage you and help you think about who God is in your life. Ayodele Olufemi Aka Joyce Dowridge 113 . and start me on my way again with an encouraging word of love. many times because He loves me and He has never forsaken me. I have found God to be a very merciful and loving God full of grace. He was there to pick me up. In this collection of poems I have written about that very grace and love that God has poured on my life. dust me off.

What Happens When We Cry What happens when we cry –? What happens when we hurt so bad we want to die What have I done so wrong To suffer for so long When we cry does God hear us? When we hurt does God feel us? When we shout at the top of our voices . life.. brokenhearted How many more breaks can your heart take before you even get started? What happens when we cry. lonely.out of frustration What does that do to us? When we question God why Does He give us an answer or does He just sigh. God is faithful and true To me and you So when we cry. we cry. You have loved and lost so many times and none seem real Heartbroken because you thought this was it. that’s when He draws near To wipe our eyes and send His angels to minister to our souls And the hurting pain we feel. God does hear As a matter of fact. but it was not the deal Sad. does God collect our tears To one day show us our fears And how they were all in vain or to put us all to shame NO. nobody is there for you. He feels also. loneliness… madness Where is everybody. sadness We laugh.. happiness. and even knows When you are passionate in all you do Look out for you will get hurt if there is no glue 114 . death. sorrow. we get angry. excitement.. At least that’s what you feel when you are so blue.. Is there any rhyme or reason To what we go through in a life time or season We experience love.

The glue is the love That God sends from up above So don’t worry when you cry Don’t worry when you hurt by and by Crying cleanses you so you won’t die And pain makes you aware that’s why It’s all in the program of our lives And we will make it if only in our minds After all, the flowers can’t bloom on sunshine alone, It also needs the rain to be strong and grown That’s what happens when we cry


Gr ace And Mercy
God gives us grace when we fall down The gracefulness to get back up without His frown When we fall, it usually isn’t on purpose So God extends His mercy not just on the surface He forgives us inside and out For He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt That we are sincere in heart Even though we get off to a rough start For He knows our ending from our beginning And this race we will be winning Even though the enemy tries to throw a wrench Into the plans of God which is not a cinch He blesses us to continue to press And he mostly will do the rest God’s grace and mercy everlasting is Because we don’t deserve what he gives Thank God He is the loving one That looks out for us when we are out done Even though we take matters into our hands at times He understands us and sometimes sends us signs To just simply trust in Him to get us through this life And if we do, it will be without much strife Oh yes we have to go through our trials and test For they make us strong and he knows what’s best So lift up your head oh ye gates and see the glory of the Lord And live your life according to His word and not the sword Obey and listen to Him as he speaks Read your bible and just try and seek His face and do this in peace And your life will not cease To be blessed Regardless of the test Just always remember that God loves you And will go through every trial with you Just stay in the race, no matter what it will send

And you will receive your reward at the end And hear God say well done And sit at the feet of the Son Oh what a joy it will be When I can finally see The One who loved me through this lifetime And made my life sublime


One day God told me to Him come And I said but I’m not worthy as I began to run God told me that He loved me But I said that’s not possible because I’m dirty God told me He would cleanse my sins and make me whole After all He died for me and wanted me to know He turned my life completely around And set my feet on higher ground But then He told me He wasn’t pleased ‘Cause I sat on my gifts and my ministry I told Him I didn’t understand That I wasn’t being taught by any man Everything became such a blur That I felt it would never occur To me that God is really my teacher And not the man in the pulpit, the preacher So I submitted my life to God So He can show me how to get Him to nod His approval towards me, ‘cause that’s what I seek That I may be in His will and be truly happy When we are in the will of God The enemy hates us and tries to prod He tries to throw wrenches in the program of our life But God intercedes and rebukes him out along with strife Is there anything too hard When your life has been barred Jesus will come to your rescue After all He’s the only one that can see you thru You see, God loves all of us And does a great job to flush The evil out of our lives If we just accept Him and put Him in our eyes God’s eyes are on the sparrow Oh the revelation is not narrow But wide open for all

Therefore we never have to fall Off the rock which is Jesus Christ But keep climbing to the top ‘cause it’s nice To live a life full of favor From God whose love we should savor If you are living your life without God, it’s not much of a life For what good is your existence when it’s full of strife I’m not saying your life will be A vacation or a shopping spree But it feels real good on this life’s ride To know you got a great big God on your side So seek Him and you will find A reason for your being in this lifetime


Awesome God
God is truly awesome and just He blesses me every day so I must Continue to give Him praise everyday And walk this walk in the best possible way Why does God love me at all When I just constantly fall? I ask will I ever get it right Yes, you will but not without a fight Who is this Supreme Being That loves me and is all seeing? He sees my faults and failures I’ve had But tells me to run on, it’s not so bad I gave my life to God at my lowest point And in return He blessed me and did anoint My head with oil that I may live My life to the fullest and learn to give Of myself, mind, body and soul And run this race with the rest of the fold To win others to Christ in this minute Because it’s my duty as a Saint to rend it But to do it God’s way And hope to hear Him say You did well my child And welcome me in with a smile


What Does God Say?
The Bible can lead us on our way But we have to read and seek what God will say We often wonder where we should go, which way But my question is what does God say? Should I wait and pray What does God say? Should I spend my money today? Have you thought what God may say? The bible says acknowledge me in all your ways Stop and think about what God says Should I let these words in my mind be spoken or be ignorant and play? Stop and consider what God will have to say Should I go to the right or left or stay at bay Well, what would God say? Should I lay down my will and my ways? What would God say? I want to go around the block someday Stop and consider what God will say Live your life and be saved So you will know what God will say Well done my good and faithful servant, we pray This is exactly what God will one day say.


God’s Love God’s love is awesome God’s love is wholesome God’s love is special God’s love is for show God’s love is yours God’s love has no doors God’s love is everywhere God’s love is not without care God’s love is near God’s love is dear God’s love is powerful God’s love is in the bible God loves you. see God’s love is for you and me He is not a respecter of person But a lover of each and of mercy God loves us all So much so that we don’t have to fall But God’s love is off the hook Don’t believe me? Look in the book 122 .

As I… As I ponder what God has in store for my life As I wonder what it will be like to be your wife As I pray and ask God for the understanding I need As I listen and my bible read As I reason within myself the choices I have to make As I listen to my heart there is no mistake As I know the love you have given me As I know the way you can and will be As I know that my heart is set As I know your heart I have to learn yet As I have a deep love for God As I wait until my God gives me a nod As I want to have peace and love As I want what God has for me from above As I know there are paths I will have to take As I know what I have to do for God’s sake As I have allowed God to take complete control As I follow Him and myself I let Him hold As I wonder where all this will lead As I look to God and in my life take heed As God takes my hand and lets me know As God is the only One in my life that can show As God is the author and finisher of my life As I take this journey there can be no strife As I know that I love God with all my heart As I know from Him I will never depart As I know He has my best interest in mind Jesus is the one I’m glad to find 123 .

some with confessions To learn the mysteries of God and His greatness And try to understand His omnipresence Live our lives to the best of our ability With excitement and the agility To make friends and fall in love While letting direction come from above Acknowledge Him in all your ways And He will direct you like the book says Read your bible and do good Love and be obedient like you should And God will be with you ‘till the end Trust Him always and you will transcend For He grants your heart desires If you will acknowledge Him it will transpire If you seek His kingdom first He will add the things that you thirst After all He created you and He knows What it takes to get you to show Him that you want His presence In your life to love His essence When God has His favor on you He will guide and show you who He loves you enough to protect You have no choice but to feel the effect Of a Father who reigns blessings And often times we have to learn lessons Of a life that was given So that we may be driven To the straight and narrow Sometimes it looks like we are over a barrow But trust and know It doesn’t matter where you go God will go with you 124 .Greatness of God There are a lifetime of lessons To be learned.

And He will remain true If you do what you can To succeed and be able to stand Against the adversity of this time But don’t be alarmed of the sign God is all we need to make it Be strong and know it all will fit. 125 .

be strong and continue on my friend 126 . so much passion It was not for form or fashion Our lessons are for our own good Even though we are misunderstood But it’s okay to say the least Because we can defeat the beast When he rears his ugly head Call on Jesus and it will be said That you are victorious no matter what The enemy has no power and cannot cut You off from God because He loves you so And wants us to learn and grow Remember the reward is at the end So.God’s Lessons God teaches us to Him be obedient Only because this is the right ingredient To give our offerings and pay our tithe And from us there is nothing he will hide But there are lessons we must learn Because of His love and His concern The lessons is a process of form It makes us behave out of the norm The bible says peculiar we are To act and sound like God is not far From what He says we can be and do For we are all of this from His view Who is man that you give so much thought? To die on the cross and our lives you bought? So much love.


you will rejoice I feel God touching my soul He’s giving me back what the enemy stole I hear God telling me He loves me I will wait on Him and see What He has in store for my life ‘Cause I’m too blessed to have strife Can’t nobody do me like Jesus does 128 .I Feel God I feel God telling me to be still I feel God pulling me to His will I hear God telling me to be quiet To let my soul try it I feel God dealing with me Trying to make me understand and see What He has in store for me if I obey Be quiet and pray The enemy is real mad at me But he has no dominion ‘cause I’m free From any of his strongholds I can watch my life as it unfolds God will move people away from you Especially those who try to stick like glue What God has for me is just that And its not always time for me to chat About what He tells me in secret Its for me and I can’t forget Learn to be obedient and listen And He will be bright and glisten He wants to be able to trust And to be wise is a must Know when to speak and when not And He will talk to me a lot If you are called to be his mouthpiece Then you must learn to decrease Learn to listen for His voice And when you do.

And I no longer am like I was But I feel God is causing a growth That causes me to take an oath To do His will When God I feel 129 .

God Is Ready God is ready to bless me God is ready to make me see His glory and love Is a heavenly essence from above God is ready to show me how I can reap my blessings now God is ready to let me understand The blessing of His mighty Hand God is ready to blow my natural mind No other love will I ever find I can’t imagine the blessings He has for me If I just remain faithful I will come to see God saw my heart get broken And in His infinite power he has spoken To me and said. God is ready to take me to a new dimension But it goes beyond my comprehension It’s quite alright if I don’t quite understand Because God is ready and He has me in His hand 130 . It will get better It also says so in His letter So.

under a different pastor But you possess such a passion and a heart for my Master I like the sheer boldness you carry You like to get things done and not tarry Continue to be strong and grow as you are For in my opinion you are a grand star For everything you can be in this life you are truly God’s son Continue to be true to God so you will hear the words well done 131 .My Father in the Lord My Father in Heaven has blessed me He opened my eyes so I could see To observe my spiritual father and his life The way he walks and treats his wife There is wisdom and knowledge in this man That he had to be part of God’s plan Under his leadership I have grown I learned much I would have never known Sitting under his teachings and getting understanding Because God’s word can sometimes be demanding My Bishop has helped me go higher in the Lord And with his teachings I’ve been utterly restored When God sent me to this church in June I did not know the word would hit me like a monsoon Thank you Bishop for your diligence and obedience In bringing forth the word in excellence and expedience I have been in the Lord for a season.

another test? That I have to go through to get the rest? The enemy tried to get me to fall He tried to make me drop the ball My God he tried to make me doubt But he doesn’t have any clout I told Satan to get out of my face He doesn’t have anything here in this place I told him to get behind me And away from me he must flee I want what God has for me. all of it I have to stand strong and not sit God made me certain promises that He will keep But I must not allow doubt or fear to creep The enemy tried to kill me in many ways But God said I would have many more birthdays At one point it looked hopeless. I felt doomed And victory Satan assumed But God came in and taught me to look to Him That nothing in my life has to be dim You have to keep your eyes on the prize And one day God will cause you to rise You will go up in victory and peace And in Him you will increase 132 .Hold On Here I go getting ready to be blessed When who comes along to make me stressed? What is this.

what is my purpose in life? It’s not to be in constant strife Can I live a life full of love? Can it all come from God above? Am I pleasing to my God? Can I get from Him a favor nod? What happens if I fall down? Will God look at me with a frown? Will He still love me as before? Or leave me outside the door? No. and you will be set 133 . there’s no mystique If you don’t know your destiny yet Ask God. what does it hold for me? What is it God wants me to see? Where am I going these days? I just have to give Him all the praise I often ask. He will speak And say well done. He will show you.Destiny Destiny. I have to get back in the race So in peace I can see His face I have to try my best with His help Some chastisement and a belt For He chastens those He loves Afterwards He will release the doves When you do well.

don’t you dare quit Watch the change take place Watch the smile come on your face God is a God of His word evermore Because He will fail you nevermore Trust His word with all your heart And from you He will never depart Search the scriptures and you will find Joy for your heart and mind combined Love the Lord with all your heart And His love for you will never depart 134 . the more we grow The more we read. the more we know God has promised us in this lifetime much So much so that doubt should not be such We should stand on God’s word only In this life we never have to be lonely If things are going wrong speak to it But don’t give up.Speak To It… It’s funny what God tells us in His word Many times words that I never before heard He tells me to my situations speak And when I do it can’t be weak Whatever the problem may be Speak to it and then I will see Results of that problem has got to be solved And to be with God you have to be involved God said get an understanding in all you do Because of the blessings you get from it too The more we learn.

you see She learned through trials her lessons She passed them all and now reaps blessings She is respected by all whom she know And she doesn’t have to put on a show She is down to earth and real She can get in the kitchen and cook you a meal She trusts God for guidance of her life She is or will make a good wife God will send her the ideal man And he will come ask for her hand She will raise her children to trust God And she will not spare the rod This woman of God is a special jewel And she is nobody’s fool She loves God with all her heart And from Him she will never depart She will leave a legacy that will attest That she was definitely a woman blessed 135 .The Woman of God She knows how to pray to her father Her family is never a bother She exhibits great patience and love She is esteemed highly and rated above There is respect measured for her And love is what she would prefer She makes decisions with wisdom learned With compassion she is very concerned Proverbs 31 is the one she must be Because God has chosen her.

Christ-Mas Christmas. what does it mean? I was told it’s not what it seems Is it a jolly man in a red suit That makes promises with black boots? Is it a brightly lit tree That’s pretty for all to see? Is it pretty wrapped gifts Or big ice sickles and snow drifts? Is it the kindness and love Or in the store with a push or shove? Is it gathering for family fun Laughing and eating with everyone? Is it having a mad fit Because that gift you didn’t get? What does Christmas really mean? I say it’s about God unseen Jesus was born into this world To save every man. woman. boy and girl This day just happens to be The one designated for us to see The love and mercy God has for us And over our souls He made a fuss We have a song the angels can’t sing And that is we have been redeemed That’s what Christmas means And it is not what it seems 136 .

Trust in God Sitting here wondering what to do The devil is busy with guess who Though he has no victory over me ‘Cause Jesus is all I can see All is well I was told No need to worry or sell my soul God showed me who I am The authority I have is no sham One son in prison wanting out My journey has begun. never late Thanks for the testimony of praise Your name is all I’ll raise I love you Jesus with all my heart From me you promised not to part 137 . I receive Thank you God for showing me how To let your Holy Spirit work for me now How to speak what I want in faith He’s always on time. I believe I pray. I couldn’t doubt Too much turmoil and strife Between two brothers of life I pray.

the twin. I will show you You can be blessed in all you do Let Him touch you like He did these He will give you heaven and the keys Live for Him and blessed you will be Just try Jesus. you will see 138 . forgiveness he didn’t heed He touched a woman who felt no love Abused.The Touch of Jesus He touched a despised tax collector Matthew followed the Master Director He touched a fisherman and called him the Rock Peter was impulsive and at the door he did knock He was courageous but doubtful too Thomas. misused. wasn’t sure what he knew He questioned everything and wondered how Philip another fisherman. needed God above He told her to come unto Him and rest If she serves Jesus He will give her the best Jesus said follow me. wanted to know now He was chosen but had betrayal and greed Judas committed suicide.

this I know For the Bible told me so Hang in there all will be well A testimony He will give you to tell 139 .Have Cour age When Satan is busy Don’t faint or get dizzy It doesn’t matter what he will do God is getting ready to bless you The prayers that went up before Him He heard them all and not on a whim Be strong and of good courage Your blessings were in storage Do not have doubt or fear Because Jesus is always near To help you in times of need If only to His Word you would heed He will see you all the way through If you will trust and His word do Jesus love you.

especially man We are God’s children. the chosen one Yes we were lost and now it’s done So be strong and hang on One day these trials will be gone He will dry our tears And take away all fears Yes. He loves us that much And our hearts He will touch 140 .Be Strong When blessings are ready to start Everything around you falls apart We have to keep our eyes on God Because everything else is a façade Satan tries to distract us Don’t fall for it and don’t fuss Read your word as often as you can Let no one discourage you.

Lost A Rabbi one day came In us. lies the enemy tries to shove We were brought over here on ships We lost our identity and our kinships They treated us like dirt And because of this we were hurt With dangerous situations we would rebel Because we needed to really excel God is ready for us to come home No longer in the desert do we have to roam Our ancestors really messed up So unto God we must give total worship 141 . not just a limb The lost Ten Tribes we are part With understanding we can now take heart To get an identity we as a nation Can now survive for the duration Under the wings of God’s love We are safe. he stirred up the flame He told us we were lost And for that had paid the cost God revealed who we are to Him We are a whole branch.

He’ll nod His approval to us to continue to learn Leaning on His everlasting love we will not burn For we want to see God in peace And praise from our heart should not cease He will reveal all to us in His time And it will be while we are in prime So open your ears and hear And when you do. have no fear For God is right there to protect And His Spirit you will detect Love Him with all your spirit and soul And your heart He will console Stay strong in the Lord and you will see What our future holds and what it will be 142 .For He is calling us back to Him Thanks to Jesus our life no longer grim Look to Jesus for the wonders of God Because when we look to Him.

Pr aise What is praise? Why do it everyday? Well. I would God has been so good to me He saved my soul and made me see Each day He shows me love His mercy and grace unto me I can’t explain His awesomeness I can’t put in words what I see Praise is the least I can do He takes very good care of me No one has to tell me when Only I know what He has done and I can see 143 . houses. let me see Let me tell you about me I praise Him in the morning I praise Him in the noonday I praise Him in the evening I praise Him in everyway Let everything that has breath – Praise Your voice you should raise I praise Him for life I praise Him for health I praise Him for my right mind I praise Him for my wealth Money. cars are all good To trade all that for salvation.

He brought you this far Praise Him 144 .So whatever happens give Him praise And whatever you want. let Him hear Don’t forget to clap your hands And your test & trials you’ll bear Praise Him for all you are Praise Him.

My God How awesome is my God? Saved my soul and that was odd He picked me up at my lowest point And my head He did anoint Oh what mercy I have received And more grace than I could have perceived My God is ever loving to me No other life could I ever see Living saved is what I’m taught Conquering evil and Satan is not a fault Victory is the way of the believer Going to heaven and conquering the deceiver Grace and mercy my friends are For God has truly made me His star I am one of His children and He has many He sticks with me even when I don’t have a penny An apple in His eye is what I desire to be Oh how He opens my eyes and helps me to see This walk with my Savior has been most grand I’m excited because of what for my life He has planned He has taught me in this walk to trust in Him only Not only in those times when I was very lonely 145 .

even though it seemed hard When my heart was broken You still were on guard Your angels stand tall and brave over me each night You have taught me that all my battles You will fight I am in love with my Lord and He loves me back He protects me when the enemy tries to attack I am glad I gave my life to live for Him forever After all He’s done for me I can leave Him never 146 .But when I did not have a dime or barely food to eat He would take care of me and on my table put meat Thank You Jesus for the blessings you have given me And down through the years You have made me see Lessons You taught me.

Remember This There is a lifetime of lessons To be learned. some with confessions To learn the mysteries of God and His greatness And try to understand His omnipresence Live our lives to the best of our ability With excitement and sincerity To make friends and fall in love While letting direction come from above Acknowledge Him in all your ways And He will direct you like the book says Read your bible and do good Love and be obedient like you should And God will be with you ‘till the end Trust Him always and you will transcend For He grants your hearts desires If you will acknowledge Him it will transpire If you seek His Kingdom first He will add the things that you thirst After all He created you and He knows What it takes to get you to show Him that you want His presence In your life to love His essence When God has his favor on you He will guide and show you who He loves you enough to protect You have no choice but to feel the effect Of a Father who rains blessings And often times we have to learn lessons 147 .

Of a life that was given So that we may be driven To the straight and narrow Sometimes it looks like we are over a barrow But trust and know It doesn’t matter where you go God will go with you And He will remain true If you do what you can To succeed and be able to stand Against the adversity of this time But don’t be alarmed of the sign God is all we need to make it Continue to trust Him and you won’t fall in the pit 148 .

what does it mean? Where have my treasures been laid? Why did my soul He redeem? On the cross for my sins He paid All this in my life.What Does It Mean? What does it mean when we say I will trust in the unseen? Will I wait on God and stay In His perfect will. 149 . what does it mean? He allowed me on this earth to live And saved me and made me clean I say thank You for all You give And I ask what does it mean? God is all knowing and loving to us He died and put us on His team Over our souls He made a fuss That’s what it really all means.

how can that be? Some say “religion” is the mans way And yes. Pentecostal and such But what does God say. don’t you be nobody’s fool Some say “all God does is sit and look” He doesn’t do anything for me as it says in that book Some say the preacher just wants my money Or the people in church will look at me funny Let me tell you what “religion” is first of all Religion is definitely a man-made law Man says religion is what God is about Please don’t believe that statement of doubt Religion says I’m Baptist.Religion We live in a world where speech is free Religion is mistaken for who God can’t be Some say there is no God Some say it’s all a facade Some say there is no devil Some say Jesus is on my level Some say Jesus was just a man like me He performed miracles that I don’t believe Some say the black man is god with a little g Some say there is no heaven. that’s very true I have to say Some say “it’s your thang. do what you wanna do” But please. He loves you very much 150 .

not at all He’s there when you need Him and when you call Lord God. I see you You see. God is not a religion. with the big G Is the Almighty Supreme One. “What have you done for you that you can see?” Do you wake yourself up everyday? Do you carry yourself on your way? Do you keep your own self in your right mind? And if you lost it could you once again find? Did you stop that accident from happening today? Did you stop that bullet from coming your way? You say.Religion is what man says we should do God is an all-knowing being that says. when did all of these things happen? I say… exactly… Do you think God be nappin? You may not believe it but there is a heaven and a hell It will do you good to try to live your life well For Satan’s biggest success of persist Is to get you to believe he doesn’t exist 151 . “What has He done for me?” I say. you see He is the reason you and I are here You can carry Him in your heart with no fear False evidence appearing real Get knowledge and not just a zeal You might say.

as will most Jesus will tell you well done my good and faithful one And give you a crown of life you earned before life was done So you see. it will be hot For the anti-Christ is what you act like right now But there will be a one-world system and you will bow You will not be able to buy or sell unless you obey And take the mark of the beast is what the bible say You will then have regrets. to listen.There are those that seem real in what they say and will tell you to heed But you have to weigh in your heart and decide exactly what you need You wonder why God doesn’t stop some things in your life You wonder why you have to go through so much hell and strife No one on this earth is in a perfect state of mind If you look real close at them many faults you will find But salvation is very important whether you believe it or not Jesus is coming back and if you are left behind. you will wish you did Because now God’s word is free and it doesn’t have to be hid Faith in God is more than a notion And it’s not really about your emotion If you live your life and believe in the Holy Ghost You will receive a reward at the end. religion is not God’s direction for our life strictly He said He come to give you life and that more richly So I hope you will take heed to what you hear tonight And give your life to Christ someday soon and live right 152 . and.

A Real Hero She was born healthy and aware To people who would dare Give her away to another Along with her sister and brother She was raised as an only one. she would do Because they didn’t want the other two They gave her everything because they thought She would be happy to be bought But something inside of her would come out Who am I and why do I feel so much doubt? Hey. it isn’t fair She decided she didn’t want to live in this world anymore So she went in the room and closed the door A bottle of pills is what she decided to swallow To make it all end by tomorrow 153 . no one in this family do I look like My real mom told me to take a hike She grew up and moved out of the house at age 22 This was her time to shine in whatever she wanted to do She got pregnant by one she thought loved her But he betrayed her for another Said he didn’t want nobody with child She had the baby broken hearted and all the while She wondered where from here would she go For it seemed no one wanted her and she felt so low She turned to drugs and alcohol looking for an out Getting high every day so she wouldn’t feel the doubt The world was so cold and didn’t care She thought what good is my life.

He’s really what Love is all about And yes He is the real Hero no doubt His name is Jesus and He is very real Try Him for yourself and He will reveal To you what He really is all about Don’t take my word for it. provider and revealer He told her when mother and father forsake Just come to Him and her heart He would take For He is a true lover of our soul We need to make Him our ultimate goal He saved the day and has a plan for her She has hope for tomorrow and life is a pearl You see. God is always with us But you have to let Him in which is a must Call on the Man that truly has the real plan He will not intrude for He is a gentleman Yes.Just as she took all of those pills she heard a voice You don’t have to take your life. you try Him out 154 . you have a choice I am here for you my child. so don’t you dare I love you and I’m the One that care Her stomach was pumped and she had a new start She thought about the Voice that told her not to depart She decided to give her life to the Voice The One she knew had given her the choice All she can say now is He is a real Hero Because she went to that ground zero He has since shown her He is a healer He’s a deliverer.

Questions How can I describe being on earth How did God form man from the very dirt? Why does our life we try to measure? Life is precious. you may ask To know why you are here and your task Are you here just to exist? My bible and My Word you resist You want to live life half asleep And expect to wake up all deep Life is a journey and a test Live for God and He’ll do the rest 155 . to do as you please But I want you to remember and love me Remember what. it’s God’s treasure But we forget who we are We forget God and how far He brought us from our real home As spirit beings left to roam The Universe. but not alone We go through the hardships and we moan Crying out to God. what do you want Me to do?” I gave you free will. “Where are You?” He says. “I’m here.

there’s your help A better hand to you will be dealt Take God at His Word that’s true And receive a crown that’s due you Try Jesus.To bless you is what He wants to do Too many religions – are any really true? Read the bible and for yourself learn How to get to heaven so you won’t burn The enemy of your soul is real He wants us to disbelieve so he can deal You a bad hand to make you lose Drugs. sex and booze That’s no way to live your life here It’s a one way ticket to hell. enter thru the door 156 . violence. He’s very real no doubt Without Him your life ain’t about What you should have here and now But to no man should you ever bow It’s a situation you can win Because He already died for your sin Take heed to what I say Live your life for Him today And at the end there is a reward He will say well done. my dear The bible says look to the hills.

Inspir ation Just a little encouragement for you Look to God your Heavenly Father in all you do Give Him all of your attention as you go about your days And He will guide you in all your ways Trust Him to see you through it all On His Name you should always call The steps of a good man He orders Walk according to his will with no borders For He knows what’s best for us Keep your words pure and do not cuss Treat everyone how you would want to be Love them in spite of and you will see How God will bless you And fight for you too He loves you with all of His love He protects you with His guidance from above Talk to Him often as He likes that too He will talk to you and direct you Give Him your life and live for Him And your path will be bright not dim Walk in the light of His Word And you will be free as a bird 157 .

I wish I had What is my purpose on this day? How and when will I find my way? I want to do what is right all the time But sometimes it’s hard to in my prime Will I see the light when I’m older? Will I proclaim God’s word and become bolder? What has God done for me lately? He wakes me up each day and greatly Starts me on my way in my right mind Keeps me looking forward and not behind He blessed me with health and rest He give me peace through all my test In my life I have to learn to trust Him Follow.God Is There In this world we live in now We wonder will we make it and how Where is God in all this mess? The job. the traffic and all the stress I just don’t know how much more I can take How many more mistakes will I make? What is God’s plan for me today? Does He love me or my blessings will He delay? Can I run to Him when I hurt real bad? Or do I just cry and die. obey and not follow every whim For the enemy desires to sift me as wheat I have to stand clear so I won’t feel the heat I want to be the apple of His eye To see His face in peace when I die I know He loves me for the Bible says so There is no place else in this world for me to go He does things in His time and way I don’t know how much more I can say 158 .

A Message for You There comes a time in our life When we are beyond the strains of strife There comes a time of maturity. of growing To stop guessing and to start knowing When will the madness stop? When will I finally be on top? Will I ever get out of this prison of my mind? Will peace ever reveal herself for me to find? Will God have mercy on my soul? Will God continue to shape me and mold? We have our tests and trials we have to stand As they come to make us strong and know we can Live and walk through this life with victory and win Because God cleanses us of all our sin So at this time I am asking you to fall on your knees And talk to God and make your peace To ask forgiveness of the Almighty Father And believe you me. it’s really not a bother For He loves you so very much And he’s waiting to give you His touch So turn your complete life over to Him And he won’t move on a whim 159 .

But He is waiting for you to repent and say “Lord come into my heart and my life please save” Also ask Him to forgive you of all you’ve done For He will forgive you and remember none He said as far as the east is from the west He will forgive all your sins at best Satan and hell are very real And your soul he will try to steal So don’t get caught up in the hype of this world Give God a chance to change your life into a pearl 160 .

My God Too Let me tell you about a God who is true I gave my life to Him and started living too You see. faithfulness is key This is the way you should be Don’t take god lightly in your life’s plan For we all need Him in order to stand 161 . I found Him when I was low When I didn’t have a status quo He came and dried my tears And gave me back some of my years God is a merciful and loving Supreme If you let Him guide you. if you are looking for true love Stop looking at people and look above For I have found His love surpasses all And He will hold you and won’t let you fall Obedience. He is always the same So. peace He’ll bring Nobody can do you like He can He moves by His Mighty Hand Sometimes it seems I can’t stand But He sends encouragement so grand It makes me say Hallelujah to His Name He never changes.

“Leave you. He promises is at the end 162 . He is always there He’s sweet as the fragrance after the rain Living for Him will not be in vain So give your life wholly unto Him Your reward.He has proven to me to be faithful And to Him I am eternally grateful He lifts me when I’m down He makes me smile instead of frown He sheds a light where it’s dark And to His voice do I hark He said. “I will never forsake you” He also said. I won’t do” Take god at His word for its real It’s all you need for that’s the deal He’s on your side So stay and abide He loves you very much You can tell just by His touch There is none like Him anywhere For me.

but a can I gave my life to Him to direct me I have to acknowledge Him so I can see The path He has laid before my sight To walk and talk in His light I have to hold my head up and walk And learn to listen more and not talk Praying and fasting before Him is key To get in His will and do His deed To understand His way is vital As this will prevent You from being suicidal Some think my God is dead Because they are being misled By the enemies whispers of deceit To get You to sell Your soul for a treat It took inspiration for this poem to write Finding the words to use was extremely tight Sometimes I don’t know what I’m supposed to do When that happens I get on my knees and talk to You. Great things You have done for me The lessons I have learned has taught me to be Thankful for Your mercies and grace 163 . Which way to I turn now. to the left or right? I feel so alone and empty tonight What is my destiny You have for me planned? Am I on the right track. will You guide me with Your Hand? Sometimes I know I fall short But I want to know Your report My praise is to You in all I do Because You are there to take me through.Thoughts There is a time when I feel so uninspired And it has nothing to do with what has already transpired The enemy of my soul tries his best to stop me Because my future he can see But God has the master plan Because this is not can’t.

164 . You deliver me out of all trouble You come to me on the double I love You with all my heart I remember the very first day I would start To walk this journey’s path with You Guiding me along the way telling me what to do Thank You for the encouragement I need In order to walk in victory and succeed.Thankful for Your goodness You let me taste Learning the more in You I trust The more I can leave the enemy in the dust.

but a can I gave my life to Him to direct me I have to acknowledge Him so I can see The path he has laid before my sight To walk and talk in His light I have to hold my head up and walk And learn to listen more and not talk Praying and fasting before Him is key To get in His will and do His deed To understand His way is vital As this will prevent you from being suicidal Some think my God id dead Because they are being misled By the enemies whispers of deceit To get you to sell your soul for a treat It took inspiration for this poem to write Finding the words to use was extremely tight Sometimes I don’t know what I’m supposed to do When that happens I get on my knees and talk to You Which way do I turn now. to the left or right? I feel so alone and empty tonight What is my destiny you have for me planned? Am I on the right track. will you guide me with your hand? Sometimes I know I fall short But I want to know Your report My praise is to You in all I do Because You are there to take me through Great things You have done for me The lessons I have learned has taught me to be Thankful for Your mercies and grace 165 .More Inspir ation There is a time when I feel so uninspired And it has nothing to do with what has already transpired The enemy of my soul tries his best to stop me Because my future he can see But God has the master plan Because this is no can’t.

Thankful for Your goodness You let me taste Learning the more in You I trust The more I can leave the enemy in the dust You deliver me out of all trouble You come to me on the double I love you with all my heart I remember the very first day I would start To walk this journey’s path with You Guiding me along the way telling me what to do Thank You for the encouragement I need In order to walk in victory and in this life succeed 166 .

savor 167 . not frown He said my redemption draws near He told me to be strong and do not fear He put in my home Angels to guard Walking with God. to be bold The handicraft of Your Hand upon my life Molding me. lives and breathe. talks. He’s alive The earth is His canvas. He see’s with His eyes He’s merciful. with mind make up. is not hard He gave me more when others had less He blessed in spite of my mess So I look to Him for all my needs And no longer do my heart bleed He opens doors for me and gives me favor I can bask in His light and His love. shaping me without a knife I appreciate You with my praise And I will worship and honor You all of my days Can it be I’m head over heels in love With my Heavenly Father on the throne above He walks. I thank Him everyday For in my life He has made a many way Motherless. kind and true Without Him in my life. now I see You kept me from the wolves in sheep clothes You taught me how to speak. You never left me You took care of me.Thank You Lord Sing: Thank you Lord for all You’ve done Thank you Lord for You are the one You see. not down He taught me to smile. fatherless. I wouldn’t know what to do His only son for me He gave That I may live and my life He would save Words cannot express my gratitude And I say this with a grateful attitude He told me to look up. loved me. fed me. loving.

you really should do And on your behalf. I never had Stop and think about how good He’s been to you And you will begin to give Him praise as I do Thank you for letting me share how I feel About my God.Get to know Him. He will move For He is all knowing. all seeing. a true dad You never experienced this kind of love. whom in my life is very real Sing: Thank you Lord for all You’ve done Thank you Lord for You are the one 168 .

The oil of the anointing will continue to flow as long as there are empty vessels to fill. The oil of the anointing is the sacramental sign of the presence. so He can pour the oil of anointing within us and upon us.The Oil of the Anointing The word Christ comes from the word “anointed one” and the word anointed one means the one that has been set apart and carrying a specific anointing and in the Old Testament it was a specific kind of oil or ointment that was called the oil of the anointing. we are called to empty ourselves of everything that is not of God. The oil of the anointing from the very hand of God contained precious aromatic spices that flowed down the garments from the head. the oil of the anointing in our lives is part of God’s will. anointed and ordained and by God they would be lead. 169 . For the Holy Spirit is powerful and graceful and there is no need to fear it. And they were handpicked. thus we need not fear or without knowledge be zealous. We need the oil of the anointing to do what God has ordained us to do. So as you can see. God is the one that does the setting apart and He’s the one that does the appointing. Therefore. power and grace of the Holy Spirit.

Noah. “I Am Who I Am”. David as King. Perverse Generation Joshua talks about Israel Crosses the Jordan. Solomon Builds God’s Temple. The Birth of Samson. You Shall Fear the Lord. the Tower of Babel. the Ark. “Let My People Go”. Esau and Jacob Exodus talks about the Birth of Moses. Penalties of Sexual Perversion. Hezekiah 170 . the Flood. Solomon’s Birth I Kings talks about Solomon as King. Obedience Brings Blessings. Aaron & Miriam Challenge Moses Deuteronomy talks about Beware of Idolatry. Gideon Defeats Midianites. Divorce & Remarriage. Solomon Asks God for Wisdom. Battle of Jericho Judges talks about Gideon: 300 vs. the creation of the 10 Commandments. David & Goliath 2 Samuel talks about David & Bathsheba. Permitted Foods. how they crossed the Red Sea. and Solomon’s Great Wealth 2 Kings talks about Elijah Ascends to Heaven. all of the firstborns die. Queen of Sheba. Clean & Unclean Meat. More Than Can Be Numbered. how Disobedience Brings Judgment Numbers talks about the 1st Census. Elisha Performs Miracles. and Samson & Delilah Ruth talks about how Ruth met Boaz I Samuel talks about Saul as King.The Books of the Bible Genesis talks about the history of creation. how the water turns to blood Leviticus talks about the Forbidden Foods. Laws of Sexual Morality. Sodom & Gomorrah destroyed.

Simeon & Reuben Ancestry. God. Songs Proverbs talks about Wisdom Ecclesiastes talks about Everything Has Its Time Song of Solomon talks about Love Isaiah talks about Messiah Predicted. Prayers. Abednego and the Fiery 171 . and King Saul’s Ancestry 2 Chronicles talks about how Solomon Built the Temple for God Ezra talks about Worship Restored at Jerusalem. Sovereignty of the Creator. Gad. Praise for God’s Past Mercies Esther talks about becoming a Queen. Manasseh & Levi’s Ancestry. Haman’s Conspiracy against Jews Job talks about Tremendous Loss. Repentance & Restoration Psalms talks about Thanksgiving. Meshach. Dry Bones Live Daniel talks about Shadrach. The Soul That Sins Shall Die. Prophecies and Babylon Destroyed Lamentations talks about God’s Anger with Jerusalem. Prophecies Jeremiah talks about The Fury of the Lord. Mourning. A Prayer for Restoration Ezekiel talks about God’s Love for Jerusalem. Nehemiah Prays Nehemiah talks about Rebuilding of Jerusalem’s Wall. Solomon Ancestry. Joy of Forgiving. the True Shepherd.I Chronicles talks about Ancestry: From Judah to David.

Daniel in the Den of Lions Hosea talks about Israel Restored Joel talks about God’s Spirit Poured Out. God Judges the Nations Amos talks about A Call to Repentance Obadiah talks about Vision Jonah talks about being In the Belly of the Fish. John the Baptist. Joy in God’s Faithfulness Haggai talks about The Glory of the New Temple Zechariah talks about Restoration of Judah & Israel. Will a Man Rob God. Nebuchadnezzar the King Dreams. paying Tithes & Offerings Matthew talks about Herrod. Beatitudes. Lord’s Prayer Mark talks about the 12 Disciples. The Coming Day of the Lord Malachi talks about how The Lord Hates Divorce. Jesus 172 .Furnace. Wicked Rulers & Prophets Nahum talks about The Woe of Nineveh Habakkuk talks about how The Just Shall Live By His Faith Zephaniah talks about A Call to Repentance. a message to Nineveh Micah talks about Woe to the Oppressor of the Poor. Feeding the Five Thousand. Parables.

Crucifixion. Peter. Paul. how God Loves a Cheerful Giver Galatians talks about the Fruits of the Spirit Ephesians talks about how we are Saved by Grace through Faith. Saul-Paul. but Christ I Thessalonians talks about Abstaining from Evil. and Mary Magdalene John talks about Lazarus.Luke talks about The Lord’s Supper. & The Life The Acts talks about the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Rich Man. how We Will Be Caught Up Together to Meet the Lord in the Air 2 Thessalonians talks about The Great Apostasy I Timothy talks about Qualifications of Church Officers 2 Timothy talks about the Man of God & the Word of God Titus talks about the Qualifications of Elders and Qualities of a Sound Church Philemon talks about a Letter from Paul 173 . The Truth. Upper Room Romans talks about All Have Sinned. Water Turned to Wine. Principles of Marriage. The Way. Wages of Sin is Death. Putting on the Whole Armor of God Colossians talks about Not Philosophy or Legalism. He Arose. and The Meaning & Practice of Tongues 2 Corinthians talks about A New Creation in Christ. Love Never Fails. Law of Love I Corinthians talks about Wisdom through the Holy Spirit.

Mark of the Beast. Resisting the Devil. A New Heaven and New Earth. Seven Trumpets. Warning of False Teachers I John talks about The Basis of Fellowship with God. The End of this World 174 .Hebrews talks about The Living and Powerful Word of God. The Untamable Tongue I Peter talks about Serving & Suffering for God’s Glory 2 Peter: talks about Submitting to God. how The Just Shall Live by Faith. the First & the Last. Knowing God Through Love 2 John talks about a Letter of Instructions 3 John talks about Prospering in All Things and being in Health Just as Your Soul Prospers Jude talks about Apostates Depraved & Doomed The Revelation talks about Alpha & Omega. Seven Seals. Do Not Love the World. Moral & Spiritual Directions James talks about how Faith without Works is Dead.

I began writing poetry while in Elementary School and I wrote poetry for fun for several years not realizing my true potential with it and then one day I just quit writing. O-lu-fe-me means God loves me. Ayo-del-e means Joy comes home. I love God with all my being and without Him this may not be possible. Michigan and in listening to the different poets present their work. Africa. I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I immediately picked up my pen and began to write. 1955 and brought to Pontiac Michigan at the age of three. Quincy. I went home that night and prayed and asked God to restore my writing abilities and He did just that. MD on December 25. gave me my African name which is from Yoruba. To date I have written over 100 poems and am still writing. In November of 2002. got re-inspired to write again. 175 . My eldest son.About the Author Joyce L Dowridge aka Ayodele Olufemi Born in Baltimore. that was over 20 years ago. I became a born again believer in 1977 and re-dedicated my life to Jesus Christ in 1983. I went to the first Poet’s Night at the Upper Room in Detroit.

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