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Dingdi Nyundrup Chenmo Garchak Dongwa Rangdrol Jik

The Text called the Assembled Quintessential Nectar Pills of Great Liberation
Naturally occurring space is the single taste of co-emergent samsara and nirvana. The display of the undiminishing luminous sphere is omniscient wisdom. Invoked by the faith of sentient beings, to the auspicious Buddha named Lotus Born, powerful lord of 100 clans, who benefits immeasurable beings of the three realms of existence, I pay homage. Homage to Avalokiteshvara: Beings are tormented by the turbulent ocean of suffering. Who can we rely upon as a source of refuge in order to liberate us from this unbearable suffering? Whose name can be called upon to increase one's faith in dharma and permanent happiness? It is only through the lord of the snow land, Avalokiteshvara. May auspicious flowers shower upon us.

This comprehensive treatise, called The Assembled Quintessential Nectar Pills of Great Liberation (Sacred Pill), describes the essence nectar pills made a Traling Tashi Monastery (Traling Gonpa) in Kham, Tibet. It is written for the purpose of benefiting beings who are weak and less fortunate, to strengthen the Sangha and to increase dharma activity. This treatise has five sections: 1) Historical Background; 2) Ingredients and Content; 3) Merit & Blessing of the Pills; 4) The Five Perfect Methods of Making the Pills; and, 5) Dedication and Aspiration Prayers. 1. The Historical Background: This section describes the method of how consecrated sacred pills were made by past pureawareness holders and realized masters on the path. Lopon Ledrup Nyingpo (Nagarjuna) gathered many ingredients and medicines to produce a distilled essence pill. These ingredients included the spontaneous deathless nectar that arose from the Maratika cave when Guru Rinpoche was practicing, and the deathless flower essence pills from the Dechen Padma Shelpup cave when the great pure-awareness holder Shri Singha was practicing. The dharma and flower essence pills of eight great Panditas from India's were also used. Chomen Deshel Depe Julen So (medicinal dharma nectar of all Sugatas and Tathagatas): These special pills were made by the 25 intimate disciples of Guru Rinpoche at Samye Chimpu, and by other realized masters.

Terma dudtsi (rediscovered treasure pill) from Terchen Chogyur Ligpa and other great terton's body, speech and mind were used. From the holy mountain which contains the specific treasure key of each treasure discoverer (terton), pills representing the sacred body were extracted through their miraculous physical power. Pills representing sacred speech were produced through miraculous speech. Through the state of great bliss, pills of enlightened mind were produced. Six special qualities of the pills were exhibited through the different terma pills extracted from various locales. The following ceremonies were performed to consecrate existing and new pills at a sacred cave called Par Pun Yand Tro. It is a place considered holy by the Kathok Lineage and Jamgon Kongtrul, Terton Longsal Nyingpo, Terton Chogyur Lingpa and others had performed the Ogmin Tsogchen Dipa Kagyed Trowo Rolpa, Tuk Chen Sangwa Depa, Sol Je, and Je Dun Rigdrup Chenmo rituals to consecrate these pills. Many wonderful signs of accomplishment were displayed. 2. Ingredients and Content: In this section, various ingredients and contents of supplemental medicinal nectar are explained in four sub-categories: 2-1. List of mustard seed-size relics: About 1,020 years ago, during the year of the Horse, holy relics were used, Nyundrup Riwo (Liberation Pill), Detse Chumen, and other accomplishment pills were made with pure faith. The holy relics used included those of Sangye Odrung (previous Buddha), Buddha Shakyamuni, Khenchen Bodhisattva, and emanation of Longchenpa, His Holiness Ling Lama Chuje Dorje. In addition, 300 spontaneously arising nectar pills fallen from the sky during a one million-mantra great accomplishment practice of the deities of the Padma family, performed at the power place a Larong Odsal Ja Lu (HH Jigme Phuntsogs monastery), were added with 1000 other precious pills from different locales. 50 of Sangye Odrungs relics were extracted from Drug Tamchen Chenpas secret shrine container. Also, from the famous three stupas of Nepal, relics of Sangye Odrung and Sangye Khorma Jig were taken to be used in making the sacred pills. 2-2. List of physical relics and supplemental sacred pills: Here follows a list of physical or body relics of the Buddha, Bodhisattvas and great Saints of the past that were used in creating the pills: Relics pf Sange Odrung (the previous Buddha), Buddha Shakyamuni, Khencheb Bodhisattva, King Trison Detsun, Marpa Latsawa, Dharmabhodi (son of Marpa), Longchenpa and his heart son, Rigzin Jigme Lingpa, Orgen Lingpa, Ratna Lingpa, Dam Trsung and Shang, Dun Pa Nel Sum, Drupchen Melong Dorje, Kuma Radza, Longchen Rabjam, Terton Dun Dung Dorje, Terton Longsal Nyingpo, (two famous Katok Tertons), De Shin Guru Rinpoche, and Yeshe Tsogyal relics discovered as terma by Chogyur Lingpa, Guru

Chowang, Dakpo Laje, 35 types of Rakta pill made by Jamyang Kyentse Wangpo, Gampopa, Palpa Chungpa, Bodhisattva Changchub Sampo, Relics extracted from , the famous Jowo Romoche statue in Lhasa, Guru Rinpoches tigle discovered as terma by Gyalwang Rinchen Phunstog, Sahng Dak Tashi Do Gyal, Nyen Nyima Odser Guru Chuje Wangchuk, Orgen Terdak Lingpa and other tertons; the Fifth Dali lama, Panchen \lama, Terton Jetsun Nyingpo, Guru Chowangs Sagyum (consort) Dakini Padma Chudrung, Nal Lok Yeshe Jungnay, Sakya Pandita, Sangye Lingpa, Atisha, Minling Trichen Paldum, Gyalwa Dalai Lamas reincarnations, Tsangyum Jangtso, Jung Rinpoche, 80 throneholders of Kathok traditions, Nam Cho (Space Treasure), Terton Mingyur Dorje, Ling Lama Chuje Dorje (the previous Lingtrul Rinpoche), Omniscient Nage Wangpo, Khenpo Munsels bone, the previous Dzongchen Rinpoche, Jamyang Kyentse Wangpo and his heart sons, Mipham Jamyang Namgyal Rinpoche, Khenchen Padma Dorje (main heart son of Mipham), Denpai Rinpoche, Siddhi Chuje Jangtso, Namkha Jangstsos crown, Mani Lama (famous emanation of Avalokiteshivara), Kathok Shatsa Padma Trinley Jangtso, Tsongkhapa, Patrul Rinpoche, Marai (in Amdo, Kham) Padma Dechen Zangpo, Getse Jigme Tempa Nyamgyal, Ah Wo Lama, Drupchen Sangdrup (emanation of Medicine Buddha), His Holiness Jampal Jigpe Dorje, Palyul Gyatrul Padma Donag Tenpie ( the previous Gyatrul Rinpoche), Palyul Chogtrul Jampal Jogpe Dorje, Trulku Far Lung Padma Dechen, Jigdral Yeshse Dorje (previous Dudjom Rinpoche), and Golok Lama Oga. 2.3: List of sacred relics in the form of cloth and objects: Guru Rinpoches hair, shoe and sacred scarf discovered at the power cave Yalong Shedrai, King Trisong Detsuns cloth, Ti;op[as cloth and meditation belt, hair of Latsawa Berotsana, Marpa Lotsawas meditation belt, Milarepas cloth, Denpas shoes, cloth of Mogalana and Shariputra (disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni), that were extracted from the inner chamber of Tashi Onpai stupa, Drung Duns cloth, Tsongkapas cloth, Je Gendun Drupas cloth, Ke Drup Jes cloth (disciple of Tsongcapa), Dakpo Lajes meditation belt, Rigdzing Jigme Lingpas cloth, Paltrul Jigme Chuje Wangpos hair and cloth, Pagmo Drupas shoe, Dun Den Lingpas hat, Sangue Lingpas cloth, Dakini Mingyur Paldruns cloth, Kyentse Chuje Lodrups cloth, Ge Tsangpe Tentsas Tsakli, Mogalanas cloth extracted from a stupa, Gog Tsannpas meditation belt, Jung Rinpoche waist belt, cloth of 1st through 5th reincarnation of Sakya Rinpoche, Drug Padma Karpos cloth, Adzom Drukpas cloth, From the secret altar container in the Kathok monastery: Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyals hair, Terton Longsal Nyingpos cloth, Jowo Sakyanumis cloth, Terton Dundun Dorjes tiger skirt, Residue of rainbow body accomplishment that occurred at Achu, Je Miphan Rinpoches cloth, Kathok Siddhi Chuje Jangtsogs cloth, the famous Mani Lama Padma Siddhis hair and cloth, Ling Lama chuje Dorjes hair and cloth, Khenpo Munsels hair and cloth. Also: Lhachen Togyals son Dendzin Sumpos cloth, Khenpo Choyin Chabdars hair and cloth, Lingtrul Rigzing Jangtsos cloth, Khenchen Karzangs cloth, Khenchen Jigme Phuntsogs cloth (HH Jigme Phuntsog Rinpoche), Terton Dundun Dorjes cloth, Terton Chogyals cloth, Indian Pandita Gyaltse Shri Walas cloth, and Kadampas cloth. 3.Merit of the Sacred Pill: Merit of the Sacred Pill is described in the following sources:

According to the Heart Accomplishment of the Lama (Lama Thukdrup): If one partakes of the pill according to the method mentioned above, ones ignorance and stupidity shall be pacified within seven days. Samadhi shall spontaneously arise after 12 days. Display of clear light wisdom will arise after 13 days. Even an imbecile and ignorant ones such as beings from the animal realm, will see their stupidity decrease and will be reborn in the gods realm; they shall be permeated with loving kindness and compassion; Do not waver! Be constantly engaged in positive deeds for sentient beings! Quotes from the tantras: This pill contains the essence of all Buddhas accomplishment. May pure merit be perfected and completed. Orgyen Guru said: By partaking of this special pill, the Lamas blessing will increase, The Yidam will bestow with-fulfilling gems, The Tathagatas compassion will be intensified; The Dakini will give prophecy; Dedicated practitioners or ordinary beings will be able to remove all outer sickness, demonic affliction, and negative karma; Their inner stability and generation stage practice will be clear, Their comprehension of dharma will be effortless, and swift realization of the Dharmakaya will be accomplished. Samaya will be renewed and repaired. Dependency on mind-altering drugs will be eradicated. Desire, unstable emotion and impure energy will be pacified. Attachment and demonic influences will be expelled. Ghostly influences and sickness will be cast away. Orgyen Guru further stated: This special method of making medicine pills can transform an ordinary place into an extraordinary place, such as the charnel ground of heavenly corpses ( a place where the dakinis in the form of vultures, gather to feast upon corpses).Like a palace for the hero, heroine, and god, it is an auspicious and sacred place. Heaven will rain a shower of blessing. Crops and livestock will be abundant and flourishing. Whoever worships this pill shall enter into Samadi without difficulty. Whoever partakes of this sacred pill, whether men or women, can be reborn in the pure realm. This is all due to the innate nature of this holy pill. Orgyen Guru further said: This pill is like a wish-fulfilling gem that grants immortality. It pacifies obstacles and induces favorable circumstances. Free from all diseases and with all inner wishes fulfilled, Eight great merits will be spontaneously and effortlessly accomplished.

The sutras stated: Buddhas relic is the most supreme jewel of all. Nothing can be compared to the wishfulfilling quality of the relic. Realization shall naturally occur through ones meditation and absorption. If one wears or partakes of these special pills of the yogi, all negative spirits and sickness will be unable to influence you. Prophecy from a terma revelation: Where in the world can we find such sacred pills? Who has enough merit to consume this pill of great liberation? It is the supreme treasure among treasure. Due to the compassion of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, this sacred pill of liberation is revealed for the sake of benefiting sentient beings. Another terma revelation: Whoever partakes of this pill will never be reborn in the three lower realms. To think otherwise, is to consider Vajrasattva an imposter and Guru Rinpoches miraculous power mere trickery and childs play. Thus, this great pill can bring about supreme bliss from within. If one can see, hear, contemplate, and make contact with this holy object, one can gain liberation effortlessly. You will be none other than Vajrasattva himself. Shal Dung (oral instructions according to the lama): By merely smelling the scent of this holy pill, all sickness and demonic affliction can be removed and longevity can be bestowed. The terma of Nyun Ter Dun Du (six seed syllable) states: If one recites the secret mantra of six syllables, One will not be reborn in the lower realms. If one is able to partake of this pill while reciting, then longevity is granted and all sickness and negative afflictions will be dissolved. All negative karma will be pacified. Naturally, one will be reborn in the pure realm of great bliss. Nyen-Sum Dun Drug Drowa Denwi Jig Chenpo Tantra states: Omniscient Buddha Lotus Eye said to dakini Karchid Wangmo; The authentic pill is unborn and undying; The everlasting pill is the essence of seven lifetimes; The physical pills shape is made according to the true method; It is the ultimate method that arises from innate compassion of the Tathagata. Those fortunate ones who can see touch or smell it, shall have their past negative karma pacified Padmasambhava said: All my students and followers listen carefully: although this pill is small, its power is potent. As long as our five senses, blood, flesh, bone, or fluid make contact with this pill, it becomes the wish-fulfilling jewel for sentient beings.

For the poor ones who partake of this pill, they shall gain fortune. For those who are ready to die, their life span can be extended. Faithful followers who take this pill will have immeasurable benefits. Even the heretic who takes this pill shall be implanted with seeds of Buddha and dharma. Padmasambhava further said: To the great emperor (who was a bodhisattva) who is endowed with supreme wisdom, your life span will end in 15 years. After the proper burial, your physical remains will be concealed as a terma to benefit future generations. When your bone relics arise in the future, even the smallest animal, a butcher filled with negative karma, or weak female, beings who live under the water, or beings who fly in the sky, will receive immense benefit by making contact with it. Dharma will cease in this world after 5000 years. Even in that darkest time, one will still receive blessing and benefit such as removal of sickness and obstacles by partaking of the sacred relic or healing nectar that causes liberation within seven consecutive life times! According to the manual of Thukje Khorma Dundrug Jiui Rilbu (Great compassionate ones that stop cyclic existence through the pill of liberation): This sacred medicine stops the wheel of illusions: The blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions have been infused in this pill. Every single pill has been empowered with ten-thousand Mani Mantras. For those who take this pill, you will be none other than the Great Compassionate One (Avalokiteshivara). You will not be reborn in the hell realm. According to other terma revelations: regardless of who takes this pill, or the place or time, that person will become no different than Avalokiteshvara. According to Northern Treasure Revelations: Fortunate sentient beings who are able to make contact with this sacred pill shall be freed of unfavorable circumstances and gain conducive circumstances. You shall head steadfastly toward the pure land of the Buddha; Even for those whose life is ending, their negative karma shall be dissolved naturally. According to the Secret Oral Instruction: Those fortunate ones who are able to partake of this pill, will have their broken samaya renewed and negative karma pacified and be closer to the Buddhas pure realms. According to Garab Dorje Nyingtik: The great accomplished one, Avalokiteshivara, said: Through the power of sight, touch, or smell, this special pill of liberation may liberate beings without meditation within seven consecutive life times. Orgyen Rinpoche further stated: For those with extreme negativity, who are experiencing great torment in the Vajra Hell, by partaking of or smelling the scent of even a small piece of this pill, one shall receive the blessing of the Buddha. Ones future rebirth will be a body of perfect endowment.

Quote from the tantras: If one can place a trace of this pill into the mandala, torma or ritual vase, it can bring inconceivable blessing for those who are able to connect with it. It will enhance ones favorable circumstances, life in general and life-force energy; It can remove ones obscurations and plant the seeds of dharma for future liberation. Guru Rinpoche further stated: Even if one takes a trace of this sacred pill the size of an ants leg, it still can remove the tendencies of the three lower rebirths; one shall be reborn in the pure land of all Tathagatas with praises offered by the three realms. Quote from Nectar of Seven Treasures: The fortunate child who is able to partake of a fragment of this sublime nectar shall enter the state of a Heruka. Commentary from the authors own lineage: By taking even the slightest trace of the pill the size of a fleas heart, it can help you to ascertain recognition of pure awareness. Even if this pill is buried in the ground, it shall become a great earth treasure for that region. For a person with wrong views or a butcher with great negativities, this sacred pill shall remove negative karma and bring forth auspiciousness. According to the vajra words from the Sutra, Tantra, and treatises of ethics: Whoever, sees, touches, partakes of or wears this sacred pill will be able to remove all illness and negative karma; Auspicious signs shall arise, he will get along with others, longevity will be bestowed, faith in the dharma will increase, and they will receive perfect benefits. Even those who have committed heinous crimes shall not be reborn in the lower realms and will ultimately arrive at the perfect reality of a pure land. It is far more holy than even the all-powerful wish-fulfilling jewel!

4. The Five Methods of Making this Sacred Pill of Liberation:

Now, in the dark age of Kaliyuga, sentient beings are busy engaging in non-virtuous activities and are deeply entrenched in this ocean of great suffering. In order for beings to obtain permanent freedom, we have created this sacred pill of liberation to restore in them authentic faith. In order to satisfy the condition of a perfect place, we have chosen a place marked with auspicious signs, i.e. the source of the Yellow River near the great King Gesars royal palace, at the meditational hall (Lha kang) of the monastery built and consecrated by Longchenpa himself, called Traling Tashi Gonpa. To satisfy the condition of perfect timing, the time selected was the auspicious uyear of the Iron Horse, on the 10th day of the Guru, in the month of August. For the perfection of the Guru, the following realized masters and tulkus assembled:

Thubten Shenphen Lodro, Khenchen Thubten Yeshe Palsang, Thubten Tenpai Nyima, Khentrul Gentsen and Khenpo Thubten Jinpa Tashi; they represented the five Buddhas, assembled to lead and perform the making and consecration of the sacred pills. In addition, many other khenpos, tulkus and followers from other monasteries participated in this holy event. Furthermore, the perfection of the sangha is represented by the practitioner with great qualities, who is endowed with the three topics of ethics, meditation and wisdom, and who maintains the three vows of renunciation, bodhisattva and vajrayana purely. Therefore, about 500 sangha with these great qualities diligently participated in the process of making these sacred pills. In unison their malas are like a river of gold chain shimmering with radiance and splendor. Finally, it is sealed with the perfection of dharma. Through the holy terma substances discovered by Terton Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo, used as the support substance for the sand mandala, the practice of the great Avalokieshivara was performed. During the great accomplishment ceremony, authentic support for the four perfect practices-pre-approach, approach, pre-accomplishment, and great accomplishment-were followed without a flaw. Also, from a satellite branch of Kathok Monastery, Gyurme Gensung Nyidun Wangdors method of making the sacred pills, Liberation in Seven Lifetimes, was adopted. This special practice was performed for seven days. Numerous signs of accomplishment and auspiciousness were displayed. Therefore, all karmic interdependent conditions were met perfectly to ensure propagation of the Buddhist doctrine and the benefit of sentient beings.

5. Dedication & Auspicious Prayers:

The lamp of dharma is dimming and near sunset, Disciples are gradually falling into deep sleep. Pure practitioners are as rare as a bright star in the broad daylight! Beings cannot discern truth from false pretenses. How pitiful are those ignorant beings who are constantly engaging in non virtue! In order to pacify their negative karma, this sacred pill of liberation is made. Pray that their negativities be removed. Yearning for the pure vision of Akanistha that lasts forever, Having accomplished the vajra yourhful vase-body, May supreme good fortune be bestowed upon us. This commentary on the Assembled Quintessential Nectar Pills of Great Liberation was composed by Tulku Thubten Shaldrup Tenpai Nyima of Traling Gonpa. It is written and recorded by his disciple Khenpo Genchu. May it be auspicious! Colophon: Upon the request of Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, this brief explanation was translated by Benson Young with the kind assistance of Lama Drimed Lodro. We confess any mistakes and dedicate all merit and virtue to the long life of all lineage gurus. May fortunate beings be showered with this precious nectar till the end of Samsara! Copyright Benson Young 2004