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Fishing Spider

Fishing Spider

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Published by Emily Janisch
Grade 3 school work by Emily Janisch
Grade 3 school work by Emily Janisch

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Published by: Emily Janisch on Dec 11, 2010
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March 16, 2010

The Fishing Spider is very large. It's 26 mm (1.0 in) in body length. It has a pale stripe down each side. They have 8 eye's and 8 leg's. Some Fishing Spider's live in North America near lake's and pond's. Others live in Europe near grasslands and meadow's etc. They eat small fish. Some even eat tadpole's. They get their food by waiting near a pond or a stream and when a tad pole or a fish come they scoop it up and eat it. It can go below the surface and remain motionless for up to 45 minute's. Some interesting fact's about the Fishing Spider are that it can stay below the surface for 45 minute's. Other interesting fact's are that there are some species that are parasitic on spider's like a wasp that stings the Fishing Spider ( and other spider's) to paralyze the spider and carry it off and lay an egg in it's abdomen. The larvae of the wasp hatches and proceeds to eat the spider inside out.


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