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Syllabus for Special Test for Software Systems

Syllabus for Special Test for Software Systems

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Published by: Mallikarjun Banda on Dec 11, 2010
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Control Constructs: Conditionals, Loops, and Jumps, Tuples, Unions, and Lists, Functions and Variables, Recursion, Memory Allocation model, Dynamic Memory Allocation – Pointers and Address Arithmetic, Dynamically Allocated Data and Linked Lists Advanced Programming in C User Defined Types, Access Restricted Lists (Stacks/Queues). Binary Trees, Macros and Preprocessing, Modular Programming – Separate Compilation and linking. Libraries, File and I/Q operations, String Processing Reference books : Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie – The C Programming Language, Prentice Hall, Inc., 1988. Object Orientation and Software Engineering Basics of OOP – Objects and Classes, and Delegation , Inheritance and Dynamic Binding. Types and Polymorphism. Templates/Generics. Software Lifecycle, Development Methodologies, Software Requirements Analysis and Modeling, Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns. Architectural Design, Modeling for Design. Software Testing and Quality Reference books Object Oriented Design and Patterns. 2nd Edition – Cay Horstmann. John Wiley Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach. 6th Edition. Roger Pressman. McGraw Hill. Databases and Networked Systems Database Modeling & Design – ER modeling, Normalization Techniques, Database Querying – SQL, Local Area Networks and Ethernet, Internetworking: TCP, UDP and IP,World Wide Web: Client-Server Systems, HTTP, HTML, XML, Web-based Systems. Reference books Database System Concepts. Silberschatz, Korth and Sudarshan. 5th Ed. McGraw Hill. Computer Networks. A. S. Tanenbaum 4th Ed. Prentice Hall. Core Systems Number Representations and Boolean algebra, Logic Gates, Combinational and Sequential Circuits, Computer Organization: Instruction Set. Computer Arithmetic, Control and Memory Organization, Operating Systems – Basics, Processes and Threads, Operating systems – Memory Hierarchy, Virtual Memory, Secondary Storage, File Systems, Local Area Networks and Ethernet, Internetworking: TCP/UDP and IP, World Wide Web: Client – Server Systems, HTTP, HTML, XML, Web-based Systems

Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective. Introductory Linear Algebra with Applications Churchill. Interference from thin films. Photoelectric effect. Complex variables and Applications.S. D. linear transformation. Reference books: R. Coherence. Magnetic fields. Bemard & D R Hill. Magnetic materials. Pearson Edu. Vector calculus in Rn. Probability spaces. Dielectrics and capacitors. J Susan Core Physics: Linear momentum and its Conservation. sum of independent random variables. Collision problems.Reference books : R. central limit theorem. conditional probability and independence. Damped and forced simple harmonic motions. MGHISE. limit and continuity.. random variables and probability distributions. row deduction method and application to linear system of equations. sampling distribution and test for mean using normal and students t-distribution.. Rotational dynamics of rigid bodies. Maxwell’s equations and plane electromagnetic waves Young’s double-slit interference. Polar coordinates. John Wiley & Sons. Calculus and Analutic Geometry. Vector space. 7th ed. analytic functions. “Computer. law of large numbers. calculus of residues and applications. Ampere’s law. Coupled oscillations and wave motion Coulomb’s law. I & II.. Diffraction from single and double slits. marginal and conditional distributions.” Prentice-Hall SYLLABUS FOR TEST I Core Mathematics: Functions and graphs. mean and variance. Gauss and Stokes. Conics. Bryant and David O’Hallaron. 1996 Kolman. Uncertainty relation. theorems of Green. Resnick. elementary functions. binomial. Schrodinger equation. Partial derivatives. Electric fields. Halliday & K. E. 9th ed. Physics Vol. independent random variables. Electric potential. Cauchy’s theorms. G B & R. Maclaurin and Taylor series. vector analysis. Work-energy theorem. Particle in a box. 2003 Milton. Conservative forces and potential energy. Poisson’s and normal distributions. range and kernel of a linear transformation. Complex numbers. Compton effect. Reference books: Thomas. Krane. Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Convergence of sequence and series. mathematical expectation. Diffraction grating. series expansions. Biot-Savart law and its applications. basis and dimension. R V and James W Brown. Gauss’ law. De-Broglie waves. 5th ed. test of hypothesis. applications of derivative and integral. Angular momentum and its conservation. correlation and linear regression.L Finney. Potential barriers and tunneling. 2004 English Language Skills and Principles of Management .

8th ed. organization. 2000. Management. Coutler. Structured Data – Structures. New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill. Reference books : Krishna Mohan and Meenakshi Raman. legal and marketing functions. Modularity – Functions. conjunctions and prepositions.: Robbins. Précis Writing. using words in appropriate contexts. production. Control Constructs – Conditionals and Loops Lists Arrays. PHI/Pearson Edu. Programming in ANSI C. staffing. Idioms and Phrasal verbs. 2nd.. directing and controlling. Unions. Applications – Strings. 2005 Computer Programming Basic Data Types and Operations. TMH. Fundamental concepts of management. Reading comprehension. Vocabulary – Synonyms and antonyms. accounting and budgeting. Effective English Communication. Pointers. personal. Paragraph writing. 2004 . balance sheets. use of tenses. Stephen P & M. Letter writing. E.Pronunciation skills.planning. Grammar – Word order and effective sentences. financial. Reference books: Balagurusamy.

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