I. Introduction

Hotel La Je-Ann was an establishment which you could stay whole day or overnight for a rest when you were in a group or you solitary. The establishment for the reservation used manual system through searching and writing down the information about the reservation in a logbook. There were customer complaints regarding the time-consuming procedures that were being done in the reservation process. At the present time, manual works were being computerized due to the technology that facilitates others to have a high-technology system. Because of this things, work became faster and easier. Information being retrieved is more accurate and steadfast. Procedures become more well-organized and effective. Regarding that, the proponents helped the management to have an updated system that could helped the company to reduced time consumption and ensured accuracy of computing the payment without errors automatically and for searching the rooms for reservation. The proponents concluded that automation of manual works like the hotel reservation system would give different advantages to the users. Technology Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 1

2. Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 2 . Storing and searching of data is very time-consuming.should be applied so that we could make this work effortless. The reservation process is slow. Conceptual Framework The context flow diagram of the proposed hotel reservation system of Hotel La Je-Ann: Customer Inquiry 0. manageably and accurately.0 Context Diagram Statement of the problem The problems identified are as follows: 1.0 Computerize d Reservation System Reservation number/referral Customer Figure 1.

manual works are already being computerized. 2.Objectives The objectives of this study are as follows: 1. To speed-up the reservation process of the hotel. There is a database which contains all records of the person who had made a reservation. Significance of the Study Today. User can search the person who is in the reservation slot. cancel and back. The user can use the functions save. Scope and Limitation The scope of the study is concentrated on the hotel reservation process. That is the reason why the proponents have decided to develop the computerized hotel reservation Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 3 . The proposed system is all about the hotel reservation system as well as reports. To help the customers and the management to improve the process and to speed up the storing and searching of data. The proposed system will not include the problem of their monitoring system of the payment process.

recovery and accuracy for the computations of the bills.system in order to expedite the reservation process and to increase the effectiveness in data storing. The main users of the proposed system are the receptionist for they are the one who will conduct the process of reservation. Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 4 .

as a hotel room. Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 5 .It is an event driven programming language and associated development from Microsoft for its COM programming model. records and files Reservation .It is an organized by fields. the following are defined: Database .. etc.Form of secret authentication data that is used to control access to a rescue Visual Basic 6.0 .Definition of Terms For better understanding of the terms used in the study.An agreement to hold on something back. for use at a particular time Password . restaurant table.

The record kept or assurance given of such an arrangement: Sorry. Local Studies The development of the computerized reservation system of Junction-inn. the hotel has no reservation under that name.the opera customer information system (OCIS) the opera property management system. The proposed software will give an automated for their reservation that will help them to speed up. on a boat or plane. etc.CHAPTER II RELATED STUDIES Reservation is an arrangement to secure accommodations at a restaurant or hotel. The ORS hotel Reservation system is designed for seamless integration with the entire opera product family. and opera sales Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 6 . the proponents design this system to be able to help their reservation department and to the person in charge to make reserve and record keeping. Foreign Studies The Opera Reservation System (ORS) centrally managed computer reservation manage computer reservation system is at the heart of the hotel industry’s First enterprise – wide inventory and reservation management System. opera sales and catering.

force automation. it tells us that there Finding After the observation of the proponents found out that the said studies has its own purpose. Analysis and Findings Data Analysis Based on the proponents analysis on their local and foreign studies. ORS easily handle all types of reservation. Batangas is the proposed system wherein the purposed of this is to develop and to make it accurate and efficiently the reservation system into a more advance and sufficient system. Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 7 . In the foreign study. The main purposed of the study is just to have a computerized Reservation System where the customer can easily access on their system and can build a better interaction between the user and all the people who had the consent in the said system. This centrally managed computer reservation system offers central reservation agent and global sales staff the tools to maximize booking and increase revenue in any size chain or multi. the local studies of the reservation system of environment. This proposed system of the hotel is also related to the proposed project of the proponents.

There is a more possibility that the customer will be annoyed in waiting for the process. Methodology Methods for Data Gathering The proponents make use of different methods for their data gathering. They also conducted interview. Tanauan City. The proponents resolute to propose a Computerized Hotel Reservation system in the said hotel because of its slow transaction process of the reservation. the staff and the selected employees who are involved in the process of reservation.CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Local of the Study The target local of the study is Hotel La Je-Ann at Sambat. Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 8 . Batangas. It was found that there establishment as of now is experiencing problem due to the manual searching of the rooms for reservation that consume a lot of time. They used the library and unpublished thesis. The proponents interviewed the manager.

Project Selection and Planning The end result of the study made by the proponents within the surrounding area gave the project team an idea of what is in demand and necessary system. They considered also the cost that is going to spend during the project development. The objective of this system interview is to know the reservation process of the Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 9 . The study team created a plan on how to gather additional data whether to pursue the project and the proponents set a specific time and resources needed for the system implementation.Methods for Software Development The proponents used prototyping in the developing of their proposed hotel reservation system. the user are shown a working model or a prototype which they can interact with. Data Gathering Procedures The proponents used interview method in data gathering procedures. The users can transfer on the other modules and suggest modifications in the proposed system. In this type of software development. Through this procedures can be easily change making the software development rapid.

But it also involves development at the system flowcharts. Database design was also included. data flow diagram and program flowchart. System design includes. Data Analysis After the proponents had completed the interview the result was been analyzed. what will be the process of data and how it works. data flow diagram. System flowchart. The researchers gathered related lectures and studies from the library and unpublished thesis that contains information regarding the problems. This study was also conducted in order to identify the strengths and weakness of the current system. Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 10 . Frequently means nothing more than summarizing the data. data were identified and created. Batangas must have the computerized generated hotel reservation system. program flowchart. System Design Based on the result of the interview and studies made by the proponents.establishment. Hotel La Je-Ann located at Sambat. It also gives the picture of what will be the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the system. Tanauan City.

Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 11 . System Interfaces is the physical view of the system wherein the user is working on. next stage is the creation of the system interface or Graphical User Interface (GUI).System Interface After the data was being analyze and system design was identified.

CHAPTER IV SYSTEM DESIGN Description of the Proposed System The proposed system. Context Level Diagram Inquiry Customer 0. consistent and faster reservation process. efficient.0 Context Level Diagram Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann 12 . Computerized Hotel Reservation System of Hotel La Je-Ann aspires to have an effective.0 Computerized Reservation System Reservation number/referral Customer Figure 2. The system will help out in having an improved way of reservation system.

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