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The Book of Stones

The Book of Stones

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Published by: espen_decormian on Dec 11, 2010
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The Book of Stones ²

A Book for Prospective Grandmasters Along the Path of the Septomadry of the Dark Temples of the Ordo Deorc Eorthe (Order of Dark Earth)

©2008 a.h. (anno horrificus yf) - Shablor & the Temples of Earth, Anvelin , & Azogth

Book I: The Stones Are Gathered!
Scene 1 ²

³Come on, gather them together, lest we¶ll be late!!! Come on!´ We were standing on the large hill mound«within a clearing, with a small lake nearby, within a Circle of Seven stones«We were gathering and we were visited. ³What are you doing here?!?´ the Farmer was saying. We were not saying anything«something awkward happened«Regor grabbed his dagger and stabbed the farmer in the kidney. He screamed and we went on to muffle his screams. He was screaming wildly, and Orcara hit him in the head with a stone. ³Was that the Sacred Stone?´ Damselin said, and we all laughed wildly«

Scene 2 ±

We were driving for an hour, and we came into those mountainous, hilly regions, just up North. There were several deer grazing on a plain on our left side, and we stopped shortly to watch them and to discuss them with some members who knew less of the wilds. Then we

got across a broken horse and carriage«Regor stopped over and he asked whether he could help or not«He was always such a kind, helpful person. So, there we were«at the road leading somewhere off into the wilds, and we witnessed several hills unwinding before us, before the low and steep mountains that we had chosen for our Sacred site. Today we wanted a hilltop that hadn¶t been Sanctioned before as we wanted to create a New Nexion, and we wanted it bare for most rituals, but we had never conducted a Wedlock or a birthing as there weren¶t really any good forested regions in this area, and to these Rites we would need a clearing with a lake or pond right by. Most of the crew were External Adepts, but we had one genuine Master, and he was awaiting an Heir with an Initiate that would probably become a Nexion, although to predictions by this Dark Mother, which the Master confirmed she would have to be Born in the Devil¶s Sign«that is, September, but we all agreed on that she would possibly have to be a Solaris Gate in the Earth Gate, which would make her upon this Earth an Heiress, because we had had so much trouble raising a Nexion in these parts. We had raised a Nexion before, but it was only a Lesser Nexion, without any Sacrifices. But, one of us were willing to become a Sacrifice to the greater benefit of the Heiress, which was due in 2,3 months.

Scene 3 ±

We tried several locations for the Rituals, but all seemed devoid of Nexial Energy, let alone devoid of any Ley-Lines or Earth-Gates. But, we kept on looking, and we came across this scraggly hill, where our Prophetess sensed a certain energy. Regor was the first to yell out«´Yahoo!!!´ so we all started singing and chanting some silly, old, childish, nursery rhyme. Regor took out the Temple Implements from two large backpacks, and withdrew the Sacred Stones from a smaller backpack. We were all set to conduct the necessary Rites in an hour, but the Sun wouldn¶t settle for another 23 minutes, so we sat down and waited«eating consecrated cakes and tasting the spring water. We laughed and told some silly jokes when the Mistress clapped her hands and signaled to us to get prepared«

Scene 4 ±

³Why don¶t any of you say anything???´ Regor cried out. ³Shh!´ the Mistress alarmed, and the Master pointed towards the direction the Farmer had come«as to signal, the both of them: ³Shh«there might be more!´ Then Regor had an idea he told us about later«´Why don¶t we use the Farmer as a Sacrifice for the Greater Nexion?´ I checked his

pulse. It was faint but it was alive and kicking! So we took a Sacrifice, and that Greater Nexion worked well«so well that several of the other hills have seemed to begin to radiate very favorable Energy«usable for various Rites«the lot of Them!!!

Book II ± Ad Sathanas venio in Inferno! Scene 1:
We took the Rituals Implements and the Farmer and we went over to another hilltop, where the Master sensed there would be greater Energies. We sat up the Temple and we started to conduct the Rite of Earth. About a quarter of an hour the Farmer woke up and the Master hit him unconscious again. The hilltop brimmed with Energy following the Rite of Earth and I shouted: ³Yeah!´ We sat up the Ritual Implements according to the Nexion Rite and we donned our robes, and were ready to Sacrifice to the Greater Nexion. All went according to plan and Regor got his kill. Driving home that day all were very silent until we got to the Master and the Priestess¶ adobe. Then we all started to talk wildly. The Mistress ushered us all in. The Master put on a music cassette with some music made by himself, with some Sinister Chants belonging to the Order, and we all merrily started to chant. After the music stopped and we had eaten and drunk Damselin laughed heartily and said«´Yeah, that was good!´ Then we all left off«the corpse being carefully hidden and buried in a crevasse near the mound.

Scene 2 ±

I had been Travelling Astrally before the conducting of the Next Rite«a Rite which was to take the Energy of the Sacrifice into the Astral and disperse it amongst the local populace. The Rite was the Great Rite of the Stellarium«a Rite intent on invicting Cosmic War. This time we used a mountain top which was certainly brimming with Energy«certainly the result of the Sanction of the Rite of the Earth, the Greater Nexion and the Sacrifice. It had been three months since that last Rite, and the Sky, the hills and the woodland were somehow more alive. I was glad to be alive in that little town community in those days, when Regor had his first Sacrifice. Now we knew that our Magic had effect«Violence increased, more murders happened, and within the next year the System was overthrown«Things were really going our way, and we regularly performed the Rite of the Folk and Black Magic to raise the numbers of Masters«the Heir was born and she bloomed with furious anger. She was becoming a crafty Warrior who was indeed a Nexion, with an

Earth Gate within her own Man¶s Gate. Black Masses were performed evenly every year, with wild, Chaotic and Changing frenzies, and we did more Stellarium Rites than most of us do even want to remember, even performing an Annual Ceremony of Ostara at Easter, usually precluded by either a Rite to the Folk, or a Ceremony of Earth«Those were the Happy, Solemn days«

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