Ficha de inglês 6º ano

Personal Pronouns I You He She It We You They Possessive Adjectives My (meu/minha) Your (Teu/Tua) His (Dele) Her (Dela) Its (para coisas) Our (Nosso/Nossa) Your (Vosso/Vossa) Their (Deles/Delas) Possessive Pronouns Mine Yours His Hers ----Ours Yours Theirs

Usa-se o ³Possessive Adjective´ antes do nome, para dizer a quem pertence o nome.
Exemplo: Where is your pencil?

O Possessive Pronoun substitui o Possessive Adjective + O nome Exemplo.: These are (my books) mine. ******************************************

1. Substitute the underlined words with possessive adjectives.

Example: John´s knee hurts. His knee hurts.

a) My parents´ friend is worried. ______________________ b) Mary´s father speaks Russian. ______________________ c) Tim´s cousins go to my school. _____________________ d) Jim and Sam´s favourite team is F.C.Porto. _____________

2. Rewrite the sentences using possessive pronouns.

Example: This is my pen. This pen is mine.

a) Is that your pencil? _______________________________ b) These are your books. _____________________________ c) That is her bike. _________________________________ d) This is my ring. __________________________________

3. Complete as the example: Example:

This isn´t my book. The book isn´t mine.

a) This isn´t our car. __________________________ b) It´s her bag. __________________________ c) It´s my father's newspaper. __________________________ d) That isn´t my pen __________________________

4. Answer the questions, using the possessive pronoun that corresponds to the personal pronoun in brackets.

a) Is that Mark´s dog? No, ____________ (I) b) Is this my rubber? No, _____________(she ) c) Is that your pencil? No, _____________ ( they) d) Is this our ball? No, _____________( you)

5. Crosswords about fruit.

6. Label the Picture

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

7. Write sentences using CAN ou CAN¶T (+ = Positive; - = Negative):

a. I/Play the piano (-) I can¶t play the piano b. They/ drive a car (+)

c. You/ come with me (-)

d. We / play anymore (-)

e. She/ do her homework alone (+)

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