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Blood Type A

The Cultivator
settled cooperative orderly
Strengths Adapts well to dietary and environ-mental changes Immune system preserves and metabolizes nutrients more easily Weaknesses Sensitive digestive tract Vulnerable immune system, open to microbial invasion Medical Risks Heart disease Cancer vegetables Anemia Liver and gallbladder disorders Type 1 diabetes tofu seafood grains beans legumes fruit Diet Profile Vegetarian Weight Loss Avoid: meat dairy kidney beans lima beans wheat Aids: vegetable oil soy foods vegetables pineapple Exercise Regimen Calming, centering exercises such as:
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Yoga Tai chi

Source: Peter J. D’Adamo N.D. Eat Right 4 Your Type. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1997. p. 334.

The Type A Diet FOOD GROUP Meats and Poultry Highly Beneficial None Chicken Cornish hens Turkey Neutral Bacon Beef Buffalo Duck Goose Ham Heart Lamb Liver Anchovy Barracuda Beluga Bluefish Bluegill bass Catfish Caviar Clam Conch Crab Crayfish Eel Flounder Frog Gray sole Haddock Hake Halibut Herring Lobster Avoid Mutton Partridge Pheasant Pork Quail Rabbit Veal Venison Lox (smoked salmon) Mussels Octopus Oysters Scallop Shad Shrimp Sole Squid Striped bass Tilefish Turtle Seafood Carp Cod Grouper Mackerel Monkfish Pickerel Red Snapper Rainbow trout Salmon Sardine Sea trout Silver perch Snail Whitefish Yellow perch Abalone Albacore (Tuna) Mahi-mahi Ocean perch Pike Porgy Sailfish Sea bass Shark Smelt Snapper Sturgeon Swordfish Weakfish White perch Yellowtail TypeADiet.doc .

azuki. puffed Spelt Safflower oil Sesame oil Nuts and Seeds Beans & Legumes Cereals Beans: aduki. pinto. pods. red soy Lentils: domestic. kidney. navy.FOOD GROUP Dairy and Eggs Highly Beneficial Soya cheese Soy milk Neutral Eggs Farmer Feta Goat Cheese Goat milk Kefir Mozzarella Ricotta String cheese Yogurt: plain. black. white Peas: green. cannellini. tamarind Cream of Wheat Familia Farina Granola Grape nuts Seven-grain Shredded wheat Wheat bran Wheat germ TypeADiet. jicama.doc . fruit. snow Barley Cornflakes Cornmeal Cream of rice Kamut Millet. green. garbanzo. green. string. frozen Avoid American cheese Blue cheese Brie Butter Buttermilk Camembert Casein Cheddar Colby Cream cheese Cottage cheese Edam Emmenthal Gouda Corn oil Cottonseed oil Peanut oil Brazil Cashews Pistachios Gruyere Ice cream Jarlsburg Monterey Jack Munster Neufchatel Parmesan Provolone Sherbet Skim or 2% milk Swiss Whey Whole milk Oils and Fats Flaxseed oil Olive oil Peanuts Peanut butter Pumpkin seeds Canola oil Cod liver oil Almonds Pignola (pine) Almond butter Poppy seeds Chestnuts Sesame butter Filberts Sesame seeds Hickory Sunflower butter Litchi Sunflower seeds Macadamia Walnuts Beans: broad. snap. red Peas: black-eyed Amaranth Buckwheat Kasha Beans: copper. lima. red. puffed Oat bran Oatmeal Rice bran Rice. fava.

oyster Bamboo shoots Mustard greens Beets Olives. domestic. Manna & Sunnyvale Bakery brands) Rice cakes Soya flour bread Sprouted wheat bread Grains & Pasta Buckwheat kasha Flour: oat. white Eggplant Lima beans Mushroom. yellow Potatoes: sweet. Greek. green Caraway Radicchio Cauliflower Radishes Celery Rappini Chervil Rutabaga Coriander Scallions/Shallots Corn Seaweed Cucumber Sprouts: Brussels. Bok choy Onions. red. radish Dill Squash: all types Endive Water chestnut Fennel Watercress Fiddlehead ferns Zucchini Avoid Durum wheat Multi-grain bread English muffins Pumpernickel High-protein bread Wheat bran Matzos. sprouted wheat Noodles: spelt Quinoa Rice: basmati. Daikon radish mung. graham. romaine Okra Onions. red. spelt.FOOD GROUP Breads & Muffins Highly Beneficial Sprouted seed breads (Essene. yellow Parsley Parsnips Pumpkin Spinach Sprouts. wild Ginger Arugula Lettuces Asparagus Mushrooms: enoki. bulghur wheat. spinach Cabbage: Chinese. shiitake Mustard greens Olives: black. Spanish Peppers: green. Spanish Onions. wheat Oat bran muffins Brown rice bread 100% rye bread Corn muffins Rye Crisps Fin crisp Rye Vita Gluten-free bread Soy flour bread Ideal flat bread Spelt bread Kamut bread Wasa bread Millet Couscous Flour: barley. rice. green. white Tomatoes Yams TypeADiet. jalapeno. durum wheat. red Onions. alfalfa Swiss Chard Tempeh Tofu Turnips Neutral Bagels. Avocado portobello.doc . whole wheat Pasta: semolina. wheat muffins Whole wheat bread Flour: white. red. brown. white. gluten. rye Noodles: soba Pasta: artichoke Vegetables Artichokes Beet leaves Broccoli Carrots Chicory Collard greens Dandelion Escarole Garlic Horseradish Kale Kohlrabi Leek Lettuce.

Jelly (from acceptable fruits) Pickles: dill. black Grapefruit Pineapple Prune Water (with lemon) Spices Barley Malt Blackstrap molasses Garlic Ginger Miso Soy sauce Tamari Condiments Mustard Neutral Melon: canang. sweet. plain Pepper: black ground. Christmas. peppercorn. kosher.doc . Tangerines honeydew Oranges Orange Papaya Tomato Capers Gelatin. white Wintergreen Ketchup Mayonnaise Worcestershire sauce TypeADiet. cayenne. all Marjoram Carob Tamarind Mint Chervil Tapioca Mustard Chives Tarragon (dry) Chocolate Thyme Nutmeg Cinnamon Turmeric Oregano Cloves Vanilla Jam. Currants Crenshaw. Dates Spanish. relish Salad dressing (low-fat) Avoid Bananas Papayas Coconuts Plantains Mangoes Rhubarb Melon: cantaloupe. sour. Apples casaba.FOOD GROUP Fruit Highly Beneficial Apricots Grapefruit Blackberries Lemons Blueberries Pineapple Boysenberries Plums Cherries Prunes Cranberries Raisins Figs Juices and Fluids Apricot Carrot Celery Cherry. balsamic red. white Vanilla Vinegar: apple cider. Elderberries watermelon Gooseberries Nectarines Grapes: all types Peaches Guava Pears Kiwi Persimmons Kumquat Pomegranates Limes Prickly Pear Loganberries Starfruit Strawberries Apple Cranberry Apple cider Grape Cabbage Vegetable (with Cucumber corresponding highlighted veg) Paprika Coriander Agar Parsley Corn starch Allspice Peppermint Corn syrup Almond extr Pimiento Cream Anise Rice syrup tartar Arrowroot Rosemary Cumin Barley malt Saffron Curry Basil Sage Dill Bay leaf Salt Honey Bergamot Savory Horseradish Brn rice Spearmint Kelp syrup Maple syrup Sucanat Cardamom Sugar. musk.

doc . John’s wort Fenugreek Slippery elm Ginger Valerian Ginseng Misc. white Neutral Peppermint Raspberry leaf Sage Sarsaparilla Senna Shepherd’s purse Skullcap Spearmint Strawberry leaf Thyme Vervain White birch White oak bark Yarrow Avoid Catnip Cayenne Corn silk Red clover Rhubarb Yellow dock Beer Coffee: decaf.FOOD GROUP Herbal Teas Highly Beneficial Alfalfa Green tea Aloe Hawthorne Burdock Milk thistle Chamomile Rose hips Echinacea St. black regular TypeADiet. distilled Seltzer water. regular (organic) Liquor. Beverages Tea: green Wine: red Chickweed Coltsfoot Dandelion Dong quai Elder Gentian Goldenseal Hops Horehound Licorice root Linden Mulberry Mullein Parsley Wine. Sodas Tea: black decaf.

onion and garlic 1 slice spelt French bread Glass of wine Tofu with peanuts and apricots Brown rice Steamed spinach Grilled salmon with basil pesto Grilled sweet tomato Romaine salad with Caesar dressing Glass white wine Grilled red snapper Basmati rice Steamed artichoke Chamomile tea Frozen yogurt Lasagna with rice noodles. and sprouts Pineapple salsa Iced ginseng tea Black bean soup 1 piece corn bread Iced burdock tea Soba noodles in miso soup Green tea Salad of romaine.D. diced onion. and honey DAY 2 Rice cakes with almond butter and cherry preserves Rose hips tea DAY 3 Buckwheat pancakes with blueberry syrup Teecino or Roastaroma tea with almond milk DAY 4 Quinoa muffins with raspberry preserves Teecino with soymilk DAY 5 Kasha with brown sugar and soy milk Stewed prunes St. fresh greens and slivers of melted mozzarella Fenugreek tea Grilled soy cheese on Ezekiel bread Sliced apples and walnuts Lemonade SNACK Iced Teecino with rice milk Carrot juice Handful of walnuts and raisins Carrot-ginger juice Fresh vegetables with tahini dip Water with lemon Carrot-celery juice Broccoli-carrot juice DINNER Rice spaghetti with stir-fried spinach. DAY 1 BREAKFAST Bowl of blueberries Silken tofu scramble with Vidalia onion and broccoli Glass of water with lemon Teecino (herbal espresso) SNACK Yogurt with raisins.Sample Menu for Type A from Cook Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo N. goat cheddar. served on a bed of red lentils and rice Steamed pumpkin Valerian tea Sesame chicken Spelt noodles with grated romano cheese Braised collard greens Glass of red wine . ricotta. John’s wort tea DAY 6 Silken tofu scramble with peaches and blueberries ½ grapefruit Teecino DAY 7 Blueberry-oat bran muffins Fresh pineapple Teecino or Roastaroma tea 2 plums Apricot juice Fresh pineapplesoy milk shake Handful of cherries Bowl of ricotta with raisins and cinnamon Tofu pumpkin pudding Peanuts and raisins Glass of soy milk LUNCH Quinoa flour tortillas filled with adzuki beans. and flaked salmon with lime vinaigrette Carrot cucumber juice White bean soup with wilted greens and garlic 1 slice of pumpernickel and raisin toast Salad pizza with whole spelt crust. sunflower seeds. onion. grated carrot. Portobello mushrooms. spinach. carrots. basil pesto Broiled Portobello mushrooms Romaine salad with mustard vinaigrette Broiled grouper with peanut sauce.

John’s Wort tea Avocado. and sprouts on sprouted wheat bread Pineapple juice Yogurt shake with apricot juice and peaches Walnuts & raisins Ginseng tea ½ pink grapefruit Rose hips tea LUNCH Millet tabbouleh with squares of silken tofu Iced ginger tea Lentil soup with leeks & carrots Fenugreek tea Black bean. onions & portobello mushrooms Brown rice pilaf Dandelion & watercress salad with mustard-lime vinaigrette Glass of red wine Tofu & black bean stew Steamed rice Glazed turnips Romaine salad with Caesar dressing Herb tea .Sample Menu for Type A from Cook Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo N. sunflower seeds. fresh spinach. DAY 8 BREAKFAST Silken Tofu Scramble with rice & leftover collards Ginger tea DAY 9 Single-egg omelet filled with okra & kasha. marinated in tamari dipping sauce Kasha Stewed okra & onion Glass of red wine Portobello mushroom burgers. & black olives Braised carrots. barley.D. walnuts. topped with mozarella & onions. topped with goat cheese Grapefruit juice Cinnamon tea DAY 10 Blueberry buckwheat muffin Apricot juice Vanilla-nut tea DAY 11 Millet porridge with raisins. and corn salad Guacamole & chips Lemonade Escarole soup with grated pecorino romano 1 slice of wholespelt bread with melted soy cheese Glass of water with lemon Grilled tuna salad sandwich on soy bread Sliced apple Water with lemon SNACK Goat cheese on rye crackers Pineapple juice Sliced apples & goat cheddar cheese Artichoke pasta with garlic. feta cheese. peaches and pineapple White bean soup with wilted greens and garlic 1 slice of pumpernickel & raisin toast 2 plums Green tea Silken tofu shake with pineapple juice Carrot sticks with peanut butter St. and soy milk Green tea DAY 12 1 slice of sprouted wheat bread with blackberry preserves Tea with soy milk DAY 13 Oat-flour waffles with maple syrup Cinnamon tea Fresh pineapple DAY 14 Ezekiel french toast with maple syrup Glass of pineapple juice Tea SNACK Fruit smoothie with soy milk. on spelt bun Tofu fries Carrot-raisin salad Glass of red wine Watermelon slices Grilled tuna steak Grilled zucchini. cucumber. goat cheese. marinated tempeh Quinoa risotto Broccoli sauteed with walnuts & walnut-oil-lemon dressing Glass of red wine Gingerbread Carrot juice with fresh ginger Carrot-cucumber juice Tamari pumpkin seeds Iced ginger tea DINNER Broiled salmon. dates. garlic & ginger Glass of red wine Rice cakes with soy butter & cherry preserves Cornish game hen roasted with onions & parsnips Wild & basmati rice pilaf Tossed green salad with mustard vinegarette Fresh figs Rose hips tea 2 apricots Glass of fresh soy milk Grilled.

on spelt bun Tofu fries Carrot-raisin salad Curried lentils Steamed amaranth Braised dandelion greens with garlic Glass of red wine Quinoa pasta with stir-fried vegies and grated romano Romaine with red onions & lemon vinaigrette Glass of red wine .Sample Menu for Type A from Cook Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo N. topped with mozarella & onions. and goat cheese Grilled chicken breast Brown rice pilaf Steamed broccoli & carrots Ginger tea Quinoa tortillas with pinto beans Brown rice Romaine salad with feta & lemon Vinaigrette Herb tea Portobello mushroom burgers. John’s Wort tea DAY 20 Fresh blueberries & yogurt 1 slice Ezekiel toast with grape jelly Herbal coffee DAY 21 Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup ½ grapefruit Chamomile tea SNACK 1 slice of Essene toast with apricot jam Iced tea Grilled chicken salad with spelt croutons and Caesar dressing Green tea Yogurt with walnuts & raisins Rose hips tea 2 plums Fenugreek tea Prune-date smoothie Apricot-soy milk smoothie Peanut butter cookies Herbal coffee LUNCH Tofu & pumpkin pudding 1 piece of cornbread Grilled mozzarella and zucchini sandwich Iced ginseng tea Salmon salad with Rye Crisps Cold artichoke with lemon vinaigrette Iced ginger tea Glass of fresh soy milk Pear Black-eyed peas 1 piece cornbread carrot-celery juice Country vegetable soup with garlic croutons Green tea Adzuki beans & sweet brown rice Small romaine salad with seaweed dressing Mineral water Toasted pumpkin seeds Ginseng tea SNACK 1 piece pineapple upside-down cake Hot green tea Fresh carrotcelery juice Apples with walnuts & raisins Carrot juice with fresh ginger Soy cheese & rey crackers DINNER Spicy stir-fried tofu with apricots & almonds Steamed rice Swiss chard with garlic Sauteed monkfish Whole-wheat couscous Mesclun salad with mustard dressing. walnuts. DAY 15 BREAKFAST Miso soup Cucumber salsd Sesame seed-rice crackers Green tea DAY 16 Millet & soy pancakes with honey Fresh blueberries Grapefruit juice Herbal coffee DAY 17 Frittata with spinach & feta Fresh cherries Vanilla-nut herbal coffee DAY 18 Blueberry muffins Grapefruit juice Cinnamon herbal coffee DAY 19 Silken tofu scramble with broccoli 1 slice Ezekiel toast with lemon preserves Vanilla-nut herbal coffee 2 plums St.D. green beans.

& cilantro Black cherry juice & water Peeled grapefruit sections St.D. chopped walnuts & raisins Pineapple juice DAY 25 Pineapplestrawberry soy shake DAY 26 Ezekiel bread ½ grapefruit Hot herbal coffee with almond milk DAY 27 Fresh blueberries & yogurt 1 slice Ezekiel toast with grape jelly Herbal coffee DAY 28 Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup ½ grapefruit Chamomile tea Peanut butter cookies Herbal coffee Glass of soy milk Carrot sticks with bean dip Curried tuna salad on Wasa crackers Pineapple juice & water Blueberry muffin Iced herbal coffee Rice cakes with peanut butter & cherry jam St. & sunflower seeds Green tea Tamari pumpkin seeds Green tea Black bean soup Brown rice Mesclun salad with mustard dressing Tofu pudding Apple with peanut butter Green tea Sauteed monkish Wilted greens with olive oil & feta Corn bread & figs Glass of red wine Peanut butter cookies Hot herbal coffee Spinach frittata Toasted spelt English muffin Apricot. DAY 22 BREAKFAST Quinoa muffins with raspberry jam Fresh blackberries Grapefruit juice Chamomile tea SNACK Yogurt –pineapple smoothie DAY 23 1 slice apricot & almond toast with cherry preserves Vanilla-nut herbal coffee DAY 24 Single-egg omelet with leftover brown rice. cherry. honey. John’s Wort tea Soy bread with ricotta. plum fruit salad Soy cheese & rey crackers DINNER Tofu & curried vegetable stew Brown rice Fresh figs Herb tea Broiled rainbow trout Glazed root vegies Carrot-raisin salad Glass of red wine Curried lentils Steamed amaranth Braised dandelion greens with garlic Glass of red wine Quinoa pasta with stir-fried vegies and grated romano Romaine with red onions & lemon vinaigrette .Sample Menu for Type A from Cook Right for Your Type by Peter D’Adamo N. goat cheese. raisins. John’s Wort tea Curried carrot soup Spelt baguette Water with lemon Apricot-soy milk smoothie LUNCH Gingered squash soup Rye crackers with soy cheese Herbal coffee Black-eyed pea & corn salad Green salad with lemon vinaigrette Carrot-celery juice Country vegetable soup with garlic croutons Green tea Adzuki beans & sweet brown rice Romaine salad & seaweed dressing Mineral water Toasted pumpkin seeds Ginseng tea SNACK 2 plums Walnut cookies Walnuts.

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