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In this report discuses the motivation in any organization and tends to job more
motivating. What is motivation? In simple terms Is the result of an interaction
between the person and a situation; Motivation is a very important for an organization
it is not a personal trait. Early theories of motivation Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need sac
Gregor’s Theories X and Y Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory OUCHI’S THEORY Z.
Improves Level of Efficiency of Employees the level of a subordinate or a employee
does not only depend upon his qualifications and abilities. For getting best of his work
performance, the gap between ability and willingness has to be filled which helps in
improving the level of performance of subordinates.
Motivation is an important factor which brings employees satisfaction. This can be
done by keeping into mind and framing an incentive plan for the benefit of the
Case study of telenor Communication of Pakistan “Telenor is a customer focused
business mobile service operator/telecommunications Company that seeks
competitive advantage in quality and valued added service in both prepaid and
postpaid categories through state of the art technology. Telenor relies on building
trusting relationships with customers, owners, employees and society in general”

Promoting the employees is upgraded when their performance meets the standards or
beyond, this is a motivating driver. The employee is awarded for the level of
productivity contributing towards the organizational vision and values
In an organization, the culture always plays a vital role for the person to show high
performance. The culture at the Telenor is TOP DOWN, the top employees
establishes the tone for the organization. The top level employees take good care
while performing any task or action, because it will have to be followed by the