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Formular de aplicatie

Formular de aplicatie

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Published by Roxana Grosu

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Published by: Roxana Grosu on Dec 12, 2010
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Innovation Document

Team Name:

Team Members:
Name 1 2 3                   E-Mail                   University                  

Please answer all following questions to explain your innovative concept to us. The length of your answers should be approximately half a page per question (max. 1.500 characters).


Gliss Kur. State your motivation: Why should we invite you to the national final at Henkel? (max.and GOOD LUCK! Your Henkel Innovation Challenge Team 2 . Somat.. 1500 characters) 2. What is your innovation? Describe your product idea for a Henkel brand (e. Fa. Palette. pictures. Perwoll.1. Theramed. Persil. Taft. power point. Please list them here with a short description what we will find in the documents.       To complete your submission. 1500 characters) 3. Thank you very much for your contribution . 1500 characters) 4.. videos) to your application. Schauma. Brillance. Pril. 1500 characters) You may add further documents (i. Diadermine. Schwarzkopf.e. you need to include a CV for each team member: Go to participate to upload all documents in a ZIP-File. Tell us your vision of life in 2050: What future trends do you expect? (max.g.) in 2050: (max. Bref. product design. What will consumers need in 2050 according to your vision? (max.

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