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New Yorker in Tondo Script

New Yorker in Tondo Script


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Published by: Steph Olaya on Dec 12, 2010
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NEW YORKER IN TONDO SCRIPT Kikay - A girl who goes to New York and fell in love with it.

She acquires all the New Yorkers' things - style, looks, language and manners. Mrs. Mendoza / Aling Atang, mother of Kikay, has been carried away by her daughter's way of living. She tries to converse with everybody in broken English. Tony, sweetheart of Kikay, decides to visit and catch things up with his friend. He is a simple guy who got secretly engaged with their other childhood friend, Nena. Nena is a tomboyish type of girl. On her visit in Kikay's house, she finds her friend different and weird. She gets irritated. Totoy, the Tondo "canto boy" is their other friend who is funny and has a secret love for Nena which has only been revealed when the two females had a clash. Scene 1: *doorbell rings* Mrs. M: (Gets up from seat) Visitors, always visitors, nothing but visitors all day long. I'm beginning to feel like a society matron. *opens door*

Mrs. M: Yes, you must bring her back as soon as possible. We miss her when we play mahjong« (Tony drinks more juice) Tony: Mm, that's what she misses most of all. Mrs. M: I understand. Once a Tondo girl, always a Tondo girl. I wonder if that's fit my Kikay because after a year in America, she says she's not homesick at all. Tony: When did Kikay arrive, Aling Atang? Mrs. M: Last Monday. Tony: I didn't know it 'till I read it in the newspaper. (drinks juice) Mrs. M: That girl only arrived last Monday and look what happened to me! She dragged me to the parlor and my hair was cut, eyebrows shaved and nails manicured. And when I'm going to the market, she makes me use lipstick! All my kumare are laughing. People think I'm a loose woman. But I can't do anything because it's hard to argue with Kikay. And she insists that I should look like an Americana! Tony: (places glass down on the table) Oh, but you look just wonderful. Anyway, where is she now? Mrs. M: Who?

Mrs. M: Tony! I thought you were on the province. Tony: Kikay. Is she here at home? Tony: Is that you Aling Atang? Mrs. M: She's still sleeping« Mrs. M: of course it's me, foolish boy. Why? Tony: Still sleeping!!! But it's already 10:00! Tony: You don't look like Aling Atang. Mrs. M: She says that in New York, people don't wake up until 12:00 noon. Mrs. M: I had a haircut. Think it's horrible? Tony: Wow. They must be huge people. Tony: Oh, no, no. You look just wonderful. Aling Atang for a moment, I thought you were Kikay. Mrs. M: Oh, you are so palikero as ever, Tony. But come in. Here, sit down. (Tony takes a seat.) How is your mother? (Hands him a glass of juice from the table) Tony: Thank you. Oh, my poor mother. She's homesick for Tondo. (Sips juice) She wants to come back here at once. Hey, this is pretty good. Mrs. M: Thank you. How long have you been away? (Tony drinks more juice) Tony: Only 3 months.. Mrs. M: Three months!!! It's too long for a Tondo native to be away from Tondo. My poor kumare. She must be bored to death out there. (Tony drinks more juice) Tony: Well, you know, we engineers are always on call. But as soon as I finish the bridge in Bulacan, we'll be coming back here to Tondo. Mrs. M: Besides, she's busy. Since she came home, there've been welcome parties here and there and visitors all day long! She's spinning like a top. Tony: Well, will you tell her I came to welcome her? And kindly give her these flowers. *hands the flowers and stands to go* Mrs. M: But surely you're not going yet? Tony: I did want to see Kikay, but if she doesn't get up until noon« Mrs. M: Wait a minute. I'll go and wake her up. Tony: Please don't bother, Aling Atang. I can come back some other time. Mrs. M: (stands and sits Tony down) No. no! She'll simply be delighted to see her childhood friend. Just wait here. The flowers are beautiful, how expensive they must be.

. I just came to say hello to Kikay. Tony: Good to see you old pal.I mean. Fran-CES-ca« Totoy: What was she doing there. Totoy: Imagine that! Our dear old Kikay. Mrs. Scene 2: (Stands up and imitates Kikay selling puto) Puto kayo dyan!! Bili na kayo ng puto. Mrs. *hands Totoy a cigarette* Mrs. was. M: Oh. M: You mustn't call me "Aling Atang" Tony: Umm« why not? Mrs. Mendoza. one more thing. So be sure to call her Francesca and not Kikay. Mrs. M: Because in New York. Mendoza? Tony: I am« Or. Yes. It's you the police are looking for.. Totoy: Tony. Totoy: I thought you were in the province. Tony: Yes. She's Fran-CES-ca now Totoy: Fran-CES-ca??? Tony: Our dear Kikay is now an American. Mrs. Mrs. M: You must call her Francesca. Totoy: Tch! Don't make me laugh! I knew that girl when she was still selling rice cakes on the sidewalks.. anyway? Tony: But why Francesca? Tony: Oh. Tony. I'll answer it. Mendoza. Mrs. She got a diploma. Tony: Okay. *lets Totoy in* Mrs. Or is. Aling. forcing us to believe she is one. Mrs. M: Not Francisca. partner. studying. at least. Mrs.. Tony: Yes Aling. M: Now. Tony: Then what shall I call her? Tony: So have I. M: Just tell them to wait. Mendoza. Here. she says that's the way they call her. Mrs. M: Oh! Tony. Tony: Yes. Mrs. And will be again. *doorbell rings* Mrs. wait right here while I call Francesca.Tony: Oh. Tony: Francisca? Tony: No. M: Wait a minute and I'll call Kikay. I've been hearing the craziest things about that girl. hey!!! A little more slowly there. Tony: Totoy! Totoy: You old son of your father! Tony: You big carabao! Totoy: Mayroon ba tayo dyan? Tony: You ask me that« and you look like a walking goldmine! How many depots have you been looting.I mean. and Tony« Tony: Yes Aling Atang? Mrs. huh? Totoy: Hey. Mendoza. she's not Kikay anymore. Totoy: People say she's gone nuts. M: You must not call her Kikay. Tony: Impossible! I'm a reformed character! Come in Totoy. she has only gone to New York. have a smoke. well. mga suki!!! Totoy: Tony! *Tony laughs* Totoy: Studying? Studying what? Tony: Hair culture and Beauty Science. Aling Atang. M: Kikay says that it's more civilized to call me Mrs. they're nothing. M: AIE DIOSMIO!!! Tony: Never mind Mrs. getting a diploma in cosmetics« Tony: Pardon me.

*Goes into the kitchen. followed by Totoy. Tony: Yes« Nena: Then.) Yes. Tony. M: (stares at Nena. Nena: How could you ask me if you're still engaged with Kikay! Tony: This is what I get for being honest!? Mrs. (nods head at both of them) *Both stare at Mrs. Now. Nena: Well. Nena: Yes. To all of them. I was preparing some for Kikay. Is she at home? Tony: Aling Atang is trying to wake her up. come and help me carry something to the kitchen. All of it. Totoy.Tony: And do you remember when we pushed her into the canal? Totoy: (laughs) She chased us around the streets! Tony: She was dripping with mud! *Both laugh* Totoy: Naku! How that girl could fight! Scene 3: *doorbell rings. But when she stopped answering my letters« I considered myself a free man again. Tony: I couldn't. that's because I found out that Kikay was coming back! Nena: Ugh! I'm tired of being secretly engaged to you! Tony: Just give me a chance to explain to Kikay. you don't need prepare anything for us. dear. Good morning Nena. I proposed to her before she left for America. Just dressing. and with Kikay too! Tony: That was a year ago! Nena. Tony: You shouldn't have come today. M: Because you were always naughty. it is her! Mrs. Nena and Tony are left alone* Nena: Well. M enters. Nena: Oh Tony! Tony: Use your head. We're not visiting for very long. Nena. Nena: I can barely believe it's the same old Aling Atang. my dear. Mrs. I lost my nerve. M: Well. no. why not? Tony: I haven't talked with Kikay yet. Then we'll tell them. M: It's only orange juice. anyway . Totoy! Totoy: Nena. you tell me to keep it a secret!? Tony: Well. Nena: Honest? Making me fall for you when you're in love and engaged with Kikay!? Tony: I thought I didn't belong to Kikay anymore. It's only a secret engagement anyway. Aling Atang? Totoy: Good God. Nena: Oh. Totoy stands to get it* Nena: Why. *Nena steps in* Nena: And Tony. It's not easy breaking off this engagement with Kikay. carrying a bag of juice powder* Mrs. for God's sake!! Nena: Are you in love with Kikay or with me? Nena: So have I. M. I'm getting impatient. especially you! Always sneaking into our backyard for mangoes« Nena: Do you still have that mango tree? Mrs. too! What's all this? A Canto Boy Reunion? Totoy: We have come to greet the Lady from New York. M: It's Kikay who prefers it for me to be this way. Nena smiles sheepishly. . Nena. Nena: And so you proposed to me. How you used to pinch and pinch us when we were little! Mrs. you know how much I love you. Nana: Wake her up?! Don't tell me she's still sleeping!!! *Mrs. Nena: Not yet?! I thought you said it last night. *Totoy starts following Aling Atang* Nena: Aling Atang. you better hurry. M: No. wide-eyed* Tony: Of course with you! I'm engaged with you. she's awake already. Totoy? Nena? Why are you staring at me like that? Nena: Is that you.

Anywhere at all!!! Kikay: And remember. Kikay: But how dreadfully you put it.. Mrs. She is so clumsy. Say mwah. dream girl. But I look around me and realize that no. Tony: Yeah. but remember. what am I going to do with you? Mrs. Nena: Sure. my own dear New York « Nena: (stands) Totoy. a little bloom on the lips. I'm not in New York. In her dreams« Scene 4: *Mrs. M: I couldn't find those tall glasses you brought home. The other three whisper among themselves* Nena: I don't think we ought to be here at all. Thanks. the barong barongs of Mypaho. (Looks at Tony) What are you looking so miserable about? Tony: Kikay« I don't know how to begin. *the three nod* Kikay: Oh hello darling people!! Nena my dear. Kikay: Oh. in the Philippines. as though I have lived there all my life. like a Tondo Super Production in Technicolor!!! (laughs) But sit down everybody and let me look at you« Oh mumsy!!! Mrs. Kikay: Just call me Francesca« that's a good beginning. poor li'l mumsy. M: Oh. my heart aches with homesickness« *Kikay ad-lib about how life was so wonderful in New York. 7 hours and 21 minutes. I give up! (exits) Kikay: Poor mumsy. don't forget my celery. don't break your heart about it. Kikay? Kikay: Say that again. I don't wanna jilt Kikay in front of everybody. the others exchange looks) Mrs. she wants to be called Francesca. daydreams. M: Okay. sit down. Nena: Uh«No. Oh mumsy. M: Here comes Kikay. Here. munching all day.(Laughs. Scene 5: Mrs. noh? But never mind. M: No.. then. I'm like a rabbit. Totoy: Oh. ma'am. the streets of Sibakong« Nena: Listen Idiot! Are you coming with me or not??? Nena: And leave her alone with her memories. I must be going to the market. if you people will excuse me. M: Do I have to paint this old face of mine? Francesca. Kikay: How many times must I tell you never to serve fruit juices in water glasses? Mrs. (Stands) Well. my little pal« how are you? And Totoy« my old friend! You all look great. very quietly. M: (rolls eyes) What's the matter now? Totoy: Let's all just walk out very. as though I had never left it. we shouldn't disturb her as she. Totoy: To the ends of the earth! Kikay: Oh. remember to tell your mother I said "Hello". M enters with glasses of juice on a tray* Mrs. the backyards of Tondo. No. Nena: You want Totoy and me to clear out? Tony: No« just give me a chance to be alone with Kikay for just a moment. will you come with me? Kikay: Yes. Nena: You're welcome. Tony: (Nods. Just out to the backyard. a little bloom on the cheeks. Tony: That's good. I'm not there. I feel as if I was still there. what am I going to do with you? Kikay: Apparently. But which is home for me? This cannot be my real home because here. Kikay: Ah. our Totoy still has a most terrific crush on Nena. 4 days. mumsy? Mrs. I'll take care of Totoy. you've gotten so gorgeous! And Tony.Tony: I only have one problem.) Yes. Exactly how long did you stay there? Kikay: 10 months. in Tondo. please. How pathetic! Nena: So«tell us about New York. mwah. I'm at home. . Totoy: I'll follow you anywhere. Tony. Just leave it to me. M: Do I have to. I can't live without it. Tony: (Whispers) Maybe I was being too specific« Totoy: And she's still there«. How can I talk to Kikay? Nena: What do you mean? Tony: You're here. and also Totoy. New York . Tony: Yeah.

Tony: Listen. huh? Kikay: Because he was still engaged to me when he got engaged to you! Nena: Well. tomorrow. I did try to tell you Kikay.you« . can't we just forget all about it? Tony: Forget??? Kikay: That's the New York way. Tony: What are you talking about? Kikay: Tony. I hate to hurt you. he's not engaged to you anymore. Be a sport. Tony. marrying a Tondo Boy! (laughs) It's so insane!!! (shakes head) No. is that true? Tony: *glares at Kikay* Yeah. forget! And when you meet again. ever hit a woman. if you weren't a woman. look here« Tony: (shrugs and speaks coolly) Well. Kikay: Well. Totoy: You expect me to believe that? What were you two quarrelling about? Kikay: We weren't quarrelling! Tony and I just decided to be good friends and nothing more! Nena: Tony. Tonight. Tony: Let go of me! I wasn't going to! And if I did. Tony! Hush! Don't shout. It's so uncivilized. Tony. Tony: Hey. but surely you see that there can be no more talk of an engagement between us. people in New York don't lose their temper. Tony: What do you want me to do? Smile and say thank you for dissing me? Kikay: Yes. More can happen to you in just one year in New York . carefully there!! You're speaking to my fiancé. Tony: When? Kikay: When you and I got engaged. I was trying to tell you« Kikay: I'm sorry if I've hurt you. you just said it yourself. let's smile and shake hands. Tony. The person you see before you is Francesca. it seems a century.Tony: There's something I have to tell you« something very important. Don't you see. She's dead. Kikay: Hush. you got engaged to a girl named Kikay. Tony: But that was only a year ago« Kikay: To me. huh? Tony: I swear. I'd« I'd« *leans very close to Kikay. Nena: So now we can tell them! Kikay: Tell us what? Totoy: (lets go of Tony) What's going on here? Kikay: And that's what we cannot do. Nena: Tony and I are engaged!! Tony: What?! Why?! Kikay: Engaged!!! Kikay: Tony. So much has happened to me. give all your heart. I've changed so much since then. no? And why not. Tony. Totoy: Engaged! Engaged?!?! Nena: Yes! We've been secretly engaged for a month! (walks over to Tony and holds his arm) Kikay: A month!? (stands) Why you«. I don't want to talk about New York « I want to talk about our engagement. People in New York don't lose their temper. Kikay: You unspeakable cad!! Tony: I'm not going to sit here and be insulted! (Stands up) Nena: Hey. Well. Tony. that girl doesn't exist anymore. and just be friends. Kikay: Oh. shake hands« just be good sports. points finger at her* Scene 6: * Kikay: He's not your fiancé! Nena: Oh. Forget. Kikay« (folds arms) it's so uncivilized to lose one's temper. Not anymore. it cannot be. I was only a child at that time. don't lose your temper. smile. Imagine. nothing must ever be too serious. Totoy and Nena suddenly walk into the room* Totoy: Hold it Tony! (pulls Tony away from Kikay) You must never. nothing must drag on too long. Tony. it's her fault! Nena: What's all this? Kikay: Nothing« nothing at all. but I didn't know about all this! Tony: Now remember. Tony. a New York Girl. yeah. I'm a stranger to you.

(Sits beside him) . open your eyes! Tony: (Opens eyes and sits up) Oh. Tony is knocked down. (Sits on the chair and cups face in hands). Kikay: And I wouldn't touch you. but Kikay yells at him* Tony: Hey! (Starts getting up to his feet) Kikay: You keep out of this or I'll knock your head off!!! Nena: Don't you speak to me. Nena: Well. don't you talk to Nena that way. Nena blocks it* Nena: I told you to leave him alone! He's my fiancé!!! Kikay: And I tell you he's not!! He's engaged to me until I release him« and I haven't released him yet.Kikay: I've never felt so humiliated in all my life! You beast. and I hate him! I never want to see him again in my life! Tony: (worried) Totoy. Totoy. you brute! Totoy: Naku. gasping for air) Tony: Oh please. you've saved my life! (Hugs Totoy) Kikay: (rushes over to Tony) Tony! Tony. just Shut up!!! Scene 7: Nena: I hate you! I hate you! (starts crying) Tony: (Turns to Kikay) You've ruined my life! I hope you're satisfied! Tony: Shut up or I'll bash your mouth off!! Kikay: I ruined your life??? You ruined mine!!! Totoy: Hey. lumabas din ang pagka-Tondo! Tony: Feeler! I wasn't talking to you! Nena: Shameless hussy!! Totoy: Don't you speak to me either! You have insulted the woman I love! Kikay: Man eater!!! Nena: Oh.) Nena: Oh. why have you never told me? *Nena punches Kikay in the stomach* Totoy: Well. I'll teach you!!! *tries to slap Tony. Tony: How dare you sock her?!?! Nena: Hmph! Let's go darling. I'm dying with the cheesiness. she hit me first! *The two exit* Tony: (Comes to Kikay's side) Look what you've done to her! Tony: Yeah! And good riddance! Nena: Are you trying to defend her? You never defended me! *Slowly begins sniffing armpit* Tony: Oh. Nena: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You're just being a dog in the manger! Totoy: You take your hands off her! Tony: I told you to keep out of this! (Totoy socks him anyway. Totoy. let's go! *Totoy tries to approach the girls. I don't like the smell around here. Kikay: Aah!!! (falls on her knees to the floor. you«you Canto Boy! Nena: He's more of a gentleman than you are. now you know. He defends me! (Tony stands and gets ready to punch Nena) Tony: I already warned you« Tony: Don't worry. get away from her! Nena: (Turns to Totoy and pleads) Take me away from here! Kikay: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Stealing my man behind my back! Totoy: Are you still engaged to him? Nena: What? What did you say?!?! Nena: No. pull them apart before anything happens! Totoy: Good! Come on. Tony: You know what you need? What you need is a good spanking! (points finger at Kikay) Tony: You keep out of this! Kikay: Don't you come near me. I wouldn't touch you.

and you're still engaged to her. forget! Isn't that the New York way? Nothing must ever be too serious. well. Oh. I'm not Francesca. And Francesca is dead. Kikay: Oh Tony. I'm Kikay! Mrs. please! Don't say that! Tony: (Crosses arms. then I was engaged to a girl named Kikay. M: But Kikay is Francesca« Kikay: Oh. And I believed you. Tony: Liked it in New York? Kikay: Uh-uh! Give me Tondo anytime! Tony: Why didn't you answer my letters? Kikay: Francesca wouldn't let me write. marrying a Tondo boy!!! Ha! What a joke! Kikay: Oh Tony. no. (Sits back against backrest) Kikay: It's true Tony. Kikay: Sorry darling. you swore to be true. *Both chuckle.. Kikay: Just one year with me away in New York « and what did you do? But when we got engaged. Madame. Imagine a New York Girl. Tony« Tony: Well. Tony: In that silly dress? Kikay: Oh this is just gift wrapping. Tony. don't be angry. M: Oh.. The girl standing before you now is Kikay. But Francesca exists no more. I'm Kikay«. I hate celery! Mrs.) Besides. crosses arms) Uh-huh. there could be no more talk of an engagement between us. END) . (The two start dancing.Tony: (Shakes head and sighs exasperatingly. fickle. how was the trip? Kikay: Horrible!! I couldn't wait to get back. Tony. I'm sorry. Look. May I have this dance with you? Tony: (gets into dancing position) I'd be delighted. Kikay: Yes. I've been such a fool. (starts to cry) Tony: Tch! What are you crying about? Be brave.. Tony. M enters* Mrs. I'm glad she's dead. but I couldn't find any celery. Looks up at Kikay) Just one year in New York and you forgot your old friends. Tony! *Tony smiles. M: Hate celery? You said you couldn't live without it! Tony: That was Francesca. so "person" is just a relative name. nothing must ever drag on too long. well. Inay. Tell me now. huh? Kikay: Yes.remember me?? Tony: If I remember it right. The girl right here before you is Kikay! Mrs. are you still here? Francesca. Kikay smiles* Tony: Welcome home Kikay. Tony: That nasty girl. Tony. please. Kikay: Oh. at Eddie Candon's« Tony: (stands. you're wrong! I'm not that kind of person at all! Tony: Oh. I'm not! I'm glad I found out what kind of a person you are! Kikay: Oh Tony.. you're wrong. Stare into each other's eyes* *Mrs. Tony: (Amused) Well. never mind. You promised you'd wait for me. I give up!!! (Walks out of the room!) *Music starts playing from outside* Kikay: Do you hear that? That tune! What memories it brings back! I first heard it in New York. M: Oh. Tony. Inay. you're a fickle. Aling Atang. I'm sorry! (Stands) That was Francesca saying all that.

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