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Consumer¶s role

Presented by Sushil Yadav (PGDM) Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies Ghazizbad


House hold consumer

Industrial consumer Reseller

‡ House hold is the buyer who buy the products and services for the satisfaction of their personal or family needs are called as household consumers.The motive of purchase for these consumers in noncommercial.

‡ These are the buyer who buy the products and services in order to manufacture other products. The quantum of their purchase depends on the demand of the product to be produced the motive of these buyers is commercial

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Initiator Influencer Decider Buyer User Gatekeeper Preparer Maintainer

‡ These are the wholesalers and retailers . they buy the product and services with the motive of reselling at profit. The motive of these buyers too is commercial.

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Habit determined groupCognitive group Emotional sector group New group Impulsive group