Integrated Knowledge Management

Boris Jaeger, JaegerKM I&C @ EBS, IRIS 08-04-2008

Problem Analysis Challenge Solution

What is integrated KM?

Any Answers?

Systemic view of KM


Everything is interrelated!

Integrated view of KM

Analysis (cont.)

Vertical dimension

Analysis (cont.)

„hierarchical management / temporal planning level“ Classification - normative / meta level - strategic level - tactical level - operational level

Horizontal dimension

Analysis (cont.)

„functional structure / learning level “ Classification - traditional functional value chain - terms of learning - degree of collaboration

Diagonal dimension

Analysis (cont.)

„socio-technical or holistic level “ Classification - lively and unlively organisational parts - human, technology, and (their) organisation - other classifications

Content dimension

Analysis (cont.)

„ Knowledge base <-> KM process + KM instruments “

The challenge of KM


To identify a set of appropriate instruments within the KM process in oder to affect the organisational knowledge base efficiently The effective way: -> direct and indirect intervention

The challenge of a KM framework / model

Challenge (cont.)

Looking for interfaces between the elements and parts of KM‘s dimensions; terminology adaption This means: -> choosing and connecting the dots pragmatically

Conceptual KM framework / model


Conceptual KM framework / model
Advantage: Utility for Practice and Equipment for Research

Solution (cont.)

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