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Some of the employees are having other outside commitments which don t allow them to stay extra time in the office. Illiterate workers Some of the employees are illiterate. Job too demanding to take on additional work Some of the employees feel that the work they are doing at the time is too much demanding that it don t allow them to get in other kind of stuffs. Classes and other commitments Some female employees are having the problem of taking care of their children during the working hours.Synopsis This case is about Golden Plaza hotel which is situated in San Francisco. Preference of people to work alone Some of the employees don t feel easy in working along with other. While reviewing her notes of the meeting she came to know the following reasons. Child care obligations. 2|P ag e . As Sandra Wilford was working there in that environment so she was very good in team working and building skills and this was the main of bringing Sandra to Golden Plaza hotel. Sandra held a meeting with the top management and all manager of the hotel to find out the reason that why employees are refusing to work as a team. She previously working at another hotel named Denver Hotel . They only prefer to work alone and they feel that they can give their best while working alone. The previous manager at Golden plaza hotel was struggling with his bad policies and the result of his bad policies was high turnover among the employees and decline in the market share of the hotel. the employees were becoming reluctant to act as a team player. The working activities of Denver hotel is based on team work. Basically employees of the hotel form teams to perform their various tasks. They are not basically internally motivated towards their work and don t enjoy their work. There was an environment to distrust between the management and the employees. they don t know how to interact with other team players and in case of conflicts they don t have the problem solving skills. This case basically revolves around a person named Sandra Wilford who is recently promoted to Golden Plaza hotel as a General Manager of Golden plaza Hotel. The policies of the previous manager were not in the favor of the employees which created distrust and resulted in people running away from team work.

Previous management The policies of the previous manager were so biased that it created an environment of distrust among the employees and the management. y Emphasize on how creating teams effects turnover and market share of an organization y The role of teams in the improvement of the process y Emphasize on how creating teams improves the level of quality in an organization y Emphasize the importance of employee empowerment and involvement in decision making and problem solving of an organization y Learn the importance of human resource management in employees productivity Study Question y What recommendation would you make to her to address the issue? 3|P ag e . Expectations of team processes to overwhelming to achieve Some employees feel that if the team fails to perform its work then the whole responsibility of the failure shall be on their shoulders. this resulted in employees become reluctant to act as a team player. Learning Objectives y Learn that building and developing successful teams requires efficient management support y Learn the importance of the management in team building and managing process.

An organization is a whole process in which it is important that all the involved players should be satisfied so that they will perform at their peak. The results of employee involvement would be ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Develops skills and leadership abilities Increases morale and commitment Fosters creativity and innovation Helps people understand quality principles and instilling them into the organization s culture Allows employees to solve problems at the source Improves quality and productivity ‡ ‡ Empowering the employees Sandra must empower the employees to increase their efficiency and productivity. While doing a successful empowerment Sandra must train the illiterate employees which are having the problem of skills like interpersonal and problem solving. Employees involvement will help the employees to find out their best potential and to work with that potential with a more creative way. She should train these employees to enhance their skills which will automatically result in more productivity of the team and the end result will be the achievement of the quality for the whole organization. Sandra should empower the employees in such a way that an environment of trust is built between employees and the management. So to eliminate this issue Sandra must empower the employees in such a way that they feel easy with the management and feel easy working in teams. as stated in the synopsis there is an issue of distrust between the management and the employees due to false policies of the previous manager. Sandra can only make them 4|P ag e .Analysis Increase employee involvement Sandra should increase the involvement of the employees in the work related activities and in decisions to motivate them and to bring them at their best.

increasing salaries and also promoting the employees to higher positions. Performance appraisal will also help to provide feedback to the employees that where they are lacking in promoting quality throughout the organization. so by doing this the working capacity of each member would be revealed and it would be easy to judge the performances of all the members. It will help in giving incentive. She must provide them different types of compensations on the basis of capabilities of the employees and the on the basis of their performance. There should be an environment where the information can be shared easily with the trust of being confidential. While talking in terms of non monetary motivation she would give the employees recognition on the basis of their performance and their out of the box capabilities.satisfied by building trust. Tapping the creative energies of all employees and improving their motivation Gain confidence of employees Show control and authority 5|P ag e . so Sandra must use both the motivational techniques to enhance to motivation of the employees. To eliminate this hurdle in forming the teams Sandra must initiate the performance appraisal for all team members. one of the problems in forming teams is that employees have a feeling that if the team fails to perform its work then the responsibility of the failure would be given to them personally. Performance appraisal As stated in the synopsis of the case. Both these motivational factors are keys to sustain the individual efforts on track to achieve the quality throughout the organization. Extrinsic and Intrinsic rewards to motivate Money is not the only motivator in the world we all know that. As stated in the synopsis of the case that people feel that their job is too much demanding to do any additional work. The only way to get these people in teams is to motivate them by both motivational techniques.

y Established ground rules Well defined ruled of what to do and what not to do must be established. 6|P ag e . purpose and goals for the organization and to communicate it to the employees. y Clearly defined roles Sandra should make sure that all tasks are properly defined and everyone knows his role properly. y Balanced participation It should be make sure that everyone is contributing his part in the team working. y Beneficial team behaviors Sandra should make sure that there is environment to helping each other in the team and all team members encourage each other to use effective skills. y Well defined decision procedures Team should use data as the basis for decisions and learn to reach consensus on important issues. y Clear communication While forming the team she should make sure that all the team members are conveying their message in a clear manner.After doing all these things for the forming of teams Sandra must keep in mind to following ingredients for successful teams y Clarity of team goals Sandra needs to come up with a clear mission. y Improvement plans Sandra needs to make sure all the material and resources which are needed by the team to perform efficiently.

Background of the Problem Sandra was promoted to Golden plaza hotel as a general manager to provide his skills regarding the effective and productive formation of the teams. understand group dynamics. His policies were very biased and were not in the favor of the employees which resulted into distrust between the management and the employees. y Use of scientific approach Sandra must make sure that the team is using structured problem solving processes which will help them to solve the problem from the root cause. The previous manager was lacking in human resource management and he was not applying a single technique of HRM to motivate the employees to work in teams and to implement the principles of total quality management throughout the organization. and work on group process issues. Due to this environment employees were de-motivated which lead to employees becoming reluctant to be team players. Employees were not motivated to do their work at their best so they were not enjoying the work.y Awareness of group process Team members exhibit sensitivity to nonverbal communication. The hotel was already suffering e due to the bad and false policies of the previous manager of Golden Plaza hotel. Problem Statement Lack of Human Resource Management lead to employees becoming reluctant to be team players 7|P ag e .

if your employees are satisfied it will lead to the satisfaction of the customer. To implement quality on every level of organization the management should give more and more stress on building teams which will enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employees and the end result will be quality.Suggestions y Communicate the importance of each employee s contribution to total quality. it is that competitive edge which can t be copied. So. innovation. y Break down barriers among individuals. For the satisfaction of the employees management should initiate both monetary and non monetary motivational techniques. Conclusion At the end we would like to conclude that employees is the most important asset for any organization. y Provide empowerment and more satisfaction to employees. and line and staff functions. y Reinforce individual and team commitment to quality with a range of rewards and reinforcements. y Jobs design of work to promote organizational learning. departments. y Measure employees satisfaction and effectiveness. and flexibility with changing y Develop effective performance management systems. y Provide opportunities to individuals to solve problem that may not be able to solve on their own. 8|P ag e . and reward and recognition approaches. compensation. y Train employees in both job-related and problem-solving skills. y Stress quality-related synergies available through teamwork.

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